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  1. Taken from my front door step.
  2. JohnP

    Moto Cross

    Brilliant action shooting... love it! Those guys must have a pilots licence.. 😁
  3. Same Here! I don't do long walks now... Damn bunions!
  4. I have posted these shots before but it was quite some time ago and I have nothing new..... So here goes!
  5. I stopped in a lay-by on my way home to take this shot after walking on both peaks earlier in the day.
  6. Very nice ...I like panorama.
  7. JohnP

    Garden Sky

    My Panasonic FZ2000 has modes I've never used yet, it even does time lapse photograhy, it can be set it to start up to 23hrs 59mins ahead if need be. The recording interval and number of pictures can be set. The camera can be set to automatically take pictures of subjects such as animals or plants as time lapses and create a motion picture. Seeing your brilliant sky video made me stick my nose into my camera's user manual today, it's something I should do more often as this camera never ceases to amaze me... 😁 When the weather gets better and hopefully this darn lockdown is lifted I'm going to
  8. JohnP

    Garden Sky

    Brilliant! ... I wish I could do a video like that.... I've no idea how though.
  9. It's not the easiest bird to photograph what with being tiny and never stopping still for long.
  10. Nothing new so here's an oldie. The Goldcrest is Britain's smallest bird, it weighs about the same as a 20p coin.
  11. Very nice capture! Goldfinches are the most commen visitors to my feeders, they often can't all get on a feeder at the same time. I have two feeders of sunflower hearts as that's their favourite snack.
  12. The panorama setting works really well on my Panasonic.
  13. JohnP


    Yes Denis, it was very smooth and quiet (the 2T was used in the earlier model). The bike was basically the same as the 250cc Crusader Sports but with a Villiers engine, that bike had a nicer headlight with additional side lights. My best mate at the time had one of those and we used to go watch races most weekends at all the circuits. Brands Hatch and Snetterton used to be a bit of haul then with no motorways... going through London was and still is C**P.
  14. JohnP


    Velocette's had a very distinct sound, I used to jokingly say mine only fired at every telegraph pole... 😁 In total I went to the Isle of Man TT Races 15 times, the first couple of times on my Velo. I also used to like two stroke twins in the 1960's and I had a 1967 Royal Enfield Turbo Twin Sports. it was that bike I was riding when I was unfortunate enough to meet a crazy lorry driver cutting a corner, I had nowhere to go but into the lorry. I ended up with multiple leg fractures with bones through the skin. I was in hospital for 3 months and came close to losing my lower leg. I was in p
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