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  1. I haven't got around to it yet, maybe later. However the tumeric seems to be helping.
  2. Polly, Yes I had a general anaesthetic, in the 1960 1970 & 1980's I had quite a few general anaesthics and they knocked me for six. I was sick for two days and I couldn't pass water... I wanted to die! The anaesthic I was given yesterday had no such effect, when I was coming around before opening my eyes I heard a voice calling my name, when I did open my eyes I saw a lovely nurse looking down at me and I asked her if she was an angel... Once I was able to sit up my thoughts turned to my past experience with my waterworks so I asked the nurse for a water bottle and to my relief I managed to go with no trouble, when the nurse collected the bottle she said that's a lot... I've hardly got any pain and I was even able to walk to the hospital car park to my lift home. I won't be lifting any heavy objects for 6 weeks and I will be able to drive as soon as I can do an emergency stop, I will give it a week and then start practicing in my stationary car on my drive.
  3. Thank you Polly! It was open surgery so full recovery will be longer.
  4. I am sorry for my absence again, things have been getting on top of me lately. At least one thing has hopely been sorted today, I've had surgery to repair my long standing Inguinal Hernia. I arrived at Hereford County Hospital at 7.30am and arrived back home at 2pm, the journey to and from Hereford (15 miles each way) was pretty eventful what with the heavy rain and standing water. We were lucky the car kept going and didn't stall in a great pool of water, I heard on local radio the the Hereford to Ledbury road was closed in three places at about 4pm so I was lucky to get home so early.
  5. JohnP


    What brand/make bracelet?
  6. JohnP


    Thank you Polly! I hope your second Op goes as well as the first. I also need bunion surgery but I can't face that to be honest, I have recently started taking Tumeric capsules and I swear the pain is reducing a little now.
  7. JohnP


    I know what you mean John! I saw my GP in September 2018... I didn't get a pre-op assement until April 3rd 2019. Because more than twelve weeks have now passed since then I had to have another pre-op assessment last Friday, I was given a date for the surgery of the 9th February which has now been changed to 16th February.
  8. JohnP


    Hello, I'm sorry for my absence of late, I'm not very active in the photography department in the winter... I hate winter! I am trying to get a number of jobs finished at home as I will be having surgery on a Inguinal Hernia on 16th February, obviously I will be limited in what I can do for a few weeks. I have been selling most of my DSLR gear on eBay, all I have kept is my Canon EOS 60D camera and a 18-135mm lens. I have sold four lenses, a Sigma macro flash, Kenco extension tubes and a Canon EOS 400D camera body. I got almost £1100.00 which more than paid for my Panasonic FZ2000... I love that camera! I will try and post something in due course.
  9. I really dislike winter a lot so having ten Kalanchoe plants in flower indoors brightens things up nicely, I grew them on from cuttings I took from two plants I bought last year in Tesco's for £1.50 each. We could do with a section dedicated to flowers. Panasonic DMC FZ2000.
  10. 3rd January 2020. Panasonic DMC-FZ2000 1/160s f/5.6 at 176.0mm iso125.
  11. Thank you all. This is one of the many lava flows on Lanzarote. Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel ,Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM 1/1600s f/8.0 at 17.0mm iso400.
  12. I haven't anything new to post as I can't seem to work up any enthusiasm to go out and take photos... I hate winter! I took this photo when on holiday in Lanzarote in January 2006, it shows how grapes are grown. Even though it's loads warmer in Lanzarote in January than in Britain it's still winter so the grape vines can only just be seen poking out of the volcanic ash. Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel ,Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM 1/320s f/16.0 at 17.0mm iso400
  13. Shots taken in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Panasonic DMC-FZ2000.
  14. I was thinking the same! The sky looks like it came from a landscape shot and not from a overhead shot. On the other hand I might be wrong.
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