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  1. That's a place I have never been to...maybe I should as it's not a million miles from me. It looks great in colour, I never take B&W images as I like to take shots the way my eyes see things and thank goodness I don't see things in B&W only.
  2. Cuban Green Woodpeckers. Chevrolet. Havana. Fishing Cuban Style. Ploughing.
  3. Good choice... well done Fogey!
  4. Very nice Dee! I am going to plant some more next Spring, there are so many colours, I like both the tall ones and the dwarf varieties. I can't remember if I have posted this shot before.
  5. Well captured Dee... I especially like No1.
  6. Polly... The Panasonic FZ2000 is the best camera I have owned, when I sold nearly all my Canon DSLR gear I did sometimes wonder if I had done the right thing... not anymore! I did keep my Canon 60D and one lens ( a 18-135mm) but it hardly ever gets used now. What with Corvid restrictions and some health issues I have I not been doing much photography lately... only close to home. When I get going again it will be the FZ2000 that I will use... I just love it! Can you believe it, when I looked out at 6am this morning it was so much clearer than yesterday at the same time, the Moon & Ve
  7. Polly... you can even see Venus is partially in shadow... Amazing!
  8. I tried hard to get some good shots but I came away a bit disappointed considering I took 44 images. This was the best I could do, taking shots of a full Moon is so much easier. There was continual thin cloud passing over which just made it hard to get really clear images. Panasonic DMC-FZ2000.
  9. Thank you and welcome to the forum! No stacking... just a single shot.
  10. Brilliant capture... I knew one of Rogers set just had to be POTW... they were all winners!
  11. I hope it's not cloudy tomorrow morning (14th October) as the waning Moon & Venus will come together just before sunrise, I did just about manage to see them between the clouds this morning but they will be closer tomorrow.
  12. Fabulous set Roger... I'm sure there's a POTW among them!
  13. Lovely... it sure has a long tail and it's feet look quite big and strong too!
  14. That's a lovely capture Cheryl... Well done!
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