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  1. Middleton Railway near Leeds
  2. Not mine Kobione I am a pebbles, concrete and green paint guy but I do appreciate the guy who grew these
  3. Thats a nice image Dennis and a sympathetic treatment given to it Me, I would have cropped 1/2 inch on the left and got shut of the redundant chair but thats me
  4. Out of all the camera kits ive owned Ive only ever sold 2 (still got the rest all 50 of them ) and sods law one of those I miss / have a fondness for (though I would never use one today) is the zenith E
  5. Having trouble with predictive text fuji Youve missed an o in loose If thats what you meant Do you sneak up and hang loose and casual before the shutter clicks Or was that close These are some of your best, impressed the B/W top one is my favorite Quote from Robert Capa If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough. ” oh so true
  6. fuzzyedges


    Yup mortica would be happy with that
  7. fuzzyedges

    My YouTube Channel

    Arr now Ive been talking to another reprobate on this subject and (remember I was 11 or 12 at the time ) there was two islands one out in the middle'ish of the river and the other was attached to the bank by a ditch where the river sweeps round This has obviously washed away with time but it was big too little me
  8. fuzzyedges


    I can see Lurch living there The converging towers from the 24mm gives it an odd perspective for me but i still like the feel of it
  9. Yep I agree with that lot up above But what is he painting ??
  10. Hi there welcome to the boards
  11. fuzzyedges

    My YouTube Channel

    Ep1 took me right down memory lane As kids we would seek out freedom (only a mile from home but out of sight) and play on the wesacks The island on the crook of the river, in those days (1950's ), had a ditch between the bank and the island of about 3 feet, easily jumped at low tide with a few mishaps, Over stay your visit and that 3 feet grew to 10 feet at high tide.This meant a row at home for either being out late (waiting for low tide to get off the island) or a row at home for the state you arrived back in after swimming for it I see from your overhead shots that the river has eaten the ditch away and even at high tide it was never that big
  12. There was a note inside the car that said "All panels are original except the bonnet and side panels " but the make was nowhere to be seen Bumping up the image shows a flamboyant A on the wheels as in Austin It could be as they were into weird one offs on seven chassis, although this looks a little longer which could be the bonnet and side panels
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