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  1. Fogey

    Moto Cross

    They did get to some impressive heights. A lot of them use the jumps to overtake their competitors and some of the jumps really are spectacular. Unfortunately, the accidents, when they happen, are equally spectacular. This young boy, about 6 years old, damaged his arm trying to fulfil his parents ambition. When I was in the paddock shooting the images for the time-lapse, I noticed this lad getting instructions from his mother.....he looked scared to death. Something else that disturbed me was the fact there isn't an infants course - they use the same full course
  2. Puts me in mind of Mirkwood, in The Hobbit.
  3. Nice to look at on the computer - the reality, however, is a cold red nose, muffled up in winter clothes and cold feet.
  4. Fogey

    Moto Cross

    Thank you Clicker, that's appreciated. I shan't be going again - it costs £55 pp to get in.
  5. Great Shot, John. To think I used to run up those - Now I have a job to run up a telephone bill.
  6. Stunning set as usual, Paul. I'm curious - were these shots hand held?
  7. If my back window is anything to go by, birds simply think a reflection is something they can fly into. Great shot Denis.
  8. I agree - amazing is the word. Stunning shots.
  9. Fogey

    Moto Cross

    A mixture of time lapse and slideshow. https://vimeo.com/131171039
  10. Fogey

    Garden Sky

    The thing is Polly, when I took those series of shots I simply set the camera shooting every 2 seconds and then went indoors to do some chores. I stopped when the card filled up. Called multi-tasking, methinks.
  11. Fogey

    Take off

    Taken at The Venus Pool pre-covid.
  12. I saw an image of an apple on a facebook page that impressed me. The guy who posted the image left a video of what he did to achieve the shot. Now, I didn't have an apple - however............ These were taken in a totally dark room with just the light from an Ipad as the sole source. ISO 100, 10sec exposure, f/11
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