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  1. Dunno. Something given to it by the visitors.
  2. Not sure about letting the public feed these animals.
  3. Well done Cheryl, a worthy winner.
  4. Thank you Fooj. Appreciated. I have been giving these shots a deal of thought and a germ of an idea has taken root. The shot of the narrowboat with the exhaust fumes drifting in the air puts me in mind of a Constable painting of the barges at Dedham Mill, albeit those were either wind or horse powered. Methinks some research and an addition to my bucket list is in order.
  5. Well the only one I could improve on was this.
  6. Thank you Denis. I think I might re-work these using Vivesa colour efex pro.
  7. Funny thing is all the people who passed me hesitated, not wanting to get in my way until I told them I wanted them as props, then they were quite happy to become part of the scene.
  8. Autumn colours early this morning.
  9. Let me say from the outset - this is not a fishing exercise. I recently had a one to one session with a professional wildlife photographer, as I felt that as an amateur photographer I would benefit from the professional touch, at a cost of £150. This gentleman had a full frame camera and advocated using aperture priority and controlling the shutter speed by increasing the ISO, so high in fact he achieved a shutter speed of 1/3200th sec. Now I have a 1.5 crop sensor camera, which means that if I followed what this gentleman said, then I would return an image so grainy as to be un
  10. Further to the topic in the Latte Lounge, here is an explanation of how I achieved this shot. I set up a bird feeder. Got to get the blighters interested. So, camera on tripod and manually focused on the feeder, repositioned camera so the feeder was out of frame, set the shutter speed to 1/2000 th Sec: Set the aperture to f/6.3 and set the ISO to get a good exposure. Then with a remote shutter release attached it was a case of waiting until a bird flew through the focal plane and ambushing them with a high speed burst. Also known as spraying and praying. 😁 Edited to say
  11. This is an interesting thread. As a new member, I can only contribute what I have experienced here and share my experiences of other forums that have died a death. Let me start with my take on why forums die a death. In my view, there are two things that will spoil a forum and that is to have an associated page in social media sites and a shout box. These two things will stop people posting in the actual forum, where the forum then loses its identity. Cliques within a forum. This perception can only be alleviated by encouraging new members to post images, ask questions, a
  12. I stand in awe of you Fooj, and that is coming from another failed 11 plus student who suffered dyscalculia and passed A level Art and A level English language and literature in later life. So let me see; you are an artist, illustrator, author, photographer, teacher, social worker, carpenter, toy maker, wood turner and still going strong at 82. Ummm! what do you know about cooking?
  13. My Life!, Fooj You are a veritable source of surprises and no mistake. You Sir, are a very talented man. Have you had any training at all in fine art? Or is it a case of developing a natural gift over the years.
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