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  1. Kobione

    My YouTube Channel

    Have looked and subscribed Phil. The dog barking at the drone made me smile, and I couldn't have kept K&B out of that water! Nice close ups in the Oakhill Reserve one. Would suggest that, as Korky mentioned, you keep the video lengths to 4 - 5 minutes, can get a tad longover that - not just yours, any video. Look forward to seeing more.
  2. Kobione

    POTW - w/e 17/6/2018

    Some lovely pictures to browse through again this week, and it's nice to see the bird activity and lovely flowers, great street portraits and some interesting camera movements results. I've gone with one that is such a lovely, simple, but excellently presented image. The toning is spot on for the subject, you are taken straight to her eyes, but not harshly so, all the face features are so gentle. This is well worth a look in the larger view. Well done Clicker, a beautifully presented image of a lovely subject too. The original thread can be seen HERE
  3. Actually got out for a little cruise this morning and look what we brought home with us, a Dunnolly Bakery Bee Sting:
  4. Kobione

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Hi'ya and welcome to the forum Gareth, I have a TZ too - have a TZ80 which I literally take everywhere with me, when I don't take my Nikon P900. Look forward to seeing what you do.
  5. Kobione

    Rain Storm

    Very dramatic Rye - the second one does it for me too.
  6. Kobione

    Rua Augasta Arches

    Nice subject John - agree with Rye, looks almost like a pencil drawing.
  7. Kobione

    A bowl of flowers

    Nice little mix of colours there JH.
  8. Nice abstract results there Rye, agree with OlyMike on the second, looking through hair.
  9. As I walked the girls this morning Kelly said "It doesn't usually look like this Mum!' Very grey and quite cold for us. I had to choose the safest route around the block because so many big kangaroos were hiding from the wind in the bushes - sorry Korky, couldn't get any pictures!:
  10. Well done Denis - that one brought back some laughs for you that were able to go on the day.
  11. Kobione

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 03

    That's lovely Korky - so tranquil and green! Nice music too.
  12. Wonder why we like looking put of the back door:
  13. Lots of nice pointy things guarding a grave site: