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  1. Yes, creative response and also as already mentioned a unique angle in this picture Fuji, well done.
  2. Very nice to see that they are kept in good condition Rye, agree that the man looking at the engine adds something extra to this one.
  3. Very nice connection with the words and the image Korky, and I really like the background too.
  4. Some of our immature Superb Fairy Wrens all came down for a bath in our lizard water bowl, they all sat for a minute and then dived in and got nice and wet! Love the way the one on the right looks like a classic 'Angry Bird'.
  5. Very nice set Mike, it is wonderful what a burst of Spring can bring.
  6. Very nice Mike, and you caught that tiny insect/bug too.
  7. So cute, never mind the expression!
  8. Love to see Bluebells like this Rye because I have memories of places like that but we simply cannot see them over here. Very nice colour and composition.
  9. Lovely to see these Ryland - think #2 just pips it for me too, but all very nice.
  10. Common sense on a hot day Fuji - she's not silly! Shame she doesn't quite 'take to you' but, as you said you don't know her exact past history. We had one dog that was the same when I was a teenager. We were warned about his past - left in a house, shut in a wardrobe for quite a long time before being rescued, but he always feared and reacted badly to people in uniform for the rest of his life.
  11. All green gone from home now:
  12. Fuji you do some wonderful stuff. Nice to see you heading in another direction now - enjoy it and keep us up to date with what you do.
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