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  1. Fringe Myrtle, a native plant that grows wild on our block:
  2. Kobione

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    As usual some nice things for me to look at this week - nice Autumnal scenes, steam trains, street scenes and architectural. I've gone with one that is very nicely presented with perfect light for the subject, a great splash of colour in the red shirt against the dark background, great composition with the other guy next to him, nice look of concentration on the main guitarists face, and nice clarity of his instrument too. Glad you said you cloned out a cymbal John - I couldn't pick anything to show that, but the result you achieved is perfect! So well done johntwo - great shot with excellent presentation. The original post can be seen HERE
  3. Kobione

    the 52 Project 2018 - Week 28 - Theme

    Some nice hand painted flowers, on the German large hand-made bowl I have had for years:
  4. Still very much 'day to day' basis for us, David wanted to cruise out this morning and we went to a café in another rural town, about 20 minutes from home. It was raining when I took the photo of their name sign, so a couple of 'blobs': See what the first thing on the list is - Traditional Cornish Pasties - are they ever!! This is what you get: And inside - all the traditional ingredients, rump steak, onion, potato and swede: Fantastic, just as we remember them from our childhood days in UK. That's it for today we have thunderstorms, lost power and internet for 3 hours, and we did get some rain!
  5. Kobione

    POTW - w/e 2/12/18

    Congrats Mike, lovely shot!
  6. Kobione

    Checking for bird seed....

    I think it is one of our younger ones Brian, because it does not have a partner as yet, but he keeps wandering around as if he is looking! He also knows where the drinking plates are in the shade house, so we see him often.
  7. One of 'our regulars' comes through each afternoon and checks out the bird feeding area, he loves any sunflowers seeds or corn that is left there:
  8. Kobione

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 27

    We have only seen a few so far Rye, there are a few Painted Lady species, and this is the Australian Painted Lady, which probably are based on Australian land, but do get blown Eastwards to New Zealand and surrounding islands too apparently.
  9. Actually got out to 'our beach' the other day, haven't been able to do this for quite a while. It was quiet, as usual, nice and open, and we all enjoyed it and Kelly & Brodie got very nicely wet!!:
  10. Kobione

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 27

    Caught a Painted Lady on Saturday. We have had so much strong breezes that we have hardly seen any butterflies settled anywhere: Got my days mixed up, should have said Thursday not Saturday!!
  11. Kobione

    Mean moody mountains ....

    Very moody Clicker, and a lovely view too, nice one!