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  1. Just a brief update - what a week!! Yesterday had to hire a car trailer and take one of our station wagons, (I think you call them estates), to Bendigo to have the gear box replaced because it died on us. Phone call today from the Real Estate agent - is it ok for him to come for a viewing on Saturday, may be more than one person interested, yes it is ok. Tomorrow David's chemo day and I have an appointment at a specialist Orthopaedic Clinic to assess my hip, that will be a fairly long day. Thursday we have to travel again to another town and provide information and identification docs. to the firm that will be doing our conveyancing, so had to go through heaps of stuff today to find our passports, wedding certificate etc. Friday will be 'get ready for Saturday' day, after we have been to Bendigo again, for David to get the bottle removed. Think I'm going to be a bit worn out to do too much on here, sorry, but I will do what I can, as and when I can.
  2. Fully agree with what's already said Mike, and the bird sands out so well in the larger version view, the green background suits it perfectly.
  3. Congrats Mark, the best of your wonderful aircraft shots.
  4. Thanks Gareth - the Dunnolly Bakery always holds it's quality and fantastic range of goods steady, and the town is historically interesting, so it's a great place for us to head towards.
  5. David that brought back some memories for me!! I went with 4 friends over to Ireland to see the Dublin Horse Show I think 1962, and then we cruised of in a camper to quite a few other places, including kissing the Blarney Stone, and attending the Puck Fair in Killorglin finishing up at the Giant's Causeway area before we headed back to Dublin to go home. It was a fantastic trip and we all loved what we had seen. I still remember the stunning cliffs, rocks and the rough seas. Great set, thank you.
  6. Polly, like Denis what you have actually done is beyond me, but I like the effect in the first picture. your 'twiddling' has mixed the colours so gently, and having the path down the middle is great. You did well with this I think!
  7. Interesting set Fuji, glad to see you 'experimenting'!
  8. Nice to see they are still there Rye, I think the only stocks we have are at Kryal Castle, which was built about 1972 as a tourist attraction trying to represent the Medieval days, and there are stocks there, and they have jousting competitions too.
  9. Lovely to see you about Phil, thanks for taking this one, and congrats to Simon, David and Denis, those three certainly fit the required profile of colour!
  10. We declared yesterday an 'R&R' day after the very busy previous day, so we cruised out to one of our favourite places for lunch. You will have seen some of these before but at least we did something. Headed off down our usual busy roads: Through our usual type of space: Stopped at one of K&B's best spots and we wandered up a bush track: Kelly then sat down and just observed us and any bird life that went past: Brodie refused to sit, way too many sniffs!; Off again to Dunolly Bakery, where we got our lunch, than cruised to another nice quiet spot and ate: Pizza Pies for David & me: K&B shared a sausage roll: Cruised home and signs had been put up on our drive: Nice Beesting for afternoon tea: And a nice Elephant's Foot that we have enjoyed today for morning and afternoon tea: Was a nice casual trip out, but now it looks like we are 'on the market' so we will see what happens next!
  11. G is for Galahs - yes we are a pair, and we're doing our best to hang on to this prickly bush:
  12. One heck of a day yesterday - I am now in crutches because my hip is so unstable and we got a call from the real estate agent. He wanted to come a day earlier than scheduled to take pictures inside the house. Thankfully I had a friend able to come in and do a complete furniture move and vacuum, but even so I was 'on the go' most of the day. Looks like the house will be on the market after this weekend, and he already has a couple of people interested. Phew!! Double sherry at tea time yesterday, and sorry for the inactivity. We may do something nice today.
  13. Welcome back Gunna, very nice aircraft pics to see.
  14. Thank you all for the nice thoughts, it is 'a rationalisation' project, to make it easier in the future to meet our needs, and David also wants to be settled in his mind that should something happen quicker than we hope for, I will be comfortable, in a manageable place and near supportive family. Plus also, if we move now we still have time to settle into a new life and meet new people, and we already know a few really nice places to go from that area. Will keep you updated as to what is happening and when.
  15. Rye, we had 2Cdeg overnight, but with a 6Cdeg wind chill factor, so very cold!! Our birdies are not happy, all fluffed up and sitting on the rocks. Will try to get a couple of shots.
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