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  1. Congrats Fogey, so nice to get the bee so well in flight, and, as already mentioned the composition is great. Nice choice Clicker!
  2. Thank you all, will be watching out for more.
  3. I noticed that when the sun hits the Hydrangea bushes there are several types of small spiders appear, most like types of jumping spiders, so I got a few: Will have to watch for more!
  4. Nice one Fogey, nice detail and the background colour adds to it!
  5. Nice set Rye, good detail in all, and I like the colour of the second one. I have earwigs here too and they are mostly curled up around the not yet open Hydrangea flowers and sheltered by the leaves.
  6. Nice ones Fogey - waiting for more flowers to come out in my new garden, as we are now mid Spring over here, and hopefully will see more activity like this.
  7. Nice catch Fogey - love the symmetry of the beaks!
  8. Nice one Fogey - as already said so cute, and I would happily stroke that fur!
  9. Interesting looking place Polly, nice to see and I think the mono version suits it perfectly!
  10. Another nice view Clicks, probably looking quite different to the colour version.
  11. Nice job Clicks, the first one is a lovely view.
  12. Nice connection with the subject and the current situation Polly! Good thinking and a nice picture too.
  13. Nice catch Fogey, nice fuchsia and background colour too.
  14. Belated welcome to the forum Fogey - great set and all nice The first Lemur, the 'monarch' stag and the tiger for me.
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