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  1. Le Musée du Livre

    Nice one Kev - nice colours as already mentioned, and I like the textured look of the wall around the shuttered windows too.
  2. The old and the new.

    Nice mix in this one Rick - the church, (or cathedral), the glass fronted apartments, the old fashioned looking street lights and the modern buses. Lots to look at.
  3. Under A Bridge

    Yes they can Kev - it's the symmetry of the supports that make this one for me.
  4. Edinburgh steps!

    Nice Rick! A few times up and down those each day would be a great exercise regime.
  5. USAF V22 osprey

    Good set Van - never seen one of those before. Love the last one with the guys coming down on the rope.
  6. Wind Stopped Play

    Lovely set Colin - great angle in the second one!
  7. Motorcycling weather...

    I know which I'd get on Rick - the bottom one!
  8. There's a runway somewhere down there!

    That does look foggy Rick! Suppose that would cause some slight delays.

    I like the gritty look of this one Fuji - suits the subject perfectly!
  10. Pont Pasteur

    Nice view and perspective Kev. I think the colour version is a tad 'livelier' than the mono.
  11. Frogs hunting

    You are lucky to get these where you can see them Cheryl. We have no windows that are low enough for then to be close to, so don't get your view. Good catch!
  12. What kit do you have?

    As some of you would know I am probably the least techno person on the forum, so only have very basic kit, but I simply enjoy doing what I'm doing, and the 'kiss principle' way I do it. So, just a Panasonic TZ80, which is my go everywhere camera, and a Nikon P900, and one set of 4 very cheap macro lenses - that's it!
  13. Something nice.......

    Yes, very intense Kev, which is why he stood out against the rather plain background. If they are around hopefully I will get better pictures of them, and another species of Robin that we also see at home in the cooler weather.
  14. Yum, yum Pt2.......

    Thank you Kev & Chris. I think the big boy is quite happy with the service we are providing! Taken yesterday afternoon through the 'puter room windo: