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  1. Thank you Rye & Clicks, I hope to get out a bit more after this weekend, because the school holidays finish, so maybe a bit more 'space'.
  2. You chose well well for that view Matt, lovely and quite dramatic.
  3. Superb colour and detail there Polly, lovely flowers.
  4. Am not very active recently, not due to Covid restrictions, but due to a hip problem, ok driving and yesterday was nice and sunny, so did a cruisy drive to the Bass Coast. Too many people around for me to walk the dogs on the beach, because it is school holidays here, but I did stop at a couple of laybys where you can see the beach. It was quite breezy and fresh. You can see the path down to the beach on the right, but it was too steep for me.: A closer view of that interesting bit of cliff that is left standing, the dark spot near the top is not somebody climbing it, but there
  5. Nice ones Paul.
  6. Wow interesting detail Paul!
  7. Lovely mix of colour in these Clicks, I haven't heard of them before.
  8. Nice bird and #2 is a great catch.
  9. As said, a simple image, but the sunset glow adds warmth of colour nicely.
  10. Lovely sunset colour Matt, like the pink reflection in the foreground too.
  11. Nice low perspective and milky water Matt, nice!!
  12. Lovely view and interesting cloud - nice!!
  13. Missed this one Gareth - interesting subject to have so close, nice presentation too.
  14. Very nice set Ryland, all interesting!!
  15. Nice catch Fuji - a lady with an elderly Spaniel walks past my place every day, with her 'doggie pram'. Sammy, the Spaniel is usually walking on the way out, and in the pram on the way back.
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