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  1. Another good one Paul. Haven't found any spiders as yet in my new 'urban garden', but I may when the weather turns to Spring!
  2. Great detail as usual Paul, and lovely colours too - very nice!!
  3. Well deserved Craig - you did a great job with this and Dexter's look is perfect, so well done!! Nice choice Rye!
  4. Commented on this as POTW John, but very interesting catching up with the extra info and the shots. You did a great job to get the end result!
  5. Taking me back to Heysham memories Martyn! Interesting gravestone, do hope she left some good memories for her family.
  6. Lots of interesting detail to look at there Rye, with the different boats and the background views. Good ones!
  7. Nice Martyn, I love those old style stone houses and things like the interesting chimney pots.
  8. Very nice pair Strav, I like the perspective in #1 and the sort of 'old and new mix' in #2. Well done.
  9. Kobione


    Agree with Denis, Fuji, those hands tell an interesting life story.
  10. Beautiful John - such gentle colour and a lovely subject, well done!!
  11. great set Fuji - takes me back to our motorcycle days, but we were never in a group that big!!
  12. Kobione


    Very nice results Fuji - keep up the good work!
  13. Looks great Denis - and, as Fuji referred to it should be a good 'Passion Wagon'! Hope we get to see you going off to some nice places, as and when you want.
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