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  1. Nice catch John, don't think I've seen one before.
  2. Yes, very nice Denis, especially the first one where he is looking right at you!
  3. Kobione


    A nice and interesting looking old wall, and I like moss too, and the classic Autumn colours in the background, very nice!
  4. Yes, a very relaxing scene to walk past, nice one!
  5. Kobione

    Garden Sky

    Very nice Jeff, really shows the build up and movement of the clouds. Well done!
  6. Lovely shot of a lovely bird Mark, well done.
  7. Nice one Mark, good catch!
  8. I missed this one John - a lovey view!
  9. Nice set Fogey - it does look rather damp!
  10. Kobione

    Snowy Coppice

    really nice that you have got the snow up the tree trunks to khm, some nice textures in there.
  11. Kobione

    Calderdale Snow

    Another nice snowy scene, I like it!
  12. Kobione

    Hawker Demon

    I like the unusual angle for this one too Denis, you got it right!
  13. Kobione

    Garden Sky

    Can't see the video Fogey, says it is private.
  14. Congrats Fogey - lovely shot!!
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