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  1. Kobione

    Dovecote at Rivington

    Lovely subject Rye and you have achieved some nice effects - slightly prefer the colour version, but both nice.
  2. Kobione

    POTW - w/e 19.8.18

    Congrats John, brilliant shot that I forgot to reply to, but very well deserved winner of potw. Nice choice Kate, and for all the reasons you said.
  3. Kobione

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 12 - Theme

    Didn't get to anywhere special this last week, but did get to our 'beach' to walk K&B on Friday. Within a few minutes of getting there the clouds moved in, so it's more of a 'cloudscape' but at least it fits the theme:
  4. Absolutely a 'clean sweep', well done Cheryl!!
  5. Kobione

    International Bomber Command Centre

    Nice set Colin - looks a very interesting place to visit. Really like the spire against the sky, and, as you mentioned the con trails are a very fitting addition to the subject. I presume that is a relatives name you have photographed.
  6. Kobione

    The Western Isles of Scotland.

    Very dramatic image Geoff, I actually thought it was a mono until I looked at the larger version.
  7. Kobione

    The Quirang

    Doing a bit of catching up Geoff - great to see some of your beautiful stuff again, and this one for me is an absolute stunner. I was just captivated and have been looking at it for ages!! Well done.
  8. Kobione

    Word Association Thread

  9. Kobione

    And Finally

    Great shots Roger, both of them.
  10. Kobione

    And a few more

    Another lovely set Roger, love them all!
  11. Kobione

    Some of my Latest Birds

    Great to see you back in action Roger and what a set, that first one really is a 'wow!!'
  12. Kobione


    Well Craig, I'm doing a catch up here and this is certainly my 'awww' for the day - lovely. Hope he keeps you well entertained like Kelly & Brodie do with us.
  13. Kobione

    Who's a Pretty Boy Then?

    Lovely colour in the first one John, we can only get to see these in specialist aviaries over here, but I do remember seeing some 'in the wild' when we lived over there.
  14. Kobione

    Red Deer?

    Nice catches anyway, not something we get to see in our area.