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    Love this one Fuji, the frost has given great texture to the leaves.
  2. Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

    Love the detail in these in the large view BP and the mono suits them perfectly!

    Glad to see you are still 'enjoying your playing about' Fuji!
  4. Day out yesterday........

    Thanks Kev, Mond & Geoff - could have got more better pictures if the weather had settled! Mond this is one of two most well known paddle steamers, the other one is called The Pevensey, and on a decent day they make good photo subjects. As for the rain - we live on a rural property and rely solely on our water tanks, and guess what - they are all full after that rain. Good way to head into our Summer.
  5. A very precious picture that we have, it is less than 1 inch in size and in a very old original frame. David McLeod Oswald, who my OH was named after, taken in 1914 before he left UK with the King's Liverpool Regiment. Did not return home, died in France on 9/8/1916 aged 22 years. We will remember.
  6. Colours-N-Glass

    Very nice colour in there Rye - agree with Fuji, if you did three nicely complementary colours it would make a nice triptych. The idea of what you have tried here is good!
  7. Day out yesterday........

    We have had the weirdest weather this week - almost 50 ml of rain over wed/thurs so we couldn't do much at home. Doggies were bored and so were we! Decided to take a trip out in the car and we headed to a nice river town called Echuca. Weather was not the best and this is pretty much what we got, on and off: Did manage, between heavy showers, to get a couple of one of the most well known steam paddle boats that are a huge tourist attraction at Echuca. This is the Emmylou, named after the country singer Emmylou Harris, and you can do hour long river trips, or even overnight river cruises on her: Heading back in to the port area; We did manage to get to our favourite place up there for our lunch: Wonder why it's called 'It Takes Two' - yes it does to eat it all!!:
  8. The 52 Project - Week 41

    I took this on Saturday - think I had something 'interesting' on my finger!: Will try to post earlier next week.
  9. Local History - Accrington

    Lovely set Rye - like them all but #1,#4 and the last one stand out for me.
  10. Another Devonian!

    Hi'ya and welcome Mond.
  11. POTW - w/e 12 November 2017

    Great choice Kev - a beautiful gentle image - well done Polly!!
  12. First and last challenge.

    Haven't used my Flickr for ages - I'll have to look back what I have in there.
  13. To The One A Day Challengers

    I think you all have done remarkably well to keep it up for so long, and with such lovely pictures -- well done all of you!!
  14. More of the 'Summer Friend'.......

    Thanks all again - we are really going to enjoy observing these for a while! They would tend to scoot away Fuji - very fast!! If you got too near unexpectedly a sharp tail whip would be the deterrent.
  15. What colour fly swat would you like?: