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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. Well done Fuji - that is one scary shot and fits the soon to be with us Halloween theme perfectly!! Great choice Gareth.
  2. Great video with great views and nice music too. The scene almost at the end, with the fountains and the swan on a lake, was beautiful, but lots of interesting stuff in there!
  3. Very scary Fuji, I never realised that's how they looked!
  4. Very nice set Fuji - #1 for me too.
  5. Kobione

    HOP IT !

    Nice catch Fuji, haven't seen any here as yet, don't think our temps are quite warm enough.
  6. Great shot John - the steam is perfect!!
  7. Yes, works for me too, I really like this one John, the removal of the background stuff was a great idea.
  8. I've never seen wild hops either Denis but there are some large hop farms in some areas and I suppose they could be seen there. Well spotted.
  9. Great set Korky, like them all, the Garlic is lovely but the contrast of dark sky and the lights is my fav, because it is not the sort of contrast we get to see where we live.
  10. They look very nice John, and yes, that area would be an adventure.
  11. Kobione


    Lovely journey you've just taken me on there John, I could look at the market pictures for ages and see what I could find and The Andes ones certainly fit into my love of 'high country'
  12. O is for Oat Grass, one of our natural types and one that we have to watch out for the seeds when they dry out - not as oats, but as sharp things that can get stuck in dogs coats:
  13. Thank you all, it was a nice trip out. It literally is a day to day thing as to how David feels, so if he says he would like to go out we do it, and we did another brief trip out this morning to a different area closer to home but still nice for us all to walk. Yes, that's David in the distance, and Kelly is saying 'Come on Mum, we're ready to head back!' Korky we do see more of your favourites at home than out in these areas, and it looks like we have a few nice days ahead so I'll see what I can get. John guess we might see more of our bigger ones now our weather is starting to warm up - I'll keep watch!
  14. Congrats Korky - very well deserved potw, beautiful processing to get that result too. Very nice choice Clicker.
  15. Just did our usual casual trip out yesterday, first stop being one of Kelly & Brodie's favourite spots for a toddle in the bush, and, as usual heaps of sniffs!! Then they found a little friend - he was nervous, but they just said 'Oh, it's one of them that we have at home' and carried on down the track. Saw some nice coloured fungi on a fallen tree trunk; And no, this is not a Pizza Pie, it's another piece of the fungi! Here it is from a different view; A few Native wild flowers in bloom, this one was very tiny; These are more common and a bit bigger: As we started to head for home I saw this hanging on to the outside of the passenger window, very small and getting badly blown about: So we stopped and I got a couple of shots, not the best because it was so windy and he was only the size of half of my smallest finger nail, but I left this one in because you can see the markings on the abdomen: Best I could get from the front and then I got a leaf and took him off the window and put him down safely on the ground. I know these are not perfect because it is difficult for me to hold even my small TZ properly when I'm on crutches and trying to bend down, but just to show you that we are still here and doing something, and it was a nice trip out! First time shared with Flickr too, so hope it works.
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