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  1. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    Nice set Alpha - no 2 for me because of the colour in the sky, but all three are nice!
  2. I am BACK

    Hello again David and welcome back.
  3. Still in demand......

    Polly if we didn't live here and put this water out close to the house we would miss out on a lot of enjoyment in watching the birds, lizards and 'roos etc. There was no dam on our block before we had one done, so wild life would have had to rely on other water sources. We even saw this the other day - not very good because taken from the house so a very long way off the dam, but we have never seen kangaroos deliberately paddling in the water before:
  4. Our morning outing....

    Had to go to the vets this morning - nothing urgent, just that Brodie needed her annual check and vaccinations - got in as early as we could because of the hot weather. After the visit we headed to Boort Lake, which looks like this: and what else do two doggies do, but this: Yes, they did plosh further in and at least they were cool then for the drive home
  5. Water, that is, in accessible spots for the birds and other wild life. Taken just a few minutes ago, one of our Shingelbacks hogged this water bowl for at least 10 minutes, and the thirsty birds were not impressed, but he needs water too: Spreads his tongue to the max to get the best slurp: At the time of taking these it was 37Cdeg, and we are heading for a 41C and a 43C for Saturday and Sunday - guess our main job will be to keep all the drinking spots full!
  6. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Yes, Rye, one of our larger Mud Wasps. Not in the best place to catch him, but this is what he looked like from the outside:
  7. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Could have given you lots more pictures of very hot birds this week, but we did have another visitor knocking on the lounge window, presumably wanting to come in to the cool:
  8. POTW - 21/01/2018

    Sorry if this is a little late - I'm still having some probs. getting to an active forum page, so I hope I haven't missed something fantastic. There were some lovely images to look at again, Black Pearl gave us some lovely stuff with his Alnmouth thread, and James' snow in Memphis was pretty impressive, as was Rogers' fantastic red kite pictures. I've gone with one that I absolutely loved from the moment I first saw it. The composition of this one is great, the subtlety of the light, and similar colours in the houses and cliffs is superb, and the light was spot on too. So, well done THELONGMAN, a beautiful image! The original thread can be seen HERE
  9. Tree Creeper

    Nice detail in the eye and feathers JH - nice different angle too.
  10. Great shots Roger - you got the eye beautifully in 1 & 2.

    That's a very shiny helmet Fuji - wouldn't look like that for long in our environment!
  12. The Seven Sisters.

    This one is an absolute beauty Geoff - the subtlety of the colour, and the composition are superb.
  13. POTW - w/e 14.1.18

    Well done JH - this one is a beauty! Nice choice too Kate.
  14. The 52 Project - Week 50

    Thanks Rye - we have a few of these around now after having hardly any during our Winter months, and we don't often see them just sitting, like this one.