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  1. All very nice Hatter - great that you got the swans in with the hotel too.
  2. Still very damp and dewy here and these Peaceful Doves were not happy with the moisture, but they loved our rocks and the bit of sunshine: Two Sulphur Crested visited the bird table: And one of them 'posed for me':
  3. Well done Mike, superb catch!
  4. Thank you all. I was lucky, there was no breeze, otherwise those drops would have gone in a second! It's ok Gareth, this was skin from one of our regular Shingleback lizards and we see him around heaps. We very, very rarely see snake activity close to the house area but yes, you do have to be aware in the warmer weather.
  5. Very foggy and damp morning here and I've just been wandering around with Kelly & Brodie who don't even notice the cold. Spotted a couple of nice dewy spider webs: and then I noticed, on the ground that one of our locals had left some skin behind - always interesting in texture; Hope he is snugged somewhere dry and warmish!
  6. Nice set Mike - nice colour in all, but #1 pips it for me.
  7. Classic ROYGBIV as I was taught sjr, and there is actually lots of detail - the texture of the wood in the pencils, shapes of the end bits and the reflections underneath. Nice one.
  8. And you produce some lovely results Korky, and way over the top for what I would or could do, but I love to see them, so keep it up. I like this one too!
  9. Very serene and interesting view - I could happily sit there and notice the details - like the statues, the building tower, and, of course as you would reslise, the lawn strips would fascinate me!
  10. Lovely set Gareth - it's always nice, and interesting, to see vintage machinery like these so well preserved and respected.
  11. That would be fun Simon. I am quite restricted atm and the weekly challenge and the weekly project at least give me a week to sort something out and still be involved, and the alphabet idea would call for a bit of thinking!
  12. Nice one Rye, that colour really stands out and certainly adds something to the background scene.
  13. Welcome to the forum Laci, but don't expect much techno help from me, but I'll enjoy seeing what you can do.
  14. Great detail in this one - even we get to see Starlings, but not in our immediate area.
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