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  1. Kobione

    POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018

    Congrats Colin a very nice set that I hadn't caught up with, lovely pictures so well deserved for potw.
  2. After lunch cruised to another bush spot were we often stop and walk, and as we walked saw what we thought was a stick: On a closer look it was another Bearded Dragon. This one must have been young as it was only about 6 inches in total length: Enjoying the sun, as they do: Stopped on the way home for a couple of minutes to let these sheep go past us, some nice lambs in there, so nice to see: Finished off our day, at home, about 3.30pm with a nice coffee and a piece of Chelsea Bun: Nice relaxed day, but interesting to get out and about a bit. The Bearded Dragons are certainly on the move everywhere!
  3. Got to Dunnolly and visited the bakery, as usual, for our lunch: Mine was the Pizza Pie at the front, David had the quiche at the rear and guess who got the sausage roll! Ate in a nice shady spot - the early settlers certainly knew how to provide shade with these trees: Finished off with a nice coffee and a cappuccino and walnut muffin - shared: The Kelly & Brodie got theirs - do you think they knew what was coming!!!!!: We were watched by two nice Masked Lapwings - could only get this through the windscreen, otherwise they would be gone:
  4. Actually got out for a drive today after a very inactive week. Heading for our first 30c day, so we headed off about 10.00am, before it got too warm. Not far from our gate we spotted a nice echidna crossing the road, so stopped to try to get a shot, but he half buried himself under a log. He still looked very clean, sharp and spiky, and it's nice to see them on the move.: Headed off to Dunnolly, one of our regular visit places, and the day looked nice: A bit further on spotted something lying on the road - yes, another Beared Dragon: He was fine, just enjoying the warmth of the road surface, and he did let me get closer: A few seconds after this he scooted off the road, so he was safe. Stopped at one of our usual bush spots to give Kelly & Brodie a nice walk. this area is looking a bit dry!:
  5. Nice looking in here - I love the steam trains Rye, some nice autumnal looks from BP, Korky & Hatter - quite different from the harsh look we are getting now, and, of course a nice Jasper shot from BP.
  6. Not the best week for us, erratic weather produced this: and we're going to get our first 30C day of the season today - that's crazy!!
  7. Kobione

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 21

    Not a very active week for us, but the bees are busy:
  8. Kobione


    Amazing how low they can get now John, and still be safe with the knee pads etc. Nice catch, did he fall or straighten up?
  9. Taken just a few minutes ago Cheryl- orange and blue: Flower and sky:
  10. Congrats Cheryl, great subject for the theme.
  11. Colourful illumination:
  12. Kobione

    POTW W/E 14 October 2018.

    Amazing pictures, well deserved potw.
  13. Kobione

    Leaves No #2

    Very nice colour contrast in this one Rye.
  14. Kobione


    Interesting Rye - again that is something I wouldn't even have thought of, but you picked the right subject matter to try it and got 3 nice abstracts. The slightly stronger colour in #1 does it for me.
  15. Well done John, going to look at your new topic now.