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  1. johntwo

    Red Kite

    Taken at the Loch Kent feeding station. (Lyte Box helps).
  2. johntwo

    Natural light portrait

    No , I literally meant her RHS as opposed to the RHS of the image but were talking the same place. For me it doesn't need a lot, just something to connect that hand to. Otherwise, it's a really classical portrait that works well for me. ...................something like:
  3. johntwo

    Keeping fit ....

    ....and he's so proud, he's sticking his chest out. Love it.
  4. johntwo


    I agree. The gritty processing is a good choice. It would be a toss up whether the Trump tome is fiction or non-fiction - full of " false news".
  5. johntwo

    Old friends catching up ...

    Nice catch. You can really tell they are enjoying the moment. (Might be worth a bit more contrast in the mid tones.)
  6. johntwo

    Dresses for Dummies....

    As has already been said, a nice composition but a nice conversion as well. Nice to see more mono appearing. Have you ever used the X-T2 or your new X-T3 in one of their in camera mono modes. I keep meaning to.
  7. johntwo

    Baddesley Clinton

    Nice image, nice place.
  8. johntwo

    Natural light portrait

    This is a nice portrait but the total loss of detail on her RHS bothers me particularly since it results in the disembodied hand. Is there any detail there? Just a little would make a difference for me.
  9. johntwo

    blackthorn tree

    First one for me as well.
  10. johntwo

    waterfall country

    Very nice series, the second one in particular. I'm not dead against milky water but it works for me in the second but not in the first. Nice compositions, all of them.
  11. johntwo

    Fossdyke Navigation

    All the better for the grey sky and the reflections. Nice capture.
  12. johntwo

    POTW - w/e 17/02/19

    Thanks all, thanks Gareth.