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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. A lot of work in that Cheryl and it's a nice idea. If the original is in RAW, it might be worth seeing if there is any detail to be had in the foreground highlights.
  2. I agree. It's one area where amateurs like ourselves can make a difference. For the millennium, a local photographer acquired a set of historical images of Preston and then went and photographed the same areas/buildings from the same viewpoint. He/she (I can't remember) then merged them in Photoshop so that the historical view gradually transitioned into today's view. The results were fascinating.
  3. The first one for me also but a nice series overall.
  4. Exotic to us but fairly common or garden over there I guess.
  5. Is that its permanent colour or has it changed colour to match the path? Fascinating animal though.
  6. Umm? This week should be interesting. How many tunes can you play on a Xylophone?
  7. As Bill says, "it's all about the light" but sometimes it's about capturing a moment in time. Good choice.
  8. johntwo

    Tranquility Clock

    Nope. Still need to join and login.
  9. Late again............ "W" is for "Whisk"
  10. johntwo


    Hec Fuj, I'm no lightweight but .............................
  11. johntwo


    Definitely the mono for me Fuj. Never owned a motor bike. Think I might have missed something although a Trike might be more my style (without the bandanna and ponytail of course).
  12. Thanks all for commenting. I hope your wrong Denis. Two hills around here tend to mean that we can't get in or out after a significant snowfall. Doesn't happen that often I'm pleased to say.
  13. That first one is a remarkably well timed shot. Nice work.
  14. Pleased to hear it Bill. Wouldn't have recognised you without the hat. BTW, just to let you know, I occasionally visit your WEB site and the shoreline shot currently heading the opening page. to my mind is an astonishingly good image.
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