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  1. johntwo


    What some people will do for a selfy. Interesting idea and the exposure is spot given that it is an interior shot from outside.
  2. Thanks all for the comments. They are impressive birds. Had a great day photographing them.
  3. More from Loch Ken. (Lite Box for a sharper image.) 1. 2.
  4. Ah. My reference book only covers wild flowers. Maybe it was an escapee.
  5. Superb shots. Very impressive from the master.
  6. P.S. However, having found a better image of the Painted Fern, I'm not sure of that either.
  7. Thanks Denis. I have a copy "The Field Guide To the Wild Flowers of Britain" and I could find either of the last two. The second is a possibility but having looked it up on the internet, the Japanese Painted Fern looks a closer match but you got me there. The Crane Bills family of plants do appear in the Field guide but none of them match. The leaves are wrong but thanks for the effort. That app sounds interesting. I've made a note.
  8. johntwo

    Cromer storm

    Two excellent monos. These show why mono has a place in today's colour image world.
  9. All taken in the hedgerow down the lane. The light was a bit contrasty but manageable under the trees. I know No. 1 is a Forget-me-not but I need help with the other two. Any one any ideas. 1. 2. 3.
  10. johntwo

    Platform 1

    Thanks Polly, thanks Geoff.
  11. They are really good Paul. You get really good DOF. What aperture are you working at?
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