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  1. johntwo

    THE BLUES looking sharp

    Missed this one. A bucket full of quality Fuj and a nice shot. The mono conversion is spot on but in this case I like the subtlety of colour against the almost mono BG of the first.
  2. johntwo

    Robin in the frost

    Always a great subject but with a bit of frost around as well ............ Lovely shot.
  3. Nicely thought out James. Congrats from me as well.
  4. johntwo

    The Snow Lion

    As props go, it's quite impressive whatever it is. Nicely balanced comp BTW.
  5. johntwo

    Water Colours

    Really like both of these. No. 2 just about takes it by a short hair although I do like the yellow/green/blue of the first..
  6. johntwo

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    Thanks Dee and everyone. I don't do much people photography so I'm particularly pleased. Thanks again.
  7. johntwo

    W49 09-12-18 johntwo

  8. johntwo

    Triumph Rocket III

  9. johntwo

    Hey Mr Baseman

    Thanks all for the comments. Live Gig Clicks. he was the bass player in a trad jazz band. Had to do a bit of cloning behind him to remove a high hat cymbal that was a bit eye catching. Well spotted Gareth. I would have expected just the four strings. I wonder what the difference is. There must be some advantage to the extra string. Anyone know?
  10. johntwo

    Nosey Echidna

    Fascinating creature. Are they fairly happy around humans?
  11. johntwo

    Hill Climb Mini.

    Thanks for the comment Gareth. I never owned a Mini. My first car was a bright red MG 1100. I just loved that car.
  12. johntwo


    Thanks Clicks.
  13. Nice. Might be worth losing the car roof (if that's what it is) but I like the composition with that highlight where the paths join.