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  1. johntwo

    Ponte Luis 1

    One of the bridges that span the river in Porto.
  2. johntwo


    Thanks Kobione. I thought this one had missed the mark. No he straightened up. I think it was just his way of adjusting his balance.
  3. johntwo

    A Little Night Walk.

    Nice series Colin, of an interesting place. My brother in law lives nearby and we visit but I only see the city in daylight. These are just that bit more interesting.
  4. johntwo

    The Duchess

    Not a big problem Rye and you could equally see it as context. Maybe just tone it down a bit.
  5. johntwo

    Locos 2857 and 34092

    Like that.
  6. johntwo


    The hands are quite gritty but unlike one of your previous images in the series, I'm OK with that. The portrait is superb. Good eye contact - pehaps a little lift of thr Shadows around the eyes and pulldown the BG highlight (Rhs)...... but quality work.
  7. johntwo

    Sophie Anne

    Thanks Clicks. Can't really disagree. There was a lot of processing involved to isolate her. Just goes to show that you can't make something out of nothing so to speak.
  8. johntwo

    Locos 2857 and 34092

    Very nice conversion Rye. My only thought is that the RHS doesn't do much for the comp. Might be worth trying a crop.
  9. johntwo

    The Duchess

    Classic viewpoint Rye and a nice shot. Like the way the signal provides a stop on the LHS. Not sure about the white rolling stock on the right though.
  10. CM, Hard Work or Complimentary Colours?
  11. Probably because I like my bed. Probably finger trouble.
  12. Congrats CM. Looks like you take this with one that ticks all of the boxes. Over to you.
  13. Challenge now closed. I'll open the voting tomorrow first thing.
  14. johntwo

    Sophie Anne

    I do see what you both mean. It was the eyes that attracted me and I wanted to focus attention on them. She is (was) doll like at the time. She is a little older now.