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  1. The increase in contrast works for me Fuji but will your software allow you to protect the highlights on the left. They have become burned out.
  2. Thanks Polly. Yes there has been some PP. Used a 300mm lens but I did blur the B.G. slightly more. Mainly however, I desaturated it to make the couple stand out more.
  3. Surprised at no comments for these so far. A very nice set. One thing is for sure. Squirrels don't suffer from a peanut allergy.
  4. Now if you're going to quote from Macbeth, It should have been the Flying Scotsman. Love the reflections down the side of the engine. Photographs in mono don't always bring out how well these machines are turned out.
  5. Words apart, the treatment of this raises a fairly ordinary subject, up. With the word, that has produced something special. I also like the background. Is that lens bokeh or PP? It's rather nice.
  6. The wide view and the positioning of the trees is what makes this. It's a good comp. Worthy of a wall.
  7. You should have called this one "Symmetry" Korbione. Well caught.
  8. She looks as intelligent as she clearly is Fuj. I like the way her ears prick up.
  9. That's nice Rye. I know the place well. Used to be an annual outing when we still had our hound. One of those places and times of the year that just invite photography but I never managed a decent composition. You have though and the letterbox format suits it well. I like that.
  10. Three really good shots Ryland. The second for me but only just.
  11. Locally, this is (I think) called a Ginal.
  12. Looks intelligent to me (not that I know many brainy Goslings 🤔) and slightly aloof. Nice capture.
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