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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....




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  1. With a message top right, this would make a cracking card. Nice shot.
  2. I like that. Well spotted. Good conversion as well.
  3. Easy to view but so hard to achieve. Had to be.
  4. johntwo

    Outward Bound

    I thought that I had commented on this one. Classic viewpoint and you've caught it with a decent plume and a little bit of steam. Nice shot.
  5. Wish I had visitors like that Dee. Does he/she come for anything in particular or is it just a social call?
  6. johntwo

    Tate Modern

    Some people see no point to monochrome images. This proves that mono definitely has a place. Perfect foder for B/W. It's all about the tones. Colour would work but would add nothing. I like it.
  7. Like that Gareth. Well spotted and I like the mono conversion.
  8. I would like to say that the article is interesting but I find the veiws expressed a bit jumbled. I don't see how the Title fits the content but that apart, Cameras, lenses, sensor types, film etc are nothing more that the the tools and materials with which we work. The honesty that he talks about is more (perhaps wholly) to do with the person using them and so I only begin to align with his views when he starts to talk in terms of composition and framing. I can't quite see how black and white photography makes it easier to bend reality than colour. I'm sure it is possible in both.
  9. Love those eyes. Bet she keeps you in your place.
  10. Welcome back Dee. Lovely shot of something that doesn't last that long but is just beautiful whilst it's there.
  11. Nicely presented shot of somewhere that might just be about to flood if the predictions are right. I hope they're not. The last time we were there we dined out in the evening at a small Bistro down near the bridge. Whilst we were waiting to to give our order, we spotted the chef in the kitchen stirring what must have been the soup. He had a fag in his mouth and was clearly chatting to someone which resulted in the cigarette bouncing up and down in his lips - with the ash flicking down into the soup. We ordered the Pate.
  12. Thanks all for the additional comments. The chair was an after thought Polly but for just that reason.
  13. An element of luck in these. I was using continuous to capture the birtd on the left as it landed when out of the Blue........ 1. 2. Touchdown
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