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  1. Plus the fact that coastal waders like Curlews and Oyster catchers will breed inland earlier in the year but return to the coastal areas later. Nice catch Rye.
  2. When there's a home fixture, I sometimes spend an afternoon at the local Rugby Club with a camera. I'm not a Rugby fan particularly but inevitably, I find myself absorbed in the game rather than photography. However, I did manage this one.
  3. Thanks Kobione, thanks Gareth. I had intended that blur alone would provide the separation, motion blur in the case of the leader since he was moving more across the frame but I got the shutter speed wrong for that and had to resort to some PP.
  4. Thanks Kobione. Using the chimneys was an idea prompted by the images you sometimes see of East Lancs town scenes where a street, usually cobbled and down hill, has been photographed with a long lens to foreshorten the perspective.
  5. That's a wall hanger for sure Polly. Love it.
  6. It's not a long course Rye which is good for photography because they come past you several times. Thanks for the commnent. Thanks Polly. Our eldest is into cycling and compared to when I occasionally sat on a padded saddle it's become very technical. That includes the fact that saddles now come in male and female variants (to accommodate anatomical differences) and gel lubricants now feature for just the reasons you allude to.
  7. Taken in Lancaster where at least once a year,they host a race that is run entirely on cobbled streets.
  8. Common they may be but very difficult to capture. The light wasn't in your favour but you have to grab while you can.
  9. Both nice but the first one is a cracker.
  10. Thanks all for the comments. They always say look behind you and you will see something different and that was the case here - that and the train was late.
  11. Thanks Gareth, thanks Stravinsky. Tried Googling but to no avail Polly.
  12. That's nice Jeff. I like the composition. Good leading lines and nice tonal gradation.
  13. An interesting set Gareth. I'm glad people preserve these buildings. Presumably they are privately owned but subject to preservation orders. The upkeep must be horrendous.
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