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    Hello, Jeff - we meet again! Welcome to TIPF. Gareth
  2. My turn for POTW again... As usual, there have been some splendid images to choose from this week and honourable mentions go to: Rybear for Cenarth Falls and Fuji for Spitfire. But the stand-out image of the week for me was this one by Clicker: Well done, Polly! Original thread here. Gareth
  3. Thanks, Polly. I have to thank my wife for spotting it & calling me out to look!
  4. That really is an impressive zoom, John!
  5. Congratulations, Denis!
  6. All good, but #3 is my favourite.
  7. Hatter


    Very good, considering it was shot through multiple layers of glass, John.
  8. Not what I was expecting from the title - for some reason I thought it would be a 2 person bike jump on a dirt track! As far as social distancing is concerned - I'm pleased to see the person in front is wearing a face mask.
  9. Superb shot, John. You must have got very close with only a 100mm lens - is that the full image or have you cropped it?
  10. Found in a tree in our garden... I think it's a Southern Hawker, but I'm happy to be corrected! Canon EOS60D, Tamron 70-300 lens at 175mm, 1/60 @ F11, ISO400. It was probably around 6 feet away. This was the best of 13 shots - it was difficult to get it all in focus!
  11. Great choice, Simon. Congratulations, Fuji! Gareth
  12. The middle one certainly looks like it's seen better days!
  13. Yup. It's a bit frustrating - I'm fit & well, but one of the drugs that's keeping me fit & well is an immunosuppressant - and that puts me on the "highest risk" list.
  14. Nicely arranged, John - it works well against the black background.
  15. I contemplated making that joke last night, but I thought better of it! 🤪
  16. Yes - I've hardly left the house since March!
  17. That is really lovely, Polly - the "bokeh" is superb and the seperation of the subject from the background is expertly done.
  18. I actually managed to get out with a camera for an hour... The Angler Leisurely Canoe Rowing Harder Swan The Weir
  19. It's my turn to choose the POTW again and I'm very torn between two images. However, a decision has to be made, so with a very close 2nd place, we have Clicker's Roses aren't always red. And my choice for POTW is Ingleborough Sunset by Ryewolf: Well done, Geoff! Original thread is here. Gareth
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