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  1. A dog's eye view!
  2. Oh... I've seen black swans, but never one like that. It looks like it's wearing a mask!
  3. Really good idea to show the contrast between the two scenes - I prefer the night version.
  4. Hatter

    POTW - w/e 17/03/19

    Congratulations, Brian!
  5. Very well captured, Mike.
  6. Not round here. I thought it was something to do with how warm your duvet was....
  7. The foliage has a bit of an "impressionist" feel to it.
  8. The low viewpoint works very well - I particularly like #2 and #3.
  9. Seconded. Affinity Photo is quite good as a Photoshop replacement if you want a one-off purchase rather than a monthly fee, but there's nothing to beat Lightroom. The latest version of Luminar does have a "library" feature but it's a long way behind Lightroom in terms of functionality.
  10. Thanks, Fuji. Interesting style of video - I liked the way he shot the video at the same time then showed the "end product".
  11. I think a "letterbox" crop would help at lot - all the interest is in the centre.
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