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Me and Denis are meeting up for the Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally and Historic and Commercial Vehicle Society Trans Pennine Run on Sunday 5th Aug 2018 .

If anyone else would like to join us, we're planning to arrive in Hebden Bridge by 9am and leave by 5pm at the latest...

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  1. Hatter

    Harold Hare

    He does look rather tame. How close were you?
  2. Hatter

    Bollywood in Bedford

    Thank you, both.
  3. Hatter

    Bollywood in Bedford

    Nritham Dance Academy at Bedford River Festival:
  4. Hatter

    Blue Bottle

    Another winner!
  5. Hatter


    Thank you Brian, Kate & Chris.
  6. Hatter


    Looks good, John. I'm not sure about the lighter shading outside the defined drop shadow but the picture itself works well with that treatment. Would you care to share how it was done?
  7. Hatter

    Our Garden Friend

    Super shot, John!
  8. Hatter


    Bedford River Festival:
  9. Hatter

    POTW - w/e 15.7.18

    Congratulations, Fuji!
  10. Very. We had a wonderful day out and I took over 300 photos. I'm hoping there are a few worth showing.
  11. Hatter


    Great image, John.
  12. Hatter

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 07

    Rock and Roll!