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  1. Hatter

    POTW week ending 18/11/2018

    Well done, Cheryl!
  2. Hatter

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 25

    Ornamental Cabbage:
  3. Hatter

    Lake Windermere

    Nice shots, Rye. I think the colour version of the first one is best. We spent our 25th wedding anniversary on various boat trips going up & down Windermere!
  4. Hatter

    Castlerigg Stone Circle - Cumbria

    Great shots, Rye. We went there in 2009 but that was in the Summer so all my pictures have people in them!
  5. Hatter

    Trebarwith Strand

    Thanks, John. Yes - the sky was amazing that day!
  6. Hatter


    Great colours, Craig.
  7. Hatter


    All good shots - I think #5 is my favourite. I'd be interested to see the girl with the Micky Mouse bag with the same processing as the others.
  8. Hatter


    I also like the mono conversion very much - it has a lot more impact. I've used Silver Efex in the past but I tend to use Luminar / Tonality for mono conversions nowadays.
  9. Hatter

    Trebarwith Strand

    Thanks, David.
  10. Hatter

    Trebarwith Strand

    Catching up on my holiday snaps from September! Trebarwith Strand is a cove on the north Cornwall coast, just south of Tintagel. The beach is around half a mile in length and has a number of rock pools and caves. The sea does come in quickly though so you have to take care not to get cut off by the tide!
  11. Hatter

    Porto at Night II

    Yes - I think the composition of this one does work better, John. Link to the other one for those with memories as bad as mine!
  12. Hatter

    Blackburn Street Art

    There's a lot of work gone into those!
  13. Fascinating. Good pictures too, John.