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  1. Good choice, Cheryl. Congratulations, Paul!
  2. My turn for POTW again! Amazingly, my pick for the week was described by the author as a "reject". I wish my non-rejects were as good as the images in this thread - some superb B&W processing. Well done Ryland! Broad Pool Revisited by Rybear Full thread here. Gareth
  3. Rejects? I'd have been delighted if I'd taken any of those!
  4. Well done, Roger - Congratulations!
  5. Congratulations, Paul!
  6. Congratulations, Jeff!
  7. Congratulations, Karl!
  8. And so it falls to me to select the first POTW of 2021... Honourable mentions to: Brushes by Vanguard. I'm a sucker for monochrome images and I thought this one worked really well. Mist in the Valley by Ryewolf. I really like the layers of mist and the blue light. But my favourite of the week is Cruise to Norway by stevedevil. As others have said, this looks just like liquid gold - a wonderful shot. Well done Steve! Gareth
  9. Belated congratulations, BP!
  10. Merry Christmas, everyone! Gareth
  11. Congratulations, Paul!
  12. Belated congratulations, Strav!
  13. Congratulations, Denis!
  14. My turn for POTW again... As usual, there have been some splendid images to choose from this week and honourable mentions go to: Clicker for Ancient Stone and Black Pearl for Breaking Dawn. But the stand-out image of the week for me was this one by Ryewolf: Well done, Geoff! Original thread here. Gareth
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