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  1. She was looking at me and I was able to get her photo. A really snap
  2. ThaiMike

    On The Edge

    wonderful capture.
  3. Just eating an apple
  4. ThaiMike

    A Slice Of Your Life 21/05/18 - 27/05/18

    Today I will try to get some photography time.
  5. ThaiMike

    Click Beetle

    Little critter with big eyes looks good
  6. ThaiMike


    Some Monks having an evening chat, behind them burning foliage. That's why smoke is visible.
  7. ThaiMike

    Settle Station

    Oh yes, number2 is just amazing stuff. Takes me back to my childhood.
  8. ThaiMike

    Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

    The second one makes me comfortable to look at
  9. ThaiMike

    Crow Fishing

    The last one is interesting for me. Something come out or in from the peak.
  10. ThaiMike

    Powter Howe

    Oh yes, I love those shots
  11. Waiting of passenger going to work
  12. ThaiMike

    No Its Not....

    Yes, this is something I like to look longer than just a blink of an eye. Great shots.
  13. ThaiMike

    Black Headed Gull

    That is a beautiful shot. The bird looks so serious. Broken heart??
  14. ThaiMike

    Going Up

    Great close-up.