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  1. OlyMike

    snap of my daughter

    People all too often forget what photography is about, you have a great moment there caught forever.
  2. OlyMike

    Two Arabian Horses and a Third

    Lovely, for me the buttercup field is just right for them.
  3. OlyMike


    Thanks, not sure but Herring or black back would be my guess
  4. OlyMike

    Crow Fishing

    Not sure of the etiquette here so if I have done wrong I will remove it, This crow came off the beach with the twig held in its foot,I bet it had been using it as a tool.
  5. OlyMike

    Black Headed Gull

    Nice one, like the crows not always easy to get detail in them.
  6. OlyMike

    Crow Fishing

    Lovely images of as you say a difficult bird, very intelligent though.
  7. OlyMike

    Sparrow in flight

    For this one i only took two, not saying its always the case.
  8. OlyMike

    Powter Howe

    Like those a lot, the lake has a monster?
  9. OlyMike

    Going Up

    Thats a cracker, great detail.
  10. OlyMike

    By The Left, Quick March

    Lovely image, i keep saying ime going to get back to it but its deciding the best set up that ime struggling with, i do need AF as swaying in and out is not good for me and I want a longish working distance.
  11. OlyMike

    Sparrow in flight

    Thanks, just once or twice