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  1. Well done, great start with the new lens
  2. Great set of images, the tree climbing fox look a bit like its second word to you is off
  3. Very nice chunk of glass and the results stand up very well
  4. Very nice, Harry Potter springs to mind
  5. Brings back memories, i had a few,one i even butchered with flared arches and wide wheels.
  6. Another great little set
  7. Good selection of very nice images
  8. Lovely captures i think its the second one for me
  9. Would have liked a lower angle but couldn't manage it
  10. Cant remember the proper name but the big glass disc that goes inside an old enlarger
  11. Very nice, i have seen most things in the wild but never one of these
  12. You say needs to be better but as they say it aint half bad, well done
  13. Thanks Paul, i did push the red to gain contrast against the black.
  14. My stepdaughter does all our shopping, apart from two runs out staying in the car we have not ventured out since a few days before lock down. We may go out in the morning on our scooters to the cemetery to check on mother in laws grave and take some flowers,we have a rout planned that should not encounter many people and space for us to get out of the way if we do.
  15. Thanks, on a bit of a downer at the moment, i obeyed the lock down rules but feeling i have been let down by the rush to lift them.
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