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  1. WearyLandcrab


    Spider found dead in the garden this morning, a stack of 117 images using a Vivitar 90mm macro on Fuji XT2 and 3x Godox 350f flashguns
  2. WearyLandcrab

    Rhagonycha fulva

    Clicker, Happy to oblige, the lens used for this image was a microtek film scanner lens rated 4000 di attached via helicoid to a Fuji XT2, the camera was mounted on a Wemacro focusing rail. I shot 217 compressed RAW images lit by 3 Godox 350mm flashguns, the subject was set and mounted on my xyzr displacement platform, the flash difuser I used was dome from a large led bulb. I use Helicon Focus stacking software 217 images at 45 micron steps, about 90 minutes and a futher 45 minutes for Helican focus to crunch them down to a single image, this is transferred to photoshop about another hour cleaning up the image, so around 4/5 hours for this shot, setting the fly can take quite a while to make it look natural . Simple really
  3. WearyLandcrab

    Rhagonycha fulva

    217 image stack of a Red soldier beetle Rhagonycha fulva
  4. WearyLandcrab

    scat fly

    JamesT, yes, it would have been the whole fly, this is a hard crop of the stacked image.
  5. WearyLandcrab

    scat fly

    Classic error! run a stack of 215 and camera battery runs out at 48
  6. WearyLandcrab

    Hardy fly

    New light diffuser gives a slight blue cast but it works well.
  7. WearyLandcrab

    Devils Coach Horse

    Clicker, it really is not difficult just time consuming, the rail and its software does its thing, the stacking software does its thing all I do is clean up the result ( Dam the secrets out )
  8. WearyLandcrab

    Devils Coach Horse

    Devils Coach Horse - Rove Beetle
  9. WearyLandcrab


    Another from my new lens, after a bit of fine tuning
  10. WearyLandcrab

    New lens

    Clicker + Bill, the lens is 16mm diameter fitted tightly into a c-mount adapter then mounted onto a helicoid and a 28mm extension tube all sitting on my Wemacro focusing rail, the fly is positioned on a piece of bark which is blu tac 'ed to my xyzr fine tuning placement platform. The fly is lit by three flash guns, the Janson led lights are there to illuminate the subject for focusing. The final picture was a stacked image of 174 images @ 55 microns crunched down with helicon focus software. The picture above lacked a lot of contrast initially so I made a deep lens hood flocked on the inside and I flocked inside the extension tubes this has improved the image quality. The resolution of this lens is claimed to be 3600dpi in reality its around 3250dpi my other scanner lens is over 4000dpi and is noticably sharper, tests of these lenses have shown that they're all apochromatic so no red blue fringing!
  11. WearyLandcrab


    Great video Fuji, think I'll stick to blue bottles though
  12. WearyLandcrab

    New lens

    This is the first shot taken with a lens stripped from a film scanner I bought off Ebay for £5,
  13. WearyLandcrab

    Frog Hopper

    One from the garden today
  14. WearyLandcrab

    Fly with passengers

    This fly had a couple of dozen mites hitching a ride.
  15. WearyLandcrab

    Shield Bug

    here it is