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  1. WearyLandcrab

    Nomada Bee

    Hatter, this image wasn't the success I was hoping for but it turned out okay, 195 images hdr = 585 shots..... its getting ridiculous now!
  2. WearyLandcrab

    Nomada Bee

    Nomada Bee from the garden this morning
  3. WearyLandcrab


    try again
  4. WearyLandcrab


    Rained all day so I played around with my microfiche lens
  5. WearyLandcrab

    Blue Bottle

    Clicker, 290 raw images with 15 secs between each shot an hour or so to stack and clean up in Photoshop in all about 3 hours from setup to wrap up.
  6. WearyLandcrab

    Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle, trying to change from black backgrounds.
  7. WearyLandcrab


    Fuji, Yes I have seen this clip before, my setup is a scaled down version of his. He is using a 10x microscope infinity objective and producing stacks from a small area of the subject and then stitching them together to produce the very large image
  8. WearyLandcrab

    Picture winged snail killer

    Picture winged snail killer
  9. WearyLandcrab


    John2, this one was found on the conservatory sill, it gets very hot in there and bugs that find there way in often don't survive. It was mounted on a sandstone pebble after having relaxed its legs with a few drops of acetic acid.
  10. WearyLandcrab


  11. WearyLandcrab


    This is the last time i'll use the led lights, I can't get the colour balance right.
  12. WearyLandcrab

    Old lens

    ChrisD, The Vivitar macro lenses are underated, I have a 90mm f2.8 and a 55mm f2.8 both Komine versions both sharp as a tack.
  13. WearyLandcrab

    Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle, using polaroid sprintscan lens attached to 84mm of extension tubes using continuous LED lighting.
  14. WearyLandcrab

    Big fly

    Fuji, the lighting I used for this picture is a light tube made up of an old white glass lampshade with 3 meters of led strip lights wrapped around it, getting the colour balance right was a pain , the leds produced a light with a slight blue cast.
  15. WearyLandcrab

    Big fly

    Im told its a Volucella pellucens a brand of Hoverfly