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  1. Sunshine and Showers

    Don't you just love club judges! There are some good ones of course but some.............. It's a very nice shot and I can see the rain even if the judge could not.
  2. Anything and everything as long as they are in pairs.
  3. Oh! I hadn't realised. How do I go about it?
  4. Peacock Butterfly

    Thanks Kobione. It was the same here last year.
  5. Bull Finch

    Thanks Rye. We only see this one individual and there just one Goldfinch that drops in occasionally but I haven't seen it for a few days.
  6. Bull Finch

    I've been trying to capture this individual for a couple of weeks. Sadly, unlike the Tits, he flies straight in and out without perching on a branch or a twig. Hence the bird table which is not ideal.
  7. Red Legged Partridge

    Must be a refuelling stop. You're lucky. I've been up there three or four times in the last 4-5 weeks and seen literally nothing.
  8. You need to get back to the club Paul. Talent shouldn't be wasted. Nice series. Keep going.
  9. Red Legged Partridge

    Do you mind Rye. I have almost the identical shot taken last year on the heights about a mile beyond the Wild Boar Park on the way to Dunsop Bridge. I shan't be able to post it now. Apparently they only breed in two places, the Isle of Man and the North Yorks Moors. I had assumed that the one I captured was on its way from one place to the other to visit relatives. Good capture by the way.
  10. Long tailed tit

    The uploaded JPG Korky.
  11. Dunsop Bridge

    Nice shots of one of my favourite places. Have you tried the walk up beside the café. It will soon be full of Pheasant.
  12. A snake in the ditch

    I do not like snake of any kind.........but its a good shot.
  13. The Irrepressible Eric Morecambe

    I'm with you there Rick. I've over done the vignette amongst other things but It is only there to show a closer view of what the other two are about.
  14. Thanks Rick, thanks Clicker.