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Looks like the issues  have been resolved now folks... sorry for the inconvenience..

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Just to let Members know the gremlins in the Dark Mode are back again today and the text is white on white in some areas rendering it  invisible but this issue is being addressed as we speak ... Meanwhile there is a CHANGE MODE button top left under the TIPF logo that can change theme from dark mode to white mode to enable you to still  read it . then back to dark mode if you prefer. Will get back to you all asap. ...

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It appears that the issues with the Dark Mode have been resolved  now ..... thanks for your patience everyone  .

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Sorry folks ...looks like some gremlins on the site  again ... we are working to resolve them as soon as possible and will post another post it to let you know when it has been fixed ..... apologies all round ... 

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Regarding the earlier Gremlins last week ....I waited  a bit to notify you all...in case it came back but it appears to have  been sorted ...If anyone  still has issues that they have  found are not working please let us know ...

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  1. Had one air-raid my pastie in Penzance, thieving blighter's. Nice shot though.
  2. All spot on, but the 3rd is my favourite. Well done.
  3. Lovely shots Paul.
  4. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.
  5. ChrisD

    Old lens

    Yes RW, that was at 5.6 in poor light. Hopefully with better light I'll get a steady shot at f8+
  6. Crazy detail and lovely colours, well done Andy.
  7. ChrisD


    Good choice and nice pic. Do the serve ambrosia? ?
  8. Thanks for the links Clicker.
  9. Lovely shot and RW. Removed during the war so it didn't serve as an aerial marker?
  10. Vivitar 100mm 3.5 macro. Its got character.
  11. Couldn't resist snapping a couple more of him this morning.
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