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  1. ChrisD

    BIF using Pro-Capture

    Love the second snap of the WP. Sounds like a handy feature for increasing keeper rates.
  2. ChrisD

    Sedge Warblers

    The subject angle and shallow DOF in the first shot works really well to my eye, has a nice sense of movement also. Well done James.
  3. ChrisD

    Regency Wharf & the Hyatt

    I like the first one, the contrails work with the building perspective.
  4. ChrisD

    The Dark Arches.

    Original for me Bill, it has more emphasis on the highlights.
  5. ChrisD

    The Dark Arches.

    A Good IR shot Bill, I like it a lot. The uniform contrast between dark and illuminated areas is impressive. Composition spot on.
  6. ChrisD

    Two Trees

    Cracking shot and PP RW.
  7. My efforts are blurred or empty frames, you're well ahead of me.
  8. ChrisD

    Gannets in Flight

    Both very nice shots. Well done John.
  9. ChrisD


    First shot for me too
  10. ChrisD

    Beadnell and Beyond.

    Great set BP, thanks for sharing.
  11. ChrisD

    nice but no idea

    Looks like a heavily modified Austin 10.
  12. ChrisD

    Birds with the new birding lens

    Nice shots Mike. Second one is my pick, lens works well.
  13. ChrisD

    Triumph Stag

    Nice catch RW. Great car if you like pushing and welding. 🤣
  14. ChrisD


    Very nice.
  15. ChrisD

    Birds on a Wire

    Smashing. Well done Barbara.