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  1. ChrisD

    Black Headed Gull Portrait

    Had one air-raid my pastie in Penzance, thieving blighter's. Nice shot though.
  2. ChrisD

    Dipper Family Part 2

    All spot on, but the 3rd is my favourite. Well done.
  3. ChrisD

    Wasp eating

    Lovely shots Paul.
  4. ChrisD


    Wonderful, thanks for sharing.
  5. ChrisD

    Old lens

    Yes RW, that was at 5.6 in poor light. Hopefully with better light I'll get a steady shot at f8+
  6. ChrisD

    Big fly

    Crazy detail and lovely colours, well done Andy.
  7. ChrisD

    Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

    Very nice set Paul.
  8. ChrisD


    Good choice and nice pic. Do the serve ambrosia? 🤣
  9. ChrisD

    The Ghost Garden

    Thanks for the links Clicker.
  10. ChrisD

    A Few Recents....

    Number 4 for me. Very nice Kork.
  11. ChrisD

    The Ghost Garden

    Lovely shot and RW. Removed during the war so it didn't serve as an aerial marker?
  12. ChrisD

    Old lens

    Vivitar 100mm 3.5 macro. Its got character.
  13. ChrisD

    Curious Rob 2

    Couldn't resist snapping a couple more of him this morning.