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  1. Oh yes. I like this very much indeed. If ever you can feel calmer by looking at a photograph, then it is this photograph that brings the calm.
  2. Just in case there were not enough cat pictures on the Internet. My Brother-in-law's cat, Gus.
  3. In a departure from everyone else's post processing weapon of choice: I'm a Linux and Mac user and like to use GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program to tinker with my photos. It does pretty much everything PhotoShop does, and maybe more, and it's completely free! It works a little different to PhotoShop and all the widgets are in a different place, and there is a variant called Gimpshop which is GIMP with all the controls moved around to look like PhotoShop. Useful for people with PhotoShop muscle memory.
  4. trcooke

    POTW - w/e 8.4.18

    I love this one too. A worthy winner
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It's interesting that I threw the second image in as a bit of an afterthought, yet it's the favourite. Jacqui, you and your brother preceded my first climb by 50 years. It's a lovely walk.
  6. I don't recall ever seeing a rainbow like this before. Taken from Holywood looking across Belfast Lough towards Carrickfergus (left) and Cultra (right). This was with my phone camera (iPhone 6) so not amazing, sorry.
  7. I was clearly into the silky flowing water thing that day.
  8. No not that Newcastle, Newcastle NI. This is part of the walking route through the forest following the Glen River to the top of Slieve Donard. It's been a little while since I posted last at tipf as I don't make much camera time these days, but I thought I'd drop in with a shot or two from the back catalogue.
  9. Sad news indeed. I recently heard this said about dogs but as a cat lover I think it applies just as well. So long Big Ollie.
  10. That's a good one. I like it. Certainly calls out the prejudices that unfortunately exist.
  11. That's very cool. The captured images would make a really great time lapse video, which is probably what they're going for anyway.
  12. That's some steady hand you have there James to capture such crisp images. I like them.
  13. Ha I see what you mean now. The first 'o' is more like an 'a' right? If you fancy a chuckle at the local dialect search youtube for "m50 trolls situation". Created as a joke by a Dublin radio show about 10 years ago the M50 Trolls are "M" and "50" who live under a toll bridge on the M50 motorway (think M25 for Dublin) and like to poke fun at the "Up North" accent. I'll fess up too: I'm not a "Norn Iron" native. I grew up in Buckinghamshire and ended up here by marrying a girl from County Down.
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