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  1. vanguard

    Time for a New laptop

    I use to agree, but what you get for your money is not a lot compared to windows. And they’re no longer upgradable. When I went to upgrade my memory from 4gb to 16gb Apple wanted £240 were crucial wanted £60. Slightly off topic I know, but look at the price of this year’s iPad Pro to last year’s. i still like Apples products but not the over inflated prices.
  2. vanguard

    Time for a New laptop

    I’ve just come off the dell website, there’s some very good deals on the 17” models.
  3. vanguard

    Time for a New laptop

    how do you find using the 2in1 screen for photo editing, is it like using a big tablet.
  4. vanguard

    Holme next the sea, Norfolk.

    thanks everyone.
  5. vanguard

    Photography show, NEC

    Knees and back for me lol
  6. vanguard

    Photography show, NEC

    Oh to go snowboarding again, now that’s something I really miss.
  7. vanguard

    Time for a New laptop

    Has added to my list of possibilities, yes and thank you.
  8. My old 2011 MacBook Pro is now starting to have a few issues. I’ve started to do my research on new models Mac and windows based machines. My old mbp was upgradable which I have done, SSD and ram. But I believe the new machines aren’t, and they seem to be overpriced for what you get for your money. Now the reason I moved away from windows base machines in the first place, was because I’d had enough of constantly having to fiddle with them. Be it driver conflictions, virus’s or hardware/software problems. Plus I use to build gaming rigs back in the days of XP, which I wasted a lot of money on. so on one hand I’d like to stay with mac’s For the easy life of not having to worry about the laptop playing up. And just being able to swap everything over. But to buy the laptop I’d like and trying to future proof it for speed, and being able to use newer software as it released. (If that’s possible) I’d be looking at around the £1800 mark. or go back to windows with all normal issues I’d expect. But it would be nice to play my old games using my steam account. I can get a windows laptop really cheap if I buy a slow one. Or I can spend a lot more on a razor laptop which comes with most of the bells and whistles that I want. So running something like lightroom or photoshop would be a breeze. anyone have any thoughts on my dilemma.
  9. vanguard

    Photography show, NEC

    Anyone going Photography show at the NEC this year. I’ve been meaning to go for years.
  10. vanguard


    Well as a big fan of the NIK collection and a heavy user of silver EFEX. I’d forgotten about all the other programs lol thank you for refreshing my memory.
  11. vanguard


    We was at Cromer on VW charity run, so there was loads of people about. So I never managed to get the shots of the pier that I wanted. I knew I needed to change my expectations of what I wanted to shoot on the day. So I went looking for details instead of the bigger picture .
  12. vanguard

    Holme next the sea, Norfolk.

    It really is a lovely place for a walk. Normally it’s completely deserted.
  13. vanguard


    It was going to be triptych, but I just didn’t manage to catch a angle that worked for me.
  14. vanguard


    Steps out the front of Cromer pier.
  15. vanguard

    So they do!

    That’s a clever shot. It has motion, but a stillness as well. Well seen.