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  1. Loving all the different light tones. I find it a really calming image to look at.
  2. Yep, I think that’s the best way to describe.
  3. It’s a telephoto shot, I was a Skegness.
  4. This is a Great image. I watched a very interesting documentary about her a while back ,I think it’s on Netflix’s. I can’t believe the price that her images go for, but there’s a very nice book at not a bad price to go with the documentary.
  5. This is getting a common sight off the Norfolk and Lincolnshire coast.
  6. A really nice calming image, but I do find the frame a bit distracting for my taste. Having said that I’d still hang it on my wall.
  7. I always said I’d never shot a wedding, but I got talked in to it by two of my best mates, and considering the hassle and upset they’ve had to go through to make sure their wedding still went ahead in these uncertain Covid times, it went well. pity the weather was all over the place from sun to dark clouds . Me and the bride had checked out area around the registry office for locations to shoot in, plus she wanted to walk down an isle as such with her son and me capture the first look as groom see his bride. It was hard work shooting in the registry office as I wasn’t allowed to move or use fl
  8. that’s a great set of images, lovely light and tones
  9. vanguard


    Perfect timing and well captured, his eyes are bang on and hold the viewers interested. It makes me want to know what he was thinking at the time, as he was looking at you.
  10. I decided to buy a voigtlander 17.5mm f0,95 Before a trip to the coast. On my EM1 the 17.5mm is basically 35mm focal length. So These are my first shots with this set up, so far so good.
  11. Brilliant images, I use to be a bit of a Graf artist as a teenager ( Graf artist was what street artists use to be called) not that I was any good, I’d loved to have that level of talent.
  12. vanguard


    I was working next to wattisham airfield of the AAC where the Apache’s are based, so I had these for company all week. The conditions were not great for trying to get motion blur on the rotors while getting a sharp image.
  13. Now that looks like a interesting place to walk around. I love the door knocker, I’d have to go back and get some different angles of it.
  14. Well done, cracking image.
  15. Lovely set of images
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