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  1. vanguard

    Just Jane

    Yes, first time I’ve been to props and pistons. But this is a show that I’ll be doing again, just brilliant.
  2. vanguard

    Just Jane

    I wish it was me, but no a few years back when I heard Vera the Canadian Lancaster was coming over I booked two weeks off work. Just to make sure I see Vera and Battle of Britain flight fly together. So yes we love them.
  3. vanguard

    Steam Punk People

    That’s a great set of images. looks a good day as well.
  4. vanguard

    Painting The Sky

    You just can’t go wrong with the red arrows. Lovely images.
  5. vanguard

    Just Jane

    I went to see this old lady last weekend.
  6. they look better than what you see i a local field. i hope The Three Wise Scarecrows won.
  7. vanguard


    as above, love the first one.
  8. vanguard

    Fish decoration

    Thank you.
  9. Interesting image, I think you caught the motion of the workman just right.
  10. vanguard

    Fish decoration

    Fish decoration in the queen room at Oxborough Hall.
  11. vanguard

    A Slice of Your Life 30/07/18 - 05/08/18

    I feel your pain. A few months back had a breakdown at dungeness , i queued from the M11/M25 junction to the M25/M20 junction. Got there 3 hours late. I then had to drop a driver off at leatherhead, knowing that the dartford crossing was still blocked. I decided to carry on going clockwise around the M25, bad move. Accident a few miles down the M25. I ended up crawling along the motorway for another 3 hours in rush hour. Then another few hours crawling up the M11 to Cambridge. I managed 20 minutes work all day, replacing a hydraulic hose. Luckily I’m paid by the hour lol
  12. vanguard

    Green I and Green II

    love the textures of the glass along with different tones and light in the first one.
  13. vanguard

    A Slice of Your Life 30/07/18 - 05/08/18

    Normally I’d be laying under wagons like this keeping them on the road. This week I’m on holiday
  14. vanguard


    stunning colours.
  15. vanguard

    The roll right stones, Oxfordshire

    i stop because there was a burger van in the layby. but i was happy to find a lovely little spot.