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  1. vanguard

    2 sides

    The crack was deliberate, and you’ve basically summed up what my my image is about.
  2. vanguard

    Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

    nice shots. l was there Saturday
  3. vanguard

    2 sides

    2 sides to everyone.
  4. vanguard


  5. vanguard


    just a little mono study while exploring that dreamy look.
  6. vanguard

    Cooking Utensils

    so simple, but it has something to hold my interest. well spotted
  7. vanguard

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    Stunning shot. I’ve meaning to have go at a shot like this at lands end.
  8. vanguard

    spring dream

  9. vanguard

    spring dream

    spring dream and enjoying the sun while out walking with my EM1 and 50mm 1.4 lens. i'm loving the out of focus water colour look at the moment.
  10. vanguard

    Seaton Sluice

    I like both of them, very peaceful.
  11. vanguard

    Pierhead .....

    the mono works for me and holds my interest. nice conversion.
  12. vanguard

    Darlician construction

    I think it’s a steam pressure vessel. It opens at a certain pressure which matches the weight of the ball. Steam releases and weight of the ball closes the valve, ready to start the cycle again.
  13. vanguard

    Weird Loaner

    I’ve seen them advertised, but never seen one in the wild. I’d be interested in knowing how you get on with it.
  14. vanguard

    Bollards on Parade.

    Square bashing at its finest
  15. vanguard

    stamford hall VW show

    I know what you mean. Nice but that’s stupid money.