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Looks like the issues  have been resolved now folks... sorry for the inconvenience..

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Just to let Members know the gremlins in the Dark Mode are back again today and the text is white on white in some areas rendering it  invisible but this issue is being addressed as we speak ... Meanwhile there is a CHANGE MODE button top left under the TIPF logo that can change theme from dark mode to white mode to enable you to still  read it . then back to dark mode if you prefer. Will get back to you all asap. ...

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It appears that the issues with the Dark Mode have been resolved  now ..... thanks for your patience everyone  .

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Sorry folks ...looks like some gremlins on the site  again ... we are working to resolve them as soon as possible and will post another post it to let you know when it has been fixed ..... apologies all round ... 

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Regarding the earlier Gremlins last week ....I waited  a bit to notify you all...in case it came back but it appears to have  been sorted ...If anyone  still has issues that they have  found are not working please let us know ...

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  1. An image that evokes a powerful memory, Lovely image and beautiful story.
  2. Lovely reflections, so perfect and still.
  3. The formation flying really lifts your image, brilliant timing.
  4. vanguard


    Well the wife called me a few choice names, then I bribe her with wine lol
  5. vanguard


    We’ve not seen heavy rain out my way for ages, so when we did get a good downpour, I had the wife stand outside with a umbrella lol
  6. That’s interesting I never knew that about surgeons scrubs, but It makes sense.
  7. I guess it was in the charts when I was born then lol
  8. What great image, you’ve really Caught the emotion in his eyes.
  9. I use to have a computer room but after spending to much time in there ( I use to build gaming rigs, plus using photoshop etc ) so as a compromise with the wife and having had enough of pc’s and laptops becoming powerful enough to run a Lightroom/ photoshop at a decent speed. I sold everything off and brought my first Mac book pro and not looked back. So these days I just use it sitting on the sofa with my feet up or like tonight while processing photos I use the coffee that I made a few weeks back.
  10. And there was me thinking you were best buds with our Liz lol
  11. I really like the pattern and shape of the Bokeh, nice image.
  12. I find it a very calming image, lovely tones.
  13. I took these about a year ago.
  14. Thanks, looks like I’ll be ordering one and a new developing pot as I found out today mine cracked and leaked everywhere. That’ll be one wasted film
  15. I’ve tried a few times to get a decent shot of a bee in flight, not managed it yet.
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