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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



Entries close for this weeks Alphabet image at midnight Sunday 22nd September ... Post a pic taken this week  ...  How  unusual a subject beginning with 'L' can you come up with eh? .;)



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  1. A happy accident if I’m honest lol
  2. out of a least 40 shots this is my favourite. Once I got home and got them on my laptop, I could see how far my focus was off. So I’ve learned a few lessons from this.
  3. Well I’m completely out of my comfort zone on this one. Taking photos at a funfair late at night isn’t something I’d normally do. dealing with people and working faster Than I normally would. Luckily my mate’s right up for being my guinea pig/model lol
  4. You can’t beat a wokka wokka lol
  5. vanguard

    Brize Norton

    Yeah I do pop up there some time just not often enough.
  6. I see we’ve a few fellow aircraft spotters joine recently, and I spent last weekend rescuing images of a dodgy hard drive. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourites
  7. welcome back looks like we're getting a few aircraft spotters on here.
  8. vanguard

    Brize Norton

    nice set of images mate. slow day at mildenhall today, well thats life of a spotter lol
  9. As above, two very fine images. I love the sense of motion in both of them.
  10. Love first one, reminds me of a oil painting.
  11. Thanks you. You’d nearly pass by where I live on the way to Hunstanton
  12. Similar to me then lol 1st mildenhall 2nd lakenheath 3 rd marham 4th Coningsby And hopefully I can soon add brize Norton to my list .
  13. Brilliant shots mate. Looks like you found my second home. Were your shots taken from John camp site or around folles rd.
  14. We’ve had some stunning sky’s recently, I’ve been all over the UK in the last month. And I’ve not been let down anywhere I’ve been.
  15. Very nice set of images.
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