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  1. Great set, but the first ones a cracker.
  2. 3rd one down is my screen saver at the moment
  3. Thanks, this is one I’ll be printing out.
  4. I went to the last proper formation fly past of the RAF tornado at RAF Marham. Terrible weather, but still a great day.
  5. i've just got a new mac book pro and just trying to sort my editing software out. i was hoping to carry on using lightroom as i bought a copy with a one off price, so without a monthly subsciption. but im guessing adobe wont let me do that. i've just down loaded topaz studio and had a quick go with it, doesnt seem to bad to use. but i like how lightroom organsized my images as well as the editing side. plus i never been a fan of apple's photos gallery software. any one want recommend some photo organsizing software.
  6. vanguard

    HAPPY AND....?

    I love the different in their expressions.
  7. vanguard


    A Gritty look, but timeless. Works for me.
  8. vanguard


    Interesting idea.
  9. nice set, not something ive seen alot of. And now i know how the barrier works.
  10. I’ve walked around a few in cornwall, which I find very sad because of the amount of young fishermen that have died at sea. I’m sure it’s the same all around the coast.
  11. Well that’s a bit different lol
  12. Another vote for mono from me. That’s a really good conversion.
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