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  1. At the end of June I’ll be driving a group of people up to Scotland to do the 3 peaks challenge, and picking them up in Wales on Sunday. So instead of driving back to Cambridgeshire I thought about having a little look about this side of the country. After dropping everyone of Friday I’ll be looking to stay over night up there . Anyone want recommend anywhere that side of the country to see and take photos.
  2. interesting images, i'm glad i'm not only one who takes images of ww1,2 and coldwar structures..
  3. i really like the first one, good composition .
  4. I wonder how long that took to make.
  5. reminds me of a scene out of X files with the very sinister cancer man.
  6. I got a 13” MacBook Pro that I use with a external monitor. On paper it specs are lower than my old 2011 13” mbp, which had 16gb of ram. But this new one with 8gb of ram and a SSD really flys. I can’t believe how fast it starts up compared to the old one. Certainly run Lightroom and the NIK software fast as well.
  7. We had st George’s day market in my home town last Sunday. Just a few of musicians playing that day.
  8. Nice detail in both your images.
  9. Number 3 for me, love the shape and colours of the tree.
  10. Nice images. I really should use my Jupiter 135 lens a bit more.
  11. Funny thing is I like the shadow of the person. It makes me want to see more, or less of them. Hope that makes sense lol
  12. I like your image and mono conversion, but I find the right had side distracting. I’m guessing it’s one of those images where you just can’t get the extra space.
  13. The third one really has a great punch of light and colour.
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