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  1. vanguard

    Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    now that looks a really interesting place to walk around. and a nice set of images.
  2. vanguard

    76079 - The pocket Rocket

    i get a real sense of drama and energy in this image, good photo.
  3. vanguard

    Roker Pier and Beach

    love the light and tones in both your images.
  4. vanguard

    St nectans glen, cornwall.

    we walk to it most years we go, they've open another walk now you can walk around the top now. worth doing once, but its not that great.
  5. St nectans glen, cornwall. This is my first go with my new Olympus EM1 mk2 doing slow exposure hand held. I think it came out well.
  6. vanguard

    Sailing an Uncertain Sea

    That’s a great image, I’d hang that on my wall.
  7. vanguard

    A wee drop o' the wet stuff...

    im the same, im not a fan of milky water shots. but these i like. number 4 my favorite and love the sense of motion.
  8. vanguard

    Morning Wander

    number 3 reminds me of a vivian maier image.
  9. vanguard

    Celestial Skies

    great colours and tones.
  10. vanguard

    Old Sign

    works for me, good conversion.
  11. vanguard

    Sunset surf and solitude...

    i find it a very calming image, i'm glad you didnt bin it.
  12. vanguard

    Taking the time .

    thanks everyone.
  13. vanguard

    Taking the time .

    I have two music collections, one for every day listening in the van or workshop. The other are my records which I only buy if the songs really mean something to me. Even if some are a bit cheesy lol yes it is brothers in arms.
  14. vanguard

    Taking the time .

  15. vanguard

    Mountain Express

    Loving the sense of motion in the steam/smoke.