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  1. vanguard

    Vw prints

    Always a good day when I sell a few more prints.
  2. It was taken with a em1 mk2 with 40-150 Pro, basically 300mm on a full frame camera. And a little bit bit of a crop as well.
  3. You can photograph any where that’s open to the public, but no flash or tripods in the hall. Also I noticed that a lot of the rooms have the windows covered to defuse the bright sunlight. To stop paintings and other items from fading I guess.
  4. Such a lovely place to visit.
  5. The toned down one is spot on. Great image.
  6. These are some of the back stairs of wimpolehall, Cambridgeshire . I’m really happy how theses turned out considering how busy the hall was. When I pass the first one , it just looked so sinister and dark. After that I went looking for the others. thanks everyone
  7. Did I hear foot steps up stairs ?
  8. vanguard

    The Brickyard

    Unusual processing, and I think it works rather well. Nice to see something different.
  9. Yes that's the place.
  10. vanguard

    Crop sprayer

    About 40 mph on the road.
  11. These are not much more than reference shots, but they show a bit more of the old base. Two images of the secure storage points inside the hutches. Each one had lead flask which held part of the plutonium core. The image from the look out tower shows the killing ground between number 2 and number 3 perimeter wall. We’re talking big machine guns, attack dogs and land mines all around this base. It’s scary to think how dangerous a place this was during the Cold War. And it’s less than 20 miles from were I live and grew up.
  12. vanguard

    Crop sprayer

    Yeah it’s a bit of a beast, and not fun to sit behind following down the road lol and 48 meters wide when it unfolded.
  13. well they are trying to. English heritage and the owners agreed to about 20 out of 57 to be preserved, some are just to far gone.
  14. That door is a bit odd, it’s actually a new wooden door with a very good high resolution sticker/wrap. When English heritage got involved in preserving site, they wanted as many of the storage doors saved as possible. So a local firm that makes signs/carwraps wrapped the doors with a few different types of materials. They’re trying them out in all conditions. The real door is stored behind the new one. The only difference is when you get close to the new one you can see it smooth.
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