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  1. Monastery de Sant Cugat

    Unfortunately not the doors never opened. I didn’t do my homework on opening times. It looks interesting inside from pictures I have googled.
  2. Watch where you’re going.

    The next NHS problem arthritis thumbs and necks that don’t bend upwards.
  3. A room with a view

    This is the view from my cell. Just 5 more sleeps till my release and I can come home to the cold and snow.
  4. Time is starting to drag now even sleeping is not making the time go by so thought I would share a couple of pics from Sant Cugat yesterday.
  5. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Finally worked out how to get pictures too and submit from the iPad with this dodgy hotel internet connection. from my walk about in Sant Cugat yesterday.
  6. POTW - w/e 14.1.18

    Very deserving. Good work JH
  7. The 52 Project - Week 50

    Quickly drop off week 50 as I am so busy. I have some pre course online training to complete before I go on my training course on Sunday not sure what will happen to week 51 or 52?
  8. Sunrise at the Sisters

    To repeat what everyone else has said all great pics but #1 is stand out special.
  9. Looking at pictures you all took as ryewolf said yes but taking of honestly no. But then again I have not shot a pic in anger for 5 days now which feels strange.
  10. A Good Start to 2018

    Congratulation a great way to start the year like you say. A published photographer don't forget about us here on your way to fame and fortune
  11. I will be in on this challenge in some shape or form but not sure what i am going to do for a theme at the min
  12. Galvanised ...

    Really nice i'm liking that a lot also I like how the clouds colour blend in to the image.
  13. I had a couple of ideas for my last pic but after yesterday I left myself no choice really but to kill the cracker. Thanks one thanks all