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  1. 4 day catch up done. Re- Rewind
  2. Another trip to head orifice and another gadget i neither want or need. lets see what this fruity fuss is all about.
  3. There is a zebra at the door?
  4. The vote is open for you all to do your thing.
  5. All done. Thanks for your entries the vote will follow.
  6. 11hrs to go for this weeks challenge.
  7. Note to self dont tell people at work you like places because if there is a job there guess who's going. When I say I like a place what I mean is I like it when I'm not at work. Rant over.
  8. The 52 Project - Week 41

    All down hill you say.
  9. So part of the reason for this weeks choice of subject (other than the obvious of this weekend) Its a year this week since we lost our Nan a couple months short of her being 98 years old so its a time for remembrance. And as a 2 for the price of 1 remembrance deal the framed pic of the dogs in the background I also took. Those 2 dogs were so well behaved where did I go wrong with the current 2 I have no idea.
  10. This weeks challenge should you choose to accept it is Remembrance. So as ever open to your interpretation images can be old or new. Entries open from now until midnight 17th November then the vote will run for the 7 days following. Good Luck.
  11. Cheers Ryewolf that was very close this week but some great images so no surprise really. I will have a think with my morning cuppa and try and have this weeks challenge running before you are all up and about.