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  1. New garden visitor the dogs will be delighted they have something new to chase.

    The Doodle
  3. POTW - w/e 24/9/17

    There has been some good photos submitted this week (even by me) But then there has been some amazing photos submitted. I thought Kate had a big problem picking a winner then kev did her a massive favor by posting a dead cert POTW. Well done kev
  4. Back to work tomorrow. Grit those teeth and smile.
  5. Holidays are great but you cant beat your own bed. Or theirs.
  6. The lights are on but no one is home.
  7. The 52 Project - Week 34

    Are you not coming in? Wimp!
  8. The tie break has been running 24 hours and we have a winner (Clicker) Congratulations Polly over to you.
  9. ? Help not sure why I have set the tie break running but only my and Davids 4 votes are showing Clicker is showing 0 ?
  10. Tie break set up there is an additional 24 hours to see if we can find our winner
  11. Final few hours of voting and its too close to call. Let's see who comes out on top come midnight. I won't be awake come 12.00 as I have just got home from Wales and I maybe asleep in the next 10 mins as I am shattered and I'm up early to take my sister to the airport. I may as well just live in my car.
  12. Finally they took me to the beach.
  13. What is this we asked for a ball?
  14. the road we are staying on Ffordd Pen Lech is a 40% gradient the steepest signed public tarmacked road in the United Kingdom.