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  1. sr1867

    Trotter Racing

    A stunning! Stunning picture. Having myself being tricked into riding a horse once that was an uncomfortable experience but the riding position that chap is in looks horrendous the speed they must be doing
  2. sr1867

    52 Project 2018 - Important Stuff

    Count me back in for this it could be the kick up the derriere I need to get me back from my self imposed photography exile. Also can I throw an idea at you for this challenge. This idea was sort of inspired by Clickers weekly challenge subject as set this week. As we are about half way through the year why not have each weeks subject set by the letters of alphabet it would see the challenge finish early in December with either a couple of weeks off then hit the ground running for a full 52 challenge for 2019 or you could still add a theme every few weeks to fill the extra couple of week but everyone would be able to plan ahead a little. Please feel free to bin the idea as appropriate or laugh point and ridicule me. Nice to be back Simon.
  3. sr1867


    I know its a marmite style but i do like selective colour pictures but the last one I do like aswell.
  4. Had to spend a few days in Edinburgh this week (Business not Pleasure unfortunately) Did finish work one day early so took a quick walk round the city and snapped this cold looking chap in Princes St. Gardens.
  5. sr1867

    Bye Bye Photoshop CC

    Just done the 30 day free trial of Elements 18 and i wish i had never got rid of the elements version i had, it suited my needs and skills perfectly. So next pay day i will have to decide between Photoshop 18 or the premier version. I dont do hardly any video but guess its handy to have if i do?
  6. An old pic taken in Valletta Malta way back in 2013 but with a new Topaz twist.
  7. Pair of rusty old cans from Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  8. sr1867


    That's some dedication I would have lasted 10 mins tops. If you wanted a person in shot you should have gone for a selfie.
  9. very nice colin loving the first pic and the last jumpin robin.
  10. sr1867

    Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

    Cheers and only 2 weeks to go till my still life of a pint of Guinness to celebrate St Patrick. Although if the first shot dose not go to plan a second and maybe third can may need to be opened.
  11. sr1867

    Not Happy

    We had to pick the coldest week for along time to have the Cocker cut but it had to be done hes not happy.
  12. sr1867

    Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

    Thanks Ryewolf. I have been using lightroom but i think its a bit too over the top for my needs I was thinking of going back to elements but so far with topaz and i have only scratched the surface I am liking what i see.
  13. sr1867

    Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

    Don't think I have posted this before. I finally got round to playing with Topaz Studio after reading and seeing good things in here from some off you good folk. Thought I would share today as its St Davids Day.