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Just to let you know we have some new challenges starting Monday 1st July 2019, you can find more details here:

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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



Don't forget ... you've got about 7 days to post in NOVEMBER'S In Focus Challenge, this month is themed: Abstract. Deadline midnight on SATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER for your entries (a maximum of 4) in the latest monthly TIPF IN FOCUS challenge.


Good Luck  everyone ...;)


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  1. Better late than never with a bit of a barrel scrapper...... Seeing as I have been staring at it most of the day Wall ~ Wallpaper ~ Wood the choice is yours
  2. Stunning Rye. If I was on POTW duty this week that would be my pick all day long........ love the big cats! Is this Chester? Ignore I have just been to look at the tiger pictures should have gone there first. You almost look to be in his face there its so close.
  3. Thanks Polly. Its nice to be back in the winners circle rather than doing the choosing. I have not a clue what Cheryl's picture is? Geoffs however is another of his wonderful ICM. Mine is the underside of the black plastic (i know i know........boo! black plastic) packaging from a biscuit selection box . And yes they were chocolate and yes I was responsible for it being an empty box.
  4. You did that to check who is paying attention didn't you?
  5. My turn again to pick POTW and this is by no means taking away from any of the other pictures posted this week but when the picture I have chosen was posted it was going to take some beating and no one did. And despite me still being slightly vexed at this person for their picture in the A-Z Challenge for the letter U and ruining my week 26 Z photo. This weeks POTW goes to johntwo for his spectacular Rainbow Rider <<< Original post. A wonderful action shot with such calmness to the water in the foreground the action in the spray created by the jet ski and its red single colour element all make for a wonderful shot but the added rainbow from the spary all come together to make it my POTW.
  6. Another of the good lady wife's talents.............It's no wonder I have so many aches & pains Voodoo Doll
  7. johntwo has peaked too early................. that's my week 26 picture blown
  8. Thought I best get this in quick before anyone else goes Unicorn.........and I thought they were quite rare
  9. That would be quite painful to be hit over the head with a Dyson (other manufactures of vacuum cleaners are available)
  10. Thank you I will definitely do that.
  11. Very much a place on my to do list (which gets longer) fascinated by the history. But I must admit to being a little bit worried about taking the wife in case she feels too much at home.
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