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  1. OK not sure if this works but what the heck tried to shoehorn both ideas into one shot. I took this when we had ICM as a theme in the 52 challenge and didn't use it. When Clicker tipped us off what this weeks double theme was I picked a Topaz Tweak and rotated the image thought it had a look of frayed fabric. It is actually the back garden trees, fence, grass, wall, grass.
  2. The look on the guys face is brilliant. If it were a caption comp "You should see the view from this side"
  3. sjr

    Two Ladies

    Very clever and a nice capture. This is in no way a criticism, if the train had a lantern on the other side it would match and complement the young lady's glasses really well.
  4. Nice I dont know if it was done deliberately but the colour and mono work so well for the two scenes and the people sat on the benches. I think I would rather be sat on the first one they look trouble that lot I bet the brown bags are full of Gin.
  5. Away Goals? Draw straws? Pistols at dawn?
  6. Brilliant set as said just full of colour and joy. The girl in the first pic should be a GaGa look-a-like.
  7. Yes not the best shot you can clearly see her little finger on her right hand is behind her platted hair. For a non people shooter it's a great shot.
  8. Have you got my good side? The Sphinx not looking its best, a shot from my history back in 2006
  9. Now I like things twiddled like that it has a subtle pencil sketch quality to it. I enjoy doing the same from time to time. I always wanted to draw but am rubbish so to be able to turn photos into drawings is the next best thing.
  10. Nice shot that's an adoring look the gent is giving the lady. I do think the lady is obviously the star of the shot and just cropping and isolating her as a portrait would work just as well if not better.
  11. Both a great picture and a great motto. I will add my bit of Latin to the mix if I may. I have mine tattooed on my arm which is Consilio et Animis
  12. I didn't mean for a second it was against any rules its all just a fun competition after all. I do like obscure reasons for pictures I just couldnt work it out, I see now its semi acoustic I get it cheers Craig and again congratulations
  13. Congratulations Craig great picture. Now voting is over I do have a question at the risk of making myself looking stupid (which I am very good at). What is the thinking for an electric guitar for mechanical?
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