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  1. A super set showing the bird table pecking order.......Love the tea cup hanger that's a great idea. I'm also liking the idea of setting aside 1 hour to sit and take pictures, why I don't do that I have no idea.....its so simple.
  2. Getting at least one photo in for the week so Clicker doesn't shout at me. Had a night off from decorating so I cut the grass instead and decided to point the camera at a rose........button push in topaz was called Tale of the Bard just to keep the Shakespeare theme going.
  3. sjr


    Some excellent stuff as ever Fuji..... I particularly like the minimalist feel to the third picture.
  4. Lets hope so......my thinking is its something I'm more likely to take out daily (when back at work) and also when out with the wife and dogs, she gets fed up with me switching lenses every 2 mins. Then I can use my Canon and lenses at my leisure when they are not with me.
  5. That's a great bit of treatment applied John right up my street.............. they do love to pose for the camera don't they.
  6. Time for a hour off the decorating before going back to tidying so the house looks some sort of normal when the boss lady gets home tonight. Decided to give the new gear its first real shoot. So as I mentioned I did a gear exchange last week and got rid of some gear I don't use. I did my research watched lots of videos read lots of reviews and then based on what I think I needed (another story I wont bore you with) and also what I had seen from JohnP ....... I decided to go for a bridge............... The Panasonic DMC FZ2000. Here is the first attempt of a frame taken from the 4K burst mode. This is taken through the window.
  7. You are not kidding............... it's already started
  8. Day One:- I'm a little bit behind everyone else... After 11 weeks of slogging my guts out at work today is my first week of three weeks on furlough. I can't say I was not a little bit P!$$£) off when I was first told but I do also understand the decisions from a business point of view. I guess the good part is the length of time I'm expecting to be off is relatively short compared to some of my colleagues who now have to go back at a time when work will only get busier as time goes on. Another positive is I can have a little more freedom than what they had at the start of this and as more things open up I might even get chance to go to YWP when they open next week. I'm also going to dust off the golf clubs and spoil a good walk. We should have been on holiday this week anyway and it always rains when we go on holiday so the weather taking a turn for the worse doesn't really bother me, everything feels as it should be. I'm also going to take some inspiration from some of you for these next few weeks and try and get my photography mojo back on track. The good lady wife has just headed to the shops for ingredients as I have promised to attempt to make Bara Brith for her Birthday tomorrow. Pictures to follow no doubt. I have been struggling to be inspired to take photos for a while now..... so rather than taking the radical step of ditching all my gear which I have been tempted to do on numerous occasions..... I had a think about what I wanted to do with my kit and I boxed up only yesterday all the stuff that has sat unused for the last 12 months and have traded it in for something that I think I may hopefully get more use from and there is a little left over in the pot I may treat myself to some vintage glass that some of you keep going on about and have a play around with that as well. Simon....... I must admit all of the above is dependent on the wife not coming up with a list of jobs to be done around the house...........good job I started with bringing flowers home yesterday.
  9. Lovely shot Denis and the treatment in post is just enough.
  10. That time of the week again and me to choose this weeks winner. Its been another fine week for Bugs & Birds with some fine late entries in the last 24 hours... Rye continues on his bug hunt and a nod to 2 fine pictures, one the Nuthatches and second the little mouse both great shots and a wonderful falcon shot from johntwo and his enjoyable little what is it challenge shots this week (i did like the pepper grinder). But this week I kept coming back to this image of a fantastic landscape and therefore award the honor of POTW to Stravinsky for this wonderful shot taken at Lake Hawea, New Zealand.......reminding us of the places we love to visit and hopefully we can get back too one day soon.
  11. Whatever it is.............. its a great picture. Just looked at some juvenile peregrine falcon pictures and no yellow bridge on nose so maybe it is.
  12. sjr


    They are excellent.........sadly my wife came past while I was watching and I got told off for looking at gadgets......you don't even want to know the words she was using. I think I would have got off lighter if I had been watching..........never mind that. What is the software you use if I may ask BP.
  13. Its a great shot, the pepper corn doesn't look out of place......it has a very metallic look about it. Even the wooden part looks almost metal.
  14. I have it!!!!!!!! the thing on top is a pepper corn the wording round is cole and mason................
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