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  1. Black Coffee ~ I do have a one button push high key converter in PSE but I tried to do a shot without, this is almost SOOC just dropped the saturation and highlights slightly.
  2. sjr

    Spinning Top

    That is both very nice in respect of the item and the picture. the capture of movement is really effective.
  3. ...of innocence (I'm truly sorry to subject you all to a selfie and yes the cute innocent child is me.)
  4. Cheers Richard I was struggling to get a sense of scale but thought if it was any bigger than A4 and with it being paper you would probably be losing support in the center. A nice idea I may have to speak nicely to the nice people in the 3D division of our company.
  5. Just out of interest what sort of size is the paper in the set up you have there? Cheers Simon.
  6. More house tat as I cant be bothered to go out as normal. Thought I would dress pot dog in his bow tie ready for the final of Crufts tonight.
  7. The picture has so much working in its favor as said colours, leading lines, water reflections and the sunlight cast on the towpath all make for a lovely shot.
  8. sjr

    Some old ones

    A good mix also loving the grass stem picture nice and simple but the jag engine works well for the mono conversion too.
  9. They certainly are, we have 4 that are currently visiting the garden I have been trying to get a half decent shot for ages I'm slowly trying to lure them a bit closer to the house.
  10. Managed to grab a shot of the Jay today while skiving off work with man flu. This is taken through glass from about 20m away so I ran it through Topaz Sharpen Trial kindly suggested by nikonmike.
  11. Another fruitful week at work. Not! I was going to send this picture to the management but in the self interest of needing to earn money I think putting it here might be more sensible.
  12. Congratulations Chrissy on your win, a beautiful still life.
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