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  1. Take your pick ~ you have a pair of boots, jeans, legs or dogs
  2. sjr


    Apologies if I have posted this before but I have had a bit of a play in topaz with it. This is from a little over a year ago I was on a job at Chester Zoo and had the camera in case they let me sneak in (sadly they didn't) but in the carpark the beast that is Beluga was coming into land at Hawarden which is sight to be seen how that thing get and stays up is amazing. My settings on the camera were all over the place because I was not ready to shoot so I had to do a major rework to get any sort of picture.
  3. sjr

    Hushabye Baby?

    That is both beautiful and serene. And after 2 x 530am starts and over 700 miles driven I will be taking a very similar pose in the next hour with the help of a small amount of liquid JD
  4. Stayed in a cottage on the Hafod Estate nr Aberystwyth this September and paid a couple of visits to the red kite feeding at Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest which is an amazing site. I took hundreds of pictures and this was the best of a bad bunch.
  5. sjr

    Huawei P20 Drink

    Mines a Guinness please. That looks like my kind of pub.
  6. sjr


    Really nice as ever fuji and I hope I dont spoil this picture but I had to double take I thought there was a bit of builders bum going off in the background.
  7. sjr

    One Man and his Dog

    Glad to know twiddling is encouraged. I will revisit this another day didn't pick up on the contrast myself so many thanks both for pointing it out.
  8. Taken back in June before it got hot. Grabbed this quick candid at the Pavilion Cafe in Williamson Park Lancaster it was blowing a gale and boy it was cold. It looked like they had been arguing and had a massive fall out when in reality the gentleman was taking in the spectacular view the dog however was more interested in what his female servant was fetching back from the cafe.
  9. sjr

    Nearly There

    Totally agree with Clicker the person and her 4 legged companion makes the picture. A great shot.
  10. sjr

    When you're finished

    The dogs, the wife, family, friends its pretty much the response I get from all of them. Especially the wife!
  11. sjr

    When you're finished

    I was just making certain my ugly mug was covered
  12. Just for fun and I upload this one so the Cocker does not feel left out.
  13. sjr

    Red Leaves

    I love that Rye that is right up my street.
  14. sjr

    So they do!

    Thanks Clicker yes its been a while. I fell out with the internet last year not that it ruled my life but unfortunately you cant do so much without it so I am back now.
  15. sjr

    We went to the beach.

    Cheers David/Kobione I'm trying hard to get more things right in camera (not this shot) and I am constantly getting told I over process my pictures (I will listen one day). I am not the best at PP and find it a bit boring and I lose patience so end up just doing quick edits. I had already took a chunk off the RHS but here is an edit with a bit more off I have also added a pic of the original.