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  1. A man after my own heart.....I can't recommend beans on toast enough for Christmas Dinner. Wonderful shot by the way.
  2. Thats a great piece of work.....I really like that. Is it just me......and maybe I need more sleep but if you stare at the picture it appears to look like its starting to rotate.
  3. Right, I'm back on POTW duty and this week was not as straight forward as my last two picks. There has been some streching of legs this week and the good folk of TIPF have been capturing some wonderful autumnal landscapes (Fogey,colinb & denis) to name but a few with some really nice sets of images from their walks. But this week I'm going with one shot (I could have picked any of the four) of the set by Ryewolf from his big cats shots (I'm a sucker for a big cat) ORIGINAL THREAD can be seen here. The intense look in this image is certainly a typical eye of the tiger stare.
  4. And when I told the wife a foot long sub was not a foot long she was furious.
  5. If you did see the future any chance you could pop back in the dead of night with an angle grinder and open them up.......Please!
  6. Love York..... its a City I never tire of. We are supposed to be there at a concert at the end of November which will no doubt be canceled for the second time but was considering still going... but I guess thats not going to happen now either. I can recommend the gardens and abbey at the back of the museum if you have never been in them before lots of wildlife thats not afraid of people....the squirrels were happily taking nuts from peoples hands. We only stumbled across it on our last visit.
  7. WOW! How would you pick a favourtite from that set.......so I'm not going too.......Just WOW!
  8. I don't think its going to come as a suprise which picture I have chosen for this weeks POTW......in fact it would have been more of a shock if I had not picked this image. My biggest descision this week was Colour or Mono........so at least it gave me a little to think about. In the end I went colour......but only just because I loved both versions. Congratulations go to Black Pearl for this shot of Roker Lighthouse (The Power of the Sea) <<< Origional post here.
  9. Stunning set and another vote for #4 as the standout and a reminder of our missed holiday this year we should have been there in June.
  10. You do need to book before which is a bit of a pain when planning for the great British weather.
  11. Managed get a trip to YWP today. Not the best day weather wise but the only day we could go. These two looked quite sweet as they raised there heads from an afternoon nap to watch the lion in pride two roaring at the lioness next door in pride one.
  12. Three super shots but particularly liking the first... the wall and old post really lead the eye in to the shot. And a quick reminder.......please remember to shut the gate behind you when you cross over the border into God's Own...........
  13. Three great shots of the same item but all so very different. The first has a classic view to it...... the leaf is so bright and moves so nicely into a shadow transition. The second looks like its painted gold leaf....the third is my favorite it has so much detail.... looks like a google street map.
  14. Congratulations Denis a worthy winner it's a great shot and a nice reminder of many a happy holiday I spent on that beech as a kid.
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