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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. Back from Kielder trying to put out of my head the impending doom of returning to work. Kielder is a beautiful location so quiet, peaceful and felt so remote and we did ok weather wise. The wildlife was sadly lacking but maybe that's not a bad thing as at one point I wanted to throw my gear in the lake I seemed unable to take a picture in focus not quite sure what I'm doing wrong at the moment. This is from the 12 mile forest drive at its highest point 1500ft Blakehopenick.
  2. First its a great shot with lovely treatment the water lapping right to the frame edge is wonderful. Second how the hell do those things stay up? rotting wooden pillars in sea water constantly being bashed by waves.
  3. That's stunning. The eye casting a lazy glance is excellent.
  4. I did actually type that myself then changed it for clever clogs................family site and all that.
  5. Sorry, I was just trying to be a clever clogs and the teachers pet.
  6. Before I forget what day it is Kielder Castle
  7. Thats the spot. Should be interesting and different for us we search the uk for locations to visit and normally end up always going to Wales. Last time we did Northumberland it rained non stop for a week.
  8. Much closer but still a touch further north........... its over the wall but lower than the border.
  9. new game are you ready (all distances are approx.) this is how close you were 7135 miles 5242 miles 258 miles.
  10. A spectacular bird and you have captured there cuteness perfectly those wide eyes are great. Maybe not so much the first shot he looks very unimpressed. The cuteness however is hiding a great hunter who would rip you apart given half a chance. Hoping to get to a Bird of Prey center next week myself.
  11. Thanks Judges and congratulation to JohnP & Craig too.
  12. I had planned that all my pictures would be from in and around the house because I'm lazy but from Friday I will be in a location beginning with K so it would be wrong not to do something from there. Wow.........the suspense where will I be?
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