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  1. You do need to book before which is a bit of a pain when planning for the great British weather.
  2. Managed get a trip to YWP today. Not the best day weather wise but the only day we could go. These two looked quite sweet as they raised there heads from an afternoon nap to watch the lion in pride two roaring at the lioness next door in pride one.
  3. Three super shots but particularly liking the first... the wall and old post really lead the eye in to the shot. And a quick reminder.......please remember to shut the gate behind you when you cross over the border into God's Own...........
  4. Three great shots of the same item but all so very different. The first has a classic view to it...... the leaf is so bright and moves so nicely into a shadow transition. The second looks like its painted gold leaf....the third is my favorite it has so much detail.... looks like a google street map.
  5. Congratulations Denis a worthy winner it's a great shot and a nice reminder of many a happy holiday I spent on that beech as a kid.
  6. What a super set of close ups, I really like the first picture the hair detail against the spikes is wonderful. And like Clicker said I have not seen a hedgehog for quite a number of years.
  7. Another week with a splendid mix of pictures for me to choose from. Yet again some great macro work, some nice portraits and as ever landscapes to be envious of. And a special mention for johntwo and his wonderful woodland light shot which pushed my eventual winner very close. But this weeks winning picture for some reason from first viewing I just couldn't get this shot out of my head which is the mark of a great picture. Although quite simple in its nature I found the subject and presentation right up my street... therefore a shot worthy for my choice of POTW. Congratulations g
  8. Taking inspiration from our very own Elliott Erwitt......... the master of B&W street photography Fuji. I took this last week at Castle Barnard although the dog was my main aim it was only on viewing now I actually realized I had cut off the frame edge a second pair of legs (which I have cloned out) from a second woman who the dog handler was chatting too which I think would have helped the shot.
  9. Great shots Fuji. The GS is such a loyal dog my mate had 5 at one point sadly down to 3 now which is one of the down side of the breed they don't live to the best of ages. They do sometimes get a bad reputation for being a big scary looking dog. But then again its probably the little ankle biter that's more frightening. The look on the face is wonderful, it looks like its been told off but butter wouldn't melt....... the eyes say it all......it wasn't me I'm so cute.
  10. Yep agree the first is by far the better composition.
  11. Wonderful, looks so comfy and happy its definitely a dogs life......and i may have to try the owl cushion.......first I love an owl and second the pooches know there place in our house they get the sofa and I get the floor.
  12. It seems like only yesterday I was there myself............it was in fact Monday. They need a new flag up there. That looks really good in mono I will have to see what I got shot wise and try that myself. We tried to call at Pooley Bridge before hand as we had never done Ullswater but couldn't get parked up so had to bail on that idea.
  13. I have had a little drive and a walk by the river so I can declare my eyesight good enough to allow me to choose this weeks POTW. Despite some wonderful macro work going on this week and a wonderful shot of the night sky from Denis which pushed the eventual winner close. I'm going to award this weeks POTW to...................Ryewolf for this shot from his Kestrel Part 2 <<< original thread here. A wonderful set of shots but this particular one with such amazing eye contact is my pick this week. Congratulations Geoff.
  14. sjr

    Big Trucks

    I have always wanted that shot....just because I wanted to put red lorry yellow lorry as the title.
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