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  1. Thanks for the “out” clause on the theme, Ryewolf. High key wasn’t doable this week but I’ll make it for it next week.
  2. Excellent black and white landscapes. Love the composition of #3. Can I ask what is togging?
  3. This street artist attracted a large crowd in one of Melbourne lanes.
  4. I like the simplicity of this photo. Lovely.
  5. Looks beautiful. I’ve never seen country like that.
  6. Little Black Cormorants were among the many water birds hanging around the lagoon today. Next weekend they will scatter as the annual duck shooting season commences. Not my favourite time of year.
  7. Interesting responses to this one. I tended to agree with the “needs more DOF” but it would like if you tried Geoff’s suggestions.
  8. CMunzel

    CARE WORN mono

    I agree with everyone with this. Lovely smile. I wondered if you tell him how TIPF members respond to his photo.
  9. Love the composition and colours. The shadows add interest.
  10. CMunzel

    Seen Better Days

    I like the toned down version too, Gareth
  11. CMunzel

    POTW - w/e 24/2/2019

    A beautiful image, congrats from me, Black Pearl.
  12. Calves let into the green paddock at sunset when all is hot and dry.
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