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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. I’d be very thrilled to take this photo,Roger. Beautiful bird. Well done and congratulations on winning POTW.
  2. Ah well, there you go. Thank you RyeWolf. They are very common around the creeks here.
  3. Oh yes what a splendid idea! Two trips to Scotland in 12 mths.
  4. I don’t know if my warm regards and best wishes for Korky mean anything when I’ve never met him but I’m sending them anyway.
  5. Gorgeous photo. I’m planning a trip to Scotland in June and googled the cottage but it is booked out completely.
  6. We have the same bird, if my bird ID skills are correct, called a Dusky Moorhen. No idea how that could happen as ours are indigenous to Australia and, I’m guessing, so is this one to England.
  7. I think to prefer the film noir for this character.
  8. A stunning photo. Love the rich colours which give it a painterly feel.
  9. Thank you Loki. i moved it after you left your comment realising that it didn’t belong in the 7 day challenge. Oh, and welcome to TIPF. Think you’re a newish member, yeah?
  10. There are still lots of poppet heads in Bendigo, where I live, left over from the gold rush. I took this photo lying on my back underneath this one to capture the symmetry of the design and construction.
  11. Being an gold mining town, there are many poppet heads still scattered around Bendigo , central Victoria. I took this photo lying on my back underneath one of them to emphasise the symmetry of the design.
  12. Purple and orange. Very striking colour combo.
  13. What a gorgeous bird. What is it? Some sort of robin, I’m guessing.
  14. So many posts this week and some excellent images. It made my job of choosing POTW harder but is great o see people are out taking photos after what seemed like a bit of lull over the holiday period. For POTW, I was torn between two completely different genres: action and abstract. I really liked JohnTwo's brilliant action shot, Formation Flying, of three BMX riders perfectly placed in the air but my final choice of POTW was Clicker's Getting the Impression. To quote Korky, it is "original, creative, mysterious and beautiful" and I'd add skilful, in the conception and processing. I appreciate the posting of the original image. I also loved Clicker's Rose tinted Tenby. some beautiful work, Polly.
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