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  1. I admire your resourcefulness, John
  2. My turn to choose the pick of the week. I'm choosing Craig's portrait of "The Kids" especially the first one of the three dogs together. Beautifully lit and very sharp with each dog captured in its uniqueness (is that a word?). Very appealing.
  3. Photos like this take on a whole new meaning in the context of Covid.
  4. I agree with Denis. The second one really captures the behaviour of these deer.
  5. The last photo of the birds on flight is the one I'm attracted to also.
  6. Great set, Geoff. The green and red paintwork on these engines is very striking especially against the green background.
  7. Great set. When you wrote "a few of the dogs", I wondered, how many dogs has Craig got if this is just a few of them? I really #1 of the infamous Dexter and his friends.
  8. So, um, they are carbon brushes?
  9. #4 for me. Lovely golden lighting.
  10. I must check out the new sky replacement tool. might be better than my efforts.
  11. Congratulations Geoff.
  12. Wow! Great set. Love the dog silhouette.
  13. Thank you very much for the feedback, Polly. I’m on a learning curve. I’ll post the original pic tonight as a starting point.
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