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  1. Very clear considering the 5 sheets of glass btn the finches and lens.
  2. Coming from Australia in summer, how I love seeing all your photos of an English winter. There are so many of them this week: I loved KHM's frozen Lumb Falls and Roger W's wintery bird photos especially the one titled, Do you mind if I share Mr Green? but the ones I've chosen for POTW are Paul's macro photos of snow flakes titled, A couple of snow flakes. Beautiful work.
  3. CMunzel

    Lumb Falls

    It's pretty impressive that you managed to get into position to take this photo. It's a great photo and looks good in black and white. I looked up Lumb Falls and see its in Yorkshire. Are the falls always frozen like that in winter?
  4. Lovely landscape. Love the muted colour.
  5. You should come for a visit in Summer, Rye. They are fascinating to watch.
  6. It’s a piece of sheep, mostly wool. The ravens were fighting over the carcass.
  7. True, Dierdre. It’s a funny situation where the snake is trying get away and I’m trying to get a good photo without getting so close as to threaten.
  8. Yes, it’s true they generally retreat. Duck shooting I expect. In this state we have duck shooting season when ducks can be shot. The opening weekend usually brings lots of shooters out.
  9. I’ve never anything like that. It’s a charming scene.
  10. Out on the plains, Raven help with the cleanup
  11. Out on the plains, Raven help with the cleanup
  12. Its been a good summer for snakes here. I generally run into them when I'm out walking with my camera so have tried to photograph them.....at a distance... with limited success.
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