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  1. That’s interesting. Any idea why some of the coastal birds are moving inland?
  2. I like the final result, John. The dimensions work well too.
  3. Great result, Polly. The cropped and bleached version has potential also. Thanks for sharing your processing. I’ve never used Nik filters. Are they free to download? Have you thought any more about the digital processing workshop idea where members all try processing the same image file and share how how they did it?
  4. Where is it since you say inland?
  5. I didn’t know herons kill and eat ducklings. I thought they only eat smaller creatures: insects, tadpoles etc. I wonder if our herons in Australia are the same.
  6. Confession: I’m a 52 week challenge dropout. Missed the last couple of weeks due to too many competing priorities. And only 3 weeks to go! I’m going to try to finish the challenge despite my lapse (phew).
  7. Great looking cattle. I like both. The colours are clean and bright.
  8. A striking image with lovely graduated colours.
  9. Our favourite fish and chip place in Echuca.
  10. The third image is stunning with the light coming through the clouds onto to the boat. It’s great in mono.
  11. I love the symmetry and high key overall appearance. It does have a bridal glamour about it.
  12. Thanks for the positive comments and advice about the light in the RH corner. I changed it and it looks better.
  13. It finally rained and the herons were out feeding on the insects flushed out of the dry plains
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