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  1. CMunzel


    Your tomato plants are looking so vigorous, Brian. Love the system you have set up. I’ve been mulching and rigging up shade cloth over mine hoping to save them from predicted 46 degree heat this week.
  2. CMunzel

    Weekly Challenge # 183 - Clouds Now Voting

    Clouds New South Wales
  3. CMunzel

    The Falls At Richmond

    I love this. Imagine the experience of being. I appreciate John’s criticique also.
  4. Yesterday was extreme in Bendigo with 43 degree and probably hotter where you are, Dierdre. So lovely to wake up this morning to cool air flowing in the window after the cool change.
  5. CMunzel


    What beautiful rich oranges.
  6. CMunzel


    The red jacket and colour of the dogs coat work for me, Fuji. It looks very well cared for.
  7. CMunzel


    I like this image very much. Very clear detail and good composition. Lovely placement of the bird amongst the red stems and white berries. It would make a lovely greeting card.
  8. CMunzel

    Rhagonycha fulva

    The technical information is fascinating to me as are the creatures you photograph. Amazing exacting and time consuming work. Do you share these pictures with scientists like entomologists (if that’s correct spelling)?
  9. CMunzel

    A feast

    Thank you for the feedback, Ryewolf. I agree about the loss of vibrancy totally. I only noticed that after I uploaded it. I prefer the cropped composition.
  10. CMunzel

    A feast

    This is a cropped version of the photo I uploaded in the 52 week challenge. It’s Summer in Australia & very hot... but the Sunflowers love it. Makes sense.
  11. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 31

    I took this photo for last week's challenge then couldn't upload it due to internet problems so I'm recklessly bending the rules of the challenge and uploading this week. A small bee with very large sunflower.
  12. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 30

    Photo opportunity Flinders St station.
  13. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 29

    I was missing this week due to work and Xmas madness.
  14. CMunzel

    Common Plantain seed heads..

    Plantain also grows in Australia as it introduced by the English, I assume.