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  1. CMunzel

    Perfect Autumn Day

    All beautifully clear colours. I’m attracted to #4 for the reflections.
  2. CMunzel

    W46 18-11-18 CMunzel

  3. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 25

    Garlic Flower
  4. CMunzel


  5. Your photo looks great, Brian. It was a quite a moving experience especially with the sound is bugler playing The Last Post (love it).
  6. CMunzel

    Return to Stratford Upon Avon

    I really like the street scene in #1. Lots of detail in the shadowed part. Stratford looks photogenic certainly.
  7. CMunzel

    Warren Hills, Leicestershire.

    I like all of them. Beautiful colour. Where is this?
  8. CMunzel

    Classic Ford

    Cool car. Amazing that it is relatively new.
  9. CMunzel

    Woody Woodpecker.

    What do you call this bird, John? Pretty good considering the high ISO.
  10. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 23

    Thank you Brian and Ryewolf.
  11. CMunzel

    It's Halloween

    Love it!
  12. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 23

    We call these little birds, Red-Browed Firetails. This is the first photo I've taken of them so they get to go up on the TIPF site.
  13. Pretty clear winner, well done, Colin. An excellent study of orange & blue with strong design. Thank you to whoever closed the voting.
  14. CMunzel

    Flower of Thistle

    Thank you Korky, I’ll give your suggestion a go.