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Me and Denis are meeting up for the Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally and Historic and Commercial Vehicle Society Trans Pennine Run on Sunday 5th Aug 2018 .

If anyone else would like to join us, we're planning to arrive in Hebden Bridge by 9am and leave by 5pm at the latest...

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  1. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 07

    TerrickTerrick National Park near home. Brian and I met there for a photo session.
  2. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 06

    Thank you Korky. I love the colours in your fuschias. It would make a lovely greeting card.
  3. CMunzel

    Look at me, I've got 2 Fish.....

    Do you post to specialist bird photography sites?
  4. CMunzel

    Grey Wagtail

    What is this bird called?
  5. CMunzel

    Yikes... A pterodactyl

    I find it very challenging to get clear images of flying birds so am pretty impressed with your skills. Do you use a tripod?
  6. CMunzel

    Duvets R Us

    Great images! Sharp and clear. Never seen these birds before either. There must be a lot of them somewhere going by the size of the down industry worldwide. In Victoria, every second person is wearing a down puffer jacket this winter and of course there’d be few people not sleeping under a feather/down Doona.
  7. CMunzel

    Pelican study

    Thank you Clicker. Glad it’s ok to post in both forums as I find it interesting to share bird photography between Australia and the UK. Lots of similarities but also huge differences.
  8. CMunzel

    Curious young Robin

    Interesting, I doubt Australian robins would be so tame around humans - they may have adapted to being fed over generations. I’ve seen Yellow Robins perch on my spade handle to get a view of possible worms in newly dug soil when I lived in the wet Yarra Valley. The first two photos are great for showing up close detail but the third is perhaps a better balanced composition, in my humble opinion.
  9. CMunzel

    Any closer at your peril.

    Love the low angle: it shows her stance and height. Maybe the younguns’ perspective. Pretty colours in her plumage and the foliage.
  10. CMunzel

    Dipper Family

    I appreciate your observations of Dippers’ life, Ryewolf. We don’t have any birds like this.
  11. CMunzel

    Pelican study

    I posted this photo in the 52 week challenge but thought I’d post it in Nature, Wildlife & Pets as well. I don’t know if that is allowed?
  12. CMunzel

    Early morning light

    #1 is beautiful. Love the soft pastels of the flowers and how they are reflected in the stream.
  13. CMunzel

    Lathyrus in vitro

  14. CMunzel

    Porto at Night

    Ohh Portugal!