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  1. It’s Johns turn to choose theme for #146, yeah?
  2. Im interested in Sawangee who you refer to, Fuji. I couldn’t find any info about this person with a quick Google search.
  3. Love your image of a ewe with her twins sitting in a shady spot: a very English scene from my perspective. Well done.
  4. I’ve only just came across this thread and am so glad I did. I appreciate you sharing your silverpoint & water colour drawings & paintings, Fuji. Love your commitment to mastering the silver point techniques (which I have only the vaguest understanding of) and how you use your street photography portraits as starting points. it’s great to see the photo and the drawing that came from it. I hope you keep posting as it’s fascinating.
  5. Strumble Head Lighthouse

    Beautiful image. Love the colours and clarity.
  6. Dust Storm Wakool

    Thank you for clarifying, John.
  7. Dust Storm Wakool

    Thank you, John, for putting thought and effort into my photo. Interesting. I agree with your thoughts about the composition. When I took the photo, I tried to simplify the number of sheep and get the tree in the right place, without success. When post processing it, I spent some time removing some of the sheep in the front right hand corner but ended up posting it without these changes. I appreciate Jacqui’s comments about not messing with nature. there is probably a middle ground between contrived and bad composition: I’ll have another go at it. The conditions did make my eyes sore, Kev7D: nearby paddocks must have been ploughed and the wild wind was taking the dry top soil off. Not good. You may be aware that Australian soils are ancient and “thin” making ploughing risky.
  8. Beautiful Starling

    I agree with the others about the colours of the feathers. A starling?
  9. Godwits and Swans

    I love the composition of the first one with the birds reflected below.
  10. Outback New South Wales
  11. Frogs hunting

    Ha ha. You also have greenery. I was at Brian’s last week: the wallabies have been eating the pot plants in his new undercover entertaining area so he had enclosed it with an electric fence.
  12. Frogs hunting

    Thanks for the comments. You don’t have frogs climbing onto your windows at night to hunt?
  13. Frogs hunting

    These little frogs hunt moths on the window at night. They are very fast and catch all the moths who are bumping around on the glass. They are tricky to photograph: it’s night time; the flash causes flare; and its too hard to set up a tripod high on the window. I’ve tried photographing them with my SLR with less success so I’m posting this iphone pic.