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  1. CMunzel


    Wow, I wish I had such a Bulgarian friend.
  2. CMunzel

    Little Pony and Baby Emu

    The second one looks like our Emu.
  3. CMunzel

    Urban Mudlark

    Urban Mudlark: one of our indigenous birds that has adapted to modern city life.
  4. CMunzel

    Weekly Challenge No 167 - Rooftops Now Voting

    Missed the cut off by 2 minutes. I got distracted from uploading my entry by BIll's amazing portrait.
  5. CMunzel

    No Sucker

    Excellent portrait, Bill. I'm amazed that this is a candid photo. Love the angle with the dark sky behind and the processing that emphasizes the toughness of the man. You're probably right about the army connection. Does his wristband say Afghanistanhero? There is something incongruent about the ice-cream cone that adds interest.
  6. CMunzel

    Chaffinch (male)

    Plumage is beautifully detailed. Agree with Gareth: the yellow shapes in the BG work to enhance the bird. Sparrow?
  7. CMunzel

    Dyke Scarecrow Festival

    Enjoyed these. So the “dyke” part of it is not about lesbian scarecrows?
  8. Lots of great images here: I’m struggling to decide which one to vote for.
  9. CMunzel

    Life's Work Done

    I like your post processing very much. Looks vintage. Suits the subject: the boat and buildings in the background.
  10. CMunzel

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 14

    Running the guantlet. Work and family commitments imposed on my photography this week (how dare they?) so it’s an iPhone photo. Took this at the carnival in our town this week as part of White Night.
  11. Congratulations Korky. And thank you Clicker for closing the voting.
  12. CMunzel

    Old Granite Quarry

    Thank you Gareth. It is a great location: not one often visited or photographed. I surprised myself this time when I approached the old quarry via a different route ie. from above by climbing the neighbouring “mountain” where I took this photo. The search for a landscape for this theme giving me new purpose.
  13. CMunzel

    Nomada Bee

    Amazing. I gave no idea how you take 195 photos of a live bee.