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  1. Couple of shots at Warley place , dark as a coal mine in there , so not the best of images,
  2. Really long range shot with my canon 6D Mark11 and Canon 100/400 Lens, amazed its come out so good.
  3. Thanks everyone , looking forward to getting out again after a long time off.
  4. Had a visit to the Coda Falcony, great fun catching the Gyr Falcon nearly as fast as the Perigrine. but my best was the Aplamado , what a stunning Bird.sorry not been around , not done a lot mostly from my garden Hide.
  5. Lovely sharp shot John.
  6. Just a very small few from my front garden , lots more can be seen on my Flickr page.
  7. Blimey polly I ditched that Coolpix years ago lol naaa Sigma 150/600 . but I have to say the lady was great got to within 20 ft of her ,anyway how you doing ,keeping safe I hope . all cool here at the moment ,
  8. Hi Martyn, yes mate was a tech then Foreman , up to Workshop Manager , made up to Fleet enginerr for a few years , then changes came as you know ,back down to Manager again . retired at 68 . thanks for following me .
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