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  1. Come on Polly , that's a beautiful shot , nothing Boring for me, 10/10 top drawer stuff.
  2. Stunning shot, well deserved.
  3. Yes the Redwings and Fieldfare will all be gone soon, been great getting some nice images this time around.
  4. Yes i keep missing her. crafty monkey.
  5. Male Woody on the new Pole i put up ,Mrs Green on the Lawn ,Siskin having a drink, and Goldie enjoying the Sunflower hearts.
  6. Grabbed a few shots as it was on someone's property in my next road , could have taken more, i did ask if i could take them. but only stayed a very short time , bit of a rush job , but happy to have got them.
  7. Lovely work there lovely Birds got a few myself today.
  8. Yes it is Fogey, my old mate she came in my conservatory a few months ago and nicked my pork pie lol , thats true ,she knows me and lets me get very close.
  9. Greenfinch and Chaffinch enjoying some food to keep them warm , taken from my Garden Hide.
  10. Well another fine Pigeon gone ,i am still under the the weather a bit so this kind of upset me a bit, but its nature i guess, i took many images but gave up processing anymore, i value all life , but have to except what nature sometimes brings us.weather was awful very dark out and light rain so had to work hard on these.
  11. WOW, thanks for this , well chuffed, its nice to get this feed back , i only wish we could all get out again soon and do what with love,many thanks again,.
  12. Thank you all for lovely comments.
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