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  1. Lovely sharp shot John.
  2. Just a very small few from my front garden , lots more can be seen on my Flickr page.
  3. Blimey polly I ditched that Coolpix years ago lol naaa Sigma 150/600 . but I have to say the lady was great got to within 20 ft of her ,anyway how you doing ,keeping safe I hope . all cool here at the moment ,
  4. Hi Martyn, yes mate was a tech then Foreman , up to Workshop Manager , made up to Fleet enginerr for a few years , then changes came as you know ,back down to Manager again . retired at 68 . thanks for following me .
  5. Hi John , no I use the Canon 7D Mark 2, with the Sigma 150/600 lens ..I find the 7D amazing for long distance and birds in flight, downside to the 7D is Noise, for that I use my Canon 6D Mark 2 full frame, noise level is by far better .use that mainly in low light places like Home from my hide and certain HIdes I visit.But from doing astro imaging for 20plus year I have learnt a lot about processing, which does help a lot when images aren't spot on.
  6. My first time out in 9 weeks , so took a trip to Rainham river side, after Wheatear. got lucky as they were there waiting for me lol. great fun getting these images. made my day.
  7. Sorry for not being around much ,not really been doing anything for a long while really just some garden Birds, getting fed up now , but hopefully may venture out a little more soon . anyway I liked this one I done yesterday, I call it MOVE OVER GREENIE I'M COMING IN.LOL.
  8. Hi I have modified it a bit now so will get some images done for you .
  9. Thanks Denis , hope we can meet up one day over at Parndon . the feeders are down now at the view point back up in November, so wont be there now till winter , how time fly's by .
  10. Hi Polly, yes I have spent a lot of time and money on getting the right setup , it would be nice to have a nice hedge as a background but its not possible for me , as my hide is in the Hedge lol, it would be to much in the open the other way around and to many ppl would see it . best time for me is Morning and just after lunch that's if the sun is out . as for Astro . yes I do miss it , but weather was the main reason for shutting it down exposures take 4/5 hours and rely on ultra clear skies and that was getting worse year on, But I just love Nature ,just wish I had done it at a early age. now this Virus has put a stop to valuable time in my old age lol. may it soon die off , pesky thing.
  11. Hi Polly well can't help the back ground without faking it , as that's my Garage door lol, I can alter the colour as I have done, so unless I plant a tree in front of the garage it can't be helped heheeheheh.
  12. Splended John . love them , yea they all over my house as well , they do make a lovely pic .
  13. Thank goodness I have a nice Front Garden hide, been very lucky to have many Greenfinch and Chaffinch in the Garden along with many other Birds ,so at least I can keep my hand in whilst lockdown remains.
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