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  1. The woodpecker does it, they try different area's of the tree to find the softest spot, clever stuff .
  2. Rogerw

    POTW - w/e 9/6/2019

    Lovely shot , reminds me of Home Cornwall sitting up in the hills looking for Miles around. well done .
  3. Thanks again everyone .the wild Owls Trust Neil very much he has been looking after them all ,for 7 years now. once in the hide he wont let you out , so as not to disturb any Birds,
  4. Thanks very much everyone , I must say it has to be my best to date, given the right location setting etc its amazing how it can make a huge difference .
  5. Lovely Rye , really nice detail in the white ,always a bit hard to get.
  6. A great day out ant Neil's Hide on Tuesday, a beautiful set up in the country, all Birds are wild , and on farmland,most of the day it was raining so some pics have the rain in them , looks nice as it happens , light was low, but must say I am really happy with the results, far distant trees made a super backdrop, I took hundreds of pics , but just a very small few here, I love the evening one of the Robin when the sun just caught the end of the Log.
  7. Thanks Polly . yes I like that one as it had the evening sun on it giving the image a kinda richness about it .
  8. Lovely result Rye , Good choice Polly.
  9. Like that , lovely shot Rye.
  10. Thanks Rye , yes they are lovely to watch , had 4 in front of me at one point .must have been great seeing the babes ,
  11. lol well that's ok , they make a good piccy ,nothing like sitting on the cliff edge looking out to sea and snapping a few Birdies.
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