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  1. Not sure if this from RS Photographic is the sort of thing you are looking for. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pullin-Optics-Vintage-Rangefinder-for-Cameras-Stock-No-u9698/292984812188?hash=item443741729c:g:kz8AAOSwmU1cdr6d His E-bay shop may be a good place to look, and also MrCad. MW Classic Cameras (where I have seen standalone rangefinders) seem to be down at the moment (also they are generally rather shambolic -- three purchases and had to chase up on all of them).
  2. Welcome. Good to see another film user here.
  3. For this week's challenge, the topic is SPIRALS. For the purposes of this, helices ARE considered spirals. As normal, photos may be old or new, just submit them by midnight (UK time) next Friday. Voting the following week.
  4. -40°C or +40°C It's gypsum dunes in White Sands National Monument (probably about 40°C).
  5. I can't make up my mind about this one. I like the concept, but part of me wants to see more shadow detail, but another part says that that would lose the intensity.
  6. JamesT

    Old Bentley

    According to the DVLA site, it was registered in 1950, though it looks pre-war.
  7. Often work nicely, insects (understandably) don't really like having a lens pushed in their faces so the long lens lets you stand off far enough not to disturb them.
  8. JamesT


    It's a bit faded, but it says something along the lines of "No electric boats or canoes on the Windrush"; the "Rose Revived" also hires boats, but they are restricted to the Thames. I did try cloning it out but it's a bit too big for my editing skills:-(
  9. I agree with David that they are all impressive, maybe the first jay just has the edge. The final jay has a posture you might expect to see in a 19th century bird book.
  10. @sjr I see your point, but cropping loses the full sweep of the brook with the reflections.
  11. JamesT


    Thanks Denis & Ryewolf, number 1 was also my favourite.
  12. In this one it somehow manages to look to be on a much larger scale that it really is.
  13. JamesT


    The third and furthest downstream of the three 13th century bridges across the Thames, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newbridge%2C_River_Thames, the only one of the three that has not been rebuilt. Also the point at which the River Windrush joins the Thames. From the Thames path just upstream. From the garden of the Rose Revived: Pedestrian refuges: The last yards of the Windrush from the bridge:
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