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  1. It looks fairly small, but hard to be sure -- and I think the trail cam has now given up the ghost (it didn't even trigger when I was filling up the pond today).
  2. It's not a steep edge, there's a gentle slope up to the base of the paving bits (which are definitely not high for a hedgehog, I've seen them climb the steps up on to the lawn).
  3. Yesterday I decided to dig out my old trail cam and see if anything other than the frog was using the pond: very pleased to see this as I'd not seen any this summer.
  4. Paul, I'm only seeing the link texts, not the images (nor actual links).
  5. Not a regular visitor to feeders. Most often I see bullfinches by the flash of the white rump as they dart into the depths of hedges.
  6. JamesT


    I think the headsman has had his say.
  7. It is the quiet season. After the breeding season, most of the birds moult prior to migration or just fattening up for the winter. In that time they tend to be quiet and to stay in cover where possible.
  8. A few images that I'd not even transferred from the cameras Young starlings (June). Jackdaws (July) Frog (August)
  9. The Intrepid is hardly a casual-carry camera though it is lighter than most other large format cameras. But I wasn't expecting any shots along that reach as there's hedge between the path & the river and on the other side of the path a rather dull arable field. I probably use Fomapan 100 more than any other film stock in large format, grain always tends to be less noticable in large format as the grain size is about the same but the image area is much bigger, so the film choice is not as critical. Of the "big four", Foma is quite a bit cheaper per unit area in LF than in MF or 35mm, w
  10. Thanks, One of those cases where I was just walking along the path and saw the image (and hoped that I had the right lens in my bag).
  11. Looking across the Thames between Abingdon and Culham. Intrepid 5x4, 180mm Xenar, Fomapan 100, 1/5 f/22.
  12. Thanks. I'd only used SFX200 once before, I bought 2 rolls a few years back by mistake instead of Rollei IR400, and this was the second one (slightly expired but it had been in the fridge). The IR effect isn't as dramatic as with the Rollei film and (I think) more agreeable—I should try Rollei Superpan with an IR filter as well.
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