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  1. Well done to capture it at all. I don't think I've ever seen a merlin (possibly once on Herm).
  2. Thanks folks. Actually the Intrepid is my newest camera (in terms of date of manufacture), a couple of years newer than my DSLR. Just remember to check that the lab does do B&W film, Boots and the like don't any more. Though I do process my own now, I can send you some addresses of labs that I know do to real B&W processing.
  3. A few from last weekend at Dry Sandford Pit. All taken on Fomapan 400 using the Intrepid 5x4. The stream and bridge Across the fen Mine workings (of mining bees), there were still one or two going in and out of some of the tunnels.
  4. Ferns: Pool and Rocks: I've shot this rock several times before, but usually with a normal or wide lens, this time I used a moderate telephoto 135mm (approx 90mm equivalent). Golden Birches Although this looks like it might be an IR shot, it isn't, just the setting Sun catching the leaves.
  5. Nothing wrong with that, still a high quality image.
  6. Not really sure about the leak, they are a bit unpredictable (maybe a pinhole in the bellows that just got illuminated on that shot). They were made in the 50's and very early 60's, mine is from 1958. I'd have to have a count, and even then it might not be definitive as how do you count ones that don't work? There are 5 or 6 regulars then a few that are used semi-regularly and others like the Moskva that are only occasionals.
  7. A few from the Thames Path last Sunday, all with the Moskva 5 MF rangefinder on Ilford HP5+. The river wasn't flooded but the the flow was enough that the locks were closed to navigation. Windswept: there's something about this that doesn't look like an English river. Down river: Radcot Lock: this was the only frame with significant light leaks, a pity as I think it was my favourite shot from the day.
  8. While I'm not really a fan of zoos, it is a good set. I rather like the last one -- I can't help thinking that he is dreaming of getting the lion's share when his pride bring down a wildebeest.
  9. That's also true of many of Ansel Adams' photographs.
  10. According to Wikipedia it is. That said I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that it was a Scottish mile which was somewhat longer than an English mile, so who knows.
  11. Like the Vogon constructor ships, it was just hanging in the sky the way that bricks don't.
  12. Depends a bit on how black they would have been. I think a featureless (or nearly featureless) black in the foreground would be distracting. I'd say the level is about right. [That image does show how anisotropic my monitor is. When the image is at the top of the screen above eye-level the reeds are decidedly dark, but at the bottom below eye-level the detail is clearly visible]
  13. I'd expect it to be in a reasonable state as it is a reservoir. What I wasn't able to capture was the turbidity trail just above the bottom where the swans had been.
  14. Is it a close up shot or a "long-lens" macro? Whichever, the result is very nice.
  15. A beautiful bird, well caught. I guess it was at a bird of prey centre or similar -- if not they are really incredible.
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