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  1. I know the site, not far but awkward to get to. When I've been there there weren't that many around.
  2. Superb. Whereabouts were the kites?
  3. Thanks everyone. I think that may be the first time for an image shot on film other than for "Memory Lane" themes.
  4. This week's challenge is "Watercourses" -- Rivers, streams, ditches or canals. Photographs new or old by midnight 26 Jan 2018 please.
  5. 2018 Calendar - January

    A couple of possibles, both large format and both bridges (the first I have posted before).
  6. Rare Bird

    They are not that rare, but they are very elusive and spend most of their time hidden deep in the reeds. They are more often heard than seen, but photographing a sound like a piglet with a sore throat is not easy!
  7. Sunbathing Nuthatch

    A lovely image of a lovely bird. Don't see that many round here.
  8. Wantage

    The footbridge at Lock's Lane Ford St Peter & St Paul Graflex Pacemaker Crown, Fomapan 100 5x4 (shot @ 200 by mistake and push developed). The church was a first attempt to use the rising front standard.
  9. Hungerford

    The swing bridge across the canal just by the Church A stream of the R. Dun crossing Freeman's Marsh Both taken on Ilford HP5+ with the Minolta X500 and Minolta 50mm f1.7.
  10. Mohair Blanket side-lit with a powerful torch.
  11. A Wild Sea

    I like the detail in the foam where the waves are breaking.
  12. Strange Looking

    Any idea who? At a guess I would say a late 17th Century philosopher/mathematician/scientist.
  13. Railway bridge

    Thanks, Kev & Dee. I've photographed that bridge several times, but never found the right angle before.

    Well-observed. I think it is in a resonant orbit with Country Diary today (in the Guardian).