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  1. Or: "Keep away because I look like someone who would give you a nasty itch!"
  2. Interesting site. For me the mono versions capture the atmosphere rather better, I think that in the colour versions the bright green grass distracts the attention from the rocks and sky. I'm not sure there's a strong favourite among the three mono versions, maybe the first but I like them all.
  3. This month's selection are previously posted, the phasing of the 35mm rolls didn't work out this month. 1: Sawfly 2: Duxford Old Meadow 3: Still life 4: Blackcurrants
  4. JamesT


    Thank you. One of the good things about large format is the ability to play with the plane of focus, and depth of field. Here there's quite a bit of front standard tilt to bring the whole branch near to focus as it was tilted towards me at about 30° and f/8 is quite wide for LF.
  5. No doubt flushing the fish out of the stones on the river bed and picking them off as they try to flee.
  6. JamesT


    Olympus are in the process off spinning off their imaging division: https://www.dpreview.com/news/6607157941/olympus-in-agreement-to-sell-imaging-business-by-the-end-of-the-year https://tech.slashdot.org/story/20/06/24/1722240/olympus-shutters-camera-business-after-84-years
  7. JamesT


    Just before picking:
  8. JamesT

    Chimney Meadows

    I'm not sure—it's probably about 10ft above the water. It's a good deal more than 10ft long and less than 10ft wide.
  9. JamesT


    Intrepid 5x4, Fomapan 100, 60s @ f/16
  10. There's an article on using vintage lenses on35mmc today. https://www.35mmc.com/20/06/2020/a-look-back-at-a-return-to-photography-and-discovering-shooting-legacy-lenses-by-rock/ Not the technical side, but more why the author uses them. P.S. I have two Jupiter-8s one in each mount, on the cameras that they were made for the Kiev-4 and the Zorki-4.
  11. Looking across the river to Duxford Old Meadow The only section of the Thames with nature reserve on both banks. Ten Foot Bridge Both with my oldest fully-functional camera, a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 530/2 from the 1930's.
  12. I should think that must be a second brood, there have been dozens of juvenile starlings descending on the mealworms each morning for the last month or so here (some mornings I've counted around 30). That's the best thing to do: move it out of immediate danger and let the parents find it--by the looks of its development, it "semi-fledged" when something tried to raid the nest.
  13. Unusual, I think, for them to be so visible in daytime. They do look a bit weird with their half-developed ear tufts.
  14. Thanks, same order but a group I tend to forget about.
  15. On an ox eye daisy at Chimney Meadows.
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