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  1. JamesT

    Violin Maker

    I know it seems like I'm often linking articles from here,, but I'm sure some folks ( @FUJI especially) will find this interesting https://www.35mmc.com/10/12/2018/a-portrait-of-a-violin-maker-and-some-reflections-on-shooting-what-i-enjoy/
  2. JamesT

    Just One Cornetto

    ... goes a very long way
  3. Thanks everyone. The new challenge is now up and running.
  4. This week's topic is "Wild flowers or plants" Usual rules: new or old images allowed, post by midnight Friday Dec 14 (GMT)
  5. With the usual qualifier "on my screen", there's much more shadow detail in the mono version.
  6. JamesT

    Egret lost its dinner

    Maybe it re-caught it, a damaged fish often can't make a quick getaway. In fact grebes often seem to catch & release several times before swallowing, I assume that that is to make sure the fish isn't going to start struggling half way down.
  7. JamesT

    Watch the birdie ....

    They always look angry. Most corvids do, but the hood & brow line make jackdaws especially grumpy-looking.
  8. JamesT

    Wayfarer's Walk

    I agree that #2 is the better photograph. I don't think that I'd take much off the top, maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the way from the top to the top cloud.
  9. An off the wall interpretation. "Gone with the Wind"
  10. A couple of backlit leaves images from Wytham Woods, both with the Intrepid 5x4.
  11. JamesT

    Wayfarer's Walk

    A couple from the Wayfarer's walk at the end of October. Both taken with the Kiev-60 on Rollei Superpan. Across the valley from Walbury Hill. Moody Clouds (cropped from the original square format, to remove a dull dark foreground with an ugly fence post)
  12. As the world turns: Not the shot I was intending to use, and horribly underexposed -- but it does show one thing: the notorious reciprocity failure of Fomapan 100 does help to suppress the lack of dark skies. About 1 hour exposure at about f/16 -- by the end the lens had totally misted up!
  13. JamesT

    Passing through

    Two narrow boats passing through the turf-walled Monkey Marsh Lock -- taken a couple of months ago but I only just got round to sorting them out.. I think that the Lord 5D gives better results with colour film than with B&W so it's likely to become the default camera for colour on walks (alongside the X500 for B&W).
  14. JamesT

    scat fly

    Still impressive, did you originally plan to include the whole fly? Is it a lousy fly or a mite have been?