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  1. According to the Guardian they are also known as bin chickens!
  2. Wantage One of the frames from a shoot for 127 day.
  3. The first two play some very interesting tricks with the perception of scale.
  4. I've posted several from this viewpoint in mono before. Kodak Ektachrome slide film, back in October.
  5. Indirectly. The longer focal lengths (a 90mm in 5x4 is approximately a 24mm in 35mm) mean that the same physical aperture size is a smaller f-ratio. Also to get a good depth of field for landscapes needs a smaller aperture (and/or tilts of the standards to shift the plane of focus away from the vertical), hence Ansel Adams' f/64 group.
  6. Large format tends to use smaller apertures, most of my lenses will go to F/45, and a couple of them to F/64 (including the 90mm Super Angulon used for the first image).
  7. JamesT


    That's how it works here, no fee just a time limit (90 mins here) and a hefty charge if you overstay. The Britannia Parking man just records numbers as he walks around the car park -- I think he also does Sainsbury's which is only about 5mins walk away.
  8. JamesT


    In our Waitrose, they actually have a guy with a notebook (electronic not paper) who wanders round noting the numbers.
  9. Yes, at the moment I'm doing two classes but not often more than one other practice each week. I started about 8 years ago.
  10. Got a couple of rolls of colour film back from the lab this morning (images going back to late July!) so there may be a few worth posting. These are some macro shots using a 31mm extension and PX80 flash on the X500. With Ektachrome 100 slide film (unfortunately I didn't note whether I used the 50mm prime or the 35-70 zoom) Autumnal Leaf Seed Heads
  11. A couple from last weekend's wander round Savernake Forest near Marlborough in Wiltshire. Both shot on Catlabs -X80 in the Intrepid 5x4. Pool & Birches. 90mm Super Angulon, f/32, 4s, no filter. Oaks & Beeches: 240mm Symmar, f/32, 30s, green filter.
  12. A shorter exposure to freeze action.
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