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  1. Oak & Gate

    Pretty much. I scan the negatives and then generally do most of the processing in RawTherapee, but use the gimp if I need to clone out any dirt on the negatives.
  2. IMPORTANT - Please Read!

    Put a little in the pot a few days back.

    A very good instance of where foliage stands out really well in mono.
  4. Oak & Gate

    Thanks FUJI, I'm not sure which Ansel Adams image you are referring to (there is apparently a whole book of his tree photographs!), the one which comes up most often is "Oak Tree at Sunset City". I was also not quite sure with this image, which is one reason why I held off posting it for quite a while (the only thing I am sure of is that it was the best image of a rather uninspired day--interesting walk but poor photographs).
  5. Oak & Gate

    I'm not sure the layout of the scenery would have allowed it but perhaps to extend the frame to the left and upwards?
  6. Oak & Gate

    On the Wayfarer's Walk, a couple of weeks ago. HP5+ which is not ideal for that sort of day and location, but a lot of the path is in woodland (and I had started the film on a darker day, and in the woods).
  7. Well done. Number 3 coming out of the water is very nice, and also the last one carrying a fish. (I'm jealous, it always seems that whenever I see a kingfisher, it's when I'm going for a walk and so don't have the big lens).
  8. Congratulations Polly, an excellent image. Your turn now.
  9. Pigeon in Flight

    A very nice pair. Getting a pigeon in flight is good going.
  10. A nice set. Canals always seem to be a great source of images.
  11. Heron

    Thanks, it's been a long time since I've had any heron shots that satisfied me.
  12. Downpour Dash

    I think three would be my choice too.