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  1. Excellent photos Kobione, did you use extension-tubes or anything?
  2. The lemur and peacock are stunning, plus I really like that contented expression on the tiger
  3. I love the composition in the original, but the treatments make it a wall-hanger Is it me or is there a striking resemblance between the top-left bud and a furry animal head?
  4. The background didn't bother me that much in the original, but that's definitely a lot better
  5. Thank you Kobione and Fuji @ Fuji - It's been used countless times so far to stop London getting too waterlogged. The big worry now is with sea-levels rising globally, it might well breach the river-banks or barrier gates if floods too much. Thankfully I live on the 1st floor, so although I might lose gas and/or electricicles for a while, everything will hopefully stay dry. Although I can sometimes appreciate B&W, I very rarely take or convert photos to it, I far prefer colour to see subtle details.
  6. A very excellent photo of a complete 'eye-sore'.
  7. Those two black window panels in the pavilion look like the funnels on an old ship at first glance (I had to check on Google-Earth to see what they actually were ) Beautifully caught Geoff
  8. That's a great 'quick edit', even after the 4th glance the edges are still 'clean'
  9. WereBo

    An Old Chuffer

    Yep, it's on my 'Bucket-List' to get back up to the Dales for a holiday sometime soon(ish). I tried to get back there in the past but things (A.K.A. Life ) cropped up to frustrate me, TV/washing-machine/car/etc broke down and usually cost more than anticipated, and so on.....
  10. A stunning shot, but then it should be after stacking 112 photos Not exactly the sort of thing to meet in a dark alley at night......
  11. WereBo

    An Old Chuffer

    A lovely set there Geoff, steam trains always bring back happy memories of my childhood in Settle, in the Yorkshire Dales. I could watch the passing Settle-Carlisle trains from my bedroom window
  12. @ Dennis - If it's the same sub, there's a Russian sub moored on the River Medway at Rochester, the U475 'Black Widow'. My now late closest friend used to live in Sheerness, approx 100 yards from the sea-front and 2 miles from the SS Robert Montgomery, I used to kid his socks off about the ship going BANG. According to a BBC news report in 1970,[12] it was determined that if the wreck of Richard Montgomery exploded, it would throw a 1,000-foot-wide (300 m) column of water and debris nearly 10,000 feet (3,000 m) into the air and generate a wave 16 feet (5 m) high. Almost every window in Sheerness would be broken and buildings would be damaged by the blast. Meanwhile, back at the Thames Barrier, as I'm also into photographing birds, I found a load of seagulls flying around, perfect for getting used to the 70-300mm zoom lens, practice is still needed though...... The barrier's control-room - It looks like it should be on an airfield somewhere From the back...... One of the 'sculptures' outside the area shows how the gates work......
  13. Hmmm...... What's about 4 stages past 'Beautiful'? Whatever it is that photo is it
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