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  1. WereBo

    New Year's Eve.

    Thank you NannyFerret I have that too from t'other side of my flat. It's also a 12-storey block which cuts all my afternoon sunshine in Spring/Summer/Autumn
  2. WereBo

    New Year's Eve.

    Thank you Kobione, I'd be happy to swap residences if you like, I'd love to get away from here
  3. WereBo


    Thank you folks
  4. WereBo

    The TIPF Album

    True but Larkin Poe are a lot nicer to look at.......
  5. WereBo

    The TIPF Album

    I first heard these 2 lasses while listening to my favouritest radio-station (Planet Rock online & DAB), a couple o' years ago - I've been 'addicted' to 'em ever since......
  6. WereBo


    I do like the crows coming onto the green behind my block, they torment the pigeons (I don't like pigeons, they mess on my balcony)
  7. WereBo

    Biker Lizard......

    Lizards and dragons doing various things...... I likes dragons I does.........
  8. WereBo


    The title says it all really....... I'd had the idea for several years, but it was only mid last year that I managed to get the photo.....
  9. WereBo

    Biker Lizard......

    Y' welcome Clicker I'm looking forward to getting some warm and bright weather (if I can still remember/recognise it it when it arrives) so I can play with the rest of my collection....
  10. WereBo

    Biker Lizard......

    No sooner said than done
  11. WereBo

    Dancing Ghosts in Greenwich

    Oddly enough approx 50% of my photo club said a similar thing about the bottom bit of the photo, when I entered it in the DPI competition. Luckily the judge liked it 'as is' saying it adds a sense of depth and scale, then awarded 10/10 for it.
  12. WereBo

    Biker Lizard......

    A rather old shot I got when watering my balcony's planters - I dunno what he was up to but he didn't like getting watered......
  13. WereBo

    Fly with passengers

    Proof positive of the old adage:- "Big bugs have little bugs upon their backs to bite 'em, Little bugs have smaller bugs and so ad-infinitum"... Superb quality Weary, I'm officially envious now
  14. WereBo

    I'm big, I'm mean, so stay away......

    I'm glad it's a macro-shot, I'd hate to meet that down a dark alley 1 night..... - 'tis an excellent shot Kobione
  15. WereBo

    New Year's Eve.

    Thank you for the kind words folks, 'tis muchly appreciated @ Clicker - I did my usual trick with a new camera, set it to the appropriate pre-programmed 'Scene', in this instance 'Night Landscape'. This gives me a chance to see how well the programmed scenes are, and the exif-data gives me an idea of the settings used, so I can play with 'em later as required. Just out of curiosity I did a comparison between 2 similar photos, 1 from my old Nikon P610 bridge-cam and the new D5600, now I can't decide which is chalk and which is the cheese...... From my new D5600...... From the Nikon P610.....