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  1. AlphaBoo

    Serbian Church, Birmingham

    Second image is fantastic, what focal length are you using for these? Great work on your part and the painter who must be dreading the next touch up session
  2. AlphaBoo

    Old West Peir

    A shot taken last year while on a flying visit to Brighton collecting my daughter from university. A kindly photographer inadvertently positioned himself almost central in my composition to give scale in the image. Without my tripod I went for a more "normal shot" but next time I will try something different. Tony
  3. AlphaBoo

    Marina Walkway

    The processing give the outline of the buildings a clean edge and against that sky a real feeling of depth. A compelling image well shot
  4. AlphaBoo

    St Pauls Steeple

    I have found, being new here , to really enjoy the images they need to be clicked on and viewed large, this one is no exception. Great shot
  5. AlphaBoo

    House spider

    Very effective and very disturbing. Good effort on your part I look forward to more .....sort of
  6. AlphaBoo

    The Castle Causeway

    Yes Clicker it was before I had even live view so knees and elbows got a little soggy
  7. AlphaBoo

    A Wall With A View

    Well spotted and talented graffiti
  8. AlphaBoo

    The Castle Causeway

    Taken a few years ago but I wanted to believe the summer is coming and the rain will stop.......now if I stare at it long enough.........
  9. AlphaBoo

    Beachy Head

    A really outstanding image, having the walkers in the image does give it real scale and presence.
  10. AlphaBoo

    Ghostly Shore

    Thank you all for your kind comments and helpful critique. When I took the image my plan was to take the viewers eye from bottom right through the S shape in the water out towards the headland which would direct you back to the left and to the start at the bottom right again. I think it didn't really pan out. Hey ho another visit maybe in order Bill At the moment James 31mm is my widest lens but I have a wish list when funds allow for either a 24mm or maybe ultra wide but I have never been sure on anything wider than 20mm as I tend to push too much away or end up with a lot of sky. Speaking of which , yes Ryewolf the sky was good and stayed like that for a good hour while I was there. Thanks Paul, it seems to be my thing at the moment, I think the rocks are how I feel sometimes with the rest of the world just a blur. I hope you get a chance to travel down soon Geoff, give it a week or two though as the weather has not been great for photography of late but I am sure it will change soon
  11. AlphaBoo

    Miscellaneous Birds

    Great images, I really love the first one
  12. AlphaBoo

    POTW w/e 4 Feb 2018

    A great image from a very impressive set. a worthy choice for POTW
  13. AlphaBoo

    Ghostly Shore

    A shot from a long walk today, sometimes the light makes you work hard for an image but on another day I think I will be rewarded with better images.
  14. AlphaBoo

    Some Spitfires!

    truly stunning images, love them all with the last being my favourite
  15. AlphaBoo

    Blast Beach

    I was going to say which ones I like the most but after looking at them a few times I just like them all