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  1. Makes for an eye-catching abstract.
  2. No birds, but you took some colourful photos as compensation. I really like the last one.
  3. That guy in the distance has probably spent hours walking along the beach looking for that glove! I hope that you let him know it was there.
  4. Nicely composed with the locks leading to the figure.
  5. The mono version doesn't have a great dynamic range, whereas the colour version has a feeling of depth with the blue band and red columns forming diagonals.
  6. It shouldn't work, but it does in a strangely appealing way.
  7. Makes a very appealing and colourful abstract - well done.
  8. Very atmospheric with a hint of mystery.
  9. I'd have thought that the background houses would spoil the image, but they don't - they add to it. Nice composition, well seen and converted.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous: colours, light, and composition.
  11. The Uk gets waxwing visitors in winter, but some years see a 'waxwing irruption' In which very much larger numbers migrate from the continent. That's when it's possible to see 40+ in the trees.
  12. #3 works very well for me: no FG or BG distractions and the low angle gives a sense of dynamics (an arty-farty word, but I couldn't think of anything else!).
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