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  1. Terrific capture - well worth the effort. Could easily be the BG of a magazine ad.
  2. Good treatment, but I think that the crop really makes the image.
  3. Very attractive image. I agree that colour works better than mono. My eye gets drawn to the three stumps on the right - but that's just me being picky.
  4. Terrific image: good lead lines; interesting main object, and the feint tree in the BG adding depth.
  5. I like the PP of the second one - quite attractive in a strange way.
  6. It also looks as if a tsunami is rolling in and everyone is ignoring it. Colour works better for me.
  7. Monomania


    it looks as if somebody stuck googly eyes on the dog!
  8. Great abstract - even though it makes my eyes go funny!
  9. Amusing image. Very well timed and taken.
  10. The second one brightened up my morning as I found it quite amusing: it seems as if the building is giving the viewer the finger.
  11. Makes for an eye-catching abstract.
  12. No birds, but you took some colourful photos as compensation. I really like the last one.
  13. That guy in the distance has probably spent hours walking along the beach looking for that glove! I hope that you let him know it was there.
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