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  1. Ryewolf

    Sod you then

    Excellent timing and nicely captured.
  2. Well done and congrats from me also Korky.
  3. Another week. Snap, twiddle, post. This week is a theme: Abstract.
  4. Ryewolf

    War of the Roses Re-enactors

    Thanks Gareth, this was also a full living history encampment and they were firing cannons, hand cannons and shooting longbows and crossbows.
  5. Ryewolf

    Bridges at Berwick-upon-Tweed

    Thanks Clicker, I liked the colour because of the colours of the brickwork used in the bridges. It is a tidal river, so getting nice flat water would be dependant on that.
  6. Just two of the many bridges at Berwick, the one you can see through the arch is the rail bridge, the other is the road bridge. I couldn't decide whether I preferred the colour full size image or the letterbox mono...
  7. Ryewolf


    In German, it literally means Acorn Town.... The first image I have posted before...
  8. Ryewolf


    Thanks Gareth, I think the eye level POV and mono conversions help a lot
  9. Ryewolf

    Fake Birds

    An interesting set of images.I do like the coloured ones.
  10. Ryewolf

    st govans chapel and manorbier sunset

    I do like the bleakness of the church, I thought it might be in Scotland based on it's name, it also reminds me of the Hermits Retreat, Roche Rock on Bodmin Moor.
  11. Ryewolf

    Hi there

    Welcome aboard Kerry, jump right in and post, we're a friendly bunch on TIPF.
  12. Ryewolf

    Siskin and Kingfisher

    Great set of images Roger.
  13. Ryewolf

    Downtown Lincoln

    Some interesting architecture there, it reminds of York on hills, I've never been to Lincoln, so I'm going to have to make an effort to visit.
  14. Ryewolf

    Cutie with 8 legs... ;)

    Another set of fine captures Paul, I think this very mild weather is confusing everything; I had a Yellow Dung Fly land on the car whilst photographing the birds, alas I didn't have my macro lens with me.
  15. Ryewolf

    Spring trying to break through

    The crocuses are following early, I normally don't see them till March, that said I have some tulips starting to come through. There's usually some near around an old mill lodge just around the corner from me - they don't usually last long as the Canada Geese eat them all.
  16. Ryewolf

    ad infinitum

    I like that, very clever.
  17. Ryewolf


    #1 & #2 This is a sunflower seed, there are many like them, but this one is mine.... #3 & #4 & #5 What's that up there then? (With an added bonus on #3 - a 7 Spot Ladybird)
  18. Ryewolf


    Thanks Roger.
  19. Ryewolf

    Nasty weevil

    Another great set of images Paul, looks like you've had a productive day with bugs.
  20. Ryewolf

    Another GIF (gull in flight)

    Nicely caught Mike, I often have a go a birds in flight, butt other than herons - which don't fly fast - I've had little success.
  21. Ryewolf

    Statue in a Bush

    It took me a while to remember where I took this, as none of the other images taken on the same day held any clue. Statue on the War Memorial in Corporation Park, Blackburn.
  22. Ryewolf


    I think I prefer the last one, looks like the young lady in the shop also wanted to get in on the action.
  23. Ryewolf


    I must admit I've had this happen to me a few times when I've been wandering with my camera.