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I'm looking for Cats, Capybara, Canals... What will you find?

Join us in the A-Z Challenge... Week 3 - The Letter C and see what you can find!!


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  1. Post an image starting with the letter D : Dogs, Ducks, Dictaphones and Dinosaurs.... Comp start on Monday 22nd July 2019 and ends on Sunday 28th July, the rules can be found here »
  2. It's been another great week for images, TIPF might not be the biggest photography forum on the interweb, but quality makes up for quantity. There's been a great choice of images of images in pets and wildlife... Mitch must have the patience of a saint to photograph not one kitten but 4, I have a cat and know just how difficult it is to photograph her. Denis has been showing of his birds and butterflies, including a Mottled White which I've never seen before. David posted a great set of images of Staunton Harold Hall, Derbyshire. Vanguard posted a nice set from Wimpolehall and with Denis and his folly shot at Audley End House, Essex But the POTW goes to Simon (SJR) for this perfectly simple and well executed still life for the A-Z Challenge Letter C The original thread can be found here »
  3. Another last gasp effort Clicker, which takes us to 13.....
  4. 12 entries so far and all so different.
  5. I really like that Denis. Was it taken with your Tokina wide angle?
  6. I nice catch of insects Gareth, I think your last image is a hoverfly: Pellucid Fly - Volucella pellucens Sometimes called the Pellucid Hoverfly, it's a bee mimic....
  7. Thanks Gareth, yes they are and there's such a big variety of them to photograph
  8. Thanks Simon, it's actually a bit of both, it was 3 different ICM's; crocosmia, some orange lilies and these large white daisy looking flowers. The crocosomia and lilies I wazzed through Nik Analog Efex then blended them as layers. Thanks John. Thanks Clicker, I've watched quite a few of his videos, I think I ended up with about 50-60 shots, I tried using some different camera movements, as well as trying Andy's whipping movement...
  9. Thanks Gareth, yes they are unusual.
  10. Sheep always seem curious as to what you're doing.... Not 100% sure on the processing of this....
  11. Ryewolf

    Vw prints

    Always good when you sell something, well done Paul
  12. I'm okay with the carrots and celery but I hate cauliflower, my Grandad used to grow veggies in his garden and cauliflowers always had earwigs in them.... He told me they would crawl into my ear and burrow into my head.... I know now it's not true but it did put me off cauliflower for ever......
  13. Nicely caught Denis, one thing I like about bird of prey centres is you can get up close with otherwise elusive and hard to find raptors....
  14. Nicely caught Denis, I didn't recognise the butterfly in your first two images but it's a marbled white, never seen one of these before. The last butterfly is a Peacock Butterfly
  15. Thanks Clicker. I used the straight out of camera shot and applied a Nik Analog Efex preset that I'd created, which had a texture effect on it to create a new layer and blended the original image with the Nik Efex layer, then merged the layers and adjusted the brightness and contrast.
  16. Inspired by Andy Gray's ICM photography and using Nik Analog Efex
  17. Thanks Denis, I was thinking that myself. Luckily the sun, even at 7-8pm still shines on the river at this spot. Thanks Clicker. The river at this particular spot is about 150ft wide and whilst there are 3 little spits of islands made up of rocks, it does mean wading through upto 3ft of water to get to them, plus there's very little cover once you're there.
  18. Female Kingfisher on the River Calder at Whalley, pity her favourite perches are so far away...
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