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  1. I always like a mystery, so trying to work out what went on with this church.... seems like it was built over 700-800 years with the earliest from the 12th C so any number of things could have happened over the centuries, if there was a vestry over the North Entrance the Holy Water Stoupe at the entrance would make sense...
  2. According to this website the North Door was the original entrance. https://thechurchexporer.blogspot.com/2018/11/st-andrew-letcombe-regis.html
  3. Love the warm golden glow on the buildings. Only been to New York the once way back in 1979....
  4. Interesting shots, could be a wash basin if it was near a door.
  5. Interesting shots, there's a guy on YouTube called Martin Zero who explores various urban spots around Manchester and Lancashire.
  6. Two great shots, I feel like I've not been anywhere, other than locally, since last summer....
  7. Great shot, I somehow missed this one.
  8. Thanks Clicker and Jeff. One that I missed were the Coal Tits that were there as well. One of the advantages of this site is that the birds are used to people being about so you can pretty close and no shooting through glass and at this time of year the are no leaves to block the views or cause shadows.
  9. Taken at a local picnic site on Sunday Blue Tit Great Tit Long-Tailed-Tit Dunnock
  10. It's been a fairly quiet week on the forum, but here's a couple of honourable mentions: Karls Frozen Waterfall Lumb Falls 2 Pauls unusual Ant-mimic Wasp But this weeks POTW is Clickers brooding Potholes and Parking Original thread can be found here »
  11. Have you watched the footage of the Perseverance Landing?
  12. Ryewolf

    Lumb Falls 2...

    Nicely caught Karl. I use Nik Silver Efex for converting to mono.
  13. Great shot Clicker, I've missed getting out to photograph the trains on the ELR
  14. That's pretty cool, not seen that before.
  15. Ryewolf

    New Camera

    A 35mm film camera is basically the same as a full frame digital camera, I have a SLR and DSLR (APS-c) and I've used the same lens on both cameras, it's because on a aps-c camera you get a 1.6 crop effect, so on a full frame you're bound to get more in the frame....
  16. Thanks Paul, for bird shots I tend to leave the camera on continuous mode.
  17. Thanks Clicker, I did get a couple of images of it holding and eating the peanut almost upside down but they weren't as sharp as the one I posed and one I missed of the end of it's tail. Thanks Jeff
  18. A Long Tailed Tit holding onto a branch, it did have a peanut in the other foot but dropped it.
  19. Great shot Paul, that's new one for me, never heard of ant mimic wasp before.
  20. Yes, I have a similar problem with Ladybirds.
  21. Why not build something a eye level with mosses and pebbles and put your subjects on that, like a worm table? Save on the knees....
  22. Thanks Paul, the other 2 tits I missed were the Great and Long Tailed tits
  23. First time out with my camera this month.... Coal Tit Dunnock Blue Tit Blackbird - I think the first is either a female or juvenile
  24. I managed to get a few images of Bluetits today....
  25. Great shots Paul and yes she is a bit early, I didn't realise that they hibernated through the winter months.
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