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  1. It did actually fall and die, but very Douglas Adams....
  2. Thanks everyone, I was on my way home in the car when I saw this so drove around Whalley again and parked up close by to take these photographs, always have a camera with you as you never know what you might see.
  3. Excellent set, I do like the 1st and 3rd images
  4. Spotted this row of colourful wheelbarrows outside a Ironmongers shop in Whalley.... A bit of a twiddle in Topaz Studio
  5. Excellent shot and a nice plain background
  6. @Denis I was pretty fed up with lockdown after the first 4 weeks.
  7. Another good capture and nicely isolated against the background
  8. Lancashire is now in Tier 3, different households no longer can mix indoors or outdoors...
  9. There are a couple of us on the forum, myself and Paul, that spend a lot of time doing macro work, I use a Canon 100mm 1:1 f.2.8 macro lens + extension tubes, Paul uses a Laowa 2:1 f2.8 Super Macro Lens (you commented on his Eye Lad thread) - the Laowa is a fully manual lens
  10. Hoverflies are bee/wasp mimics (bees, wasps and ants are all part of an insect order called Hymenoptera) once you've photographed them a lot it's easy to distinguish between them all. Bees/wasps have two pairs of wings whereas flies only have one pair (in the second image you can see what would have been the second pair of wings - it looks like a spatula between the wing and second pair of legs), both bees/wasps and flies have large compound eyes on hoverflies they are much bigger; bees/wasps have biting mouthparts, flies don't; bees/wasps have a much longer antenna - the exception is with sa
  11. I must admit that I didn't know of her, but this works really well.
  12. Another well spotted and crafted image FUJI
  13. A great set, especially the last one
  14. Nicely caught, hoverflies and wasps are also very good pollinators
  15. Two nice captures, the second image is of a Hoverfly - difficult to tell which species from the angle though
  16. That's an excellent shot, you've caught a surprising amount of detail given its size and the fact it was flying.
  17. Apparently the legend is that Jimi Hendrix released several Green Parakeets in the 60's.....
  18. Nicely caught Roger, I see these a lot at a local picnic area. Earlier in the year I found a Nuthatch nest and even photographed the young chicks...
  19. Some excellent shots there especially the tiger and stag.
  20. I hadn't read the intro text about how they were produced, that explains a lot about the mirrowing and softness.
  21. Thanks James. Yes, a friend has a bird of prey sanctuary near me; these were taken nearly 6 years ago but never got around to processing them.
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