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  1. Ryewolf

    Water Colours

    Thanks Korky, Clicker and John.
  2. Ryewolf

    Water Colours

    Thanks David.
  3. Ryewolf

    The Snow Lion

    Here is the website for the Snow Lion Walkabout
  4. Ryewolf


    I think I prefer the first of the two images.
  5. Ryewolf

    The Tall Guy

    Seems there's a lot of interesting characters in Hitchin.
  6. Ryewolf

    The Snow Lion

    It's a strange looking dragon.... so I did a bit of a Google, apparently it's a Snow Lion and the lady is the Red Queen..... it's certainly unusual though.
  7. Ryewolf

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    Congrats from me John.
  8. Another Week, this ones a theme Still Life
  9. Ryewolf

    Steam Trains HDR

    Thanks Denis.
  10. I was looking at some paintings of Steam Trains on the ELR today, so this was my version using Nik HDR Efex Pro....
  11. Ryewolf

    the 52 Project 2018 - Week 28 - Theme

    Ok, so my last idea didn't really come out the way I thought it would.....
  12. Ryewolf

    the 52 Project 2018 - Week 28 - Theme

    I'm struggling with mine, nothing I've tried this week as actually worked, I have one more idea that I'm going to try.... All a bit last minute.....
  13. Ryewolf


    Now these two I do like.... well spotted.... lucky you have some sun, it's been fairly grim, grey and wet most of the day here in Lancashire.
  14. Ryewolf

    Man Up A Pole

    Literally... spotted this outside my house.....
  15. Spotted in Pendleton in Oct 2017 Settle also has a Flowerpot Festival each year between July and August....
  16. Ryewolf

    City of Wells

    I was hoping to get some night time images of the steam trains at Ramsbottom station, alas though none of the full night time ones came out... But I did get these before it went fully dark..... And the City of Wells and GWR 4270
  17. Ryewolf

    Did he jump...?

    Normally it would be insects, so dried insects for wild birds would be okay - though you might have to give it water using a pipet.
  18. A very murky, grey and wet day on the East Lancs Railway - City of Wells 34092 at Ramsbottom Station
  19. Ryewolf

    Hill Climb Mini.

    My Dad bought me a Wolseley Hornet, which was very similar to the mini.
  20. Well, looks like we have a clear winner, so over to you James for the next challenge..... The a list of previous themes here....
  21. Spotted in Blackburn last year
  22. Ryewolf

    Photo Wall

    I think it must have been, next time I go to Blackburn I look to see if it's still there... and see if I can find out out more about the project.....
  23. Check out the video... about 1:30 seconds in...
  24. Ryewolf

    Did he jump...?

    Awww, poor birdie, I hope you're keeping it safe and fed....