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  1. Day 17: Tree Blossom with a bit of a twiddle in Nik Analog Efex
  2. Interesting to see them as mono's
  3. Nicely caught John, I've only seen a few butterflies so far and none in a place I could photograph them.
  4. Some really nice bokeh on that second image.
  5. Thanks Denis. I don't often see them in the usual places I go, but since the lockdown I found a spot literally a few minutes away that they seem to like.
  6. Yes indeed, I had a few others that were almost as good, usually with birds I have a 1 in 10 hit rate, I always shoot on continuous mode so I might get 1 or 2 shots that are almost exactly the same. Birds also have a translucent nictitating membrane that I often capture, but it does make the birds eye look slightly strange....
  7. In my local park that is a few minutes walk from my house....
  8. Very appropriate and topical. There is an All Alone Road near Shipley and another road that leads to All Alone...
  9. Thanks Clicker, they were both crops from 6000x4000 down to 4000X2667 so had a bit of freedom to compose them. They were both looking for worms in the ground, I took about 50 shots and these were the best two when the sun caught them and they didn't have their beaks and faces buried in the soil....
  10. A couple of very nice sunrises, I must admit to being a night owl so only usually see them if I've stayed up all night....
  11. An interesting set none the less BP, I really envy your easy access to the coast especially now on lockdown.
  12. I'd completely forgotten how splendid these birds look, at a distance they look quite dull but cautch them in the sunlight and they are so much more...
  13. Well caught BP, I think I remember you saying the Soligor 400mm f6.3 was a bit difficult to use.
  14. I had one like that last year and would sing well before dawn to well after dusk, it must have found somewhere else to live as I haven't heard it this year. Nicely caught Denis, always difficult shooting upwards to a bright sky with a dark coloured bird.
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