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  1. Just the usual work again today, but had a drive out to Roddlesden after finishing work, I was hoping for a bit more light..... A walk in the woods.. The river.. The Waterfall Roddlesden Hall Well House Vertical Steam Engine 'Nellie' outside Darwen...
  2. From today...
  3. Ryewolf

    Bank Vole

    I'm guessing around mouse sized, they look very similar to mice except for the shorter ears and smaller eyes.
  4. Ryewolf

    Two Trees

    Thanks Gareth, many of the TIPF members will be very familiar with this view, as it's fairly local to me - about 6-7 miles from my house, and I photographed it a lot last two year as part of a One A Day Every Day Challenge we did between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2017....
  5. Ryewolf


    A couple of nice images, I prefer the second it almost looks like some sort of sea monster swimming along, there's even an eye and that shell could almost be a flipper....
  6. Ryewolf


    Definitely a gothic feel to it, I can see the Addams family living here....
  7. Ryewolf

    Robber fly? or Dung fly

    Another one of your wonderfully detail macro shots Andy
  8. Ryewolf

    Give us a kiss!

    Nice capture and caption John, works well in mono and worth clicking to see the full size/uncompressed image.
  9. Ryewolf

    A View Through A Window

    Thanks Gareth, there's lots of opportunities at Whalley Abbey for views through doors and windows.
  10. At Whalley Abbey this evening...
  11. Ryewolf

    A small snack

    Thanks Clicker, yes always a bit annoying to miss a shot. Had it been a brighter day like the previous few weeks, the settings would have been perfectly fine.
  12. Ryewolf

    A small snack

    Not the greatest of shots - I forgot to change the settings on the camera when I swapped to the big Sigma - but just managed to get this shot as it threw back it's head to swallow this fish it had in it's beak.
  13. Monday and back to work.....It was a pretty grey and drizzly day, so just a drive through Sabden and up over Pendle hill in the evening. A Tree....
  14. Two Trees on Pendle Hill on a grey and grizzly day...
  15. Ryewolf

    What are you reading?

    Currently re-reading Conn Iggulden's Wolf of the Plains (the story of Ghengis Khan) - the old fashioned way using a paper book, I must admit I love the feel of a real paper book, something I can hold and turn pages. I've never got into reading via Kindle or owt else digital...