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  1. A nice set of images, the lizards are pretty cool....
  2. Ryewolf

    Great White Egret

    They do like very similar except the Little Egret doesn't have the yellow beak and they're quite a bit smaller. The first shot with the reflection is excellent.
  3. Ryewolf

    POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018

    There's been some nice macro work from Andy on a lens that was originally a film scanner, BP posted some great landscapes in the Slice of Life section, there's been very pleasing dog portraits from Craig, John gave us a rather sureal portrait of Sophie Anne and a rather splendid bridge. Clicker posted some rather poignant images from the International Bomber Command centre in Lincoln. But a set I've been back to a few times is of some night time images taken around Lincoln from Colin. We don't get many night time images on the forum and all these were equally good. The original thread can be found here....
  4. Ryewolf

    Loco 2857

    Thanks James, apparently this class of loco was built between 1905-1919 for heavy freight work.
  5. From Saturday - watching steam trains again - this time at Ramsbottom - Loco's 2857 and 4270 leaving the station for Rawtenstall.
  6. Ryewolf

    Rivington No #2

    Yes, sometimes things work on one image but the same processing on a different one doesn't.
  7. Ryewolf

    Turneresque No2

    OK, have done. In the original version, there is what looks like a double horizon like I misaligned the layers, however this was not the case it just seemed to be a quirk of the painterly effect. I also softened and desaturated the landscape and added a bit more colour to the sky.
  8. Ryewolf

    Rivington No #2

    Thanks Clicker, yes I think I probably over did this one a little.
  9. Ryewolf

    Celestial Skies No #5

    Thanks Clicker, this setting in Topaz works really well on images with very little colour in them, images that already are quite colourful tend to end up looking garish. It does soften the image somewhat
  10. Another in a series of images I've been doing all using the same Topaz setting.
  11. Ryewolf

    Celestial Skies No #4

    Thanks Korky and Clicker. This topaz setting seems to work better on images are almost black and white or have very muted colours as it does ramp up the colour saturation.
  12. Ryewolf

    The Duchess Part II

    Thanks Korky, I've not seen this particular steam engine before.
  13. Ryewolf

    ICM No #3

    Thanks Gareth, doing these intentional camera movement shots throws up some unexpected results.
  14. Ryewolf

    The Duchess Part II

    Some more of the Duchess of Sutherland at Rawtenstall...
  15. Ryewolf

    A Little Night Walk.

    Looks pretty good to me, the city reminds me of York. I've just bought a Tokina 11-20 f2.8 but also looked at the Sigma 10-20mm, I've been pretty impressed with my wide angle lens, you can get so much more into the frame