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  1. Common Lizard Set 3

    Thanks John, it does look like it's having a bit of a smile.
  2. Last few from yesterday...
  3. Common Lizard Set 2

    Thanks Kev. I went up there again today but didn't see any.....
  4. I'd moved a little to fast at one point so the lizard scurried off into the wall, so I just waited until it came back out again... a series of 4 images 13 shots apart.... I'm coming out again... I did like the 3rd shot as I just got a bit of it's tongue coming out....
  5. Strumble Head Lighthouse

    To be honest I'm a sucker for a good sunset and this is a nice composition.
  6. Common Lizard Set 1

    Thanks John, I must admit I was surprised to find them, I knew we had a few lizard species in the UK, but hadn't expected to see them up around Pendle Hill. Apparently this species of lizard can be found across Europe upto 3000m and as far north as the Arctic Circle.
  7. Common Lizard Set 1

    Thanks James and Rick. Just checked the Wildlife Trusts website and they have the lifespan of common lizards as 1 to 12 years, so it may well be the same one from last year.
  8. Common Lizard Set 1

    There must be more than one, last year when I spotted the first one I then suddenly started seeing them all over, running over roads, basking on walls. I'm guessing the walls make a good place to hide up for the winter.
  9. Common Lizard Set 1

    To be honest Kev I don't know, I've no idea how long they live in the wild, but it does seem strange to see one in the almost exact same place.
  10. Common Lizard Set 1

    Thanks Kev. It's interesting that I've seen a lizard on this particular drystone wall - within a few feet - almost 12 months apart.
  11. Just a few from a late evening drive up today around Pendle Hill - I've seen Common Lizards up here before, in fact on this same stretch of drystone wall. I only had to wait about 20 minutes before I spotted one. These were were taken using my Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens, either on it's own or in conjunction with the Canon EP12 or EP25 extension tubes. I used aperture priority and single point focus, f9 to f11, iso 400 The lizard is about 15cm max from nose to tip of tail.
  12. Wren

    Great shot JHF, always a tough bird to photograph.
  13. Waverley station

    It's been quite a while since I last went to Edinburgh - I had my honeymoon there - though we flew up from Manchester.
  14. Under A Bridge

    Oh, that's an interesting abstract looking underside of a bridge, I like looking for things like this myself. I spotted an interesting one in Berwick upon Tweed a few years back.
  15. POTW - w/e 15/4/2018

    Congrats from me, a worthy winner.