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  1. The birds in flight are crackers.
  2. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    All great shots, with No3 just edging it for me. I wish my nearest coastline was a bit more rugged....
  3. Bit Windy Today

    That is a great shot. We've had nothing but rain, hail, sleet, snow and more rain for what seems like the whole month so far.

    That's a very distinct style in the video, maybe a little on the heavy side, but you've done a good job in replicating the style. That's quite a unique face you've captured there FUJI.
  5. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Wow, that looks massive, is it some sort of wasp?
  6. Mink

    No me neither. I have seen Stoats/Weasels though, never photographed one. Good capture
  7. POTW - 21/01/2018

    A great image, congrats from me.
  8. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Black Five 45212 at Townsend Fold near Rawtenstall
  9. Steam Train In The Snow

    Yes, it can be... it's right on the edge of the Pennines, so can get pretty nasty weather-wise, so if we get West to East weather fronts we get them..
  10. Steam Train In The Snow

    Yes it would, depending on the weather, it can be pretty foul up here....
  11. Steam Train In The Snow

    In March 2-4th (Fri-Sunday) they have a Spring Steam Gala, so it will be all steam trains and it's usually an extended timetable of trains running. There's quite a few good places to watch the trains, where you can get very close to the lineside, but not always obvious where, luckily I only live 8-ish miles from one end - Rawtenstall and Bury (at the other end) is another 10 miles away. Let me know if you fancy meeting up.
  12. Steam Train In The Snow

    It depends which timetable they are running and when. Today they had 3 steam pulled departures (and 3 diesel) from Bury to Rawtenstall and back. At this time of year it usually just weekends though....
  13. Steam Train In The Snow

    Thanks Kev, and it was 10 minutes late arriving (on the second shot)..... so had to wait another 25 minutes for it to come back for the first shot. It was flippin freezing, but at least not snowing as heavy.
  14. Steam Train In The Snow

    Black Five 45212 at Townsend Fold near Rawtenstall I had hoped to catch the steam train arriving here from the opposite direction, but as you can see from the image below, it arrived tender first...
  15. Well, looks like we have a winner. Congrats from me and over to you JamesT for the next challenge.