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  1. Thanks John. Yes, all the corvids are pretty smart
  2. Ryewolf

    Big Trucks

    Spotted on the way back from Hebden Bridge
  3. Taken at Hebden Bridge this afternoon in between the rain showers...
  4. Excellent shots John, they look very colourful on the flowers.
  5. Thanks Paul, this one was only about 1cm long, I've never seen such a brightly coloured or hairy caterpillar before
  6. It was only tiny, so not sure if it's a caterpillar or sawfly larvae...
  7. Yes, I'm also intrigued by both these images, especially the first....
  8. Ryewolf

    Platform 1

    I like the old style look to this, these platform canopies are in great demand for heritage railways, put a steam train in front and this could have been taken any time pre-1968...
  9. That's quite possible I suppose, I often seen interesting flying and walking beasties that fly or walk away before I get a close look at them....
  10. Excellent shots Paul, I've never seen one of these yet.
  11. There been a great selection of wonderful images this week again and 3 absolute stand out images that made the choice of POTW very difficult. Firstly there was Vanguards striking and rather scary Care/At Risk Secondly there was FUJI's minimalist monochrome of a bird on a roof taken with his new GX9 camera But the winner goes Craig with his creative Arise Sir Dexter of Peterborough The original post can be found here » So a big congrats from me.
  12. Excellent shots as usual Paul, I don't believe I've ever see one of these before.
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