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  1. Well, looks like we've got a 3 way tie break situation...
  2. Pretty dull and grey most of the day except for the last hour before sunset... Elmfield Hall
  3. So tonight I thought I'd venture up to the Halo Panopticon for a night time shot using the Sigma 30mm f1.4, it was quite a bit darker than I expected and even at f1.4, iso800 it was still almost a second exposure, I did try a few using auto exposure. I was just about to head back to the car for the tripod when the heavens opened - 45 minutes later it was still raining heavily and showed no signs of letting up so called it a day... I did get one sorta useable shot..., will have to go back when the weather is not so finicky....
  4. Wood Ant Blowing a Bubble

    Nive one Roger... Is it a raindrop - noticed a few others on it's legs...? These seem a bit bigger than the usual common black ants I see...
  5. Morning Glory

    When the clocks go back you might get your wish... Great images by the way - I hate winter time (it is almost) it's now getting dark around 7pm and sunrise is around 6:50am - it does make it harder to get out for that OADED
  6. Yes. it was pretty cold here yesterday 6pm was 10c (today by comparison was 18c) and almost dark, first time for about 6 months I've had the heating on. Downham in late afternoon light, it was going to be one of Pendle, but spotted the Crow in the tree in this one and changed my mind...
  7. It's been a rubbish day weather wise, indeed it started raining very heavily not long after I took this shot this evening, it also wasn't very warm either.. Windfarm...
  8. Great Crested Grebe

    Thanks Roger, I might have to get some camoflage....
  9. Great Crested Grebe

    Thanks Kev.
  10. I've been trying to get close up to this bird for ages as it's been in the same spot for months, whenever I go to the side of the lake it's on it bogs off to the other side and vice versa. The last shot I actually managed to get quite close, except it was watching me all the time... Great Crested Grebe
  11. Th 52 Project ~Week 33

    A Hawker Dragonfly....
  12. POTW w/e 17/9/17

    Great choice Kev and great to see one of Paul's macro shot's get POTW...