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  1. Loco 52322 leaving Irwell Vale
  2. Abstract Metal Part 1

    Thanks BP.
  3. The 52 Project - Week 42

    Just what is that bit of metal???
  4. But, is it Edible?

    I've no idea either.....
  5. I'm also not able to vote..... Phil, Korky and Richard all seem to have managed voting today (I wonder if they didn't vote previously???) Seem to remember Phil saying that you needed to completely delete the previous poll and start a new one...
  6. Looks like we have a 5 way tie-break situation...
  7. Bambi

    Nice one, I often see deer, usually very briefly before they bound off into the undergrowth and trees, so very rarely have chance to photograph them.

    Oh, now I really like this one....
  9. Abstract Metal Part 4

    Thanks Kev and FUJI, some more slinky shots....
  10. Abstract Metal Part 3

    Thanks Kev.... it's a slinky and again the colours are from some hologram card in the background...
  11. Abstract Metal Part 1

    It's a whisk Kev.... and the colours are from light reflecting off some pieces of hologram card....
  12. A long line of Geoffery's... I'm now the last in long line of Geoffery's in our family that go back for at least 300 years... a family photo from 1943, my Dad Geoffrey Liddell (now 83) on the left, my Grandad Geoffery Wareing in the middle, my Aunite Margaette (now 84) and my Grandmother Irene... My Grandfather served in WWII but never spoke to anyone about what he saw or did, he died when I was about 10 or 12 not long after retiring....