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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. Excellent shot John, that sky looks like it's been painted.
  2. BT also have a service called Call Protect
  3. My Mum is normally pretty good when it comes to the phone, if they start waffling and she doesn't understand what they what she just puts the phone down and she wouldn't normally give out card details over the phone. Exactly my point, it's also not like she'd know what they are..... Unfortunately having no car is making it difficult, otherwise I would have gone up and taken Mum to the bank to make sure no payments had been taken out, my sister will take her to the bank of Friday to make sure.
  4. My Mum received 2 letters from this company (basically consent forms) and both saying that a payment of £150 had been taken and that the consent form needed to be signed in order for them to act on her behalf.... It all seems a bit of a scam to me, my Mum lives in sheltered accommodation so callers need to buzz to gain entry to the building and she would not know what GDPR legislation was if someone called by phone. My sister who read the letters said they read like gobblydegook, their website is also unclear to exactly what services they offer https://www.deviceprotect.co.uk/ A quick look at Companies House website shows the company was incorporated in 2018-06-13 In 13 Feb 2019 Registered office address changed from Box 12 Barlavington Petworth GU28 0LG United Kingdom to 14-16 Churchill Way Cardiff CF10 2DX on 13 February 2019 14 Feb 2019 Appointment of Mr Craig Thomas Mcginlay as a director on 1 February 2019 28 Feb 2019 Termination of appointment of Ben Swanson as a director on 28 February 2019 28 Feb 2019 Termination of appointment of Luke Swanson as a director on 28 February 2019 16 Sep 2019 Termination of appointment of Craig Thomas Mcginlay as a director on 16 September 2019 16 Sep 2019 Appointment of Mr Damien Colin Enticott as a director on 16 September 2019 It all seems a bit fishy to me, 4 different directors in 14 months..... Has anyone had letters or dealings with this company?
  5. Another interesting set of macros
  6. I prefer the mono version of the gate, I like the POV
  7. Post an image starting with the letter P: Pans, Penguins, Portraits and Pubs.... Comp starts on Monday 14th October 2019 and ends on Sunday 20th October, the rules can be found here » Just a reminder that images need to have been taken between Monday 14th October 2019 and Sunday 20th October.
  8. @CMunzel I was going to do a picture of some chilli halkidiki olives, but alas I ate them all.... they were really nice.....
  9. Well done FUJI, two of your macros for POTW, showing us what can be done with a cheap DIY setup... That really is a scary image.....
  10. Nice set, that bench looks like a good place to watch a sunset....
  11. Nicely caught, especially the moody clouds on the horizon
  12. Not sure on the ID for the first image - it might be a female Stonechat, but the dragonfly looks like a common darter to me. If you'd have been in Lancashire you could have tried out you're waterproof jacket as it's rained most of the day, I have one myself and they do work pretty well....
  13. Congrats everyone and thanks to Korky for stepping in at the last minute.
  14. 10.1 The War Memorial and Elmfield Hall in Gatty Park Accrington
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