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  1. Macro is extremely rewarding, but does require a lot of patience. Once you start looking for bugs you find them everywhere, to be honest it's no different to bird or wildlife photography, except you need to get a lot closer to your subjects....
  2. Excellent set Paul, surprised you managed to find a variety of creatures to photograph
  3. Nicely caught John, I've seen these little birds several times but never managed a photograph of one.
  4. Congrats Jeff, well done.
  5. Nicely caught Mark, I've yet to get a decent image of one despite seeing them on a regular basis.
  6. Nicely caught Mark, usually a very shy bird.
  7. Looks like I missed this one, nicely caught
  8. Ryewolf

    Calderdale Snow

    You obviously got a lot more snow than we did....
  9. Ryewolf


    Always interesting to see these old bikes, there were quite a few when me and Denis went to Hebden Bridge a few years back.
  10. Interesting set, I wanted to go to the USA last year but Covid put paid to that.
  11. I thought it meant professional photographer, maybe someone who is a free lancer or sole trader, but I'm only guessing....
  12. I've used the 90D for long exposures and it seems to handle it pretty well, but I've only got my 100D and 800D to compare it with.
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