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  1. I was quite pleased to see the Kingfisher so close, alas it was 20:30pm so the light was poor so I had to use iso1600 for these two shots I got spotted on this shot....
  2. Great set and good to see swans outside their hotel.... Mind you there's a Swan Hotel a few hundred yards from where I live but no swans or river either....
  3. Ryewolf


    I already have a Lowepro Rucksack and a couple of other smaller bags, I think anyone who's had a camera for a few years tends to accumulate camera bags of different sizes....
  4. It works for me.
  5. Well, once again it's a been a diificult week to choose a potw, we've had so many great bird and wildlife images from Panasonicmike and SJR, two excellent sets from Hatter of the Whitwell Steam Fair and some great twiddles from Korky. Some special mentions go to: Korky for his Topaz twiddle of Knaresborough SJR and his hare raising Hare Kobione wonderful dewy Cobwebs But this weeks winners is from Panasonicmike with his bee capture using a 100-400mm lens. You can see the original thread here
  6. Thanks Kobione. Thanks Simon, yes I was hoping one might come and stand near the gate... Thanks Korky... Thanks Gareth, yes it was chained shut.
  7. Thanks Kobione, yes, they have some nice old stations on the KWVR.
  8. That first shot with the ant is excellent.
  9. Another one from the other day, I liked the contrast between the red of the gate and straight lines against the colours and shapes of the trees and nature.
  10. I think in this case, as you posted the image in the wrong thread 21 minutes ago, we'll let it ride... So that looks like were closed for entries.... Poll coming soon.
  11. Well looks like we have a clear winner, so congrats James and over to you for the next challenge.
  12. I used Nik Silver Efex and a preset I have used many times. No, I only ever process images on my main PC, I was only using the laptop a few weeks back to get onto the internet.
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