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  1. More Australian History.

    That's a great image Brian and an interesting piece of history.
  2. Looks as wet and miserable as it did here for most of the day... A late night spider after the thunderstorm passed....
  3. Egret

    I also have a long lens - Sigma 150-600mm...
  4. Flying Ant Day

    Thamks Roger.
  5. Small Bug

    Thanks Paul.
  6. Flying Ant Day

    Thanks Paul, they are very fast... Interesting to watch, as they made several attempts to get of the ground, so I think I must have caught them just as they were coming out for the first flight.
  7. Big Skies West Pennines

    Thanks JHF.
  8. Flying Ant Day

    Thanks Kev and Clicker. I don't think it's limited to just one day - as flying insects don't really like rain. I was watching a Great Crested Grebe when I spotted them.
  9. Flying Ant Day

    Whilst I've seen flying ants before, it was before I got my camera. I literally saw 100's this evening, to say they were tricky to photograph is an understatement. It wasn't that they were small, just very fast and erratic..
  10. Bearded Tits

    Nice one Roger, some cracking images. Never seen one myself.
  11. It's Flying Ant Day...
  12. Gothic Style

    Nice shots Kev, think the colour just nudges it for me.
  13. Greater Spotted Woodpecker

    Nice one Roger.
  14. Yes, if it's a bird, it's usually on the Sigma 150-600mm, this was at full 600mm or around 900mm as it's not a full frame camera, so it's 600mm * 1.6. Flippin heck Polly that front garden looks huge, I think I've been to stately homes that had less garden.................. You're not Baroness Polly by any chance....????
  15. Icelandic waterfalls & rocks

    lol, I know another forum where they have done a week trip to Iceland....... getting there is fairly easy, by plane, it's all the incidental stuff like arranging transport/hotels and getting around is the problem and knowing where to go and what sorta transport you'd need.... as some of these places are usually difficult to reach at certain times of the year.. I'd certainly be up for it though......