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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



Don't forget ... you've got about 7 days to post in NOVEMBER'S In Focus Challenge, this month is themed: Abstract. Deadline midnight on SATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER for your entries (a maximum of 4) in the latest monthly TIPF IN FOCUS challenge.


Good Luck  everyone ...;)


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  1. That looks like the viaduct at Whalley....
  2. Blackpool Zoo has an area called Wallaby Walkabout, although the day I visited it was very hot (for the UK)so they were neither walking or hopping... I think these two are both Red Kangaroos....
  3. I'm surprised nobody has commented as it is an interesting portrait.
  4. I did wonder if you'd opened the gate for the shot, it's what I would have done....
  5. The Flying Scotsman is coming to the ELR again next year, 8 - 10 May & 26 - 27 September 2020
  6. I know what you mean, sometimes my Sigma 150-600mm C isn't big enough....
  7. I'd planned to do something like this myself....
  8. Congrats from me Mike.
  9. Well done to everyone who took part, a varied set of images.
  10. Post an image starting with the letter X: X Marks the Spot, Xerox, Xmas, Xylophone.... Comp starts on Monday 9th December 2019 and ends on Sunday 15th December, the rules can be found here » Just a reminder that images need to have been taken between Monday 9th December 2019 and Sunday 15th December. Another tricky letter for the A-Z Challenge......
  11. They look very similar to the Egyptian Ibis I saw when I went to Egypt..... Thoth, the Egyptian God was often depicted as a man with the head of an Ibis.
  12. Cool, it put our tiny native lizards to shame....
  13. 52322 as it passes through Stubbins on the ELR this afternoon.
  14. Thanks Denis, yes I know what you mean about zoo's. These particular tigers are only found in the Russian Far East and Northeast China.
  15. Two excellent captures Mike
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