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  1. Clicker

    Dresses for Dummies....

    Out on the streets of Upton on Severn ....
  2. Clicker

    Baddesley Clinton

    Well.... give it a try and lets compare them Strav ....I've had a got at both and I think there is lots of scope for both mono and colour .. Go for it sunshine ... fingers crossed it will post eh ?🤔
  3. Clicker

    Dresses for Dummies....

    Out of interest and for what it’s worth ... I tend to process in colour first ...and use the neutral density filter in the colour pro Fx option before I start on a mono conversion ... but I will try out the in camera option more ... There are so many combinations of settings with the X-T2 and X-T3 That I still haven’t tried them all yet ... Such a big thief of time thisphotography hobby ... I could use twice the hours in a day .....
  4. Clicker

    Dresses for Dummies....

    Thanks fellas ... I am having to empty a dozen or so SD cards to take them to Austria and finding hundreds a of images from last year and the year before sometimes... it is something I hate doing ... editing and binning anything not worth keeping ... I’m becoming a bit of a hoarder the older I get methinks . This is from a few hundred I took whilst walking around Upton on Severn last Summer having driven there in a bloody huge Volvo whilst waiting for my Mazda to be serviced . Yes I have tried the two black and white in camera options John .... I don’t think I have them uploaded to my pc yet so I will check on that ...and should try some more ... good idea . We can compare notes then eh ?
  5. Clicker

    Keeping fit ....

    Sorry guys but I literally dozed off whilst actually posting this in the early hours ,, about 3am, and when I awoke I had left my hands on the keyboard and there were yards of gobbledegook text and a picture uploaded ... so I just erased all the letters , pressed send and tumbled into bed ... I have no idea who the fella is but I had been on a walk along the Severn when he just walked towRds me whilst I was taking a shot of something else ... First time I saw him was in the viewfinder .... he just said, “ Artahnoon” as he passed me and was gone !!🤨
  6. Clicker

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    There was a great moon out last night ... I did toy with the idea myself .. nice one Kerry ..... good to see you joining in too ...
  7. Clicker

    Natural light portrait

    Just catching the light on the underside of that fur sleeve makes all the difference for me too Strav . A striking image ..
  8. Clicker

    blackthorn tree

    Do you know what ...sometimes it really doesn't matter if there are imperfections in an image and the technical aspects are not utilised 100 percent because sometimes in the time it takes to get all those things perfect ... the moment has passed and you've missed getting anything like the picture you saw in your head . l love these old gnarled blackthorns that show just how the years of prevailing winds have forced them to bow to the unrelenting pressure but stubbornly refuse to give up. Lovely light and composition Ryland ..# 1 gets my vote too .. the composition is great ..
  9. Clicker

    In The Footsteps of Van Gogh

    Some effective use of lighting there Geoff ... ard very atmospheric too ... the people essential in this pic for me ..
  10. Get a hat ....One from a day out on the streets last year ...
  11. Clicker


    Carbon monoxide detector ?
  12. Clicker

    This cushion is lumpy

    That's a Proper " woe is me " look Simon ... Sometimes it's just fun to play with filters when a pic feels a bit ordinary isn't it ..I get plenty of practise with ordinary images ...
  13. Clicker

    Fossdyke Navigation

    That works well David ... some good glassy reflections with that sky forming the perfect foil as John has already said ...
  14. Clicker


    Priceless that first one Fooj ..... I can just hear what he's saying under his breath ...... " What the .????"...
  15. Just want to draw attention to anyone interested on catchup BBC4 Sunday night at 8pm a fabulous programme showing stunning scenery called Life of a mountain : A Year on Blencathra . what I would give to be able to get up there to photograph it ...a Terry Abraham’s special . The winter scenes are spectacular ,!
  16. Clicker

    Watch on tv .. Blencathra

    How far is that from you then Rye ...?
  17. Clicker


    You certainly seem to have cracked this BIF business Mike... ... nicely caught
  18. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 17/02/19

    Such a clever composition this one ...well done John.... good choice Gareth .....
  19. Clicker

    Watch on tv .. Blencathra

    Love that Rye..... fabulous... really like how you have incorporated the curve of the large stone on the left to folllow that of the mountain behind ... Composed thoughtfully there...
  20. Clicker

    Watch on tv .. Blencathra

    Arthur’s Seat ...I haven’t been there since the 70s ... I’d forgotten just how stunning it came look ...must put it on my list...to photograph from a distance !!
  21. Clicker

    Why i chose the D500, Goose landing

    I’ll have to try the XT 3 with the appropriate setting for that ... I may have to get the grandson running towards me though rather than wait for a mallard or goose to come in to land on the pond ! Really good sequence of images though Mike . How many frames per second was that then ...?
  22. Clicker

    Lincoln Locals

    On the second image David ... I’ve notice two pinky orange rectangles just above and below his foot on the left of the image ... ....??
  23. Clicker

    Glass and light ...

    Perfume bottle lit by iPhone...