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  1. Clicker

    Water Colours

    I like the effect on these too Rye ... tis .#2 for me as well.
  2. Clicker

    Just One Cornetto

    A really charming portrait David ... one to freasure ... and secure a place in the family album .... Love. It ..
  3. Clicker

    Wish i could fly

    Clever captioning Mike,adds to the humour of this catch ...the contrasts help the subject matter to stand out too .
  4. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    Great choice Dee. .. a hearty slap on the back John ... well deserved POTW..
  5. This jackdaw looked a bit cross when I caught him on the feeder ....
  6. It was Rye this time Gareth .. one of us is usually about when it's close to midnight ....along with Michael Jackson and owls and vampires !!
  7. Clicker


    Two really smashing captures here Fooj ... ..love 'em both ... the latter is a brilliant piece of opportunism ...
  8. Clicker

    Hey Mr Baseman

    Agree with Brian ... this is a very nice study of the guitarist... the composition is so enhanced in my opinion by a visual alliteration with that second guitarist fading out in the background.... Many might have tempted to lose that altogether but I like the way that you have processed this. It has a great sense of balance for me ... was it a live gig or a studio shoot ?
  9. Clicker

    Did he jump...?

    Not easy to do that ...they require food 6-10 times per day and is often done with a syringe by bird breeders ..... a skill also fraught with the danger of getting it into their lungs .I'm ot even sure what you feed them with.. Have you found where the nest is ?
  10. 🤣 My descent was a lot slower than that though .. pleas note ..I have reposted and removed the original now ...
  11. More from a walk in the Wyre Forest in October .... nb... reposted this as a lighter version follwing the comments ... thanks folks..
  12. I didn't see that film Rye ....?... Of course I don't think the G n Ts had anything to do with the rather dark result !!
  13. Clicker

    Photo Wall

    You did well not to get any reflections ... unless it was that non reflective perspex ... Anyway ... I like the idea ......
  14. Clicker

    Photo Wall

    Not open to the weather ?... Presumably they were under cover ... was it a community project ... an£ what / who determined what pics were used... what a lovely idea ....
  15. Clicker

    Watch the birdie ....

    Ooh this one looks really dark now I have looked again after discovering a problem I had when processing this and another photo in the landscapes forum .. I’ll sort this out later this evening too ...I had to laugh though... ps .. re posted a lighter version...
  16. You’re right guys ... unusually I processed them on my laptop and .. don’t laugh ... I noticed this morning that the hydraulics had gone in my office chair so I must have slowly been sinking ... and consequently the angle of my screen had changed completely albeit it so slowly that I hadn’t noticed till this morning ..... I’ll alter them later today... thanks ...
  17. Well ... I think 🤔 there’s no reason one can’t like both in equal measure ... so I ‘ll join you John ...
  18. The Wyre Forest at it's best ...
  19. Hmmmm maybe it's because I'm on the laptop at the moment ...it looks a bit dark ,... and it was almost silhouetted to be honest ... I think I might prefer the mono version... or do I?
  20. Clicker

    Photo Wall

    Ooh do tell ... was it indoors ... how was it displayed? How big is this ? ... I want to know more ......
  21. Clicker

    My Sunday morning

    Well tell us what you have bought and why youve changed from your Olympus gear......was it an epiphany ?
  22. Clicker

    Blackburn Cathedral Interior

    That must be a first for you ...just taking one ... maybe your new lens will come in handy next time.
  23. An Autumn walk in the Wyre Forest nearby, ended in some welcome shade at the top of the hill ... an unbelievably warm day for the time of year...
  24. Clicker

    Mother Nature 's Autumn wardrobe ...

    It's understandable really ... Christmas seems to get more frantic every year... and I have just spent all day hunting for 3 sets of led lights for two Xmas trees and I just cannot find them anywhere... I have all the tree decorations and cant use them till i get the lights on ! Bah !