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  1. How wonderfully imaginative these costumes are ... and so elaborate and well executed .... a Fabulous Carnival atmosphere captured here Hatter!
  2. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 26/05/19

    Fabulous choice Korks...It really makes you look hard at what is going on between them all and the fun is obvious .. Well done Rye.. I think she's showing that there is no glass in her faux spectacles so it's pointless trying to clean them ....
  3. Rye and I are sharing the honours this week following a double tie break so .... You have the choice of themes this week,and as a special treat you can enter one picture from each theme if you want to !! 1) A Manipulated image. where post production has changed the original image from the camera or . 2) Intentional Camera Movement whereby the image is produced by intentional moving the camera at the point of capture .to produce something either abstract or distinguishable . It's up to you .. For those unfamiliar with this type of photography here are a couple of links to help.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intentional_camera_movemen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zYg0Pjlows Usual rules apply .. An image can be taken from your archives if you prefer, as long as it has not appeared on TIPF in the past Entries close at midnight on Friday 31st May at which point Voting will open until midnight on Friday 7th June . You will still only be able to vote for one entry . Good Luck everyone .....let's see a bumper number of entries this week when you have two choices of themes to be judged altogether .
  4. I’ll be setting up a joint effort with two themes that Rye and I have agreed on , later today. The themes with be:- Intentional Camera Movement that Rye tries periodically with some great abstract or impressionist type results and/or Manipulated Image , something that has been obviously altered from the original photo . I’ll set up the challenge later today ... meanwhile get cracking on something that will fit the bill .. If you really want... you can enter one for each theme.
  5. A really colourful joyful set of people images Strav ... They cergtainly do exude a Joie de Vivre ...
  6. Interesting entries ... I have no problem with your entry Korks ... being a montage to show an historic event/ ancestry. ...It's been done with your usual style .
  7. Looks like Otley... did the Grasshoppers win then ? I'm a big Rugby Union Fan .... as opposed to Rugby League ..
  8. That's what I like about pp and digital photography ... you can make mistakes and still retrieve something from the result ... Trying to be a technician and artistic means sometimes yer just forget to change a setting or get a setting wrong ... I get comfort from the fact that a lot of famous paintings upon being xrayed show that they have been overpainted to cover up a mistake .. If Da Vinci can get it wrong ....what chance have I got ?
  9. Unveiled in 1936 by King Edward VIII to commemorate the Fallen of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War Vimy Ridge Memorial ~ France.
  10. Thanks Mono and Hatter ... appreciate that .. Your comments are too Fuji Denis, Simon Dee and John .. Sorry I missed those when using my phone to view .. iPhone 5s Screen is so small innit for this forum ...lol Hi Cheryl ...thanks for your feedback too ... The Nik collection was free to download when I got it about 3 years ago ... I'm not sure what the position is now .. I think Rye downloaded it fairly recently so he would know .. I'm sure it was owned by Google when I got it but it's changed ownership since then . regarding the workshop ... I am still keen to start that but I haven't had a great deal of feedback as it was on an unrelated thread that I brought the subject up ...Maybe if I do a dedicated thread to i,t asking if other members feel that it's worth a try.. I'll do that over this bank holiday weekend and see what the response is ...
  11. It is sometimes really hard to watch Nature take it’s course isn’t t it ... the balance is so delicate. ...we interfere at our peril . Two Mallards on our pond has 26 ducklings between them but within a week or so the crows and a fox a had reduced them to just one ... it seems that they produce so many to act as a larder for other species ..... We were taught this in school I know but it still is difficult to watch it happening every year ....
  12. Yup .... strangely enough as James says ......
  13. Here is the bleached version before the addition of extra detail ...
  14. The original was a nothing photo just to record an area at Aberaeron just South of Aberystwyth... As you can see, the edited version is heavily cropped and I used the Nik collection Colour efex pro 4 filter set using the detail extraction filter with a flat detailed preset .Then I used the HDR efex pro2 filter to lift the shadows and show even more details .. I then overlaid it all with a texture layer I had saved from a photo I had taken of a rendered house wall some years ago for my texture library . Finally i used the bleach bypass filter on the efex pro 4 filter( adding extra detail ) set in Nik efex . I did have a little bit of colour left in one version then I decided to take all of it out .... here is the original photo ... unadulterated and a bit dull to be honest ...
  15. i saw this tip in a newspaper too . funnily enough ...reading it late last night ..... . I've tried it today after catching a squirrel stealing the nuts just after breakfast ... so far he has only been back the once to try .... impressive tip.James .
  16. Finding things to do with old photos .... Taken near Aberystwth a few months ago..
  17. Ooooer ...did I allude John?
  18. Oooh that’s really interesting James... so it doesn’t harm the birds ???
  19. A friend of mine buys those large shiny terracotta coloured, plastic saucers ( to sit plant pots on ) and then drills couple of holes in them turns them upside down and feeds the detachable metal handles through the holes and makes the saucer an enormous rooftop to the cylindrical feeders. he squirrels find impossible to stay on the shiny material to negotiate past it below to the food !. I had feeders hanging off a metal pole for a while and used engine oil and WD 40 to stop them climbing up it ... They used to get up two or three feet ..... then slowly slide down again ... !
  20. I have just moved 8 hanging feeders for nuts, seeds. fat-balls etc (to another tree completely) that have been in place for 6 years and within an hour there were just as many birds on them ... I had to move them as they were ruining a whole bed of rhododendrons below with debris ... what gets eaten has to be expelled too unfortunately.
  21. I hope they've got padded saddles .. Nicely processed for a focused effect John...
  22. ... Unfortunately I think the complicated dark background has meant the outline of the woodpecker has been lost on this one David .. I’d be inclined to hang the feeder where there is a much lighter backdrop, if possible .. they are notoriously shy birds to capture in any circumstance ... so patience is a real virtue in the case if the woodpecker .... I have jackdaws that do this too.... in fact they push the feeder to the edge of the branch so that it drops onto the ground where they can devour the suet balls without having to perform the acrobatics necessary when it’s hanging up !!!
  23. Well try it on here to see what the reaction is ...
  24. Oooh Yes .. The first shot is maybe not for train spotters but steam train enthusiasts will love this for the whole ambience you've captured of a bygone era . It really looks like a perfect symbiotic relationship of train and terrain ..... A Fabulous photo Rye ...
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