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  1. Clicker

    Glass and light ...

    Thanks all ... ... taken in the dark on granite worktop holding the iPhone torch in one hand . Camera in t’other ... sophisticated set up innit ...
  2. Clicker

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    That’s a very nice twiddle John .. and I’ll pardon you for twiddling ...
  3. Clicker

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    No excuse then folks ... let’s have a bumper number of entries for this one then ......
  4. Clicker

    Sod you then

    Well observed Mike ... Grey squirrels are known to raid nests and kill birds and chicks so I imagine maybe the conversation wasn’t quite as friendly as you thought !,,,Not my favourite pesky animal I’m afraid ...
  5. Clicker

    Glass and light ...

    Perfume bottle lit by iPhone...
  6. Well done Korks ... A really clever use of the image to signify the Blues ... top stuff ! So over to you for the next theme M'lud ! Just a reminder Gang...when you set up a challenge can you make sure that you include the date that the entries close and the date that the voting opens and closes... Ta everso ....
  7. Clicker

    hello from me to you

    Ryan .. Do you realise that you are posting on Rina's thread and she has not been on the forum for for 5 months. Do you require some help ? If you go to the Welcome Forum http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/forum/2-welcome-centre/ and click on "start a new topic" you can introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what brought you to TIPF and what sort of photography you are interested in ? I see you are located in Dhaka Bangladesh so it is unlikely we will be on the forum at the same time but if you have any questions and require help please ask when you post on the welcome forum that I have given the link to above . Clicker
  8. Some nice images gang ...
  9. Clicker

    st govans chapel and manorbier sunset

    So ...Accidentally brilliant eh? I like your style Ryland ...lol
  10. Clicker

    Fake Birds

    Me too Rye ... I'm afraid the Mono doesn't do it for me ... Sorry Phona....
  11. Clicker

    st govans chapel and manorbier sunset

    I love Wales ... the beach photos are typical of the feel of the coastal area ... Some lovely depth and perspective to the seascapes and the footprints make a great foreground interest in # 3 and the symmetry works well on #4 ..Yeah ...I'd say well worth the trip Ryland .
  12. Clicker

    Bridges at Berwick-upon-Tweed

    If the water had been more still and showing the reflection more clearly I would have said the colour version and format but as there is not a distinct reflection to make a "hole " of the relected arch, I prefer the latter in this case Rye .
  13. Clicker

    Spring trying to break through

    Those pics are real harbingers of Spring Mike ... cheers us up no end .... Hope you had an articulated screen for the second pic especially ... either that or joints that don't seize up like mine having bent down that low ...
  14. Clicker

    Hi there

    Hi Kerry ...God to have you aboard...... I'll be sending you a welcome pack that will come to you in the private messages in the next 24 hours. ( see the envelope icon at the top right of the Forum's home page ) Meanwhile just make yourself at home and join in to find your way around . The X T20 is a great camera to step up to ... We all learn from each other on here so I hope you find some helpful advice if you need it .. just yell !
  15. Clicker


    T'is fast approaching the the mating season... In nature it's the fittest who earn the right to mate ...and ensure the strongest genes are passed on.. ... ... Hmmm apparently it's what separates us from the animal kingdom ... Looks like they were too busy knocking seven bells out of each other to notice you shooting them Mike ... well caught sir !