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  1. Great to hear ... he’s a lucky dog ... it could have all been very different had you not been quick to give him first aid and get him to the vet so quickly... . He is of course an honorary member of TIPF !
  2. Simple but clever safety device innit ... well captured and explained ...
  3. Very nice indeed Strav ...
  4. I’ll second that ... ...
  5. I think sometimes Rye suffers from his images not being on the top banner John and will not get listed in notifications until someone has made a comment ... ..It's a smashing set and I hope once my knee recovers that I can make it up to Formby Point to get some photos that are as good as these ...
  6. Oooh ... and oooh again ... the light is almost frost like... in fact it may be frost... whatever it is ...the result is fabulous .. I just love it seeing something made out of the most obscure and mundane of objects .. the onion ring bokeh looks real to me ... As you say Rye ... words images and music are all media on a single palette. Top twanging M’lud...
  7. That captured moment actually cleverly blocks out all the detritus of the mundane surroundings John .. did you have to process to get the progressive blurring or did your settings do the trick ... it’s an apt title for a lovely tender moment and the flower is the key element as you noticed ... really like it ..
  8. Flippin’ ‘eck Simon.... that’s kick started my vertigo this morning in a big way !!! What a view ... great symmetry acquired too.
  9. I think Phil was selling his as I recall ... I think...
  10. I remember learning that soliloquy for O level English Literature in the sixties!!
  11. That second shot looks like the kite is wing tagged Ryland ..... ... I wonder how long they stay.on ... are they for tracking or just to identify .from when they were chicks I presume . Good capture again ... especially #2 http://www.yorkshireredkites.net/general/red-kite-wing-tags https://www.redkites.net/section72600.html
  12. At first glance Dee I only noticed the bird in the foreground ... Should have gone to Sp*csavers !!! To be fair in was on a mini iPad first time I looked ..
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