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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. Thanks John .. I donned the 35mm f/1.4 for this John .. I did make a version with a texture overlay but wasn’t happy with the result and preferred the subtle dof on this one ...
  2. Floods and fallen trees meant I could only get to the end of the drive ...so limited fodder for a photo ..
  3. Well seen Roger ... A great catch ..
  4. Clicker

    Tate Modern

    That a cracking image Gareth ...... you kept some nice verticals in there too ..and processed to emphasise the tonal values ...as John said ... I lke it too
  5. ...and from higher up the hill ...
  6. Snap Kate .. what a super painting of that scene ... another talented artist on our forum .. I love your animal portraits too here's the same scene taken in January ..
  7. “Was”. Being the operative word there Kate... I didn’t know that either .......We love Tenby and had a great week Theron January for a change .. There’s a smashing Italian restaurant called Florentino’s overlooking the harbour that we frequent and we rent a smashing little cottage in the town..... means we don’t even need to drive anywhere for a week that we’re there !
  8. At least you won’t be risking getting caught in any of the flood water for a few days at least until you are happy about driving again ... it’s been dreadful hasn’t it ... thank Goodness I am a couple of miles from the Severn and the Teme... Tenbury has copped it again big time
  9. Did you consider trying those magnetic bracelets by the way that we discussed a few weeks ago . I bought two more stronger ones made from titanium with ceramic capped magnets after we spoke about it from magnets4health and am very pleased with them.
  10. That’s an interesting link Gareth ... thanks for that ... some very nice images in the gallery section too.
  11. Well that’s amazing ... sending you home the same day. Is that after a general anaesthetic? They don’t let you stay long in hospital nowadays do they ... though one usually prefers to f get home in these circumstances ...just make sure you don’t overdo things John ..How long do you expect it to be before you can be able to feel you have fully recovered from the effects of surgery then ?
  12. Yes this did stand out this week Hatter... Top stuff Roger ... you really seem to have mastered the Birds in Flight category . Fabulous image ... just look at that eye ... .. superb shot .
  13. Yeah .. good news that you’ve had the surgery ... And you got home the same day ! Was it keyhole surgery John ... ? Hopefully your recovery will help to raise your spirits now that the waiting is over ... our sound health really is the greatest gift we can have .. Good to see you back JohnP ....
  14. She is a striking looking feline Rye ... and looks like she has got you sussed !
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