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  1. Clicker


    Cracking street photo Fooj ... love it ....
  2. Just checked the EXIF Den .... taken 20 March 2019 17.25 HRS ... Sunset was at 18.28 hrs that day... just over an hour later .... the silver light on the sea is where the sun above was trying to break through a lot of low cloud ... so you are right ...Here's the original ..there are three kayakers in the water ...
  3. I've removed it altogether now and added the amended version underneath Van ... as I tend to agree ...it was larger than I usually do it ... misread inches for centimetres ...doh Thanks all the same ... your comments are always appreciated Van 😉
  4. Clicker


    I actually posted a link to Kathleen Clemons’ work a while ago before mentioning her to Cheryl on here Fooj but I’m pleased to see that you have watched some of the videos too after reading this . You are certainly not intruding as far as I’m concerned Fooj ... I am pleased to see anyone being inspired to try out other ways of looking at things that we so often take for granted or look at in an orthodox way . You’re always such an enthusiastic member and willing to try out ways to get from A to B with the least expense using anything from Sticky backed plastic ( like in Blue Peter da
  5. I drove with son and grandson to Austria last year in March and it was stunning ... I hope things are better by next May then ... 👍
  6. I never use Lightroom so I don't know what that entails . I process Raw initially IN ACR( Adobe Camera Raw) which is a free plug in for Photoshop then it's opened in Photoshop CC 2020 where I continue the processing as a jpeg copy . Have you tried the procedure again on that image out of interest? At what stage do you make the image smaller ?
  7. Were you flying or driving to Switzerland originally ? I won't be planning going anywhere til I 'm nearly sure things are a lot better I'm afraid . I've see too much first hand what this Covid 19 can do ...
  8. You're a regular little globetrotter round the country lately David ( hmm that doesn't sound quite right ) T'is a fine piece of engineering innit ...
  9. I don't think Cheryl has made out the shadowy figure of a hedgehog on the right James ...and going by her comment on Paul's hedgehog post I dont think she's seen one before either ... see link below:- http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/46597-hedgehog/?tab=comments#comment-217292
  10. I don't use Facebook I'm afraid Ryland ...But I do hope your friend decides to post ... she will be made very welcome .. Thanks for asking her ...
  11. First one for me too ... nicely balanced too . Slight green cast to it ....
  12. A stunning set Ryland ...superb ... and you're right to be chuffed .. the last pic is awesome .... Your compositional skills are really good .
  13. Lovely light Ryland ... long shadows and golden glows... no wonder you enjoyed your day ...
  14. Dammit ....You've even got a dog that I want too ...lol .That's a charming picture ... I can see why there is such a bond between you ... a gorgeous wee dog . The Falls look pretty full and looks like the tree was a victim some time ago...
  15. Good luck then ... Astro is not something I have ever tried ...apart from just a moon shot .. Do tell us all about it when you get back ... SeemS I have plenty of time on my hands for learning new stuff lately !!
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