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  1. Volunteered for the local vineyard's SOS call to help harvest a glut of Kerner Grapes ... a free cheese and wine lunch was the reward and in 4 hours, 16 of us picked over a ton and a half of the blighters.. and we had a great time enjoying some . community spirit in more ways than one ...
  2. Clicker

    Great White Egret

    Well James.... you couldn't miss that could you ... He was certainly not in the front row when the camouflage kit was being distributed.... Don't they have beady eyes? Really surprised at just how long their legs are too...
  3. Thanks for a lovely resumé of your day out Dee... Jeez the food made my mouth water ..Great to see you two getting out and about again after your enforced stay at home earlier in the year ...
  4. Clicker

    POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018

    Oh Well done Colin ... You always seem to get super exposures on your lowlight images... I need to practice on that ... and get out more after the sun goes down .... Good choice Rye... quality stuff Colin...
  5. Clicker

    A Little Night Walk.

    I actually fell in love with these when I saw them on my iPad yesterday and thought I had posted my comments...looks like i omitted to press submit .... seems to happen now and then on a touch screen .....bah! Nice to see the verticals in #1... hard to choose a fave but like Korky ... I just love the angle and the composition of the last one ... Also like Fooj, I am pants at night time photography so maybe you could tell us what you did to get these stunning results... I for one, need to get out more after dark and practice some lowlight stuff ... Ooooh that didn't sound quite right ...
  6. Clicker

    And down it goes.

    It really does just look so .....wet ... it's hard to explain ... maybe it's just me . It's especially noticeable in #2 #4 maybe because you can see the feet under the water... .
  7. A bit of an obvious example of orange and blue I'm afraid ... Dawn at Ramsgate...
  8. Clicker

    And down it goes.

    That's a very nice set indeed James .. I really like the way you've captured that water too... daft as it sounds ...it really looks wet !
  9. Clicker

    Bald Eagle II

    What an expression on the face of that raptor Jeff !... Such a ruddy nuisance that the gate and grey twiggy bits are right behind him as it confuses or blurs the wonderful outline of the capture you have acquired ...super detail on him ..
  10. Clicker

    Turneresque No2

    I like the second one more ....more foreground detail visible and the colouring is more subtle and less dramatic .. Don't get me wrong ... I love a bit of drama but sometimes less can be more .... so for me, in this case, it's latter of the two.
  11. Clicker

    Rivington No #2

    Sometimes a tweak too far changes everything doesn't it ... ... it's often a problem I have on post production work ... Knowing when to stop..... It's all part of the adventure of experimenting though innit ?
  12. Clicker

    Turneresque No2

    To make it easier to compare the two Rye... can you post a version the other image underneath it . toggling back to the other one is a bit fiddly .... Thank. .
  13. Clicker

    Rivington No #2

    I love all the new things you are trying Rye ... hmmm but that one doesn't do much for me ... I think there is too much almost blown white area centre left for me at least ... ... it may just be me though ...
  14. Clicker

    Celestial Skies No #5

    That is lovely Rye ... I'm a bit sick of saying that really about your work but ... the effect is almost watercolour -like in the hues that you have there .. The simple sky with the colour being the most notable aspect, helps to focus on the actual landscape ... Love that arching sweep of green...
  15. Clicker

    Celestial Skies No #4

    Maybe it is your colour thing Korks ... but I love the colour in this ... haven’t yet seen it on my Big Mac so it may change But on my iPad it looks really good ...I always love this format for landscapes where the vast space is such an integral ingredient of the allure.