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  1. Mike said"Well looking out of the door it looks like a no go today, just thankful for the Ducks". Are they close to where you live then Mike?
  2. Congratulations Mike A clever perspective with some super detail ...
  3. I what a smashing place for a walk ... love the swans outside their own hotel too !
  4. Yeah join the club ... Korks and I are renown for our furtive fiddlin’ 🤫
  5. Yeah # 2 looks like a crystal necklace... a piece of nature’s jewellery... lovely stuff ..
  6. I watched that a year or so ago Van.. it was very good I agree ...
  7. Nice pics of the hypericum with the ant and aphids Mike ... interesting use of the long lense too ...
  8. If it is, it's very similar to the oil paint filter in photoshop..
  9. A smashing set Gareth and very nicely processed ....I really like the miniature image ... it feels a bit like a scene from Gullivers Travels ...
  10. OOPS I have just noticed I posted my entry in the peeling paint thread in error ... if i am disqualified let me know ..
  11. Brrrrr ooopps I have posted this in the wrong thread ... DOH .... sorry.
  12. Well caught Simon ...as Mike said ... a rare sight nowadays.
  13. Yeah Yorkshire has a reputation for good weather amongst other things I believe ... 🤭 🤕 Ouch!
  14. I waited to see these on my big screen as I felt the same when I saw them initially on my iPad Korks... I agree the contrast seems too strong and the sky looks like a lot of detail lost in the brightness. Were you using your laptop Rye ... as you said earlier in the month it sometimes is hard to tell using the varying angle of a laptop screen..
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