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  1. Once again I find myself looking at a number of quality images posted by our intrepid members...knowing I have to choose one at the end of the week . Despite some really outstanding images, there was one that just screamed POTW as soon as it was posted . Every now and then one comes across an image where it feels the stars have aligned to provide a perfect scene ... Everything about this image appeals to me and it's one of those pictures that I would be proud to have in my portfolio so for your epic image of a CROMER STORM, I am really pleased to award POTW to you Vanguard ....... Congratulations Van ... a super set but this photo is absolutely fantastic in my opinion ... awesome work ! You can find the original post by clicking on the link below ..... http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/44332-cromer-storm/?tab=comments#comment-212041
  2. That's an interesting take on life in general Fooj... I suppose you win some you lose some ...... but mostly it's a half full glass don't you think ....
  3. Those are just beautiful John .. so much detail and such vibrant colours complementing the colours of the flowers too . An outstanding set ...terrific work
  4. Two excellent bird in flight studies John... they are such beautiful raptors and it’s so good to see how common they have become now. Majestic raptors and you’ve captured that regal essence...
  5. You can see why when my grandson asks , “What have you been shooting today?” He gets a very different answers from each of us !
  6. Brian has a Weihrauch HW 95K that he uses .... and says he uses .22 pellets .... not that any of this means much to me as I haven't used any sort of gun since I had a 410 shotgun for shooting rabbits way back in the 70s ......I'm a bit more mellow now and I just put out signs for them saying , "You have been warned ... keep off this ruddy lawn or the fella with the Weihrauch will get ya ! "
  7. Yes I have seen that pic on my iPad while I was watching Liverpool get beaten 4-0 last night !!.. It certainly was a crisp and clean image .... I look forward to seeing some more from you ...
  8. That tripod looks the business John ..what sort of weight will it hold .. it says 75 kg!...I have a Velbon CX mini with a threeway head portable tripod that I have found very useful but I do like the 360 degree ball head on this one .. Looks ideal for some close up work ...
  9. Clicker

    Cromer storm

    Wow ... epic proportions and drama in both of these but #1 is just fabulous and beautifully processed Van. .. Quality work ... so crisp and well composed ... outstanding .
  10. It was JohnP who spotted it Paul ....keep up man,keep up ....
  11. Never seen one of those before either .... but the moth it metamorphoses into looks if it is a Vapourer moth is quite drab really isn't it .. If It is a tussock Moth caterpillar.... it's interesting how clever Nature is at protecting it's youngsters ! A case of, " Keep away or I'll give you a really nasty itch !"
  12. I can’t remember what iPhone you’re on now ... I seem to recall you going on to the iPhone X that has a much better camera than I have on the 5s...so I never use it ... yeah I keep saying I’ll get the SE on a good deal with SKY but not sure About changing my provider who I’ve been with for 25 years ! I should really negotiate with them... Sounds like you’ve found a nice new spot for your walks ... one can get precious when you find somewhere that no one else seems to have discovered... I know I do ... and then tell no one !!! 🤫
  13. That is a lovely vista BEEPY ( near you?)...Topped by some nicely exposed clouds too ... a field full of poppies invokes some very poignant thoughts for many of us but that sadness is balanced by just how beautifully extravagant they seem especially as they're usually a freak of nature and not sown deliberately ... almost just to remind us ...
  14. Wow Paul ...that looks like a jewel ... brilliant ..
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