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    It all shows for me Fooj ......

    Love that ... you are so quick Fooj.looking and seeing is one thing ... something I aspire to all the time. But actually getting the camera to click quickly enough to capture that one fleeting moment is easier said than done ... another second and all would have been lost ... very well done Maestro.
  3. "Spiral"

    Perfectly composed .... and some spot on processing for me too...
  4. Face to face with life

    Yes it was compulsory when I studied too a long time ago but I imagined you are the type of person to break rules... So do you hang your photos in exhibitions now or publish mainly in books and online ?
  5. Face to face with life

    Ah .... I should have been more specific Tom ... it was the size of the frame in relation to the image that made the white appear distracting to me ... and besides .. on here it means your actual image is reduced as the frame is included in the maximum size allowed. I use white framing most of the time . Yes .. exhibiting is a bit different to posting on here ... so do you exhibit in the usual sense ? A number of us are mirrorless fans ....so you're in good company ...
  6. Swirly Water

    Glorious tones on your swirly water pic Beepy ....I can feel the sun taking the chill off the air. I am so envious of your location to be able to get to the beach any day .
  7. low tide hebdon bridge

    I can't imagine the Planning Committee reading out the proposal for permission for this advertising sign!.. Id love to read the minutes ...and see the plans ... Priceless !
  8. Birminham Velo cycle race...

    We don' t have any street lights in our village or main drains or anything remotely modern Korks ( those are all telephone poles) Oh Drat ... my secret's out ... ahem ... I 'll say no more ... We do not have any street lighting in the village Korks ... or mains drains ... or even tarmac on some of our lanes ... God only knows why we have such big council tax bills ... In fact I am the most modern relic in this village! And ... as far as cloning goes ...that damn telephone pole can stay where it is ... It gives me a valid reason to explain why I am giggling other than the more obvious one ..... Not sure the pic warrants the effort though
  9. I think we 're related ....part 2

    He wasn't in a cage ... just flying about the woods though there was a handler I saw some distance away who called him unsuccessfully a few times . Not a night hunter though ... he sleeps at night so we do have differing circadian habits it seems ...
  10. I think we 're related ....

    I do love Owls Korks ... This one is apparently a Hawk Owl ... They are found in Canada, Siberia Cetral Asia and Northern America. It hunts by day ,unusually and can detect and catch small rodents under a foot of snow due to it's exceptional hearing. This one didn't hoot ...it screeched !
  11. If ever there was a place to make you feel small....It is being a pebble on a long beach with a huge sky above and an ocean in front of you stretching all the way to America .. Colour or mono ...? Probably better viewed large++
  12. low tide hebdon bridge

    ok Fuzz ... please explain ... i am intrigued ...
  13. Some photos taken as 15000 cyclists rode through our little village today ... it took over 8 hours for them all to pass through ... a fantastic sight ...and all for charity ...what a great advert for the kind and generous nature of people in this world ... Kev will like this ...
  14. Hmm he looks a bit cross ..... erm Angry Bird ...?
  15. This owl was sat on a branch as I walked around the gardens at Picton Castle ... he was just beautiful .... in an owly sort of way..