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  1. Clicker

    THE BLUES looking sharp

    Oooh Fooj ... the colour one for me this time ... one of your best street portraits ever in my opinion .. your new lens looks the business too... look forward to seeing more with this lens ... top marks Sir ...
  2. Clicker

    Common Plantain seed heads..

    Aw... still got that mischievous cheeky grin ...
  3. Clicker

    Common Plantain seed heads..

    It’s amazing what memories are triggered by often really obscure images Fooj ...I can just imagine you with short trousers grazed knees with a conker on a string in one pocket and a toy rifle,whittled and fashioned from a suitably shaped Hazel branch ...happy days . ...
  4. Clicker

    Conwy Castle

    A really good exposure in difficult light John ... a quality example of getting the right amount of light on a subject and maintaining the atmosphere . I like it a lot ....
  5. This was meant to be my entry for the wild flower or plant challenge but I had misfiled it and missed the deadline .. doh I think I need a catalogue secretary
  6. Yes Congratulations James ... Clever title too ...
  7. Clicker

    Flowerpot Art

    Love the Minions Rye ....
  8. Out of interest ... It's Scabiosa Columbaria Hatter ... sometimes known as a pincushion flower ...found on Chalk downs quite commonly ..
  9. Clicker

    Robin in the frost

    Lovely festive feel Jeff and as David said ... lovely detail ... very nice work ,,,
  10. I really like these ...and the troubles you had trying to get perfection almost adds to the charm for me Craig .... Make great Cards for Christmas ... I especially like #2 and the cropped version of it too .......what a little cutie ....
  11. Clicker

    Water Colours

    I like the effect on these too Rye ... tis .#2 for me as well.
  12. Clicker

    Just One Cornetto

    A really charming portrait David ... one to freasure ... and secure a place in the family album .... Love. It ..
  13. Clicker

    Wish i could fly

    Clever captioning Mike,adds to the humour of this catch ...the contrasts help the subject matter to stand out too .
  14. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    Great choice Dee. .. a hearty slap on the back John ... well deserved POTW..