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  1. Still in demand......

    I don't know how you cope with that heat Dee... I certainly could not ... great insight into your lives out there ... I imagine the wild life can depend on humans a lot at times when it comes to water ....
  2. Bath by night

    Two very nice images Strav... the former full of atmosphere and mystery and maybe even a little apprehension... the latter an iconic street showing Georgian architecture a very best ... Love the shadows of the railings in the foreground and the even though the cars are replacing horses and carriages they don't detract from the image at all for me ... I really like these two ...
  3. Binary

    Fear not Jem ... when one clicks on the image and then again + it shows that it is in black and white ...binary indeed. Hats off to you for your experimentation ... i really love the effect ... a surreal feel ...an almost sci fi feel to it .
  4. Birmingha - 1980's & 2017

    Fantastic stuff this is Strav ! What a difference 30 odd years make eh ..Are you entering the Calendar Challenge...? If you have 12 before images you could do a Then and Now Calendar of Birmingham with the Before images as small insets in the Now versions ... Just a thought ... pssst. Looks like you missed the final M on the title ....
  5. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    Lovely set Alphaboo ... the second one is just super ... gorgeous tones ,exposure and composition. The third one it is just a little less balanced for me ... I think my eye keeps getting dragged to the big boulder bottom left... just my take on it . .Get some more comments and postings under your belt and you'll be able to edit after 30 postings as the Gaffer said. ..... looking forward to more of your coastal images as I am envious of where you live ..... the county of Cornwall.
  6. Bit Windy Today

    For a photo of something so stationary ... it’s an image screaming, “ movement “ with that exposure Beepy... as you obviously intended with the title to your post . Lovely work ... again

    The processing is absolutely spot on for this subject in my opinion especially as you were using Elkin's images as a yardstick. He has used faces that look careworn and weather-beaten and the process really grabs their characters by the scruff of the neck to try and capture some of their personal history. It's not the kind of processing i would use for other types of portrait probably but it suits the subject matter really well in these cases .... for me anyway .. Nice work Fooj .
  8. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Fabulous image evocative of a bygone age .... really lovely balance to the composition Rye.
  9. POTW - 21/01/2018

    I was smitten by this evocative image as soon as I saw it ... well done The Longman.... a superb photo..
  10. The 52 Project - Week 51

    ‘‘Tis a good book that...
  11. Beautiful kite Roger ..... I saw one today .. for the first time ever in the area just 20 minutes away from where I live in north Worcestershire..!! I know they are in Oxfordshire now so seeing them in my neck of the woods is a great result of a patient and dedicated conservation programme . I agree with Kev ,.....you have honed your skills capturing birds in flight, admirably .... well done .
  12. Burnished Beach

    That’s really gorgeous .... another calendar contender methinks ..
  13. LETS DO THE HOP !!!

    Love this Fooj.. you just couldn't make it up could you ?
  14. Alnmouth

    Super set ... I can see some coastal calendar potentials there Beepy.. Of course jasper always floats my boat and number one is beautifully composed....and evocative but the last one is really classy stuff ..