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  1. Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

    On my new machine Beepy ... at last ! I've had such a busy ten days I only got round to switching on this morning ! As Jimmy Cliff sang," I can see clearly now ..." so I am really looking at your images ... Super detail ... I imagine you could have written Vorsprung Durch Technic underneath the second image and started collecting royalties ....
  2. I see what James means ... I am not able to vote ... I can just see the new poll results already but I haven’t cast a vote yet and there is no option for me to vote now... it’s very strange ...
  3. I think if you look at the votes now for Kobione for instance , it shows 1 vote. But shows three have been cast when you click to find out who has voted.... I think it must show who voted for her the first time round as well ..
  4. Rye. I am not sure if Korks is around ( he was going away for a few days ) to set up the 24 hour poll in these circumstances .... he asked me to set up the original poll in his absence ... I’m just off ...out can you do the tie break poll please in case he is still away ... cheers

    That is a very crisp image Fooj ... beautifully presented .

    Gorgeous Fooj ..... proper lovely .
  7. Abstract Metal Part 2

    Silly me I was replying to the wrong thread the first time .... doh.. got brain ache tonight / this morning....
  8. Abstract Metal Part 2

    Not one of those slinkies ..is it ....? I was sure it was a whisk ....
  9. Colours-N-Glass

    Super set ...#5 is my fave ... but the first three I’d like to see as large canvases without any borders, in portrait mode one above the other (colours at the top ) on a tall expanse of plain matt wall in a corporate or public building environment ... love em ..
  10. Abstract Metal Part 2

    You making omelettes again Rye.? I rather like those... first and last ones top of the podium for me ... beating the other two only by a whisker...
  11. Lobster Potting

    Love this ... just love it ... Life is a bit hectic at the mo ...well bordering on frantic just with a million things to do all of a sudden but had to pop in to comment on this ... Super stuff Beepy ... have a great birthday today too.
  12. X T2 Panorama

    its a big adventure innit ?
  13. Burrough wall.

    That’s a shame ... it looks a super image.. and to see it in ALL it’s glory on my big screen would be great ..
  14. Local History - Accrington

    What a really fabulous set of images and accompanying info Rye ..The last two are my faves but the church has a real appeal too.. Super post Sir ...
  15. Plymouth Gin

    Hahhah! Kev ... very droll Interesting processing again Mond. ...On the rocks too eh ?