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  1. Clicker

    Where did you get that hat? ;)

    it'll be nice to catch up with you both....
  2. Clicker

    Where did you get that hat? ;)

    O oh .... looks like trouble with a capital C ... Good to see you on here again VW... your friend Matt is another stranger . Hope to see you more often with your work on here
  3. Clicker

    Classics at Coventry continued ...

    Just about every car has one underneath it there John ... It was a marble floor... Thanks Korks ....Buy It ?????? What on earth makes you think i could get into the driving seat without doing irreparable harm to myself !!
  4. Clicker

    Classics at Coventry continued ...

    Thanks John .... The background was rubbiish so I did a motion blur on a layer on it and a vintage overlay at just 25% opacity Ohand I removed the sign on the windscreen .... For those who are interested .... here in the original ...
  5. Clicker

    Bridge at Portimao

    I moved this topic for you John ... Pet bridges are pretty rare I've found ....
  6. Clicker

    I got this down to a T

    Love the pic ...and the pun ...
  7. I remember the first time i saw one of these in the 60's ....it was a car you just could not ignore ...
  8. Clicker

    Classics at Coventry

    I think after the concept car was launched in 1988 at the NEC it went into production in '92 but they replaced the V12 Jaguar engine with a twin turbo-charged V6 engine to comply with new emissions legislation. Less than 300 were made and production ceased in '94when the investment car market collapsed in the recession .. It's history makes for interesting reading .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_XJ220 I agree Jeff......and there's no room for my walking stick !
  9. Clicker


    They are indeed...I hadn’t realised that you weren’t using them until fairly recently...I have always found the nik collection invaluable in the editing process ...
  10. Clicker

    Classics at Coventry

    I spent a really very interesting four hours on a tour of this state of the art facility at Coventry ...andsaw some beautifully restored iconic motors from our history ... https://www.jaguar.co.uk/about-jaguar/jaguar-classic/jaguar-land-rover-classic-works-facility.html The XJ220
  11. Clicker


    What a joyous image ...... and intriguing in it's reflection ... I love the fact that the picture completely mirrors the words you have written.... and paradoxically.... I get the feeling of what it signifies without a single word being written ..... Beautiful ......
  12. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 19.8.18

    Agree with you Kate ....a stand out image for the reasons you've quoted .... Well done John ...
  13. Clicker


    I like this too Rye ... I notice you are using the Nik collection a lot more recently ... It's a brilliant tool in my opinion ... I like the minimalist feel the lack of contrasts gives it .... it ensures the focus in the most subtle way one the important aspects of the composition for me ... and the broad light mount works perfectly too ...
  14. One might call that a clean sweep !!! Well done Cheryl....
  15. Clicker

    Hemsby Coastline

    What happened then Steve....? Yell if you need help to post an image ....