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  1. Clicker

    Give us a kiss!

    Well thank goodness it wasn’t a group of dairy cows with their calves as they can be prettyq aggressive whilst protecting their offspring . Looks like the high jump has been added to your fitness regime though...
  2. Clicker

    A small snack

    Oooh I bet you could have kicked yourself Rye... It’s almost worse that you caught it and can see just how brilliant it could have been if you had used your usual settings for the shot ... it’s still better than anything I could have done mind you ...
  3. Clicker

    Give us a kiss!

    I really like this John.. the foreshortening sort of distorts the perspective a bit and results in adding to the comedic aspect of the image . You look flippin’ close to them too John. !!
  4. Clicker


    Super set Beepy but the first one is outstanding in my opinion .. almost monolithic feel and such an innovative view using such a huge piece of masonry to dominate the image .. I love this ... the angle of the edifice against the sky, the picture within the picture seen through it, the clouds leading lines in the sky the textures and the wee houses .... all beautifully adding to a superb bit of photography ... classy stuff young man !!
  5. Clicker

    Broadleafed Willowherb

    Absolutely gorgeous John...literally a standout image .Outstanding photo and well spotted .
  6. That’s a really nicely presented pic Jeff... I don’t think I have seen one of these in the real ... a pretty little bird.... nice detail too.
  7. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 17/6/2018

    Well.... that is a really big surprise... ! Thank you Dee... and everyone else for the kind words ... a bit dumbfounded really as I have not been able to get out for a few weeks with the camera due to a bereavement and helping to organise a funeral for this week, so I trawled through my archives and reworked this one from a while ago . That has been a better start to the week than I expected ... Thank you.
  8. Clicker

    Artist at Work

    I don’t recognise the place either ... looks like somewhere I should like to visit ... lovely scene and great balance to the composition..
  9. Clicker

    White Storks

    I have never seen a stork in the flesh so to speak Rye ... I’d have been very pleased to have caught these two on camera . They are really big aren’t they .. very nice indeed.
  10. Clicker


    Didn’t realise you did wedding photography Leon.... .I thought motor sport was your Forte .... haven’t seen you on here for a while so good to see you haven’t forgotten us ..... sounds like you could be needing some sun tan lotion soon then .....
  11. Brownie points for that Phil.... impressed..
  12. Clicker

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Well . Looking forward to your joining in . We have a weekly competition that we can enter which is themed by the previous weekly winner each week and then members can vote over the next 7 days to choose a winner . You can find details under Quick LInks at the top of the page . http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/forum/57-the-weekly-challenge/ Once you have 30 posts/comments under your belt you will be able to edit your own posts with the edit button( centre blue square bottom left of your post area ) and quote " " other members posts too ... so the sooner you start chatting , the sooner you will be in a position to edit ... If your typing skills are as bad as mine you'll need to check your text before you hit submit ...especially if you are using predictive text ... some strange words can appear !!
  13. Clicker

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Hi Gareth.... Welcome to the Forum ... How did you find us ? I'm always intrigued as to whether people have Lurked for a few days /weeks to see if the site fits in with their expectations . It's sometimes good to trawl back through the pages to find out more about the history of the site and its members though obviously it isn't mandatory ... Is there a particular genre of photography that you specialise in or prefer? ....Well before this starts to sound like an interrogation, I'll reiterate the welcome and hope you soon navigate your way around the forum. If you have any problems ... just yell... we area friendly bunch and are always pleased to see new faces on here ....
  14. Clicker

    Two Trees

    That's really nice Rye...
  15. Clicker

    Pretty Profile ...

    Thanks for the like too Brian... Appreciate your comments John on the subtle toning ... you're right in recognising that I didn't want the hardness of pure high key ...I have lost a little more definition in the chin area than I wanted so I may have to go back to this ...