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  1. TIPF Big Day Out 2018 - Lincoln

    We'll get ya one of these years Jeff ....
  2. TIPF Big Day Out 2018 - Lincoln

    I don't think this is getting nearly enough attention stuck here in the Latte Lounge ... I for one rarely click on here so I suspect quite a few others are the same and are not seeing this ....... Maybe a few cross references and a link to this page from the banter box / chatroom every week AND a post linking to here in the Admin area will catch peoples attention. Even maybe Colinb who lives nearby could post a pic of Lincoln Cathedral in the images section showing the potential for great images for us all and refer and link that to the Latte Lounge post. Also I do think some help and guidance might be helpful from any local members regarding postcodes etc for suitable car parks as I know it can be difficult ... Thanks for getting this underway Rye .. Unfortunately I am taking a break for a month due to some family issues and will be unable to help organise this with you Rye and am not able to say yet if I can come but if I can I will Good luck with it guys
  3. Video

    Now that I would I pay money to see Kev!!
  4. Still raining ,still bored.

    Looks like a prehistoric CD...
  5. PoTW - w/e 1 April 2018

    Another of your quick as a flash moments captured Fooj....Having your camera settings ready for moments that are so fleeting is testament to your experience out there capturing those "stories " in this genre .. ... Excellent narrative and execution .!
  6. It’s in the coffee lounge Fuji ... it’s not limited to photography topics in any way as far as I am aware ....
  7. Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars

    Photos have a way of linking us to our history that becomes an emotional and powerful tie in a way that becomes immensely personal experience ...I never met or knew my maternal grandfather due to tragic circumstances my mothers life and she never had a photograph of him as my mother and her five siblings went into separate institutions for homeless children in the twenties . Then a few years ago I traced a surviving brother and he had one picture he had acquired from an elderly relative he had traced years before and he gave me a copy . I can’t tell you what an emotional moment it was to see an image of the person I had learned so much about whilst researching my family history... never underestimate the power of an image . They form the powerful bridge to our past and even our DNA sometimes ... so I know exactly why your interest in all things Napoleonic is so captivating for you ...
  8. Have taken the liberty of adding “watercolour paintings” to your title for this thread Fooj ... hope that’s ok with you ...
  9. Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars

    An amazing Collection .... a real example of the magical quality photography brings in being able to freeze a moment from the past in a way that no other medium is able to with absolute authenticity... can you imagine what it would be like if the printed image from a camera had been invented centuries earlier ..??? Future generations are so lucky to be able to see mages and film portraying people and events from the past.... without the camera our links to the past would be entirely down to spoken word being recorded in the written form or artists ability to capture the reality of it in paintings drawings sculptures etc . The camera has been the most amazing invention.
  10. Loving these Fooj .... the hand made paper is gorgeous ... I ve used the technique with cling film before ... it is effective isn’t it ?... I have also used a similar technique for painting walls and and getting a marbled effect.
  11. Tornado 60163 at Irwell Vale

    I second that Rye ....your train shots are a bit special ..
  12. Austin Healey

    That angle is an innovative way to view a lovely car Kev...
  13. Not a problem Dee... it is a bit of a pain doing the tie break poll the first time ... we may amend the instructions to make it clearer or maybe get a moderator to do it each week
  14. Usually we take a screen shot of the original poll results to show what that result was ... it maybe just needs to be added to the notes on how to set up a tie break poll in future .
  15. Looks like we both did that simultaneously Kev ... thanks .