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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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Entries close for this weeks Alphabet image at midnight Sunday 22nd September ... Post a pic taken this week  ...  How  unusual a subject beginning with 'L' can you come up with eh? .;)



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  1. What a stunning scene John ... where is it ? The light is really quite amazing and the compositional skill does much to enhance the resulting image...
  2. This is a clever take on dancing to a modern hit record with old movie dancing clips Fred and Ginger don't look a bit out of place...! https://www.google.com/search?q=old+movie+stars+dance+uptown+funk&oq=old+movie+stars+uptown+funk&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j0l5.16026j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. Yeah I just read the stuff about call centres Gareth ... Definitely needs looking into though ...
  4. Can you not ring the Bank before to check ...? Obviously they will need to speak to her but if you tell them why you cannot get to her to take her till Friday and ask them to please check if money has been taken out even if they cannot tell you ... this of course presumes you know her account number ... worth a try as I would be a bit worried about it .....in case any more is being taken .....
  5. If she has spoken to someone on the phone and has inadvertently authorised them to take money I would get in touch with the bank to ensure that hasnt happened ... IT CERTAINLY SOUNDS SUSPICIOUS .. I'd investigate immediately ...Why on earth would she need help regarding General Data Protection Regulations .... Can anyone ring her direct or must they go through a switchboard receptionist ? It could be someone targeting vulnerable elderly people ...
  6. Thanks John ... ... to be honest it was the line of inlaid wood on the table on the bottom left that bothered me originally and that led to the texture overlay to obscure it a bit ...i should have just done a content aware process to remove it but you know what it's like ...once you start to fiddle,... it gets addictive ...
  7. Thanks Stella ... they are so impressive when you get up close to them ... but could I get a decent image of this one in flight, with my big lens ... ??? Nope ... is the short answer ...
  8. A few hours down the gym is practically necessary preparation when I take my big lens out ... so I know how you feel Stella..
  9. Gotcha !!! What a great expression Stella ... it just absolutely registers the surprise of someone caught in the act !!!! I love it ...
  10. Thanks for the very nice comments ...I've fiddlde some more ... and changed the text and shown the original too. which i was happy with but I cant help myself experimenting with almost every photo I take... Taken with my 16-55mm f 2.8 lens
  11. Was it a perennial Fucshia Magellanica Fooj? The colour looks like it could be ....
  12. Drat .....I nodded off in front of the Tv and missed the flippin’ deadline ........ Grrr.
  13. That’s a new one on me Korks ... never heard of slopstone before . Thanks for your kind comment.. this was indeed a kitchen full of interesting bits and pieces though it was the lighting that initially attracted me record the various aspects of the scene . They reminded me slightly of those old Dutch paintings like Vermeer’s Milkmaid that so often were beautifully lit via a window .
  14. Another lovely set Ryland ... you are fast becoming our Gower sunset man. The 1st and last of the set stand out for me as the best composition I agree with Rye that the bench looks a great spot to chill and see the sun sink into the ocean ...
  15. Originally did this for the O in the Alphabet Challenge ... but have since found another alternative so ... a still life with a texture overlay ... Apparently Onyx has protective powers so legend has it ......
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