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  1. Very nicely composed there Brian ...another landscape image really suited to portrait mode... Nice to hear from you too ...
  2. You're really getting into this macro stuff aren't you Kev...very nice result ...and pleasing to the eye with its unfussy composition ... It's a jungle out there it seems
  3. Sorry Kev. I meant to do it yesterday... Completely slipped my mind doh ...
  4. I have two Sony cameras ... Both have great lenses'll enjoy this one Fooj ... As I can see already ., lm off to now to watch England v India I women's cricket ODI world final ... The semifinals were so exciting ...
  5. You must be super excited James ..I can't wait to see the results ... are you developing the pics or will you be sending it back to the makers.What camera will you be using?? It is a great story about a lot of dedication ...I wish you luck ... keep us in the picture about the results
  6. Now I like that Geoff .... Lovely summer scene..
  7. Phil it Humour .. Top banner says its "motion "
  8. Entries now closed folks ... I expect Kev will set up a poll soon though I believe he is in one of us will do it if he isn't able to .
  9. We have a winner .. Voting now closed T'is the Boss man...Well done Phil... Over to you .
  10. Hey .. What a difference a day makes Squire ... A very different feel to that one ... What a good buy that old box was eh .. I tend to leave my contribution to this challenge to the last day day ....why ? I suppose as the eternal optimist I am always convinced the next time I click it'll be a better image .....doh
  11. That is just fabulous Geoff great in portrait mode too ...a great sense of depth and the wispy clouds so understated yet vital to that perspective the light .
  12. 1st service due tomorrow....
  13. Yup It does Beepy ... Looks like one chap though has lost his head .. One from yesterdays walk in Kingswood again was very hot..
  14. Nice to see one ... so few about this year..Nicely shown against that dark background Rye ..
  15. Good that IS impressive ...I thought you'd probably been camped out in the field with a tripod ... Really well done ...