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  1. I've never used Lightroom or Capture one but as I've been using Photoshop since just after it started..... I'm a bit of an old dog, when it comes to learning new tricks ...and I've always been happy with Photoshop's evolution. I have been using it since 1993 when it was first compatible with Windows ... long before I ever invested in my iMac. I know Capture ONE have a programme especially for Fuji cameras which I may look into....and see if anyone on here has used that too.....
  2. It’s a smashing place to visit John and you have captured it perfectly with those shots ... much as I agree with how frustrating it is to be so restricted in order to avoid the spread of this awful virus and how difficult it has made life especially if you live alone ... it could be worse ...and we could be in hospital on a ventilator so personally ... I am counting my blessings ...as I’m sure many of us are ... Supporting one another on places like this becomes all the more important so let’s look on the bright side and anticipate a late summer where life could be almost back to normal
  3. Which way are you facing there Matt? lt looks like south east as Camborne and Redruth aren't obviously visible .... a lot of interesting history surrounding this area too. It must be one of the high points in the area ... as is usually the case for Castles to be built ..lol . Looks like a decent day weatherwise too...
  4. I often have to do the same ..... but the more often you do it ...the quicker and better one seems to get at it ... well I 'm hoping that's the case ...lol
  5. Well...That was an unexpected treat ... Thanks a lot folks ... and thanks too Rye !
  6. That's a very nice set of our most common garden birds Rye .. great detail too... Fave is the Dunnock ...
  7. I t certainly made me hone my skills at capturing fast moving objects when the subjects for photography became quite as limiting as they have done recently... Like you I seem to be relegated to catching birds through a window on some days ... Every cloud eh ! The grass does look very wet in #2 and love the expression you've caught ...... It's an, " Omg I've been caught in the shower !" look ...
  8. Oh it's a very long time since I was in that neck of the woods Matt.... Are there any views of the viaduct that you can show us .... As I recall it's quite difficult to find a view to show it off at its best ... I was on a break in Falmouth as I recall ... A pretty coastline in that area .. as I have said before ... I am envious of the area where you live !
  9. Harbingers of the Spring to come ... at last ... a lovely study Paul ... and a lovely change from you ...
  10. Clicker

    Lumb Falls 2...

    Hi Karl .. was the size of the image the prohibitive factor? Did you copy and paste it rather than upload it direct from your computer ? Let me know and I'll see if I can resolve the issue ... have sent a pm to you too.
  11. Thanks Fogey ... those are kind comments and are appreciated.. I actually have to confess, I only went out that day to chase a dramatic sky I saw from home and the challenge was to find as many places and subjects as I could to use the drama of it ... I am often inspired suddenly by a stormy sky to dash out in the car to find anything that, no matter how ordinary, can look so different with a back cloth that only Mother Nature creates . I was sat in my car with the window open as I took this pic and about a couple of dozen others over the next hour ... and then it was all over...
  12. Re processed this in mono .... taken during a thunderstorm after driving to the top of Clee Hill nearby ....
  13. Yeah.... but Blue tits don't follow me around the garden.. Is it because Robins like to eat worms too.. and know that if you are disturbing the soil, gardening , that there may be an easy meal to be had !... Btw thanks Mark ...
  14. He follows me around the garden whenever I venture out ... as they always seem very trusting of people universally ... Again ... this was taken through the double glazed kitchen window.. I notice the thumbnail looks a bit dull ... though the larger versions always seem a bit more vibrant ...
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