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  1. Red Legged Partridge

    Nice capture, not seen any of those around here.
  2. The Irrepressible Eric Morecambe

    Loving the first 2 John, not sure about the processing on the third one for me.
  3. Lizard in the Grass

    Great capture, looks a beastie!
  4. Wind Stopped Play

    Thanks Colin, I can't make next Tuesday as i am in work, I will keep an eye out for future dates if they come out.
  5. Well done John, Not sure what happened with the date, maybe it was my typo
  6. Mad Dogs and...

    Superb detail...
  7. Room with a view

    The sun was looking nice this morning when I looked out the back window, so i thought I'd snap a couple of shots.
  8. Wind Stopped Play

    Very nice shots, do they do this on a regular basis? I might have to pop down.
  9. There's a runway somewhere down there!

    No delays at our end that day thankfully.
  10. Edinburgh steps!

    Yeah, it certainly got the heat pumping carrying a buggy up and down there!
  11. Motorcycling weather...

    Me too..
  12. Hello Dolly!

    That was in the National Museum of Scotland. Great place if you get the chance to visit.
  13. Peacock Butterfly

    Well caught John, superb colours and texture looks lovely.
  14. Motorcycling weather...

    Take your pick!