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  1. David61

    Brighton Royal Pavilion Entrance

    I agree it is unusual for a British building. Of all the years I have lived here, not once have I payed to go in.
  2. David61

    Huawei P20 Drink

    It really is a beautiful friendly pub.
  3. David61

    Brighton Royal Pavilion Entrance

    It was the Prince Regents home for a while, but also a hospital for injured Indian soldiers during the war. As a thank you to Brighton they payed for a whole new gate entrance.
  4. Today was a beautiful winters day, so only took the Huawei P20 with me.
  5. So a quick play in my favourite bar in town today, using the P20 and can`t wait till our weather picks up either.
  6. David61

    Trying Susie

    Just trying to upload a photo of from my New phone. OOOPs no upload.
  7. David61

    My new phone

    Just like you Leon, I ordered the P20 today arrives tomorrow
  8. David61

    I'm big, I'm mean, so stay away......

    Cracking shot love it, and want one as a pet.
  9. David61

    Time for a New laptop

    I just use it as a laptop, never use it as a tablet but for editing it is fantastic as the colours are stunning.
  10. David61

    Abbey Gatehouse

    Really nice shot Ryewolf, liking the tones in this and love the star burst on the light.
  11. David61

    Another moment to reflect!

    Great looking shot, very abstract and beautiful.
  12. David61

    Shetland pony

    Glad he is on the mend, and what a beautiful face he has.
  13. David61


    Thank you Hatter. Thank you Korky.
  14. David61

    Sam Brown Vocalist

    Thank you Hatter. Thank you Clicker, can`t see that you`d be greedy 🤣
  15. David61

    Time for a New laptop

    In November last year I got the Dell 2in1 7786 laptop and totally love it, the screen is only 17.3 but having and using C1 Pro 12 and Affinity Photo works like a dream, boots up very very quickly and the software is pretty damn quick too.