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  1. JHFoto

    Classics at Coventry

    What a lovely looking vehicle, trouble is if I got in I would probably never be able to get out.....
  2. JHFoto

    A couple of Ferrari's

    Both nice, is the aerial on both for timing the run.......Yes it is
  3. JHFoto

    A couple of Ferrari's

    At my local sprint event
  4. JHFoto

    Common Blue

    Thanks guys...
  5. JHFoto

    Bee up close

    For this shot, I used my Panasonic 14-140mm lens with 26mm Fotga extension tubes..
  6. JHFoto

    Bee up close

    I am trying a bit of Macro for a change....
  7. JHFoto


    I tried to delete the entire post but it would only let me delete the image............
  8. JHFoto

    Holly Blue

    Thanks guys it was a first for me too..........