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  1. Not a problem Polly.
  2. Kinky or otherwise, I like your image Brian.
  3. I really like the gothic style French cathedrals. They are very tall and imposing.
  4. Well, my first grasshopper. I was crawling around in 30C plus temperatures for this. I must have drank several litres of water. But, I got the little beggar.
  5. Looking over to Oingt.
  6. Voting now underway.
  7. Great set. That reflection in number one is wonderful.
  8. Great images Rye.
  9. A very nice couple of b/w images presented here. I think number one just has the edge here. I think the composition is the better by a margin.
  10. Some nice exposures here FUJI.
  11. Nice to see the motion in that rear blade.
  12. That is lovely Geoff. The clouds sweeping across the sky are really nice.