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    You have certainly got the focus right on these 2 images.
  2. The 52 Project - Week 42

    It is a part from the suspension kit for an led aquarium light set up.
  3. The shops in Thirsk are gearing up for Christmas now.
  4. But, is it Edible?

    No idea but it looks great BIG!
  5. Territorial swans.

    Lovely shot large. All of those water droplets look amazing. Feather detail is smart. Nice shot.
  6. A Few Pillars

    Another from Sagrada Familia.
  7. we will remember them

    A nice set. The reflection in the brass adds a really nice element to the last one. I really like the way the light catches the edge of the 2 foreground heads in that shot.

    If you are having fun that’s what it’s all about.
  9. Gaudi Figures

    Now that I will remember as I will be going again. My list of things to see there is not yet exhausted.
  10. X T2 Panorama

    Thanks. No messing around in ps.
  11. Park Güell

    Thanks Strav. It’s a pretty nice walk around the park.