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  1. I am BACK

    Eh up David. Nice cameras.

    It just gets better.
  3. Hola

    Walking down Las Ramblas this window really was standing out in the dark evening.
  4. Casa Milà Model 2

    Thanks Korky. It did just appear and the camera was ready to shoot. It was a lucky opportunity as a lot of tourists were about. The woman and the gap in the crowd appeared at the right moment for me.
  5. Bit Windy Today

    Awesome shot.

    Some great detail. Really like your treatment FUJI.
  7. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    3 fine images. I am liking them all.
  8. Mink

    Now that is one creature that I have definitely never seen in the wild.
  9. time

    That certainly gives a sense of something that cannot be stopped.
  10. POTW - 21/01/2018

    It’s a great choice.
  11. Rainbow Notes

    I always enjoy doing this kind of thing. Miserable outside but this nice group of colours cheers me up.
  12. A room with a view

    Awesome. The wires really set the mood for this Spanish vista.
  13. Monastery de Sant Cugat

    Looks interesting. Did you step inside?
  14. Watch where you’re going.

    No matter where you go...................
  15. What are you reading?

    The Path to Power. 600 pages covering 1769 - 1799.