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Ryewolf Ryewolf

I'm looking for Cats, Capybara, Canals... What will you find?

Join us in the A-Z Challenge... Week 3 - The Letter C and see what you can find!!


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  1. Nice set again Rye. But the one is my choice. The animal is well camouflaged.
  2. I guess if it has a safe home it may well stick around. Its great that there is a lizard there though.
  3. kev7d

    USAF V22 osprey

    I take it the propellers will move through a 90 degree angle?
  4. A nice bunch of images presented here Rye.
  5. It’s horrible when you are compelled to read a book that you just can’t get on with.
  6. Lovely stuff John. That is a nice composition. I like that you have retained detail in the land. Lovely sky. And you have caught the light in the light house nicely.
  7. He looks to have very intense colours.
  8. kev7d

    USAF V22 osprey

    Strange looking machine.
  9. Apologies Rick. It’s my eyes. Having looked on a proper monitor as opposed to a mobile all looks well.
  10. Sounds like you are having a good stay.
  11. Background looks great to me. Subject looks great also.
  12. They can make interesting images.
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