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  1. "Heading Out"

    Thanks Rye, Its just something ive been playing around with to try and find something a bit different, but I find it works better on architectural pictures? Geoff

    I love the trees in winter, the skeletal sculptures offer a wonderful fibre outline to any sky,-- Beautiful picture Fuji. Geoff
  3. Little Wittenham

    I agree with Jon, the third picture has the edge in my book, its a has a bleak story about it. Geoff
  4. "Heading Out"

    Hi Jame, I suppose its all down to what in the opinion photographer fits the picture best, that along with personal preferences for in camera and PP choices? But whatever it is it all makes for the enjoyment of the viewer and the division on opinions?, Geoff
  5. "Heading Out"

    Thanks Kev & Fiji, Geoff
  6. "Heading Out"

    "Heading Out"-- Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne East Sussex.

    Impressive set Fuji, I love the first picture, the clarity of the machine against the grainy sky takes me back to the days of XP1 film? Geoff
  8. i don't think they're supposed to go there.

    Good shot vanguard, It brings to mind a statue in the centre of George Square in Glasgow, the night revellers climb the statue and place a parking cone on the head, and the City Council have now stoped removing it as the cost to provide the manpower is now unacceptable,--so there it says. Geoff
  9. The Ouse

    Thanks for your feedback one al all. Geoff
  10. Start of a journey?

    I like this shot John, and what ever is going on with you photography its obvious you still have a good eye for it. Some times these flat spells are good for a rethink and search for new challenges?? HGeoff
  11. Spare time, dont make me laugh

    Good set Jon, , Geoff
  12. The Ouse

    The River Ouse, East Sussex,
  13. Barney the Barn Owl.

    That is an incredible set Roger, A great opportunity well captured, Geoff
  14. The flight of the Heron

    Super capture Roger, Geoff
  15. Beachy Head

    thanks Jon, It dosen't happen very often and when it does it goes very quickly, so you have be quick, but it certainly adds another dimension, Geoff