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  1. Clear it if you can please click and I will reduce the size
  2. This little beauty and the prey he was after were on the patio just outside our door
  3. Very appropriate for just now, good capture, Geoff
  4. LOL, it took me 10 minuets to get back up???---- Geoff
  5. On the beautiful Isle of Arran on the West Coast of Scotland and nestled blow the mountain Goat Fell, is the beautiful Brodick Castle, and in springtime it dresses in it finest displays.
  6. Cheers Ioki, it probably the wooden spire that gives it that feel, the rest of the church is stone, Geoff
  7. St Michael's Church, Litlington, Cuckmere Valley, East Sussex, England,
  8. Good set, and the first 3 are just perfect for mono, the minimalist subject matter and the bleakness match perfectly. Geoff
  9. Cheers Guys, sorry for the delay but its been one of those weeks, but I do appreciate theism, thanks again, Geoff
  10. I really like this, its an example of a really lovely picture raised to another level by the two people, Geoff
  11. So well compose, with the leading lines to the light, Geoff
  12. Gorgeous smiley picture, really good work John, Geoff
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