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  1. Never seen one either, but a great capture anyway Rye.
  2. Yes Polly just around the corner from Parndon Mill, 'with a Gallery on the ground floor of the mill, presents a series of exhibitions of fine art and crafts and there is always a selection of artwork available for purchase. The Project Space accommodates a variety of arts related activities including classes, workshops and events. Tuition in various creative practices is also offered in the studios for individuals or small groups. An annual Open Studios event at the end of July invites visitors to see how and where artists work, providing an insight into the creative process'
  3. Really had a soft spot for the 'Tonka', with the passing of the Harrier, Jaguar and now the Tornado there's not much else left with a bit of character. The likes of the Typhoon, and this F-35 piece of junk we have acquired from America do absolutely nothing for me, let alone inspire me to take photos of them!
  4. I like these Mike, I really have to work on my panning skills, will help with my airshow photos
  5. This is a great comparison Fooj ! well done for ferreting those out Those landmines were in fact ordinary parachute dropped sea mines, but the Luftwaffe quickly realised that they made very effective blast bombs that detonated in the air. Most used were the Luftmine B which was about 1000kg with a length of 8ft 8in long. One was found near London a few years ago and was detonated off of the Kent coast...it measured 3.1 on the Richter scale when the explosion was registered ! One came down in my home town in 1941 and didnt detonate, it was defused and put on show at the town fair, it was only discovered later that day that the barometric fuse had been removed, but not the eight day timer fuse that was still live. It was hastily taken to a nearby gravel pit on a lorry where it self detonated a few hours later causing damage to many of the houses in Croft Road, Ware.
  6. I like the castle image a lot, you ought to do more landscape foojbut that is also a good view of your town, pity you can't find an old photo of the same view before the landmine altered the scene completely.
  7. For clarification,when I said this I didn't mean selfies..of which I find are totally ridiculous, but general images of landscapes and architecture that are posted online ! we have two local facebook pages for natural beauty and the town then and now, most are phone photos, some are from normal DSLR type cameras, these I quite like and I think the good photos are inspiration for many younger people to get started in photography. That's got to be a good thing right?
  8. The amount of photographs taken and hosted on social media sites just goes to show that photography is alive and well....it is just evolving.
  9. Initially three , yep... just three escaped and that led to 200000 of them , they kept the rivers clean but ate vegetable crops too and that was their downfall.
  10. If she is, I bet the M5 is shut!
  11. Blimey... thats big, I remember when we had an invasion of Coypu in East Anglia, they were huge too!
  12. I wouldn't even begin to understand how you stick five images together without a join But glad you can!
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