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  1. Just a light amount here in my part of the country , no more than an inch deep really but thats enough to see the kids out playing in it and trying to build snowmen.
  2. Puts me in mind of trying to get home after a skinful of Jim Beam ! Effective tinkering Polly
  3. Managed to get down to the lake yesterday morning, very few people about thankfully, but nothing much about either apart from these two
  4. But what a genre, at least you are extremely good at what you do. Macro is not a thing I have ever done, and to be honest I dont think I could muster the patience it takes as well as the angles I would have to try to get bodily to able take some of the stuff you do
  5. Denis

    Take off

    Undecarriage coming up Look at those primaries spread for lift ! good shot fogey..
  6. Well if anyone was going to find them, it would be you Paul a great set by the way !
  7. Denis

    Garden Sky

    You certainly have some patience to work that amount of data into the film you produced, well done Jeff
  8. I wouldnt mind seeing something like this David, all we are getting is grey drizzle or outright downpours! At least you could go for a walk without six inches of mud everywhere, the footfall throughout our local footpaths in the local woods and fields is equivalent to a friday night traffic on the M25. Nice scene by the way
  9. Denis

    Hawker Demon

    It is not an angle I take often Geoff, but it worked on the Spitfire I did on my little old compact Sony years ago....
  10. Denis


    Just the right amount of milkyness to the water for me, perfect
  11. Denis


    I love a good wall as much as a bridge, when the moss adorns it like this, it is even better !
  12. Perfect composition and light make this the rightly chosen pic of the week, well done Fogey
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