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  1. Denis

    There's a storm brewing

    As above, very atmospheric
  2. Denis

    Door Art

    A great subject, and created extremely well by the artist and the photographer !
  3. Denis

    POTW - Week ending 16/09/2018

    Certainly floats my boat well done Bill.
  4. Denis


    I like the tones on no3 Fooj
  5. One I was going to bin long ago, but revived as best as I could because it was the only one I took of Romes skyline when we visited !
  6. Denis

    POTW ... w/e 9th September 2018

    Top knotch Korks!
  7. Denis

    Adolescent pheasants.

    Another shot (excuse the pun !)
  8. Denis

    How was this done?

    I really like JamesT's explanation....If only I knew what the heck he was talking about
  9. Denis

    Dyke Scarecrow Festival

    Brilliant , what a great set of endearing photographs! we really are a nation of loons
  10. Denis

    Last of the Flying Scotsman for a While

    Yet another of your really good locomotive photographs , but where is it due to be going Rye?
  11. Spotted these youngsters when out for a walk today, so tame and not a clue that people will be shooting at them in a couple of months!
  12. Denis

    The end of the day

    And you are not the only one Rye, shooting into the light altogether is my problem... some of us need a decent tutorial that makes sense of it.
  13. Denis

    Bank Voles love Apple

    Yes, JH has a way of getting close to the animals Lichfield's answer to doctor Doolittle methinks !
  14. Denis

    Pendle Sunset

    You cant beat a good sunset, and that is really good Rye