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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....




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  1. Denis

    Outward Bound

    I like this lower angle too, that and the curve away from your position trackside works well.
  2. Denis

    Little and Large

    Nicely composed too Gareth
  3. Great to see a Hawk frequenting the garden Dee, a shame that his favourite spot on the fence is right behind the post, !
  4. Brilliant John, what a great capture ! The look on the left hand Swans face says it all.... 'what the ......?'
  5. Do many Cacti flower Dee? That is a very vivid shade of Orange, I keep forgetting its your summer when I look out of the window here!
  6. Another set of great birding photos Roger I will run into you one day at Parndon mill
  7. I remember this shot being taken as I was standing next to you wondering why a staircase would make a good photo. I learned a lot that day by observing and re-evaluating what everyone was doing. It opened my eyes a little to what was possible Good to see a rework of what turned out to be a great photograph.
  8. Denis


    It was a great day out Gareth, we need to do something similar again this year.
  9. Denis

    60163 Tornado

    Nice to see a great loco in colour for a change, highlights the livery they carry that often gets overlooked in mono shots.
  10. And a perfect cloud formation for the light to play in Clicks...
  11. 'tis gold, 'tis a treasure... What a winter warmer to look at Clicks !
  12. Denis


    Remembered this from Stratford... How he would close in on a detail of something ....either on someone or something
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