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  1. Denis

    Cattlemen's Hut

    what they said Brian!, like the treatment mate!
  2. And three good images, even the sheep looked happy
  3. Finally empty..now to work my way out of London and go and play on the M25..this has been my slice of my life !
  4. Well, I have sat here in this truck waiting to be unloaded for seven hours and ten minutes, to say I'm getting a tad fed up is an understatement, this Turkish truck in front of me has been here since yesterday morning! This isn't fun.
  5. Denis

    Powter Howe

    I really like the lake scene BP, beautiful
  6. Oooooh ......nice colour BP
  7. Been doing a lot of these loads lately...hate the place with a passion
  8. Denis

    Can i land on this

    Love itall the primary flight feathers deployed like landing flaps on an aeroplane
  9. 0600 am and off into central London..
  10. Denis

    Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

    Barnacles John, the rocks are a phenomenon, and appear as if in lines in some places but this is as natural as they come! I was interested in the straight edges that formed squares of light and shadow in the water pools in this shot. See this webpage for more info.. https://www.explorenorfolkuk.co.uk/hunstanton-beach.html
  11. Cant make up my mind if I like the letterbox or the actual image best... Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk yesterday.
  12. Denis

    Eight big drummer boys

    Sometimes my sentiments with air shows, I realised I'm always looking through the camera rather than actually watching the airshow in the first place!...good capture
  13. Denis

    Settle Station

    Lovely architecture on those old stations, train or no train, the picture is a good 'un!
  14. Denis


    Been over that bridge a few times meself Phil, but really.. a Mercedes? should have waited for a Scania ! great shot and I think the low light is great
  15. Denis

    Wooden bowl, wooden fruit , wouldn't eat it !

    And even I, who not being very artistic, like the collage a lot, I see what fuji means about wood oils though..