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  1. Very fine photo studies of one of my all great birds of prey, I never tire of Red Kites.
  2. Hmmm, the Cranes Bill is the same as the type 'Ma in law' has in her garden.
  3. Weihrauch are probably the best air rifles to own Clicks, what your hubby has is noted as being in the top class for a hunting air weapon.
  4. Denis

    Cromer storm

    A really striking pair Vanguard, both are equally good but the sky detal in #1 is simply brilliant
  5. Yes, especially #2 I just like the contrast between flora and background.
  6. Good mono work there, I agree #1 is brilliant
  7. Houses with character....Great stuff Martyn
  8. Yeah...but you wont need a macro lens to photograph them Dee ! you could fill the frame with spider from 12 feet away
  9. Tokina 11-16mm DX II Pro
  10. They made for another interesting photo John
  11. Nope, was not wearing me glasses Polly now edited.
  12. I will echo Polly on her comments regarding #1, but #2 is a really great image in mono and my pick of the set!
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