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  1. I dont think there is a bad spot along the whole length of the North East Coast Jon, this is no exception... Idyllic
  2. As much as I can do to drag myself out with the camera to try and get Autumnal shots, This year everything seems jaded and not very inspiring. But a selection of shots I took over the last weekend showing some wild plants, late blossoms and the like.
  3. Denis

    More Locos

    A terrific set again Geoff with 2 and 6 being my pick
  4. A brilliant photo of something you dont often get to see Van , I was reading about these a few weeks ago, Fred Olsen Lines operate two of these ships, the Pacific Orca and the Pacific Osprey engaged on building turbine farms in the North Sea at the moment. Telephoto shot or were you out on the sea ?
  5. What can I say, The woodpeckers are not that disimilar from our own, The Chevy is heaven on wheels to me and the Angler and Farmer show Cuban simplicity and practicality at their best. Love the Island and its People, as when you do get out of the holiday complexes and meet them they are such a warm and friendly lot. Poor but proud.
  6. Only trademark as in the fact you always have a great sky in your images
  7. It has your trademark sky Clicks , thats enough for me!
  8. I am the families resident Spider whisperer I get phones calls from my daughter and my son, both grown up in their mid to late thirties, to remove spiders from their homes! These calls come at all times of night and day, my Son in Law cant pick them up, nor my 6'3 'built like a brick outhouse' Son Terrific image by the way!
  9. While I favour the tiny green, brown and silver one in N04 ! it looks like a piece of costume jewellery
  10. That is gorgeous Polly ! it has a real feel to it
  11. still the case, just a load of numbers that takes me to a broken 'image cannot be displayed' notice.
  12. Strange? I dont see a photo ??
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