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  1. Denis

    Hunsdon Lock in Winter

    There are two patches that for the life of me cannot explain. I do like your version better clicks, comments by all noted and absorbed and no, I dont have photoshop.
  2. Denis

    Bokeh bugs and berries

    A real belter of an image Clicks !
  3. Denis

    Kinver Edge

    Sometimes having the horizon centre of image works well .... this is a damn good example why!
  4. Taken in 2016 just before i upgraded to a D5300 from my first DSLR D3000. Tickled using Silver Efex..finished with a Topaz preset.
  5. Denis

    Nearly There

    Love it,title and scene are perfect.
  6. Denis

    Sunday Morning Music.....

    Sunday morning is always Radio Caroline on 648 metres, we are lucky that the coverage is good for the station in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.
  7. Denis

    I'm big, I'm mean, so stay away......

    ...estimated at about a foot long Rye !
  8. Denis

    A Reminder of Summer

    And quite rightly so Tina, good to see you back on here too
  9. Denis


    That is good..... scrub that..it's terrific!
  10. Denis

    Holme next the sea, Norfolk.

    One and three for me, the flare on the first adds to the image!
  11. Denis

    Bridge Over the River Avon

    Now David, I have a thing about bridges, dont ask why but I love a good bridge photo..and this is a particularly fine bridge to boot....and shoot Like the sunlight reflections, love the brickwork
  12. Denis

    So they do!

    So what point would you focus on for a shot like that John, and would you use shutter priority ?
  13. So thats 800mm focal length or more?..good detail in the feathers!
  14. Denis

    Weekly Challenge # 183 - Clouds Now Voting

    Storm Brewing Taken from Juno Beach, Normandy Invasion coast, France. The spectacular sunset was behind me and lighting up the thunderstorm developing off of the coast.
  15. Denis


    The bottom two images...these are edible AND extremely tasty!