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  1. Denis

    POTW week ending 18/11/2018

    And from me too, a simple but effective photograph.
  2. Denis

    I'm Not Fat!!

    Good looking moggy Rye
  3. Denis

    Perfect Autumn Day

    #3 & 4 for me David
  4. Denis

    The Fan

    An interesting concept John, not knowing anything about art..(David who? ) but the overall effect looks good, .I do like the diffused background. The wine bar image captures that effect a little more than this one conveys, but then again they are very different images .
  5. Denis

    Autumn Time

    # 5 for me Colin, I'm a sucker for a bridge, and with that light and the birds its a brilliant shot.
  6. Still the nicest place on the River Stort
  7. Bend it like Beckham...
  8. Denis

    2p Or Not 2p?

    I remember that Rye!
  9. Denis

    A Walk By The Canal

    Yeah, c'mon admit it..it was the girls rather than the bollards that took yer eye
  10. Denis

    Castlerigg Stone Circle - Cumbria

    I do like the first one Rye, and to confess of never having heard of the place... so thanks for that too! Taken using the Tokina?
  11. Denis


    We had a similar coloured sunrise down here in Essex too. but no camera with me on the way to work
  12. Yes, great images Brian, thanks for these.
  13. Denis

    Blackburn Street Art

    What a colourful collection Rye ! just shows how a little paint brightens up ordinary streets .
  14. Denis

    POTW w/e 11.11.18

    And well done to John