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Me and Denis are meeting up for the Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally and Historic and Commercial Vehicle Society Trans Pennine Run on Sunday 5th Aug 2018 .

If anyone else would like to join us, we're planning to arrive in Hebden Bridge by 9am and leave by 5pm at the latest...

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  1. My mission today is to try and figure out why the clock has stopped! Although, I'm guessing the amount of dust on the movement could have something to do with it
  2. Welcome to The Independent Photography Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Week 9. Show us what you're up to.
  4. Phil

    POTW - w/e 15.7.18

    Excellent! Well deserved FUJI!
  5. At work! I've also got to give the mouse poison chance do its stuff
  6. It has to be said that it's a good few years since the back of the shed saw the light of day, but you never know. Being the aficionado that you are you'll be well aware of the worth of a genuine AJ27? I recall a few years ago the same model demanded a 5 figure sum and, it has to be said, was in quite a sorry state. Retirement, 'tis a lovely word!
  7. My task next week, clear out the shed. Is there any wonder it's full of mice!
  8. Just as well it isn't!
  9. Yep, but I've since changed my Sky box otherwise the new series would have auto recorded.
  10. I wasn't but I am now, didn't realise it was on. Series record set and downloading previous episodes.
  11. Phil

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 07

    The Himalayan Balsam is taking hold.
  12. Chased a squirrel off the bird feeders earlier, in its haste it snapped a sail off the water feature! In truth, it's not actually a bad thing, I never liked it anyway, just don't tell 'er-indoors
  13. It's all fascinating stuff, Pol. Drone laws are being tightened by the minute and flying areas are diminishing fast, but, assuming you still have line-of-sight with the craft there are ways around it. The Civil Aviation Authority have confirmed that property owners do not have ownership of the airways, while it may be against the law to take off from a given plot of land, we can legally fly over it (that doesn't include buildings or crowds of people of course, there are still rules in place which govern that).
  14. Indeed. Apologies for last week, in my defense... I don't have one. I'm heading out for a 'bimble' round the village as we speak, and with camera in hand Now, where did I leave it?