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  1. Not a lot happening for me today, spent the first half in bed after a night shift and the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out how to overcome the Flickr linking problem. So, this from me today. 10 days ago I planted a wisteria, hoping it will eventually give us some separation from the neighbours. I'm taking a picture a day during the growing season, if only to convince myself that I don't kill every plant I touch Trouble is, I'm clueless as to what to do now, does it need pruning or do I just leave it to get on with it? 10 days ago. Today.
  2. Phil

    Sparrow in flight

    It's all been said above, apart from... How many pics got binned before you stumbled on this stunner?
  3. Phil

    Crow Fishing

    All 3 work, particularly like the low perspective.
  4. Phil

    Black Headed Gull

    You've caught it in some cracking light, really like this one!
  5. Phil

    2 sides

    A very well thought out and executed image, works for me
  6. Phil

    Powter Howe

    Simon maybe, but not Thomas surely?
  7. Work again for me tonight.
  8. Phil

    Flying Scotsman at Whalley

    The light definitely wasn't on your side, but at least you got to see it and grab a record.
  9. Just a pic or 2 of what you've been up to in your day, nothing arty is needed.
  10. Phil

    Powter Howe

    A great set. Really like the first - Simon Baxter, Thomas Heaton inspired?
  11. Phil

    Thanks, Phil...

    @Korky - no thanks are necessary, in fact, it should be me thanking you! I received a PM from Dee (Kobione) last night. Sat thinking about my reply it dawned on me that the doldrums I'd been experiencing for the last 18 months had passed and I was more focused on the forum than I'd been for many a year, and that is largely down to you! Had I not had my maths text book down the seat of my pants I'm not sure I'd ever sit down pain free again! I'm still struggling with the photography side a little, but I have my drone which is helping massively, I do have one or two more personal things going on but they are in no way affecting the time I'm putting in here. So, I've said it before and I'll say it again - Long Live TIPF!
  12. I think I'd have locked the truck and cleared off home by now
  13. On the school run now.
  14. @Clicker - That's my kind of garden, none of the regimental flowers in a row, not for me that, not at all @Black Pearl - Strange how just a few miles can make such a difference, not a cloud in the sky here, windy though so the drone wll have to stay in its bag for a while.