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My first promised walk about with the camera this year resulted in some okay shots.  More practice needed but it was great to be out and about with no mobile phone chirping away in my ear 

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Sorry if this is a little late - I'm still having some probs. getting to an active forum page, so I hope I haven't missed something fantastic. There were some lovely images to look at again, Black Pearl gave us some lovely stuff with his Alnmouth thread, and James' snow in Memphis was pretty impressive, as was Rogers' fantastic red kite pictures. I've gone with one that I absolutely loved from the moment I first saw it. The composition of this one is great, the subtlety of the light, and similar colours in the houses and cliffs is superb, and the light was spot on too. So, well done THELONGMAN, a beautiful image!



The original thread can be seen HERE
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For this week's challenge, I'd like you to get out and about and photograph TEXTURE!

Doors, walls, trees, floors, feathers, clothes, owt ya fancy. Think old, think rough, think sideways, but don't think archive! NEW PHOTOS ONLY for this week.

Entries open until midnight on 12th January and then we'll do the voting thing and decide a winner.

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It's been a quiet week for images, but I've been taking a lot of notice of JHFoto's bird images, at which he's rather good! I like his swan one, but I particularly like this one - Sunbathing Nuthatch, which stands out nicely from its background, and the moss on the branch adds that extra bit of interest. 

Well done JHFoto!

Original thread is here.

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This weeks challenge is: Cats or Dogs, old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 5th January 2018, voting from Sat 6th Jan until midnight of the following Friday...
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Yes it's Christmas  week, and we are heading into a new year so lets make this week quite open for the challenge. Post a picture, old or new, of something you are looking forward to - it could be a picture of a place you want to visit again, or of a nice bottle of something you are going to have, we could even have a bit of 'bah Humbug' if someone puts a picture of a Christmas pudding! Think about this next week, and next year - what are you looking forward to having, seeing, going to, finding again, listening to or whatever?

Post from now until midnight 29 December and the voting will then follow.
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What a picture to start the year with, Sunrise at the Sisters by BP. Just love the composition and the way the long exposure has created the misty effect on water surfaces. It looks just great. Very nice work.

Original thread can be found here.
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What a picture to start the year with, Sunrise at the Sisters by BP. Just love the composition and the way the long exposure has created the misty effect on water surfaces. It looks just great. Very nice work.

Original thread can be found here.
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Last one of the year.

Lots of images to look through this week and a diverse range of subjects as ever. It came down to three but I feel this has to be my choice.

I would love to sit there and watch the mists change giving tiny glimpses of the landscape. I would love to sit there and just soak up the view. I would love even more to be there to capture it for myself but as Kev has done such a good job I'm happy to let his image speak for itself.

This weeks winner - Chapelle de l'église St-Laurent d'Oingt by Kev7d
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This weeks Theme  is Lens Wide Open. Pics to be posted by midnight 15th December and voting from 16th to midnight  22nd December
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I've chosen something quite different for this week's POTW. I think food photography is really difficult to do well, but FUJI has succeeded in making me feel hungry with this one, called Good Enough to Eat! I'm not sure I'd put it on my wall, but I'd certainly sit down and tuck in!

Nice one FUJI! Original thread is here.
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As we're nearing the end of the year, I thought an open theme might be good. However, there is one stipulation..........

Your photograph MUST have been taken in 2017 - so nothing from that luxury holiday in Scunthorpe in 2008!

Show us your best / most favourite shot of this year and win absolutely nothing! Entries are open until midnight on Friday 8th December and then we'll have one of them there voting thingies.

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For this weeks choice I am going for an image by Ryewolf from a set titled Winter. I just really like the tonal range from dark to light. The visible snow flakes look really nice. The image has a very gentle blue touch which adds to the feeling of coldness. The low clouds are really atmospheric too. Lovely shot.

This image can be found on the original thread here.
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This weeks challenge is: 'On Your Doorstep'. Please take photos on, or around, your doorstep, but try not to leave the vicinity of your house/garden/yard. Old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 1st Dec (yes....DECEMBER already) 2017, voting from Sat 2nd until the following friday. Enjoy and lets see what we all have around us nearby.


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Top efforts all round this week with a nice spread of subjects and styles.

For my POTW winner I'm going with a lovely set of animal studies from Colin who's post I very much enjoyed.

Of the various shots I think this captures the subject well, hold your attention and has a bit of something extra about it...

Well done colinb - original thread HERE
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This weeks challange is: Landscape/Seascape, old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 24th November 2017, voting from Sat 25th until the following friday...
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Another very enjoyable week of browsing, and some nice shots to consider again - nice to see Bill back and his 'Three Bridges' is very nice, Stavinsky is still giving us very nice pictures of Sequoia National Park, Korky's processing skills really gave us something nice in his 'Front End' shot. 

I have gone for one that I really liked from the moment I saw it, and I have been back a few times for another look - this picture is so 'uncluttered' and yet strong. Beautiful composition, gentle colours, brilliant reflection and great subject.

Sooo - well done Black Pearl, despite your wet day - great shot!

The original post can be seen HERE
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This weeks challenge should you choose to accept it is Remembrance.

So as ever open to your interpretation images can be old or new.

Entries open from now until midnight 17th November then the vote will run for the 7 days following.

Good Luck.
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For this week's challenge I'd like to see ordinary, everyday objects. But.......

I'm going to follow Phil's lead of a few weeks ago and ask for ORIGINAL IMAGES ONLY. Nowt from the archives this week. The photo police will be making a sweep and will report any funny business direct to Y*rkshire HQ.

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Well, it's that time again, and there are some good photos to choose from. The one that really  made me look this week is this one from Bill Allsop - he's caught a perfect moment with the far swan's wings outstretched, and going by his posture, if I were the other swan, I'd be beating a quick retreat by now. I love the dynamism in this one: Territorial Swans.

Well done Bill! The original post is here.


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For my choice this week its a shot from Clicker - Last of the Everlasting Begonias. I just love those reds and greens. The flower on the right is lovely with that seed head protruding right into the image. The little cob web on that "branch" is a lovely touch of detail. The flower head on the left really balances the shot which is very comfortable to view. The bokeh is great with those circles of brightness hanging in the back ground on the left side. The light penetrating the petals is another bonus which helps to bring out the detail of the flowers. Colour, contrast and tones are all spot on for me. The fact that the image attracted quite a few likes really helps me to confirm my choice. Lovely image Polly.

The original thread can be found here.

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This weeks challange is: Sunrise / Sunset, old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 3rd November 2017, voting from Sat 4th until the following friday...
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It's me again so you have my ramblings, musing and choice to contend with.

Typically I go with the sweeping landscapes or the dramatic, imposing monochromes but this week I'm feeling whimsical so on that whim I'm going with a quirky shot from a  **POST**  filled with excellent photography. This member consistently amuses, astounds, engages with us and encourages conversations...and if we're honest what is photography if not a conversation captured then shared for others to connect with and be a part of?

On a day to day basis photographers chase sharpness, concentrate on image quality, look for the finest details and pour thousands and thousands of pounds into their gear to enable the capture of every nuance a subject presents.......but sometimes all we need to do is capture the essence of what is in front of us.

I Love This Photograph

Its textile apparently but I don't care. The photographer has portrayed a feeling, a sense of colour, something that isn't static, something that intrigues and something I would have on my wall at home.

The photographer is Korky and this is my POTW.
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Craig is feeling a bit woozy with his medication on returning from hospital and has asked me to set up this challenge on his behalf ...Thinking that Halloween is around the corner his theme is for things that will show a scary atmosphere..or your interpretation of things that go bump in the night .. OOOOOOoooooerrrrrr !

That should get your creative juices flowing ...

Usual rules apply .....entries  in by Midnight Friday  27th October  then voting open from the 28th October  till Friday 3rd November. Good luck everyone !
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Another week of browsing through interesting images - quite a bit of 'lens testing' going on, and it is interesting to see the results. I've gone for one by Ryewolf that I really liked the minute I saw it, and when you look at it in the large version the light is beautiful, the sunset colouring is lovely and the clouds add a quite dramatic look to the otherwise gentle scene.


A lovely scene very nicely captured Ryewolf - well done.

The original thread can be seen HERE
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