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For my choice this week its a shot from Clicker - Last of the Everlasting Begonias. I just love those reds and greens. The flower on the right is lovely with that seed head protruding right into the image. The little cob web on that "branch" is a lovely touch of detail. The flower head on the left really balances the shot which is very comfortable to view. The bokeh is great with those circles of brightness hanging in the back ground on the left side. The light penetrating the petals is another bonus which helps to bring out the detail of the flowers. Colour, contrast and tones are all spot on for me. The fact that the image attracted quite a few likes really helps me to confirm my choice. Lovely image Polly.

The original thread can be found here.

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This weeks challange is: Sunrise / Sunset, old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 3rd November 2017, voting from Sat 4th until the following friday...
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It's me again so you have my ramblings, musing and choice to contend with.

Typically I go with the sweeping landscapes or the dramatic, imposing monochromes but this week I'm feeling whimsical so on that whim I'm going with a quirky shot from a  **POST**  filled with excellent photography. This member consistently amuses, astounds, engages with us and encourages conversations...and if we're honest what is photography if not a conversation captured then shared for others to connect with and be a part of?

On a day to day basis photographers chase sharpness, concentrate on image quality, look for the finest details and pour thousands and thousands of pounds into their gear to enable the capture of every nuance a subject presents.......but sometimes all we need to do is capture the essence of what is in front of us.

I Love This Photograph

Its textile apparently but I don't care. The photographer has portrayed a feeling, a sense of colour, something that isn't static, something that intrigues and something I would have on my wall at home.

The photographer is Korky and this is my POTW.
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Craig is feeling a bit woozy with his medication on returning from hospital and has asked me to set up this challenge on his behalf ...Thinking that Halloween is around the corner his theme is for things that will show a scary atmosphere..or your interpretation of things that go bump in the night .. OOOOOOoooooerrrrrr !

That should get your creative juices flowing ...

Usual rules apply .....entries  in by Midnight Friday  27th October  then voting open from the 28th October  till Friday 3rd November. Good luck everyone !
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Another week of browsing through interesting images - quite a bit of 'lens testing' going on, and it is interesting to see the results. I've gone for one by Ryewolf that I really liked the minute I saw it, and when you look at it in the large version the light is beautiful, the sunset colouring is lovely and the clouds add a quite dramatic look to the otherwise gentle scene.


A lovely scene very nicely captured Ryewolf - well done.

The original thread can be seen HERE
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My Favourite Thing - which could be something from your past, something a loved one bought you, a local view. But please tell us why it is you 'Favourite Thing".

Voting Now!
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A couple of images really appealed to me this week. One is Curiosity, by Clicker, as I've seen cows do this so many times and it made me smile. But the one I'm going to go for is Early Morning Stroll, also by Clicker. You've put up some good work this week, Clicker!

Early Morning Stroll is full of beautiful light and colour, very evocative of what mornings are like this time of year, with a lovely lead-in provided by the ruts and the gate. I would happily hang this one on my wall. Do click through - it's worth it!

Well done Clicker. The original thread is here.


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This weeks challange is: Revisit A Previous Theme, old or new images accepted... All you need to do is choose a subject from the past weekly themes, the only stipulation being if you posted in a previous theme you can't use the same image again... (I will be checking...) Images to be posted between now and Friday 6th October 2017, voting from Sat 7th until the following friday...

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I love this part of the week and the chance it gives to spend a half hour or so reviewing the amazing images posted by everyone over the last 7 days.

Its always difficult to pick just one (more of that in a minute) and even when one does it should never diminish the efforts of everyone else - its just a post picked on a whim.

As such I'm actually going to buck the trend and pick two...bare with me.....as they form a pair that need to be seen together. Vanguard posted these two shots and I was immediately blown away at how well they have been crafted. I love the subject matter, the framing is good, the processing is absolutely spot on and I just think they're winners.

Inkcaps by Vanguard 

Original post HERE
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OK This week's challenge, should you accept it, ( hey it's hardly Mission Impossible  ...) is an image where eyes or an eye  is the  the main  or dominant feature of the  image. Any interpretation accepted  as long as the word eye or eyes  can be deemed appropriate in describing the image. You have till midnight on Friday 29th September to post your picture ... either new or  from your archives and voting will commence once the time for entries has closed, for the subsequent 7 days . I just know you will SEE  way to take part in this challenge ..
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POTW - 1/10/2017
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Weekly Challenge #116: Motor Cars - Voting Closed
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POTW - w/e 24/9/17
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This weeks challenge is to take any song title and make a photo to express it. Simple!

You can either name the song and singer in your description, or let others guess it.

You have from now until midnight 1st September (where did August go?) Then voting will take place until 8th September.

The theme is open to your own interpretation and pictures can be old from your archives or new taken especially for the challenge

Good luck to those that take up the challenge and i look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
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Right me again this week lets see if we can make this as good as my previous challenge. A bit more difficult maybe but along the same lines.


The theme as normal is open to your interpretation and pictures can be old or new.

You have from now until midnight 15th September to submit you pictures then voting will start until midnight 22nd September.

Good Luck! 

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Some really nice images have popped up again this week, Clicker's Last of the Summer Wine was a beauty, Korky's Roddlesworth Woods gave us some beautiful colour and scenes, JH's Yellow Rose was a lovely still life, and there were a few more interesting images. 

I have gone for one by BP. This whole set was just lovely, with fantastic detail, and a great representation of a very lucky opportunity as a result of the effort to 'get out there'. I have chosen the second one in the set, but really liked every one of them! 

Soooo, well done BP a fantastic set!

The original thread can be seen HERE
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This week's challenge is "Wood". 

Made of wood,  a wood, or ...

All photos new or from the archives welcome.
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Taken yesterday whilst cutting my small Conifer . up popped this lady Bird lol.
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It turns out that there are two five o'clocks in the day - who knew - but if you do drag yourself out of bed for the first one you can get to the woods early enough to catch Red Squirrels before the crowds turn up and scare them back into the trees.

It was a little dull at the start so I was bumping up against the 6400iso usable limit of the Fuji and still struggling to get a decent shutter speed but patience, a bit of luck, improving light and some uncomfortable lying in the leaf litter got me this collection of shots.

All shot with the X-T1 and XF 55-200mm f3.5/4.8 R

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Another week with some lovely images, and it's always difficult to choose between the different types of photography - people, urban, insects, landscape etc.

The one that really appeals to me this week is this one from Stravinsky. It's a beautiful piece of architecture, and he's done it justice. The colours are vibrant - I love those clouds - and the reflections are superb. I give you Valencia Arts & Science Park.

Well done Jon. The original post is here.

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Straight out the camera  with just a small crop and a tweak of graduated neutral  density filter...

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Goodwood, West Sussex,
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 Not a Phone , Not A Kindle..........A Real Book!!!
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At Beamish Museum there is a fabulous replica of a typical 1900s town Garage. They employed  men with the skills of blacksmiths wheelwrighved wned a motor car just before the Great War. Car components were not standardis ed  so it seems a garage had to stock a large numbr of spare parts. I loved is shop ... it even has the smell of engine oil and grease... It's a really busy photo .... but I make no apology for that ... I spot something digfferent each time i look at it ...

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A bit of a frosty morning this morning, but it disappeared pretty quick as the sun came out. Our little 'happy face flowers' that I used in the weekly project, did not look so happy this morning, in fact they looked rather wet!:
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