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Here we go.... my first attempt at picking the POTW!  It's hard, isn't it?
There have been plenty of excellent images to choose from... but I managed to narrow it down to five, before finally picking one.

So... honourable mentions go to:
Paul for his excellent macro of a ladybird (#2 in this thread: http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/21911-ladybird/ )
Paul again for his Nasty Weevil (#3 in this thread: http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/21918-nasty-weevil/ )
RogerW for his Kingfisher (#1 in this thread: http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/21922-siskin-and-kingfisher/  )
Fuji for his wonderfully quirky "Two Faced": (http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/21890-two-faced/ )

But my choice for this week's winner is Johntwo's "Arrivals & Departures":

The low viewpoint, wide angle, bright colours and really effective composition made this the stand-out image of the week for me. 
The original thread is here: http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/21932-arrivals-and-departures/

Well done, John!




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Weekly Challenge #187 ~ NICKNAMES ~ Voting Closed
For this weeks challenge I would like you come up with a picture that is related to the nickname used by one of the many British football teams.

The encyclopedic website should help you if you need the list of teams and their nicknames, you have well over 100 to choose from. There are plenty of obvious ones like the birdy ones but there are also plenty to challenge you if you should so desire.

Usual rules apply pictures can be new or archive images and entry submission closes at midnight 8th February.

Good Luck.
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I'd quite forgotten just how tricky choosing POTW can be. Especially when there is such a superb crop of images as there has been over the last seven days. 

Johntwo's 'Lindisfarne Boat Hulls' gets a very honourable mention for its superb processing.

Longman's 'Misty Morning Sunrise' gets likewise - beautifully atmospheric, beautifully processed.

RogerW's 'Nuthatch' shots also get a massive thumbs-up, as do NikonMikes' swan images. Top stuff!

They were all serious contenders, but.........

In the end, I went for an image that came up on the rails at the last minute and really twanged my braces with its detail, its composition and its lovely simplicity. I've chosen Leon's 'Robin' as my POTW. 

Well done, Leon - that one's a real belter.

The original post is here


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Weekly Challenge # 186 - Something Wet  - Voting Closed
Weekly Challenge # 186 - Something Wet is now open and will close and voting will open at midnight on the 1st February.

Whether its a large body of water or droplets, in a container or on a surface..................  let the imagination run free.  Good hunting everyone.
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There was some tough competition  this week...  I mean really  tough ... Roger opened the batting with a really  outstanding couple of Waxwing photos ... I  really  loved Korky's understated but inimitable rendition of  Just Leaves, and Johntwo's 'Day's work s done was beautifully processed. . Simon's Symmetry was really eyecatching and Nikonmike's  Still Life  grabbed my attention too. After  a long time looking  I had three images that I  just  could hardly choose between  and all were from Denis ...One  of a  Kingfisher and the two of a longtailed tit  so..POTW   is  .this one of the Kingfisher ...  and I have to admit  I have been influenced by the back story. I can tell just how thrilled Denis is with this rare capture of  this elusive  beauty .Well done Denis ... a reward for your patience out there ...


You can find the original post  on the link below:-


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The Weekly Challenge #185- Pairs. Voting Closed
This weeks challenge is : 

A Pair , in fact a pair of anything, be it  birds, aeroplanes, trees,horses.. whatever you would wish to enter. Old or new images will be accepted, as said, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 25th January 2019, voting from Sat 26th January until the following Friday.
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POTW - Week ending 27/01/2019
Well, it's been nice to see the forum busy again, with a wide range of images across many categories.

In macro and close-up we had Kobione's massive spider and Paul's Opilione (Harvestman). There were plenty of birds from Roger, Bill, Denis and JamesT. There was a nice crop of landscapes from David from the Leeds/Liverpool canal, Morton Castle at night from Scott, a very atmospheric Loch Lomond from The Longman and a very cold looking Hunstanton from Vanguard. FUJI provided some excellent street photography as usual and there were excellent images from John of the Fredriks Kirke in Copenhagen, elsewhere we had some great monochromes from Vanguard and Clicker.

However, there were a set of images that drew me back, they were quirky, innovative, expertly composed and made me smile and far too good to be in The Just For Fun section. It was difficult to choose just the one:

The original post can be found here:

So congratulations to Brian

Also a honourable mention to Simon's (SJR) Craig's Super Wolf Blood Moon that made everyone smile.
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Weekly Challenge #184 - Circles - Voting Closed
The theme for this week's challenge is "Circles".  Interpret this however you wish!
Usual rules apply - you can take new photos or enter something from your archives.

Open for entries until Midnight on Friday January  11th.     18th

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POTW - w/e 20/1/2018
Sorry if this is a day late, but I've always done it Monday morning, our time, which should be Sunday evening, your time, but noticed that the potw date on the home page was 19/1, which would have made it Saturday.

However......where do I start!! So many lovely pictures to keep up with this last week, and it is great to see the level of activity, and also seeing some people around that have been 'missing' for a while.

We have had lovely Bokeh and Berries, really nice Colours in the Rain, lovely views of Parndon Mill, fantastic street photography, as usual by Fuji, and a few more that came into consideration for this week.

I have gone with one that certainly gave me a 'WOW' as I first viewed the thread. This is a superb set, with fantastic detail in every shot, lovely gentle background, and perfect captures of 

'a moment in time'.

Was hard to pick a favourite from this set, so I've used the first picture, but the whole set are well worth a look!

Soo...well done Rogerw, great set, fantastic detail, brilliant action shots, a bit of humour in there too with the way the Starling is landing in No 2

The original thread can be seen HERE

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Weekly Challenge # 183 - Clouds Voting Closed
Driving North up the M1 this afternoon, racking my brain for the next topic while admiring a stunning cloud formation and inspiration came to me. We must all have lots of spectacular cloud shots in our archives so let's see the best. It could be a shot of a particular subject enhanced by a cloud formation or just clouds for their own sake. You have until midnight on Friday January 4. Over to you......

please note. Voting ends at midnight Friday  18 th  Jan
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POTW Week Ending 23/12/2018
It has been a good bit quieter, understandably, at this time of year  on the Forum   but I  just love the vigour and balance of this image  and  though Ryewolf takes  lots of very good photos of  steam trains,  this one stands out for me...   the dramatic  steam and smoke with the sunlight behind the plumes of belching fumes  gives an immense feeling of the power of this   engine   yet it still  allows us to appreciate  the  beautiful landscape  which it is thundering through. It  does this without  the train completely overwhelming the image... Well done Rye ... one of your very best   steam train photos.. 

Full Steam Ahead is my POTW

 You can find the original post  via the link below ..


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Weekly Challenge #180: Wild flowers or plants - Voting Closed
This week's topic is "Wild flowers or plants"

Usual rules: new or old images allowed, post by midnight Friday Dec 14 (GMT)
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Weekly Challenge #179 - Movie Titles - Voting Closed
The theme for this week’s challenge is “Movie Titles”.  Let’s see your photos of anything depicting the title of a movie.  You can tell us what it is or make us guess!

Usual rules apply - you can take new photos or enter something from your archives.  The challenge is open for entries until Midnight on Friday December 7th.

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POTW - w/e 9/12/2018
As usual some nice things for me to look at this week - nice Autumnal scenes, steam trains, street scenes and architectural. I've gone with one that is very nicely presented with perfect light for the subject, a great splash of colour in the red shirt against the dark background, great composition with the other guy next to him, nice look of concentration on the main guitarists face, and nice clarity of his instrument too. Glad you said you cloned out a  cymbal John - I couldn't pick anything to show that, but the result you achieved is perfect!

So well done johntwo - great shot with excellent presentation.

The original post can be seen HERE
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Weekly Challenge #178........Derelict......Voting Closed
This should give you something to get your teeth into. Something (or somebody) derelict. There are all sorts of definitions of the word, so I have included what Professor Google has to say.....


"in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect". 


unsafe, dangerous, hazardous, perilous, precarious, insecure, treacherous

"a derelict Georgian mansion"


safe, in good repair, wholesome, in use

You have until Friday midnight, UK time to make your choice, be it from the archives or something brand spanking new. Go to it!

I think the cut and paste has upset things, but I think you'll get the idea.
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POTW - w/e 2/12/18
Yep, it's me again! Another week, another good selection of pictures to choose from. The one I've decided on this week is Head Shot by NikonMike.  It's a great close-up, beautifully sharp, and as was said in the thread, one of Britain's favourite birds.

Well done Mike!

The original thread is here.
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Weekly Challenge # 176. Something Musical - Voting Closed
This week's Challenge is "Something Musical". This should give everyone a chance to delve into their archives to find something with a Musical theme. Or even better, to get out there into the World and conjure up something new. You have until Midnight UK time on 16th November to submit your entries.
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Weekly Challenge # 175.  Something Nostalgic... Voting Closed
Hi TIPFers..Colin has asked me to  start the theme for Challenge # 175 . His chosen theme is SOMETHING NOSTALGIC ...  Given the time of year it may be significant that we remember things from the past, so either trawl through your archives or take something new that fits the bill .. and show us your interpretation of Nostalgia.. Entries will close Friday the 9th November at midnight  when the poll will open for voting until Midnight on Friday 16th November.. Great subject theme Colin ... let’s hope for a bumper entry  folks ... 
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POTW w/e 11.11.18
I'm standing in for BP this week, as he's pretty busy with alterations to BP Towers! I've had to have a really quick scoot through the posts, as I wasn't expecting to have to choose!

Anyway, the one I'm going for is Woody Woodpecker, by JohnTwo. These lovely creatures are very hard to spot, let alone photograph (I remember my try at a green woodpecker!), and John's made a great job of it. He described it as 'the quality is not what it might otherwise be',  but it looks absolutely fine on my PC!

Well done John!

The original post is here.



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Weekly Challenge #174: Decorated utility -- Voting Closed
This week's challenge is "Decorated utility". Everyday objects, decorated whether by the maker or by the user; but still in use (or at least usable).

As usual, new or old images are allowed. Entries by midnight next Friday 2nd November. Voting over the following week.
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POTW - w/e 4/11/2018
Once again some very nice images to browse through, David's Multi Selfie was nice, and fun to see, and interesting as to how it was done, a couple of lovely pictures of a Stream Gondola by John, some nice steam train pictures which I always enjoy looking at because we don't get to see them easily, and nice to see Stratford on Avon again .

However, it has been a Halloween Week and, even though we don't all go overboard with Halloween events etc. I've gone with Craig's lovely picture of pumpkins and a nice glass of wine. The composition is great, the colours are beautifully warm and spot on against the background, and perfect for your time of year. There is lots of lovely detail when viewed large too.

So well done Craig, that is a lovely warming picture!

The original thread can be seen HERE
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Weekly Challenge #173  Complimentary Colours - Voting Closed
The theme for the next weekly challenge is "Complimentary Colours": Blue & Orange; or Red and Green; or Purple and Yellow. 

As usual, a photo from your archives or one taken just for the challenge.

This challenge will end at midnight on Friday 26 October. 
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POTW - w/e 28/10/18
Those of you who have been paying attention will know by now that I tend to choose a POTW that makes me smile. So it had to be this one, by Kobione!  I don't know what the bird was thinking, but I'd hate to meet it down a dark alley!

Well done Dee!

The original thread is here.


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Weekly Challenge 172 - Illuminating. - Voting Closed
Interpret the subject any way you like.  For example as lighting, illustration (including Graffiti) or enlightenment.

The challenge closes at midnight on Friday the 19th October.  Go to it.
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POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018
There's been some nice macro work from Andy on a lens that was originally a film scanner, BP posted some great landscapes in the Slice of Life section, there's been very pleasing dog portraits from Craig, John gave us a rather sureal portrait of Sophie Anne and a rather splendid bridge. Clicker posted some rather poignant images from the International Bomber Command centre in Lincoln.  But a set I've been back to a few times is of some night time images taken around Lincoln from Colin. We don't get many night time images on the forum and all these were equally good.

The original thread can be found here....
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