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    Since it's Korky's week I thought I would have a bit of a twiddle (if you'll pardon the expression). Lindisfarne Castle Definitely one for the Lytebox.
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    RNLI Lifeboats at Eastbourne Marina, East Sussex, England.
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    The Quirang, Skye, Scotland.
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    A long, long time since I posted three images in the same day. I must be on a roll........ Taken last Summer, this is a shot of our trusty Hosta which always looks totally ravaged through the Winter months and then springs to life each and every year. For some strange reason, last year we got beautiful leaves, but no flowers. Korky
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    This is the staircase in Harvington Hall, an Elizabethan moated Manor House in Worcestershire that was built circa 1580 and has 7 priestholes hidden in it. Four of them were built around this staircase and were used to hide Catholic Priests during a time when it was illegal to perform a Catholic Mass .. On the wall was old painting of this staircase... ..it really made me stop and think that I was standing in almost the same place with my camera as the artist was who painted it over 300 years ago .. https://britainexplorer.com/listing/harvington-hall-priest-holes-and-hides/
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    Mono because somehow, I can't get the same luminosity in the smoke in colour and the mono conversion allows the blue in the sky to be darkened to emphasise it. Taken near Sellafield.
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    No trickery here. Just waited for the right moment.
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    Never Ending Circles ~ There are plenty of circles on this one sheet of a certain kitchen towel
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    Well I'm holiday, haven't had a chance to look through the forum properly yet (and haven't got to grips with my camera yet, tbh), but here's a photo I took last night... completely untwiddled...
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    Second one we had a smoke machine going, but it didn't quite work properly, and it created more of a mild mist The first one, I used a much shorter exposure than with the others I posted, hence less of the wire wool effect, but I liked the silhouette, shadow and the brick detail on both of them
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    Taken at Sywell airshow some years ago and given a topaz treatment.
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    An off the wall interpretation. "Gone with the Wind"
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    No aurora tonight but still a good trip out with friends hunting stars...
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    In a field of dreams... Caught in a field at a steam rally a few weeks ago !
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    I don't often post images like this on TIPF, but this one's done quite well on Flickr so I thought I'd give it an airing here. My original image of foxgloves blended with a couple of textures, some brush work and a fair-sized dollop of trial and error. Korky Wild Things
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    Found at the side of a new By-Pass north of Preston where the verges have been sown with Poppies and Daisies. . One of Lancashire County Council's more thoughtful ideas.
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    Steam Up. The J549 Maldon - Castlemaine train our photography group went on this week.
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    I stood in front of this huge hoarding in Coventry City Centre for ages yesterday, just waiting for the right characters to cross my Stage...then this happened....which is why.I love Street Photography. FUJI
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    I was In a restaurant on the Pier in Aberystwyth when this Murmuration of Starlings appeared ... I spent five minutes outside trying to catch it and my supper was cold when got back inside !!
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    ...on a Welsh Beach ..
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    I asked a guy in the Pound Shop if I could record his hand tattoos....he said...Yes. FUJI
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    this was my first try at astro photography...ive had this image in my mind for years and after getting a new camera i thought id have a go ...so up to king arthurs stone to give it a try....i tried with my wide angle 11-18mm f4.5-5.6 lens but it just didnt seem to work...so i thought i try a lens i bought off ebay for £9 ... an old m42 manual lens...28mm f2.8 ....i finally got to see the milky way...its not very clear but it is there ..just ...and this was the only image without the cows walking slowly though the background in the dark
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    A 4200 Class 2-8-0T Loco built in 1919, it has 8 driving wheels and could haul coal trains weighing in excess of 1,000 tons over the steep gradients of the Welsh valleys. Retired in 1962 until bought for preservation in 1985, but wasn't in steam again until 2014 and can be found on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway (at the moment on loan to the ELR). At Ramsbottom At Rawtenstall 15 minutes later Running around Filling up
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    A forgotten pain, a forgotten past. i have a cemetery local to me, which is over grown and forgotten. Which I endlessly walk around with my dog. But I find a lot of inspiration there.
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    So far this has been my only attempt at taking images of people. I normally stick with landscapes and wildlife. Last year we paid a trip to the Crich Tram Museum 1940's weekend. Although the people there expect to have there images taken I like to try and capture them candidly rather than staged. I noticed that when people came out of the public house they had to stop and look for a route out as it was so busy. This gave me a couple of seconds to take a shot from the side from a fair distance with a telephoto lens and to catch them unaware. I desaturated the background in photoshop to give a hint of 1940's monochrome (which is a miracle for me as photoshop and lightroom are not my forte!) Hope you Like it and something I really want to do more of.
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    Take your pick ~ you have a pair of boots, jeans, legs or dogs
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    Taken in a beautiful little village called Dunsop Bridge.
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    Apologies, James but I took a similar shot a couple of months ago and turned it upside down.
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    CAUGHT ! Whilst shooting a candid in Coventry Market Caff. FUJI
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    ..............… and it's not only well off businessmen that have private jets,
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    I am trying to be ruthless in culling folders of archived images and i am constantly finding ones that I haven't processed .. This is one from a folder of 300 from 2016 I somehow had misfiled completely and had only processed a dozen or so ....doh ... Taken with the Lumix Panasonic FZ1000... at Pendine Sands, Carmarthen, Wales...
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    Partially confined to barracks at the moment so, in order to avoid the tennis, I've done a bit of editing. All taken with my Sony RX10 on our sojourn to North Wales. Korky Foxglove Pine Cone Bokeh Purple Nurple #3 Symmetricity
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    All I have with either in it, even so, the the mist is not that particulary pronounced. River Stort in morning mist.
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    I had a couple of hours at World of Crocodiles yesterday and made a few images of the inmates of which this is the best.
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    On Pendle Hill...
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    Middle Mouse is a small island , one of three, situated off the North coast of Anglesey in Wales. It's the island just under the sun. You can just see East Mouse slightly to the left. . The third island, West Mouse, is out of sight around the headland nearer to the Skerries.
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    Yesterday evening this ladybird, having just spent five minutes supping amber nectar, looked decidedly inebriated as she swayed from side to side as if keeping her balance, walking uphill along the clematis stem ... Not a macro study by any means ... More of a close up ...taken with my bridge Panasonic FZ1000
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    An old one from the York trip, a total mistake with the camera settings when I took it, but some seemed to like it!
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