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Just to let you know we have some new challenges starting Monday 1st July 2019, you can find more details here:

New TIPF Challenges

Ryewolf Ryewolf

Don't forget ... midnight on Sunday 31st August is the deadline for your entries (a maximum of 4) in the latest monthly TIPF IN FOCUS challenge.


Good Luck  everyone ...;)

Entries close for this weeks Alphabet image at midnight Sunday 18th Aug ... Post a pic taken this week  ...  How  unusual a subject beginning with G can you come up with eh?.;)

atb  Ryewolf


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    The Barge. Operated by Canalability that run the vessel for disabled people to enjoy a cruise down the Stort.
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    In a field of dreams... Caught in a field at a steam rally a few weeks ago !
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    ...on a Welsh Beach ..
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    A 4200 Class 2-8-0T Loco built in 1919, it has 8 driving wheels and could haul coal trains weighing in excess of 1,000 tons over the steep gradients of the Welsh valleys. Retired in 1962 until bought for preservation in 1985, but wasn't in steam again until 2014 and can be found on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway (at the moment on loan to the ELR). At Ramsbottom At Rawtenstall 15 minutes later Running around Filling up
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    D is for dewdrops, just taken a few minutes ago:
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    D is for DARLING LUCAS - Here's my 1st posted image of my darling little Grandson, Lucas . Adorable cherub XX
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    Looking into the bag - a 'blast from the past', we've just found them at a store, and they look and taste like the original Bassett's!
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    Taken today at Whalley at 16:30 in the afternoon... how unlikely is that to photograph a Bat the day after the A-Z Letter B challenge?
  18. 6 points
    One of our very cheerful Buskers again....a great chap....nearly always happy. FUJI
  19. 6 points
    Another image taken on a photo walk around Paphos Old Town. Same camera, different day. Korky
  20. 6 points
    This made me smile the other day...the title shot into my head as soon as I saw it. A bit of...Film Noir.....creativity. FUJI
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    We where lucky enough to get away for a week after Christmas and me and my daughter had been watching the weather to see if we would get a clear night to try this shot. Unfortunately and unlike me I was ill prepared and had no torch so we ended up stumbling around the castle and loch in the pitch black. And believe me when there is no moon it is very dark in this part of Scotland. I was so dark I could not see my camera bag on the floor when I'd put it down. As you can imagine this made for much hilarity as we stumbled around and tried to change lenses and settings in the dark. Hope you like the image!
  24. 6 points
    Storm Brewing Taken from Juno Beach, Normandy Invasion coast, France. The spectacular sunset was behind me and lighting up the thunderstorm developing off of the coast.
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    Celery, carrots & cauliflower, wonder who's having veggie soup for lunch!
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    A couple of shots from our recent holiday in Cornwall...
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    Not all landscapes are sweeping and vast...
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    Grey, dull start to the day but the dog needs a walk and the camera is always over my shoulder.
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    At last after nearly 2 years of trying for this lovely Bird , I got lucky, a lovely trip to Thursley common in Surrey, where Colin the Cuckoo comes every year, I did get Colin again but you saw that last year from me ,so here is something new , needless to say I am chuffed getting this Bird.
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    Hubby remembers operating one of these Kalee Projectors in the sixties, in an old cinema in Yorkshire where we met ...He had a Saturday job as a projectionist and loved seeing this !
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    Black Coffee ~ I do have a one button push high key converter in PSE but I tried to do a shot without, this is almost SOOC just dropped the saturation and highlights slightly.
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    I have to say a really like both of these images: Again you really do need to click on the image to get the best view....
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    Not sure if this will work:
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    I didn't have anything in the archives for this challenge, so something I took tonight... A Cup of Fruit...
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    A bit of a twiddle in Topaz of Hebden Bridge...
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    I cant even be bothered to write anything different. cut/paste Another week of zero pictures taken so been playing with some old shots
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    I remember the first time I saw one of these in the 60's ....it was a car you just could not ignore .....
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