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    Taking using my 30mm Sigma f1.4 Art lens at f2.8, processed using Nik Color eFex using 3 additional filters: Glamour Glow + Reflector Effects + Skylight Effects
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    took a walk over to blue pool bay ..haven't been there in over 20 years..it was nice to see the three chimneys ( gower's answer to durdle door)..it was freezing though..i almost give up and went back to the car ..glad i did'nt thought because it turned into a cracker last pic was taken with my tz30
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    I especially like the second image Rye
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    A misty morning looking from the beach area outside our hotel
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    If you didn't know, you would think it was Scotland or the Lake District. Nice shot.
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    Not the prettiest of birds but a good capture.
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    They do that when they are cold to put an extra layer of insulation around their body. It's definitely a male Chaffinch.
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    Nice catch Denis, they're usually very camera shy, I think I'd clone out the twig and barbed wire under it's tail.
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    It's a male Chaffinch Denis as far as can tell. He looks very fluffed up...
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    Gosh that looks almost unreal.... very unusual plumage as Rye noted too .....
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    That an unusual looking parrot
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