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    This is in the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (JeronimosMonastery) in Lisbon. Now a tourist Attraction. Five separate portrait images combined.
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    We do not have as many kangaroos as usual around us partly because of major earthworks going on in our area, (constructing a water pipeline across miles and miles of country), and also because of our lack of rain, everything is so dry here, hardly any grass at all. However, this guy, one of what we call the 'Big Boys' comes in every evening, and this is the look I get: "Hello lady, I'm here for tea." This one must have grown up around here because he is very used to us, just stands and watches and never moves away in flight mode, so he just turns away and gets on with cleaning out every bit of bird seed on the tray.:
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    At Ramsbottom yesterday....
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    The decisive moment! FUJI
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    Ahhhhhh! .....the smell of paraffin vapour and the frustration of blocked jets.... FUJI
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    I love the look of determination here...and the expression on the face of her companion. FUJI
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    All four are ELR volunteers, a chinwag between the old guard and new..... also good to see younger members taking part as they will be the future...
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    Its surprising what you see in the ...Urban Jungle ...some days. FUJI
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    At Ramsbottom Station yesterday...
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    Thanks Clicker. I do have one without the steam, but then he looks like he's got extra legs because he was standing in front of a tripod.
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    They look very similar to the comorants we see in the UK, except for the slightly more colourful wings.
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    Bristol Boxkite, the oldest aircraft design still flying....
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    Claimed to be the oldest surviving horse drawn carriage in the World. Housed in the National Coach Museum in Lisbon. Thanks to Korky for the processing tip (Book Binder).
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