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    Spotted in Hebden Bridge last August...
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    Another from Haworth last year...
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    The "Hatters" - Luton Town (or, as it turns out, Stockport where my other half comes from).
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    on a visit to gigrin farm last september i was lucky enough to catch these two buzzards having a scrap
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    Stourport Basin frozen over, last year...
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    This is the staircase in Harvington Hall, an Elizabethan moated Manor House in Worcestershire that was built circa 1580 and has 7 priestholes hidden in it. Four of them were built around this staircase and were used to hide Catholic Priests during a time when it was illegal to perform a Catholic Mass .. On the wall was old painting of this staircase... ..it really made me stop and think that I was standing in almost the same place with my camera as the artist was who painted it over 300 years ago .. https://britainexplorer.com/listing/harvington-hall-priest-holes-and-hides/
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    Second one we had a smoke machine going, but it didn't quite work properly, and it created more of a mild mist The first one, I used a much shorter exposure than with the others I posted, hence less of the wire wool effect, but I liked the silhouette, shadow and the brick detail on both of them
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    I spotted this, I'm not sure where, in 2015. I really like abstract things like this, which was some wooden boards that had been used to paint something else. I liked the abstract quality but yet reminded me of a wooded landscape. So both the B/W and colour versions
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    No trickery here. Just a lucky catch. Never been sure whether this was worth posting until the IR treatment finally made it for me but comments welcome.
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    Am I allowed 2 teams? I would hate to get sent off......
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    Bit of a crop again, why are the tops of tall trees so far away
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    A bit of a twiddle in Topaz and Nik Color EFex...
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    Tried to create a bit of symmetry from a couple of old whisky bottles. I cloned out the bottlenecks and then pushed a couple of the buttons in Topaz.
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    Better stick in Arsenal before someone else gets the same idea!
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    Been working on this image over the last few days, so when I saw Simon's challenge I thought it might fit the bill. Korky Birmingham City
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    Another fine example of making a good image from a subject that most people would walk past without noticing. Korky
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    Hebden Bridge Railway Station, is decorated in original Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway colours and original signage.
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    The reflections look great - as does the tight composition. Then, as you say, the face of the musician is a real bonus. Another little bonus are the fingers on the right. Good stuff! Korky
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    A fairly quite week for images with it being the festive holiday period, so it made the choice even more difficult, but this image by Cheryl certainly brightened up the day.... The original thread can be seen here...
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    Another taken in Sept 2014 using a very cheap kit 18-55mm lens....
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