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    I like to think that this boat is the sort of hull that the shed in the mid distance was made from - but perhaps I'm being fanciful. P.S. This is one of those images that is sharper when viewed in the Lightbox.
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    Hartlepool ..aka the monkey hangers ... .
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    After a dreary and wet start to the day, it finally brightened up and the was some actual blue sky, so I thought a quick drive out to a local picnic area that has bird feeders to see what birdies I might find No sooner had I got there that the light changed and I also hadn't noticed until I got home that I hadn't changed the camera focus point from a zone to single point... I think they are different birds in each image
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    Sounds idyllic Clicker Meanwhile, back to the topic:- Just a few miles downriver from me is the site of the old Woolwich Arsenal, built centuries ago and the origin of the 'Arsenal' football team, nicknamed 'The Gunners'. This was taken waaaay back in 2013, whilst meandering around the site. I don't know why it's been fenced in, I suspect it was going through 'one of them phases' and threatening to run over visitors toes, if they tried to climb on it.....
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    Spotted in Hebden Bridge last August...
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    Another from Haworth last year...
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    The "Hatters" - Luton Town (or, as it turns out, Stockport where my other half comes from).
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    'twas a bright and sunny, though bitterly cold day yesterday so I grabbed the chance to get some daylight shots with this new camera <Note to self: Do NOT buy new camera gear in Winter, when it's cold, wet and short, lousy daylight> A short drive took me to here in Woolwich. I've been promising myself a trip here since it was built but, like most local areas, I never got around to it..... Looking up-river, with the O2 'Dome' and the 'Emirates AirLine' cable cars in the distance..... Zoomed in on the lights on #9 pier.... One of the rotating gate sides, Wikipedia has a good diagram of just how simple it all works.... One of the 'Emirates Airline' pylons against 'The Docklands' , with the O2 Dome pylons behind.....
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    A few from yesterday at my local Warley Place Essex, very testing here as the light varies so much, changing all the time, taken with my other Camera Canon 6D Mark11, and sigma 150/600 lens. have to say the Nuthatch is my Fav small Bird. just sitting and watching it makes me smile .
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    on a visit to gigrin farm last september i was lucky enough to catch these two buzzards having a scrap
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    A couple of twiddles in Topaz...
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    A Wanderer (Swaggie) . Dorking Wanderers.
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    That works very well. I'm too chicken to take shots like that!
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    This was taken at one of my favourite locations a short walk from my house, Pevensey Castle, East Sussex, on a cold winter morning when the low sun plays with the mist among the trees.
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    An Empty Dining Room in Porto Seriously though .. I can't remember exactly where this was taken in Porto.... The adjacent pics on the SD don't help either so it must have been a one off .....doh
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    Never detected a problem clicks. All my lenses bar a fish eye are protected using UV filters. The fish eye isn't designed to take filters. The recent train shots taken at Dent Station were through a the better quality Hoya filters (they have two price levels) and I promise you none of the shot had any sharpening applied.
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    Inspection at Haworth Alighting at Haworth
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    This is the staircase in Harvington Hall, an Elizabethan moated Manor House in Worcestershire that was built circa 1580 and has 7 priestholes hidden in it. Four of them were built around this staircase and were used to hide Catholic Priests during a time when it was illegal to perform a Catholic Mass .. On the wall was old painting of this staircase... ..it really made me stop and think that I was standing in almost the same place with my camera as the artist was who painted it over 300 years ago .. https://britainexplorer.com/listing/harvington-hall-priest-holes-and-hides/
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    Dog=Mediaeval photobombing......
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    Second one we had a smoke machine going, but it didn't quite work properly, and it created more of a mild mist The first one, I used a much shorter exposure than with the others I posted, hence less of the wire wool effect, but I liked the silhouette, shadow and the brick detail on both of them
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    I spotted this, I'm not sure where, in 2015. I really like abstract things like this, which was some wooden boards that had been used to paint something else. I liked the abstract quality but yet reminded me of a wooded landscape. So both the B/W and colour versions
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    I'm probably teaching you suck eggs but expose primarily for the whites because once the highlight detail has been blown you won't recover it whereas you can generally lift the shadows. Also if it is appropriate, adjust the dynamic range setting in the X-T3 to suite the conditions. Finally, make sure you have a good quality UV filter fitted. An ordinary lens protection filter won't hack it. There is a lot of blue around in the mountains.
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    Liking that a lot it's a great capture leaving the viewer (well me anyway) asking what is making her smile.
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    Beautiful light - that ice looks rather thick!
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    What about something like this? All I've done is lighten the dark tones & left the highlights alone.
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    This guy was walking along on a cold wet morning, obviously has problems, the lady looked at him as though he was a piece of dirt, i saw a picture, then a guy in a suit about twenty years old came running after him with a hot coffee and sausage roll and said here mate you have this, has my advancing years made me more thoughtless for my fellow man.
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    I think Fuj i is right about this being a constant dilemma. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to disadvantaged people as subjects, much depends on intent. If it is about highlighting their plight i.e. for their benefit then O.K. If it's just about a good capture, i.e. for my benefit, I've tended to hold back. Part of the reason for that is that I've never developed the art of chatting to them before hand to the point at which they might be comfortable with the idea. That was the what I found so interesting about watching the Don McCullin documentary. He has that off to a T as I suspect Fuji also has judging by the images he has posted. I'm a little less concerned when it comes to general members of the public but on the occasions that I pluck up the courage, I always ask first. Having bored you with all of that, the image succeeds for me because of the inter action between the woman and the subject.
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    Mike, this is always a difficult one .... around here we have different types of wanderers or sleepers.... The ones I do subscribe to are the buskers, because they really earn what they get, and many are pretty good...( not the Romanian accordionists though Other wanderers are obviously mentally ill...we have at least two around town....they are usually receiving professional help.....most locals know them and keep an eye out. The official line with those who wrap themselves in donated duvets, is not to give them anything, because it maintains their drug or alcohol habit....almost all have at least one charity keeping an eye on them......some own a dog with the aim of gaining sympathy.....many can be seen smoking...if they can afford £8 for 10 ? ....I can’t, so don’t donate. There is a fine line here..... I know one particular musician very well, he is the ..Blues Player....featured in my posts on TIPF.... I often buy him a pasty and a hot drink...I have also persuaded our local bakers to look after him at the end of the selling day....he receives food they can’t keep over night...I have also given him warm clothing...he lives in a tent and travels the country..... There is currently a very real move to get all of the genuine cases real homes and support..... this has already begun officially in many cities. FUJI
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    Am I allowed 2 teams? I would hate to get sent off......
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    Another bit of a twiddle in Topaz and Nik Color EFex..
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    Caught this little scrounger raiding our ornithological food bank.
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    Bit of a crop again, why are the tops of tall trees so far away
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    A bit of a twiddle in Topaz and Nik Color EFex...
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    Tried to create a bit of symmetry from a couple of old whisky bottles. I cloned out the bottlenecks and then pushed a couple of the buttons in Topaz.
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    Holding onto hope. Something a bit different for my weekly photo......I thought I’d show how I use photography in my work. I provide therapuetic support to women who have experienced domestic violence & often use a set of visual cards to help women express how they are feeling or what they are hoping for. I photograph the cards to refer to in future conversations and send the woman a copy. These four cards were chosen by one woman to express her hopes for her future with her children when/if she is reunited with them.
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    Better stick in Arsenal before someone else gets the same idea!
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    Been working on this image over the last few days, so when I saw Simon's challenge I thought it might fit the bill. Korky Birmingham City
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    Thank you both...... It was taken through shop-window glass too....... if you don’t know the....Wonky Donkey story......enjoy watching this...Korky the ...Word-Smith...should love it. FUJI
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    Another fine example of making a good image from a subject that most people would walk past without noticing. Korky
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    And my entry to start the ball rolling. The Owls
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    Hebden Bridge Railway Station, is decorated in original Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway colours and original signage.
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    The reflections look great - as does the tight composition. Then, as you say, the face of the musician is a real bonus. Another little bonus are the fingers on the right. Good stuff! Korky
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    A fairly quite week for images with it being the festive holiday period, so it made the choice even more difficult, but this image by Cheryl certainly brightened up the day.... The original thread can be seen here...
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