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    Out for a walk along the river this evening just as the light was fading. Into the lock came this narrowboat with his navigation lights on. And there was I with the right lens at the right time 35mm f1:1.8 G Nikon
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    This should give you something to get your teeth into. Something (or somebody) derelict. There are all sorts of definitions of the word, so I have included what Professor Google has to say..... "in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect". synonyms: unsafe, dangerous, hazardous, perilous, precarious, insecure, treacherous "a derelict Georgian mansion" antonyms: safe, in good repair, wholesome, in use You have until Friday midnight, UK time to make your choice, be it from the archives or something brand spanking new. Go to it! I think the cut and paste has upset things, but I think you'll get the idea.
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    There's been a whole raft of great images this week, and choosing a photo of the week is always a difficult task because there's such a range of styles and genres. But in the end I've gone for this shot of a Short Eared Owl in flight by Roger, it's almost like he said "As you fly past could you look towards the camera?" The original thread is here....
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    Still in Snowdonia National Park...
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    I've been looking at a 360 head for time lapse work but they're all a bit pricey for what will essentially be an occasional toy - so imagine my surprise when Manfrotto ran a short special price on their PIXI Pano360. Normally it goes for £130, cheapest I've seen it is £90 but for a few hours on Thursday it was listed at £19.95 and I managed to bag one.......Woo Hoo!!!! It sits on a tripod and is controlled via a blue tooth remote or a phone via a dedicated app. A full 360 spin takes an hour so a sweep of the beach was about thirty minutes and a little over 800 photographs at 2 second intervals taken with my X100T While that was going on I had time to play with my X-T3 and catch the sunrise proper...
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    The lady in the first image looks positively regal Fooj ...It's always a proud moment for all concerned on Graduation Day... and nice to see candid captures of the other side of the day ... that is the Graduates' proud friends and relatives ... a day to remember for all of them.
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    Well at last we have a winner ..Brian .... very well done ... it looks like it's you to decide the next theme for the weekly challenge ....so over to you Squire ...
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    Nifty bit of kit at a great price there Beepy ... The XT3 is showing off too. What a camera ....
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    Wow that’s an impressive gadget. The sunrise image is what caught my eye though. Love the composition, colours, sky.
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    I like this a lot, perspective, colours and the leading line of the yellow posts on the right hand side. Nicely composed.
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    Oooh it is nice when you feel you’re in the the right place at the right time to get the image you want ... very nicely composed for me with some strategically placed reflections Denis ...
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    Flower photography practical evening at Hitchin Camera Club: Unedited version:
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    Well done Cheryl, lovely simple image with beautiful colour!
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    ......never die ... they just fade away..
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    The Beautiful Cuckoo Trail in Autumn, East Sussex.
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