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    A welcome seat after walking up to Kinver Edge ....with a view over the surrounding countryside.
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    Not an obvious choice to put these two plants in a garden bed together..Marestails and Cosmos... but they work beautifully together for me...
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    Grab shot taken on the way into work this morning...
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    An attempt to catch the mon and canals in central birmingham
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    Had a spitfire fly past today as its carnival day
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    From today's walk around Llyn Padarn, Llanberis, North Wales. A bit of rain and a bit of sunshine, but a fine walk and a great lunch spot with this view. We had sandwiches, falafel, fruit and tea from a stainless steel flask. Then, after we'd rested........... bloody hell, this is turning into Facebook! Korky
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    I spotted this outside our local Florists today....The Thumbs-Up-Hand was one of many, but this was the only one with a reminder on its thumb. FUJI
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    Two different views of Chesterton Windmill, a landmark in Warwickshire which some of you may have seen from the M40 Both taken in May on different years, the second with a big stopper at midday giving a 30 second shot.
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    Well, in the evening at sundown really .... I like to wander arounf the city canal system around this time. Often get some great lights and reflections
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    an old barn in rural virginia.
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    Wild Flowers and Summer Skys, --South Downs, East Sussex,
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    Painted Faces at a local fete.
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    Shot on my travels across Wales a couple of weeks ago. Korky Just Let Me Google That!
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    A selection of transport taken yesterday and today for Korky's 52 Project Fox Foden Witherslack Hall. Leaving Irewell Vale... And arriving back at Irewell Vale... And a Diesel Train at Irewell Vale...
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    I spy .......something beginning with "b"
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    Sorry, only have a 'token effort' for this week - not your fault by the choice of theme Kev, we simply have not been out!! The total chaos that is currently at the busiest junction in our tiny town, Wedderburn:
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    About 4 years since I told him to put his bike away now
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    I took a photo of a number of these daisy like flowers and last night, fiddled in Photoshop with a few layers and blending options with this as one of the results . I quite like the colours ...
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    A group of locals waiting for a bus to transport them for just a few streets... FUJI
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    Ynys Llanddwyn is a tiny island off the coast of Anglesey - a beautiful spot. Korky The Sands One, Two, One, Two The Snapper Genius at Work The Lighthouse and the Cross
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    packed and ready to go
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    Lovely soft light this morning so pulled over on the way to work and got this...
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    From a late evening drive to Formby Point, one of the few paces you can see Red Squirrels in the Northwest of England - it's certainly the closest for me ..
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    I make no apologies for entering this picture, yes it is an old one (from the frosts of 2010) but it has always been one of my favourite shots and any excuse is a good excuse to get it out the box. Cold Water
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    Quite a feat for me ...looking down on a 7 foot tall foxglove ...
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    A native flower on our block - never seen them quite this 'fluffy' since we got here:
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    Cracking rose in my garden
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    Well there should have been a roaring aurora tonight and with clear skies for miles around it should have been visible.....it bloody wasn't though
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    So, my youngest decided that he wanted to come out with me last night, he'd found an old camera of mine and he wanted a picture of the Brent Delta oil rig that's awaiting scrapping at Teesmouth He's 12, and knows everything so I showed him how to straighten his horizons on lightroom and said to have a mess about. Left him to it and this is what he came up with
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    The light was just right on these faces yesterday....I didn't notice the message on the side of the bus at the time.......so, it's an added bonus: FUJI
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    "Beneteau" -- A brand new boat just delivered to the marina at Eastbourne. not mine I'm sad to say?
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    simple pleasures
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    A Heron sneaking past a Lapwing....
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    From the drive back from from Stratford to Lancashire on the Sunday... Blists Hill.
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    Due East from the Malverns ...nothing is as high until you reach the Ural mountains in Russia!
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    No idea who has been hanging their washing here
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    The roof of York Station
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    The gates to Chirk Castle - wouldn't wanna paint 'em! Korky