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    Mono because somehow, I can't get the same luminosity in the smoke in colour and the mono conversion allows the blue in the sky to be darkened to emphasise it. Taken near Sellafield.
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    Taken at Sywell airshow some years ago and given a topaz treatment.
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    A forgotten pain, a forgotten past. i have a cemetery local to me, which is over grown and forgotten. Which I endlessly walk around with my dog. But I find a lot of inspiration there.
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    It's the church that the Danish Royal Family attend and sits at the end of an avenue that leads to the square surrounding which are the royal palaces. I was struck not just by how beautiful the internal architecture was but by how refreshingly light and airy the inside was as well. 1. 2. 3.
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    Built in 1896 the Victorian "Post Office Arcade" in Accrington was one of the first in the country and a forerunner of modern day shopping malls, though I have to say the Victorians built things to last. There is a similar arcade in Southport built in 1898, originally called the Leyland Arcade, then the Burton Arcade and finally the Wayfarers Arcade.
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    So far this has been my only attempt at taking images of people. I normally stick with landscapes and wildlife. Last year we paid a trip to the Crich Tram Museum 1940's weekend. Although the people there expect to have there images taken I like to try and capture them candidly rather than staged. I noticed that when people came out of the public house they had to stop and look for a route out as it was so busy. This gave me a couple of seconds to take a shot from the side from a fair distance with a telephoto lens and to catch them unaware. I desaturated the background in photoshop to give a hint of 1940's monochrome (which is a miracle for me as photoshop and lightroom are not my forte!) Hope you Like it and something I really want to do more of.
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    Take your pick ~ you have a pair of boots, jeans, legs or dogs
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    We where lucky enough to get away for a week after Christmas and me and my daughter had been watching the weather to see if we would get a clear night to try this shot. Unfortunately and unlike me I was ill prepared and had no torch so we ended up stumbling around the castle and loch in the pitch black. And believe me when there is no moon it is very dark in this part of Scotland. I was so dark I could not see my camera bag on the floor when I'd put it down. As you can imagine this made for much hilarity as we stumbled around and tried to change lenses and settings in the dark. Hope you like the image!
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    A cold January day on Loch Lomond that was so beautiful it was hard to leave and get a coffee-- or was it a single malt?
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    A very cold and windy Hunstanton. We only hung around long enough to get a bag of chips lol
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    Greasing up the wheel bearings on the 'van ready for our trip up North. With the macro lens already on the camera from the feather study, I thought I'd give it a crack!
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    Jack and Jenny ... a pair of donkeys who live in a paddock next to my home. Donkeys are known to pair bond very strongly so you should not separate them unnecessarily as they become extremely stressed .. Should one have to be put to sleep, the surviving donkey needs to have time with the deceased body of it's companion to enable it to mourn and come to terms with it's demise ... it appears that sometimes we are right to attribute animals with feelings more often associated with homosapiens ... elephants seem to fall into this category too ...
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    My only edit in the last six weeks or so, this was taken in Cyprus in November. A bit of typical Cypriot scruffiness, this wasn't taken in a taverna, but a monastery. Korky The Table in the Corner
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    The ducks have been moulting for a couple of weeks now and are looking really scruffy. The water and banks of their dam are littered with these feathers.
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    Sorry if this is a day late, but I've always done it Monday morning, our time, which should be Sunday evening, your time, but noticed that the potw date on the home page was 19/1, which would have made it Saturday. However......where do I start!! So many lovely pictures to keep up with this last week, and it is great to see the level of activity, and also seeing some people around that have been 'missing' for a while. We have had lovely Bokeh and Berries, really nice Colours in the Rain, lovely views of Parndon Mill, fantastic street photography, as usual by Fuji, and a few more that came into consideration for this week. I have gone with one that certainly gave me a 'WOW' as I first viewed the thread. This is a superb set, with fantastic detail in every shot, lovely gentle background, and perfect captures of 'a moment in time'. Was hard to pick a favourite from this set, so I've used the first picture, but the whole set are well worth a look! Soo...well done Rogerw, great set, fantastic detail, brilliant action shots, a bit of humour in there too with the way the Starling is landing in No 2 The original thread can be seen HERE
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    Lightbulb - all caught in camera the colours are reflections from a screensaver on a piece of glass.
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    Stayed in a cottage on the Hafod Estate nr Aberystwyth this September and paid a couple of visits to the red kite feeding at Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest which is an amazing site. I took hundreds of pictures and this was the best of a bad bunch.
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    Even a small town like ours can produce that....Decisive Moment.....the moment I pressed the shutter this lone lady noticed me.......and our eyes met. FUJI
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