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    I set the alarm for half six this morning and dragged myself down to a local cove where the Four Sisters sit in the surf line when the tide is right. The sunrise could have been a little more dramatic but the soft light kind of matches the long exposures so I'm happy with these.
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    I have a day off work, a dog that needed a walk and an itchy trigger finger so up on the local hills we went.
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    Red Kites from Oxfordshire, Hawfinch at Hertfordshire and the Marsh Harrier from Watt Tyler , my Local place .
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    A bit grey on the drive into work but stopped anyway as I haven't taken a photo for a couple of days and I'm getting an itch...
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    Happy New Year everyone. Claire and I watched the sun come up at Bradgate Park this morning. Great way to start the year.
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    My first promised walk about with the camera this year resulted in some okay shots. More practice needed but it was great to be out and about with no mobile phone chirping away in my ear
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    Black Five 45212 at Townsend Fold near Rawtenstall
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    Textured rocks and sea - taken about half seven this morning
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    Time for some fresh air so I headed off for a walk around Bloxholm St Marys - a pretty little church with well kept grounds.
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    Just liked the shapes this galvanized steel sculpture, on a street in Worcester, threw up ...
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    Hi folks, it has been a very long time since I`ve logged in here. I use to have Canon but because of all the weight, last year I traded some kit in for the Fuji X-T20 and both XC lenses, then in September I got the X-T2 and XF 18-55mm and a XF 35mm f2 and it is a joy to use and carry about. I had herd that the site was slowing down and thought, well I did like it here so if I can help to keep it going then I will. Yes I am a member of a few forums, and they have a lot of members, but as I did like this one lets all get it up and running smoothly again.
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    Took a drive up to Alnmouth with the dog and the camera this morning. It was cold, windy, it threatened to rain every few minutes and the track down to this part of the dunes would put the willies up a Land Rover Defender but it was nice to get some fresh air, take a bit of time shooting with a tripod and some have an intention not just randomly point at stuff.
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    The Seven Sisters, East Sussex.
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    The ideal Street Juxtaposition ....Serendipity at its very best. FUJI
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    Another shot from a museum in Barcelona:
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    Taken on Thursday - a little Peaceful Dove enjoying sitting on the bench that is very near their water supply:
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    Ice Frost on Metal
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    Mohair Blanket side-lit with a powerful torch.
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    Pootling around Barcelona in the evening.
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    I haven't used my camera for a few days....kinda nice and kinda odd....but I had to pull over on the way into work this morning.
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    I know you've seen this before, but it one of my all time favourite pictures of one of our dogs - Kandy at her very best:
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    This lady was catching up on her mobile in Park Guell, Barcelona.
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    What a fabulous start to the new year...
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    Spotted this in Casa Milà, Barcelona.
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    Thank you all for the comments... signed copies are available
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    I received email from the editor asking to use one of my images on the cover of Lincolnshire Life, with a credit to the photographer on page 7. And they paid £50 for the privilege!
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    Some of you will have seen what I put in the Weekly Challenge recently, well, today I did it: Got the walking shoes on, first time since foot op.: Went to one our usual doggie walking spots: And I made it to the top of the hill: So a good start to 2018!
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    As they say "That's All Folks" Honestly guys its been a riot, a laugh, a PITA and a pleasure. I couldn't have done it on my own, don't want to do it again but I will miss the camaraderie, I will miss the itch you get each day knowing you need to get a shot of something and I will miss you lot. I thought I'd sign off our journey with a selfie and a reminder of just how many days I've been doing this... See you on the other side chaps.
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    Taken earlier in the year with my Mobile Phone as i didn't have my camera at hand.
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    From a walk around the little village of La Bois d'Oingt.
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    My little one dressing up...
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    Mrs sr bought me a nice cheerful festive grim reaper figure.
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    Spotted this in Hebden Bridge today, it looks like something straight out of a Mad Max film - I half expected to see Mel Gibson somewhere...
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    Never Shop on Christmas Eve (at any time)... It's Christmas Eve, at 10am... I went to Asda, a few final bits... Already it's packed, people have gone mad... Trolley's are full, is it the end of the world...? No, it's Christmas Eve..... Five minutes later, I've got my things... Checkout's are busy, all in full swing... Back to the car, thinking it all done... But 20 minutes later and I'm still there... The end of the world? No, it's Christmas Eve....
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    Anyroadup........ The other day there I am waiting at the supermarket checkout and in front me is an elderly lady who's being attended by a jolly Checkout Professional who just happens to be dressed as an elf. All the lady's shopping is whizzed through the scanner at full Christmas speed and the price comes to £79.56. In true old school fashion, all the tins, bottles and packets get carefully packed into bags before the customer gets out her purse and counts out her money to discover she only has £72.00. She's £7.56 short of paying for her shopping. Now this lady looks like someone's granny and I like to think if she were my granny some kind person would step in and solve her problem. So that's what I do. "Excuse me" I say, "I can see you're having a bit of trouble here and I'd love to help". "Oh, goodness me" she replies, "are you sure? That really would be appreciated. I'm eighty-four, you know". The deed done, I'm walking back to my car with a fully-loaded trolley and I'm feeling so pleased that I've been able to offer a helping hand when it was needed. And it was no big deal, it took less than five minutes to put all her food back on the shelves. Korky
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    Its cold here and I ran out and took a few snaps of the snow in the early morning and just after sunrise. All taken with my XE2 and 18-55OIS not the best but I left my winter coat at work and it was to cold to really stay out with just a hoodie. Tonight we might hit -19 celcius with it even colder with the windchill. Sorry I am not very active I love the forum but as an admin on another forum I have been spending more time there and I am not the fastest when it comes to the back door stuff. Jim
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    A Robin on a fence And a Nuthatch in a tree
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    Saw something moving outside and turned to look, with a camera in my hand and got this. I think it's a young one, but he knows where the water is!:
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    If I have a bottle of wine I tend to take the last glass or two upstairs to enjoy in bed with my book or I'll take it up when I go up to watch a TV programme that Ang isn't interested in. Today I decided to clear my side of the bed and if I'm entirely honest I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud of the fifteen empties I've collected