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    Bottoms up! One of our ducks on the dam, fishing for Yabbies, (a kind of small freshwater cray).
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    Another pic from my trip to Snowdonia a couple of months ago ... stepped out the car for a minute whilst driving through a storm to get a couple of shots away ... thank goodness for weather proof equipment !!
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    Still in Snowdonia National Park...
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    Out for a walk along the river this evening just as the light was fading. Into the lock came this narrowboat with his navigation lights on. And there was I with the right lens at the right time 35mm f1:1.8 G Nikon
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    As the world turns: Not the shot I was intending to use, and horribly underexposed -- but it does show one thing: the notorious reciprocity failure of Fomapan 100 does help to suppress the lack of dark skies. About 1 hour exposure at about f/16 -- by the end the lens had totally misted up!
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    A very long TIME ago! We don't seem to get many of these round our way any more.
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    Tried to make a still life out of these rather cumbersome instruments.
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    A lone tree at sunset on Longridge Fell from August last year....
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    We drove through the very run-down Cypriot village of Kannaviou this afternoon - the place looked like it may have done rather nicely from the tourist trade at one time, but the few places that were managing to stay open looked more than a bit dismal and had no customers, just grubby-looking proprietors twiddling their thumbs and hoping for a bit of trade. Korky The Restaurant Eleni - Kannaviou, Cyprus.
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    Spotted in a shop window...
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    Ye God’s BP......That is one big hole you have cut, in the side of your house....it just needs a tidy up before the glaziers and kitchen-fitters arrive 🤓 FUJI
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    The object that has kept me away from this forum for too long!
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    I do maths for a living, so what "simplify" means to me is... Wow.... that old calculator is filthy!