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    All the components for this image (brushes, textures and the main photograph) aren't my work. All I've done is fit the pieces together and then add what I hope qualifies as a dollop of creativity and a sprinkling of imagination. For this reason, I fully understand if my entry doesn't make it into the vote - I very much enjoyed making the image and it's deffo one for my Flickr pages. William Morris was my paternal grandfather who was a proud Lancastrian and served in France during World War One. According to family lore, he came home when the war had ended and was so lice ridden that his wife, Margaret, refused to allow him in the house until he'd taken a bath out in the back yard. I'm not sure this is 100% accurate as it came to me from my father who would have been around nine years old at the time. Korky Private William Morris
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    Not been far today so just having a play with what I have at my disposal
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    VE DAY....a rather daggy photo of a newspaper front page I found wrapped up in my Mum's collection. Presumably has been folded and wrapped up since the publication date,- Tuesday May 8 1945. Didn't dare to try to press the fold out as I didn't want to damage the page.
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    Having a good old sing to himself.
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    Twice this year I have seen a Red Kite above the field and woodland next to my house ... The first time it disappeared before I got the camera out ... The nearest I have seen them in the past is about 20 miles away to the west ....so it would seem their numbers and spread is really expanding ... 'Tis an exciting prospect .... I grabbed this but it it was just an all sky image almost directly overhead ... so I have popped it into a subsequent photo ... and cheated a bit ...
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    The human people not content with a sea view decided to walk to a lighthouse so they can see a different sea view.
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    This local landmark has always been known simply as the lookout.... The Loughor estuary was used as a gunnery range during ww2... They even fired mustard gas and anthrax shells here I've grown up seeing this thing every day and have some great memories as a kid going past this in the middle of the night going out to check the fishing nets sitting on the bonnet of a tractor with no lights holding a torch.... Great memories It's been over 20 years since I was out here last and wasn't looking forward to the 3 mile walk out and back.... Lucky I saw the farmer that owned the access road cutting his lawn so I asked him if I could park the car at the bottom of the very steep hill to save walking back up it on the way back..... Take the car out there he said And a little detour on the way home to landimore pill for the third image
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    Still wading through the 1000 pictures I took in New Zealand This was an early morning shot when on the way to Lake Hawea from Haast
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    Well, once again it's a been a diificult week to choose a potw, we've had so many great bird and wildlife images from Panasonicmike and SJR, two excellent sets from Hatter of the Whitwell Steam Fair and some great twiddles from Korky. Some special mentions go to: Korky for his Topaz twiddle of Knaresborough SJR and his hare raising Hare Kobione wonderful dewy Cobwebs But this weeks winners is from Panasonicmike with his bee capture using a 100-400mm lens. You can see the original thread here
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    For obvious reasons! Korky
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    Another much photographed location is the cellarium at Fountains Abbey, a National Trust property near Ripon in North Y*rkshire. It really is a great place to visit as there's not only the abbey, but Studley Royal Water Gardens as well - the gardens have elevated the site to World Heritage status. If you've never been, put it on your list. I couldn't believe my luck when I entered the cellarium to find I was the only person there. I got just about five minutes before a party of tourists arrived! Korky
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    This has got to be the most photographed view in Y*rkshire. I think it's the same view they used for one of the challenges on Landscape Artist of the Year. I've given this a bit of a wash over with Topaz and then added a light texture just to make the whole thing fizz a bit. Korky For anyone interested, the Topaz preset is called Chinese Watercolor (note the US spelling). The View Along the River Nidd
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    The third and furthest downstream of the three 13th century bridges across the Thames, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newbridge%2C_River_Thames, the only one of the three that has not been rebuilt. Also the point at which the River Windrush joins the Thames. From the Thames path just upstream. From the garden of the Rose Revived: Pedestrian refuges: The last yards of the Windrush from the bridge:
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    A great day out ant Neil's Hide on Tuesday, a beautiful set up in the country, all Birds are wild , and on farmland,most of the day it was raining so some pics have the rain in them , looks nice as it happens , light was low, but must say I am really happy with the results, far distant trees made a super backdrop, I took hundreds of pics , but just a very small few here, I love the evening one of the Robin when the sun just caught the end of the Log.
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    This is a great forum but i just keep forgetting to partake in it, part of it i think is my historical involvement with a couple of others, anyway a bit fast flight practice. Hoping to get larger images but its not easy with mirrorless to keep them in the frame at this speed.
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    Sorry, we were out all day yesterday and I forgot to post this. Again not something I'm used to doing, but I tried. Textures in some of our rocks:
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    Whitwell Steam Fair this afternoon...
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    Fabulous view from the top of a very windy Long Mynd, Shropshire.
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    Window Triptych I did do some jigging and poking to clone out the central window frames to create a larger window
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    Thought I would be greedy and push my luck with an and not an or. Fire & Ice.
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    Taken from a Ferry , Fiordland is what you drive through to get to Milford Sound
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    As it says on the cart .... One from the trip to Beamish Museum last year ... Tram line cables have to stay I'm afraid
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    Penultimate week, [enultimate train...
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    Roof Slats. derelict cartridge and fuse store roof, North Weald Redoubt.
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    ... though it does seem a bit over the top just to make a cup of tea...... also how do you make tea damper?????
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    Going through some very old pics I have found some that that should never have made it as far as my hard drive .... but .....time always seemed to prevent me editing them all in the weeks that followed and eventually they just got filed away in a really big pending edit folder. With my enforced captivity I am utilising some of the time to bin these photos but I first try to see if there is anything I can retrieve from them ... Here is one .. I just hadn't checked the settings and the lane into my place was just a very blurry sun and mist so before I binned it I had a fiddle.... Honestly. this is better than it was !!! ...
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    Not something I am very good at, so you have a 'token effort':
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    Fascinating! I'm glad you left it in colour - a monochrome version would be "Fifty Shades of Earl Grey"!
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    OK here goes, an uncertain step into the murky world of Photoshop. This is a watercolour effect applied to a shot I took at Wenlock Abbey, this week
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    ICM - taken today at the weir on the River Calder at Whalley.. If you've never tried this type of photography before the settings were Manual Mode, 1/10th sec, f22 iso 100, it was taken hand held but corrected to make the horizon straight
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    Admin Approved Many years ago back in the mid 70's I started taking photos of the streets of Birmingham, first with a Zenith EM and later a Pentax ME Super. I knew they might come in handy one day (NOT!). Finally after 5 or 6 months of planning my collection of images of Birmingham has just been published. I thought it appropriate that the profits go to Helping Hands of Birmingham, a charity which helps the genuine homeless of our city. It is A4 size with a 350 gsm gloss laminated cover and 40 high quality images on 170 gsm silk paper. Shots are of the city taken during day and night spanning from the Lucas Motorsports event in the mid 80’s right up to present day. The cost is £10 + £2.72 postage, all profits to Helping Hands (shameless spamming). I'm only sad that a lot that I took back in the 70's weren't good enough to print and the negatives have long gone. I spent time in 2016 replicating those 1970's shots to show how things had changed. They look almost acceptable on the scans, but printing was not possible to a good standard Anyway, if you know anyone who might be interested in one of the books, I would be grateful for your support in letting them know ... as the more I can sell, the more can be done for the genuine homeless of the city of Birmingham
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    OK not sure if this works but what the heck tried to shoehorn both ideas into one shot. I took this when we had ICM as a theme in the 52 challenge and didn't use it. When Clicker tipped us off what this weeks double theme was I picked a Topaz Tweak and rotated the image thought it had a look of frayed fabric. It is actually the back garden trees, fence, grass, wall, grass.
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    When there's a home fixture, I sometimes spend an afternoon at the local Rugby Club with a camera. I'm not a Rugby fan particularly but inevitably, I find myself absorbed in the game rather than photography. However, I did manage this one.
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    By way of a change converted an image to mono on my IPad. Clouds seem to come out well ! Editing on IPad is very unlike using LR on a PC.
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    With the D-Day anniversary approaching here is a photograph of Pegasus Bridge, It was a major objective of British airborne troops during the opening minutes of the invasion of Normandy on the 6th June 1944.A unit of glider infantry troops of 2 Battalion The Oxfordshire & Buckingham Light Infantry, 6th Airborne Division commanded by Major John Howard took the bridge by total surprise and intact. The successful taking of the bridges played a most important role in limiting the effectiveness of a German counter-attack in the days and weeks following the Normandy invasion. In 1944 it was renamed Pegasus Bridge in honour of the operation. The name is derived from the shoulder emblem worn by the British airborne troops which is the flying horse Pegasus. As these bridges came under control of the allies, My dear old Dad was going ashore with his Tank regiment, the 34th Tank Brigade, a few miles to the west.
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    Thanks, Simon. You may be right... Thanks, Polly.
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    So I was at Embsay Steam Railway watching the trains, when I got back to the car a rooster was wandering around the carpark, as I always have seeds and monkey nuts, like the Scouts say be prepared, I was quite interested in the abstract quality of the feathers.... So I threw some seeds down down and just waited until I got this shot.... Sometimes photography is about luck, but also about being prepared.
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    An abstract from me this week!
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    We actually got out for a bit on Friday and went up to Echuca, but didn't see any paddle steamers. However we did have our Top of the Town lunch - Seafood Pack for Two and I'm pleased to say that, apart from the chips which we gave most of to the duckies, it all went down very well!
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    Another week another train, in this case a rather unique prototype built in 1903 which was around 50 years ahead of it's time. North Eastern Railway Electric Autocar.
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