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    Saw this whilst I was driving by. The light was too good to miss and I had a camera me so I went looking for a subject and found this.
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    Before you lot even start... IT IS NOT A SELECTIVE COLOUR IMAGE Its just nature being naturey...
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    This evening I was at Whalley Watching Sheep.... Steam Trains - The Flying Scotsman.... And birds fishing on a weir...
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    Cold, windy and drizzling here today.....of course it is....I'm not at work
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    I did want a shot from further down the platform to get the buildings in on that side as well, but there was a whacking great yellow crane that was just out of shot on the left. The hill you can see is Pen-y-ghent.
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    Nothing like flowering Chives to bring the pollinators out.
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    Had a family afternoon at Bede's World in Jarrow and decided to just take some of my vintage lenses with me......typically there was a bloke there with an owl so I had to wrangle with a manual focus Mamiya-Sekor 135mm f2.8 lens to get this.
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    Just a view from the lounge window as the sun came up this morning: Been busy again all day emceeing another exercise presentation day, conducting work shops on family history research and introduction to Tai Chi. Phew! Time for a drinkie me thinks!
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    This is what the inside of my brain looks like today after 4 hours of trying to rebuild a controller only to realize I was doing it wrong. I needed to be doing it the old way not the new way silly me but I had actually deleted the old way from my head to make way for the new way. This is not my hair by the way it was maybe 10 years ago but not anymore.
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    The last of my images from The High Country. Monochrome with a bit of Nik filters to give a sense of history. There are still many of these old cattlemen's huts up in the High Country, but the cattle have all been removed. Originally these huts were only accessible by horse or foot but now they are used by bushwalkers and horse riders. In this particular case motor traffic can get in, as what used to be the horse trail has been upgraded to a dirt road.
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    Today I will try to get some photography time.
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    2 sides to everyone.
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    Here's a slice of my afternoon - in slices. Chorizo and butternut squash being prepared for this evening's meal: Chorizo & Butternut Squash Baked Rice with red peppers and chick peas. Nom, nom, nom! Korky
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    Popped over to the Lakes on Sunday, had a wander through the woods near Thornthwaite down to the shores of Bassenthwaite.
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    Ground Floor Ladieswear, Haberdashery - Going Up... Harlequin Ladybird - Harmonia axyridis
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