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    Straight out the camera with just a small crop and a tweak of graduated neutral density filter...
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    August Bank Holiday 2017
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    This wine red sunflower is fading ...as our Summer seems to be too...
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    QUE SERA SERA...... Doris Day. 1950s The photograph? My wife to be aged just 16 circa 1954 standing on the Ford Bridge just a few hundred yards from where she lived then, and we live in the same house now.....58 years wed this November. In the words of the song......."The future's not ours to see"........if only `I knew then, what I know now 🤓 Yes! I did take the photograph with with one of those plastic oval thingies that had a white shutter button.
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    Goodwood, West Sussex,
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    School's out for Summer ....Alice Cooper...
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    Little Red Rooster by The Rolling Stones
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    I've stood on Pendle Hill and taken a lot of photographs of Longridge and Bowland Fells this year, so this was on Longridge Fell looking towards Pendle.. And looking the other way towards the Bowland Fells.. (first was taken using the Canon 24-105mm f4L, the other on the Sigma 30mm f1.4 Art), that cloud reminded me of a giant anteater... And a couple of Stonyhurst College through the trees... Yes, I did do a bit of cloning to remove that branch in the second image..
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    Four doors, two gates and a window.
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    No better way to start the day than an early start to go out and shoot camels......well Camels Island to be precise
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    From today's walk in deepest, darkest Lancashire - Roddlesworth Woods, Donkey Brew and Darwen Moor. Further Signs of Autumn
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    The picture that inspired this weeks theme. You cant beat a bit of Motorhead Ace of Spades when you need waking up.
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    OK - Here's my attempt, but this is a competition within the competition. First person to guess my song title earns the much sought after prize of my undiluted admiration. If you can't guess, all will be revealed in a couple of days. Clue ...... Beatles.
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    Recorded by Boots Randolph and much used by Benny Hill for his naughty nurse chase scenes........ Yakety Sax
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    OK it's ages since I posted (yet again) here's one from a few months back.
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    I am delighted with the performance of my newly acquired 1977 vintage...ROCKET LENS...or...The JUPITER 11......another pre-war Zeiss design manufactured in the USSR. All fully manual of course. But beautiful rendering depth and Bokeh as the direct result of a fifteen bladed Iris. FUJI
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    Just back from a couple of weeks in Austria where I certainly travelled light - just a Fuji X30, a 32Gb SD card, two batteries and my cheekly little Crumpler bag. That's photographically speaking of course, obviously I took a pair of clean undercrackers, but, not surprisingly, I didn't need 'em! Anyways, I thought I'd post some photos in my Karousel thingy so that I can find 'em easy if ever I wanna. I've started with this shot (it's from a high-level walk last Wednesday) because it's a superb view that was waiting for us as we rounded a bend and climbed a short incline. And because ten minutes later, we were coming down a steep gravel incline where I fell and damaged my knee. I'm now in a three-way relationship with Ibuprofen Gel and an elasticated bandage. Korky Mountain Reflections ----- the pointy one near the centre is called the Kitzsteinhorn
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    Harlech Castle with Snowdonia as a backdrop.
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    Nipped out between todays downpours with Jasper and not only managed to stay dry but caught a few minutes of nice light. All iPhone...
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    Every cloud has one ....well these ones were more golden linings than silver ones ...My first evening in Italy was greeted by this huge storm.. .
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    Had to pull over to grab a shot this morning on the way to work...
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    Quite literally a post with some grit on it
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    Thanks SR for another great theme. Here's my stab ..... any guesses?
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    I was really chuffed today when I saw this Fox cub. I have only ever seen them a couple of times in the wild before, and nowhere as close as this,
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    It turns out that there are two five o'clocks in the day - who knew - but if you do drag yourself out of bed for the first one you can get to the woods early enough to catch Red Squirrels before the crowds turn up and scare them back into the trees. It was a little dull at the start so I was bumping up against the 6400iso usable limit of the Fuji and still struggling to get a decent shutter speed but patience, a bit of luck, improving light and some uncomfortable lying in the leaf litter got me this collection of shots. All shot with the X-T1 and XF 55-200mm f3.5/4.8 R
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    I will start the ball rolling with my entry. Don't
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    Spotted parked by our Library the other day. FUJI
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    My new road bike. It has a puncture and not even been out on the road yet! Not to worry though. Will be sorted and all checked over for a first run out on Saturday. Following this it will be moved to the garage.
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    Sutton Scarsdale Hall taken (from the passenger seat) M1 Southbound
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    In complete contrast Dee ... Soft summer pastels in the meadow....
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    Shot this, in bright sunshine around midday.....quite a crop, but that little vintage LOMO lens of mine seems to hold up, if focused correctly. FUJI
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    I only had time for one shot before they turned the lights off.
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    Men at work...as seen last week: FUJI
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    Waterfall on the River Roddlesworth
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    My new best friend.. and some other buddies.
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    Not a Phone , Not A Kindle..........A Real Book!!!
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