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    Just for a change. Lost Have you ever had that feeling? That you are completely lost. Your mind and senses reeling, As in a dark foreboding frost. Nothing but nothing is as it seems, Words like phantoms come and go. It is as if all the bizarre dreams, Have turned your brain to snow. “Completely Lost” Bernard Shaw.
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    Steam Up. The J549 Maldon - Castlemaine train our photography group went on this week.
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    An oldies as cant find card reader for my macro work done today! SELFIE - a series of 4 selfies (taken with camera not mobile) made to look like the old photo booth images. Just for fun.
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    Lets start the ball rolling with a Skull & a Smile.
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    Apologies to those of us that don't like frames around images.
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    Back from holidays with a ridiculous amount of photos to process. It could take years This is Lake Hawea, south island, New Zealand. Lazy photography as taken from my hotel balcony
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    Jasper is mended and back out in the countryside where he belongs...
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    Just before we got on the boat, couldnt lose the dock without clambering into the water
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    Taken whilst waiting for the bacon to arrive.
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    Sunset and Sheep, so two S's for the price of one...
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    Went for a walk from Brinscall up onto the moorland. Picture taken as it snowed. Hope the upload works.
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    Under 10s soccer mums Melbourne.
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    I just found this querky ... .. posts and a post box, a zebra crossing, legs without a body, people, primary colours, the sea and the sky ... random images with a strange connect ... and almost a rule of thirds example for composition .... ...well.. it appealed to me ....
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    Hubby remembers operating one of these Kalee Projectors in the sixties, in an old cinema in Yorkshire where we met ...He had a Saturday job as a projectionist and loved seeing this !
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    A number of scenes from the series were filmed here at the Black Country Museum ... This young man sported the fashionable haircut as well as the cap....
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    Busy Blue Tit , its that time of the year again . taken at Warley Place ,Brentwood Essex.
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    The gorse has masses of these weevils, the bug is in the foreground I think is a thrips, the weevil is only around 1>1.5mm the other bug is less than half a mm! 1. Subject : Weevle 2. Camera : Fuji xt2. 3. Lens : Otamat 20mm f2.8 4. Other : Ext Tube 56mm. 5. Obj: no. 6. Magnification: ~7x. 7. Step Size : 20uM 8. Lens Settings: iso200, 1/8 sec. 9. Stack # : 156 frames. 10. Lighting : 3x janson led. 11. NOTES : Wemacro rail, editing:Helican focus and photoshop
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    Another great week for images and another week when it's been so flippin' difficult to choose a POTW. Top toggers for me this week were........ Fuji with his superb 'You Are Invited' - Street photography at its best. ChorleyJeff with 'Buttermere Trees' - A beautifully simple landscape. Ryewolf with 'Church Steeple' - A lovely painterly image that shows off Rye's Topaz skills. All these could have been winners were it not for Johntwo's superb photograph 'Scotsman at Speed'. Great technique, great processing, great presentation and then a great dollop of nostalgia to boot. Congrats, John, that really is a belter. Korky
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    233ft high to be precise taken at Scar House Reservoir.
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    I was quite taken with the images accompanied with words posted by John and Rye over the last few days, so I thought I'd add one of my own. Some months ago I was editing an image and I had lyrics from one of my favourite songwriters - Richard Thompson - whizzing around in my head and the words and the image just sort of gelled together in a loose sort of way. A spot of serendipity that's led to a short series of images. Here's #4. ------------ This cruel country has driven me down Teased me and lied, teased me and lied Now I've only sad stories to tell to this town My dreams have withered and died Withered and Died #4
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    Some of our immature Superb Fairy Wrens all came down for a bath in our lizard water bowl, they all sat for a minute and then dived in and got nice and wet! Love the way the one on the right looks like a classic 'Angry Bird'.
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    I'm sure you will all feel the pain I am suffering this week having to put up with this for a view.
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    Hitch Wood, this afternoon: The bluebells are out but I think they're not at their best yet - next weekend perhaps?
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    A few weeks ago I retreated into Brinscall plantations to avoid falling snow. Luckily I had my tripod to steady my shots. I was freezing cold with wet feet and no gloves so handheld would have been dodgy ! I am aware of blown highlights but tried to get the feel of the place. Jeff
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    Took a walk down to worms head this evening to see if there would be a good sunset.. It wasn't too bad
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    Cramming for the Finals ... ...on a sea wall opposite Aberystwyth University.
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    On a very cloudy damp day .... luckily one of the few such days we had weather wise. I went past there again about 4 hours later and it was completely clear with wonderful valley views
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    had to rush tonight ...had 30 mins till sunset and decided to go out with the camera ...so where to go ..decided on a small lake a few miles away...think i was lucky as i got there just in time
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    Gareth's recent post of a series of bridges reminded me of these. I like bridge architecture and this bridge built as a gate way to the Seville Olympics was something worth capturing. The trouble was that I couldn't do it's size justice - until we climbed the Cathedral bell tower.
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    The first hoverfly that I have managed to get the camera on to this year: Paul.
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    I didn't have anything in the archives for this challenge, so something I took tonight... A Cup of Fruit...
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    To be honest I should have known it would be busy there on Easter Sunday, seemed like every man and his dog were there, so the squirrels were being a bit elusive for the first hour. I could do with 4 pairs of hands when I go here, two to shake the nuts, which they running up for, and two to hold the camera and lens...
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    Real men don't read instructions... So what do this button do?? Opps format c:\ ..... oh flip
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    This couple remained exactly like this for ages a veritable tableaux in fact, a quick nod of greeting and they turned bak into statues. What significant and historic note might be missed here are the obvious pock marks on the stones of the Coventry City Council House...a very real reminder of the heavy bombing that the City Suffered in the 1940 s ...the whole area including the nearby Old Cathedral was completely destroyed. I remember clearly dozens of water filled cellars where shops and offices had once been. FUJI
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    Another week when to my shame I have taken just 1 photograph.
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