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    Three images stitched in Photoshop.
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    I find myself shooting more for mono than for colour recently. I see scenes of decay and want to tell a story of how it used to be; remembering the good old days, when now all that is left is an empty shell.
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    Spotted this guy in a charity shop while walking around with my camera after closing time!
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    I wonder how many pockets this 1999 50 pence coin has been in... the queen is looking her age... Panasonic DMC-FZ2000.
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    Bored out of my mind with this lockdown and shielding... So thought i would have a little bit of fun...
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    My good lady and I are in our 80s now....she was a well known local beauty queen .... leader of a marching band.... a chorus girl.... and was employed as a fully qualified live saver and professional swimming teacher. Naturally she is very reluctant to have her portrait taken; but, this evening I requested a shot of her hands as seen through one of my beautiful vintage film camera lenses. Time is cruel, and camera’s don’t lie..... both have worked as expected... TEMPUS FUGIT. FUJI
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    Knaresborough Station in Yorkshire. (Another best viewed in lightbox)
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    I do love to see a field with poppies in
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    More from playtime. Original image is posted under "Common Blue - Original Image". Can't create a link for some reason.
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    Found this little (starling?) fledgling in the middle of a path through a local nature reserve so ofter a couple of quick snaps Thomas popped it into some nearby bushes where it would be a little safer. It was calling to the parents when we walked away so fingers crossed...
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    Came across a friendly little chaffinch today that seemed happy enough for Dylan and I to take pictures of without flitting away.
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    Taken with my Nikon D7500 and the Tokina 11-16 DX II AT-X Pro Processed in Lightroom 5.7 tickled in Topaz......
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    Morning has broken ... near Miford Sound and around the south island
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    More from Loch Ken. (Lite Box for a sharper image.) 1. 2.
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    I went for a walk along the promenade in Morecambe the other day. The sun was hot, it was humid and sticky, I saw a Turkish barber shop and just wished I could get this unruly mop of hair shaved off....
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    I just couldn’t resist this strange juxtaposition spotted on our local market yesterday..... I was using a circa 50 year old vintage lens, set to ....Zone-Focus ...on F8 between 8 feet and infinity... making the camera a literal..... Point-and- `shoot. FUJI
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    This spiderling measured approx 5mm in size but had no problem with dinner... Paul.
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    Centenary Square and Gas street basin
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    Just testing my long lens through the window in the hall for Focus as I missed a bull finch on the hanging basket earlier, when the butterfly just landed on the lobelia in a hanging basket 12 feet away whilst I was actually looking through the viewfinder and adjusting the focus... Never look a gift horse .......
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    Part of a on going project.
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    Just looking for something different. Might not be to everyone's taste. Can't remember how I processed it.
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    Ryewolf asked me a few weeks back if I would mind doing the POTW as a guest, seeing as how I was trying to get back into photography and trying to be a little more involved. I now realise how tough the decisions can be when finding a winner! I reckon by now most will have posted their images for the week ending 21st (Sunday night) so I went back through the photos that caught my eye, made me smile, feel emotive and everything else that comes with viewing lots of insights into what our membership sees through the eye of the lens. From landscapes, moody and bright, flowers and lots of close ups, to architecture and more, the choice is bewildering. However 2 images stood out for me, for different reasons. Firstly and the runner-up, is Martyn and his "Guess How I much I saved on Razor Blades this year!" photograph. It just made me smile whenever I went back to it, but I was struck by the square format and careful positioning of his arm in the left corner, to the balance of the badge on the shirt, and the happy look on his face and a timeless piece of camera equipment proudly held. But it was finally beaten by my choice of POTW which goes to Robin - for the delightful capture of the fledgling in the hand of his son. It's the soft focus of the youngster which to me is just about spot on, and the clarity and focus on the little bird, that whilst not prettiest of babies, is at the same time a lovely young bird that stands out from Thomas's face, looking upon it with delight and a thrill that I felt as a child when I found a young mistle thrush and saved it from a muddy ditch - and so this capture (and rescue and release) brought back a memory from so many years ago, that had now been captured in the present, long after when my rescue was simply seen by my mum! So well done BP, and despite only a couple of comments from Clicker & JamesT, for an image which should have seen more, you get my vote for the winning image. Original post is here: http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/43833-fledgling-rescue/?tab=comments#comment-211180
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    Just a very small few from my front garden , lots more can be seen on my Flickr page.
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    Intrepid 5x4, Fomapan 100, 60s @ f/16
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    My turn to choose the best photo for the week. Lots of great photos to choose from, which is a credit to members given the limits on topics etc due to Covid-19. I loved Dennis' photos of dragonflies and his "Another Afternoon at Amwell" but ultimately chose John's "Entrance to the Grand Canal". I consider this an iconic landscape that John skillfully created using three photos stitched together.
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    12:1 Bee Mimic Volucella plumata
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    You can see the leaves of the trees above in the droplet of the world.... Paul.
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    Somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales.
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    Taken with a Tokina 100mm f2.8 Macro that I bought for use with a Nikon Camera before I deserted to Fuji. I kept it because it was (and I think, still is) a rated lens and I kept it hoping that someone would eventually market an auto focusing adapter but although it has been promised, so far only Cannon lens adapters have been developed. I was reminded of it because I had used it to take the image of the pepper grinder posted in the recent " What is it?" post. I bought a manual adapter but I found the lack of auto focus difficult. However, I thought I would give a it an outing. This insect appeared in the garden this afternoon. I've never seen one before. It is apparently not that common this far North. and a second angle:
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    A stunning day on the coast.
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    What happened to our lovely weather?
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    Can't quite ID this individual. It has the look of a Falcon and my first thought was a Peregrine Falcon but the bridge over the beak would need to be yellow. So I'm puzzled. Anyone any idea as to identity?
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    That time of the week again and me to choose this weeks winner. Its been another fine week for Bugs & Birds with some fine late entries in the last 24 hours... Rye continues on his bug hunt and a nod to 2 fine pictures, one the Nuthatches and second the little mouse both great shots and a wonderful falcon shot from johntwo and his enjoyable little what is it challenge shots this week (i did like the pepper grinder). But this week I kept coming back to this image of a fantastic landscape and therefore award the honor of POTW to Stravinsky for this wonderful shot taken at Lake Hawea, New Zealand.......reminding us of the places we love to visit and hopefully we can get back too one day soon.
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    My Grandfather on my mothers side had one of these back in the 60's, surprising how expensive they are now, he also had a Morris Traveller - Woody, they are now worth between £6000-£14000 All taken using my new 90D
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    on the walk back to the house from photographing the red rocks which are about 200 yards from the house i thought i'd have a go of getting that moody sky with the boat opposite the house...had to do a bit of cloning work to get rid of two ropes but i think it came out ok
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    been looking at these rocks that are on the marsh 100 yards from where i work..they are huge lumps of slag from the copper works that stood on this spot in the 1800s ..had the idea of doing a sunset there as photopills said it would work at this time of year ..the weather didn't play ball with the sunset but did give me a lovely moody sky...be rude not to take advantage of it
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    Just to make you feel a bit better Martyn ....
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    1. Flynn our new 10 week old Border Terrier Puppy...
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    Getting at least one photo in for the week so Clicker doesn't shout at me. Had a night off from decorating so I cut the grass instead and decided to point the camera at a rose........button push in topaz was called Tale of the Bard just to keep the Shakespeare theme going.
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    Lockdown and social distancing is resulting in a totally different feel and look to very familiar streets in our small town. But, as always, photo opportunities do arise, if one is observant, quick or, on one case here polite. let’s start with the last one first..... I could hardly believe the arrogance of the guy cycling toward me on a pavement already crowded with mainly older folk....he was quite surprised when I raised my camera..... I didn’t give way. Now to being polite..... I see a huge guy, heavily tattooed on both arms .... rather inhibiting, i think, then I realise, he is helping an elderly lady to shop..... nothing to lose, I politely ask him if I can photograph his arms.... he obliges.... I was so surprised , the first was out of focus...so here is the good one. Masks can make the most innocent person look sinister......this gesturing lady reminded me of an old time burglar complete with mask and stripey shirt. Once again, my newly acquired GX9 on the .... L-Monochrome-M setting..... the Panasonic-Leica 25mm-f1.4 ... has the edge for sharpness and clarity. FUJI
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    Heck Dee, I was only joking. Don't go anywhere near them. They are supposed to be one of the most venomous snakes in the world. I'd be running a mile in the opposite direction.
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    To say that I'm pleased is an understatement...... You may have noted that yesterday I took delivery of a LMIX GX9 camera...one that has its detractors balanced by those who are great fans, including one who uses his alongside is two Leica's. This set then, is a first showing of what it and I are capable of in partnership. The first image...STILL LIFE ...was one of my test shots using my Panasonic/Leica 15-1.7 lens. From then on all of the others were shot through my circa £20 DIY Arty-Macro lenses....a vintage projector lens and a tiny Cine Film Camera lens from the 1950s ...both stuck into bottle-caps and adapters with hot glue. 1: STILL LIFE 2: CENTRE 3: A.RABESQUE 4: WASP 5: SPACE STATION. As soon as I get a decent weather break, my next test will be to use only Vintage, fully manual lenses for ...Street Photography....I am really looking forward to trying out the camera's unique new Monochrome filter ..supposedly one of the best...compares well with the Leica one. Watch this Space....as they say. If this appeals in any way...the GX9 has come down in price lately because the changes made were controversial, but, use it within its parameters and its amazing. FUJI
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    Believe it or not but something the sun doesn’t shine over Hunstanton. This weekend see some really moody clouds and then the sea mist rolled in.
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    another from my 1st day with the Sigma 105MM Marco
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    Like those, the first one in particular. One of the joys of photography is letting others see a scene from a viewpoint they might otherwise not have appreciated.
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    I bought and planted this Iris last year after seeing it as a single plant for sale outside a cottage on a rural road a few miles from where I live ... I paid the princely sum of £4.00 for it and it only had one stem on it with a flower that had actually seen it's best days and I was unable to even detect what colour it was.. An elderly chap came out when i waved to him at the window and I asked what the colour would be and he informed me it was a really dark bluey purple, almost navy and white and it was called Art Deco.. I asked if he had any more and he said he had sold 9 that week and this was the last one .. he had propagated them himself from one plant he had bought about 20 years before . He said , "The blooms are as big as yer hand !" Well they actually are and this week two enormous stems, 40 inches tall, revealed 3 blooms on each . I think I got a bargain......! And ....After a bit of fiddling ...
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