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    Strumble Head Lighthouse sits on the peninsular just north west of Fishguard in Wales.
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    A photographer pal and I spent a happy day in Stratford-Upon-Avon today....one of the wettest, dullest, grey days ever.. But we lifted our spirits and those of our our subject's by positive interaction ....we had so much fun in between downpours. Quite a few more to process yet, so we will see what tomorrow brings. To those members who enjoyed a day there last summer...we went to the same 1940 s themed Cafe....that same distinctive waiter had returned after months working in theatres. FUJI THIS WAY UP IT'S THIS WAY DEAR ONE OF THE HAZARDS OF STREET PHOTOGRAPHY
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    One Of Each and the Hawthorne is Just Beginning to Blossom
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    Frogs spawning at Attenborough Nature Reserve, near Nottingham.
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    Day out with the family fossil hunting, walking on a 7000 year old forest and generally mucking about...
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    An old one off my phone taken last year. If you have ever been to Flint you will know this d ship.
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    Thought the world needed a bit of joy. Taken at the seaside (I can't remember where and no, I didn't arrange them).
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    This is one of the first composite images I ever did. I knew nothing of layers, blending modes etc. Just cut out the meerkats, stuck on the scenery and coloured in the snow. It won quite a few medals in its time. I have since tried to do it 'properly' and failed miserably.
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    SOOC, no faffing with the hair
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    Taken at Salts mill.
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    ...just a mad dog owned by a friend, just one big loopy animal (the dog not the friend).
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    Sometimes a subject just shouts out for special treatment and rendering.....here it was for a moody/grainy presentation. Another study from our extremely wet, horribly cold and dark day in Stratford-Upon-Avon. FUJI
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    We've been to Rutland Water today, weather was pretty good, no hats and gloves required.| Unfortunately, my best picture of the day was a greylag goose, so have some godwits in breeding plumage and some whooper swans taking flight instead.instead
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    And to get this started ONE CAREFUL OWNER.
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    From WWT Martin Mere today. I do like photographing these colourful little ducks...
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    Stopped off on the way into work to grab a few shots on the National Glass Centre roof. It was grey, misty, cold and a bit damp - so - monochrome was the order of the day. Used the Fuji Remote app on my phone to trigger the camera and make sure I was where I wanted to be in the shot
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    Could be sharper :/
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    At Curborough sprint course Staffordshire
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    A couple from a series I shot on the theme of cheating at cards. First one with a Samyang Fisheye, second one with Nikkor 24-70mm.
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    we had a day out in Cambridge and decided to go without my camera. so all taken with my Samsung S8.
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    This amused me greatly... An ominous looking Golf Bag just standing and watching....... A scene outside a Charity Shop. FUJI
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    @FUJI - Some of the shots I took down there were after the wire woolers had finished
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    First time I've seen this, I must admit I was a bit pressed for time as it was getting late and still had another hour or more drive to get home... So this was literally a pull over to the side of the road, jump out and grab a few shots.
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    Another from yesterday...
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    Stopped by RAF Coningsby for this mornings practice, sadly the cross-wind prevent any formation flying. I only managed one half decent pic of the Lancaster before she had to land, but the Hurricane was good to see and gave us some fine entertainment.
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    The ubiquitous mobile phone to the rescue as seems always the case these days.
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    USAF V22 osprey flying over RAF Mildenhall today. pity the weather was so over cast today.
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    abstract punched holes
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    Studio photos Both with textures and overlays
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    For many years now Ive been using PS with NIK & Topaz for processing shots, never took much notice of adjustment layers. Now I signed up with Phlearn and learning all kinds of useful things This processed in CS6 with adjutment layers only - so much more flexibility
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    Way behind with processing at the moment -- I've got about 5 films scanned but not really looked at. Here are a couple from Hackpen Hill on Good Friday -- murky and not the best light so I only took 2 shots: A view across Crowhole Bottom: and one of the camera: part of the test roll in an Olympus Pen-D half-frame, which will probably end up replacing the Kiev as the main colour-film camera as the Kiev wind-on is a bit temperamental.
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    Just some shots of a wet cold Birmingham where I took my photo group last night. Trouble is, we all get in the way of each other. Couldn't avoid ghosting figures in one shot, so going back on my own soon. The tunnel was closed lasy year when Steven Spielberg used it for filming for one of his films. The fire effects are created using wire wool and magnesium and a very brave person who swings it around his head
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    The Cow and Calf stones above Ilkley in Yorkshire, another that I took on Sunday. I've photographed here a few times and it's rare to get a shot without people on the rocks....
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    All this swimming around gets a bit tiring! A reworked image using PS Elements 2018.
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