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    I am trying to be ruthless in culling folders of archived images and i am constantly finding ones that I haven't processed .. This is one from a folder of 300 from 2016 I somehow had misfiled completely and had only processed a dozen or so ....doh ... Taken with the Lumix Panasonic FZ1000... at Pendine Sands, Carmarthen, Wales...
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    LMS Princess Elizabeth working hard on the climb up from the Ribblesdale Viaduct.
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    Exterior Church Detail - Zell am See, Austria.
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    Some lovely images again this week, making it quite difficult to choose. My favourite, though, is this one by Bill. The colours are fantastic, with a wonderfully moody sky, and there's a nice lead-in with the pathway through the crop. The light is good, too, catching the trees in the middle ground well. If I were still painting landscapes, I'd love to have a go at this one! Well done Bill! The original thread is here.
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    One way or another there's been a lot of water in Scotland over the last week or so. I thought I'd photograph some of it. Korky Babble Tumble Rush Drop Crash
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    Here’s another from Chobe National Park,Botswana.
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    Bit of shuggling side to side and some fiddling with the settings got me this...
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    The third frame from my...Hands...project.....a take on the editing of the first. FUJI
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    Just a straightforward shot of what I thought was an interesting sculpture.
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    What You See Is All There Is
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    Sadly this is one of the last batch of pics taken at Dynas Mawddwy..with my treasured Fuji XT2... I did feel quite a sense of guilt and betrayal at trading her in for a newer model ....... But not for long .... Afon Dyfi...or for the English ... River Dovey flowing past our hotel in Dynas Mawddwy, Snowdonia.
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    D832 "Onslaught" Warship Class 42 leaving Ramsbottom today
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    Let your imaginations run wild (but be good)! Competition closes at midnight on the 12th October.
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    A lovely juxtaposition Street shot. FUJI
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    A remote bunkhouse at the head of Glen Nevis, Scotland.
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    Not an attempt to emulate his work but viewing a the Hockney exhibition at Saltaire certainly put the thought for this into my mind.
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    Another pic from the trip to Snowdonia ... a variation on the theme ...Llyn Gwynant from a different viewpoint to include some forground interest of the a gatepost...
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    In between the heavy showers I did manage to jump out of the car a few times and grab a picture of a decent view .... then the mist and cloud would obliterate it again .... doh .... This is Llyn Gwynant ..Mt Snowdon is out of shot and also invisible due to the mist, on my right ...
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    Two simple compositions from our time in Austria. I was sitting on a bench waiting for Mrs K, looked up and saw this... Bird on a Wire Sitting on a (different) bench waiting for Mrs K, looked up and saw this... Black and Blue
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