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    Found at the side of a new By-Pass north of Preston where the verges have been sown with Poppies and Daisies. . One of Lancashire County Council's more thoughtful ideas.
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    Oiling The Crankshaft (on a tandem cylinder steam engine called "Peace")
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    Spotted this up Pendle Hill and was struck by the contrast between the natural colours of the landscape... Red Fence...
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    I am currently using my Panasonic GX8 camera with the tiny LUMIX 1.7-20 mm lens fitted......it takes brilliant shots. This is the Clock Tower in the Square of my home-town of Kenilworth. Ugly 1960 s 1990 s architecture ?? Blame the nazis...in 1942 a nazi Parachute mine exploded just to the right of this shot, killing many residents and, sadly evacuees from the Coventry Blitz including both grandparents of a close friend of mine. The top of the Clock Tower was totally destroyed, but was fully restored during the 1960 s-70 s. Part of my regular route to ad from town. FUJI
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    Another photo taken at Harvington Hall from a window in the Withdrawing Room As you can see ...I do not need any cracked plaster texture overlays here .... The Malthouse and kiln is the building seen from this window....
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    Now I always claim that selective colour has it's place provided there is good reason. I have to admit that I am finding it difficult to justify this image in those terms here. I suppose the mono emphasises the link between the picture frame rectangles and the rectangle of the window without the distraction of colour ….. and ….. and ……. oh, I like the colour orange. I guess it just appealed to me.
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    Out with the D7500 and Sigma Art 18/35mm... Shooting some friends, pub gig, rather tight on the space with people dancing behind me. All hand held.
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    And yes, here I am right at last knockings with an image taken at Castel Powys a few days ago. Korky Beyond its Best
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    Heron on the River Calder at Whalley
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    Something different seen on Chorley Market.
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    Sitting in the heat scoffing octopus
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    Part of the Moat around the Hall, overlooking Worcestershire countryside...
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    My favourite two trees with Pendle Hill in the background, taken on Monday Trees
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    The M25, it is like this EVERY day of the week if you are transiting anti clockwise to the Dartford Crossing. Taken with engine off, handbrake on & keys on the wheel, this particular lot stretched back 5 miles and didn't even make the traffic news as it is..normal!
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    My new book is now available; "So you Want to be a Landscape Photographer" The Book Covers the following areas and many more; Vision Equipment What is the Landscape? Locations Preparation Safety Composition Perspective significance Camera Settings Time of day Creating panoramas High Dynamic Range (HDR) Processing Creative Block Infrared To order please send £14.00 to include post to a UK address via PayPal to mail@lightiseverything.co.uk or through my website at https://www.lightiseverything.co.uk/books or send a cheque payable to WD Allsopp
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    One taken earlier in the week, not much time to do much else - too many appointments. We had a quite dramatic sky just as the sun went down on Monday. Couldn't resist getting this from the back door:
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    Yet another week has passed and the camera still hasn't seen the light of day. However, I was asked by the bro-in-law to take some pics (phone) of a bike he's selling (he's an avid collector). TBH, had the funds been available I may well have been tempted. Triumph Legend 900.
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    I just couldn't resist recording this little moment in time. FUJI
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    The latest of our camera club "close season" outings was to a small nature reserve between Hitchin and Barton-Le-Clay to attempt some butterfly and wild flower photography. Despite the fact that the nature reserve is only around 20 minutes drive from my house, where I've lived for 30 years, I hadn't previously known it was there! This wasn't something I'd done before. Learning point number one - should have taken a tripod! I was thinking that I'd be fine as I had an F2.8 lens but I soon realised that I wasn't getting enough depth of field - and should probably have stopped down to around F11. At least now I know the place is there, I can go back and have another go. Chalk Hill Blue Chalk Hill Blue Marbled White Marbled White
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