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    Taken ten weeks ago at Saundersfoot before we had even heard of social distancing and self isolating ... ..it seems lightyears away ...who would have thought eh ....
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    An overwintered Peacock butterfly, the shot was taken in my garden.
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    Were made for walking
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    As my local branch of Santander has temporarily closed I had to go to Blackburn today instead. The normally bustling streets were empty, even at 14:00 on a Friday afternoon, there was very little that was open, it was almost like stumbling onto an abandoned town... Looking down King William St after leaving the bank... The view of Church St and the Market The Cathedral Quarter...
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    Magnolia Stellata in full bloom after a day of sunshine ....Typical though ...we have frost of - 4 degrees forecast tonight .... bah ....
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    This chap was so noisy I couldn't fail to spot him today ... Hope he has somewhere warm to go to tonight as -4 degrees is forecast .....
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    Bee Fly.... shot taken in my garden.
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    Not sure whether this comes under Wildlife or People.
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    Window light and with a couple of textures added.
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    An assortment from around the garden. Plum Blossom: Peacock butterfly Dandelion Grape Hyacinth Apple Leaves All taken with the Minolta X500 and FP4+ (not sure why I ever bother with anything else?). The butterfly used the Minolta MC 135mm f/2.8 and a 31mm extension, everything else is with the MD 50mm f/1.7 and a 13mm extension.
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    Thank goodness I have a nice Front Garden hide, been very lucky to have many Greenfinch and Chaffinch in the Garden along with many other Birds ,so at least I can keep my hand in whilst lockdown remains.
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    After a week of self isolation I am slowly going insane. Getting out for an hour helps but music and my cameras are pretty much the only thing stopping me tipping over the edge and starting on daytime TV
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    I was editing this photo and wondering if it was of any significant value or should I just bin it ... and it suddenly struck me that I took it just over two months ago on a trip to Tenby when there was hardly even a headline about a new Virus that had appeared in China.. and it suddenly brought it home to me just how dramatically our world has changed since then and looking at the lone black headed gull flying into the wind, in my photo, it seemed to suddenly resonate with the isolation that has suddenly become a normal part of all our lives. I just suddenly felt very humble and lucky to be fit and well and at home and being able to be doing something so mundane when there are so many families around the world who have lost loved ones in the most stressful and heartbreaking circumstances and having to be isolated from them. ...so I make no apology for just taking a moment to reflect and remember those who have died in this pandemic and thank all those keyworkers everywhere for their dedication and hope we all will play our part in getting through this together.... Thanks for reading this ...stay safe everyone ...
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    These are not often seen in my part of the woods but a group of 5 or 6 alighted on the house wall outside of the window today and for once I had a camera handy.
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    Found some Deer tonight while out for a walk with the wife... The second shot was by her using the camera for the first time with the big lens on..she did better than me!
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    I rescued her from the surface of the pond this morning, no idea why the drone fly ended up in there, but she is dried off and gone now. This was taken on the phone camera.
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    Nine second exposure with an app on the iPhone
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    Day 3: A Bit of a Yellow Theme today
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    Another one from yesterday (along with the Kite in "In Focus") Just about at the limit of the camera & lens, this is an unscaled crop of the original. Interesting fact: Apparently larks (and other songbirds) are able to de-tension their eardrums when singing so that they do not deafen themselves.
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    Jasper biding he time dreaming doggy thoughts until we take him out... A couple of friends saw how shi**y the start of my week was and decided to cheer me up, got in touch with Angela for our address and had a case of wine delivered. I am speechless at peoples generosity Thirty seven files focus stacked to maximise depth of field - it whiled away an hour or so if nowt else
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    Up around Pendle Hill this evening, They're normally a coastal wading bird but come inland to breed, taken during the last few minutes of light from my car....
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    Hi everyone .. I am sending out this message below to all our members regardless of how long it is since they have been on the Forum , as a gesture to remind them what a friendly bunch we are and to invite them to drop in again , here especially in the Latte Lounge, where there is no need to post photographs . Hello to all our members ... As the Corona Virus Covid 19 seems to be impacting on everyone's life across the Globe, I thought I would just invite you log on to TIPF especially if you haven't been in the Forum for a while as it seems it could be a really useful and safe place to meet up and have a chat and renew old acquaintances. As some of us may be in quarantine and others self isolating in order to both protect others and ourselves this can be an ideal place to meet up and have a cyber cuppa together and catch up on each other's news etc . Being in quarantine or self isolation can be a lonely place especially if you live alone and the Internet and Forums like this can be incredibly important and beneficial in terms of the role they can play in preventing isolation turning into loneliness. When people isolate themselves because they may have a temperature and / or a dry cough, they do it to protect others, as well as their own families and loved ones, from possible infection ... I hope that in some small way we can all repay that responsible gesture to the global community by engaging and catching up with members who may now be in that position or that we that we may not have had communication with for a while, without them feeling the need to be posting photographs in order to join in on the Forum .... so if you haven't been here for a while, whether it's been for 6 months of 6 years, why not logon and have a Catch-up Cuppa in The Latte Lounge and some Tipfer Tattle to tell us what you've been up to . We'd love to see you ... and our Catch-up Cuppa is free!
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    Type 24 , Part of the airfield defences of what was RAF Station Hunsdon, long since abandoned... but happily used as forts and dens by the local schoolkids for years ...
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    Another image of Milford Sound Little else to do at home at the moment
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    The hedgerows close to Kenilworth Castle make good hunting grounds for arty close-ups of anything and everything flora. Here are a selection of hidden corners discovered this morning. FUJI
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    found this after work tonight at a national wildlife reserve. restaurants and bars are closed so i had the whole place pretty much to myself. just me and the birds.
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    Thank you, Ryewolf I live on my own, so Baz is the ideal subject when I want to test a new camera/lens/light/whatever. So much so, Baz has got so used to it in the last five years, whenever I get my camera out, he magically appears and starts posing! Even if I'm taking pictures of friends, or items to put on eBay, he's there, posing away in front of me! The pictures don't always go to plan, though! Although there's not a lot of competitions where cat portraits do well, my experience comes in handy and I photograph cats for two local rescues and also offer cat photoshoots as prizes for raffles, which helps to bring in a respectable amount of funds. He also has his own Facebook page with lots of fans. One American lady is so besotted with him that she bid $125 for a mounted photo of him. So my obsession with cats does help to raise money to help those cats that are less fortunate than Baz. And as a bonus, although I am in isolation, I always have someone to talk to!
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    I meet lots of characters on my daily walk into our small town centre....mostly folks I see regularly.... but occasionally their is one who stands out. This wonderful lady did exactly that, with her large purple heart ring, her diamanté ear studs in multiples and colourful spiky hair do, never mind her ...Fashion Statement ....coat. She was chatting animatedly with two others of her vintage ( and mine) who were dressed in the standard way. I had to be a bit cheeky to get this study, but she took it all in good part.... caught in mid ...cheeky....conversation FUJI
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    These kittens were two of fifteen rescued after their parents were abandoned and they started reproducing in earnest. Pleased to say they were all eventually neutered and re-homed These are now just over a year old and live in the lap of luxury in their new home.
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    I've been collecting Green Men replica carvings taken from buildings Cathedrals etc for a little while and this one is about 18 inches high and was a birthday present a couple of years ago. He has been esconced on a gable end wall at the front of the house for the past 6 months but i still can't help feeling he's watching my every move whenever I'm in the vicinity!
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    I can't believe i have never actually posted in here considering I love music and If I had my way in our house (which I don't) we would get rid of the TV and have the radio or music playing constantly. So I'm going to make it my mission to put something in this thread every Saturday & Sunday. I do have a wide taste in a variety of music but currently my go to is Country Music (the modern more commercial stuff or Blues.) My mate came across from Ireland last week just to see a singer he has been wanting to see for ages so I tagged along. He was gutted while waiting to go into the venue we were chatting and completely failed to notice the fact the singer was actually stood at the side of us in the queue as she was trying to get in the stage door. So my first offering is Samantha Fish (I know, I know I said who? when he told me who we were going to see) I love one of the quotes on YouTube "She looks like an angel & plays guitar like the Devil. One of the guitars she plays on this song is a Cigar Box Guitar.
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    When you can't get out into the world it is quite a treat when a bit of the world comes to you. This marauding hooligan has been terrorising my bird feeders. He is quite magnificent so, while part of me wants to protect the finches, tits etc that have become an almost permanent feature of my garden, the other part feels quite priviliged at I should have such a spectacular visitor. I am hoping for the opportunity to catch him in flight. BTW the shot is through (slightly grubby) glass so the clarity may not be 100%.
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    Finding stuff in the archives to play with ...
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    The new shoots of a Golden Spiraea in the afternoon sun looked star shaped looking at the end on so I shot this with my favourite 35mm prime wide open .... I just really like the fiery hues in the creamy bokeh that this lens always produces.
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    this was taken sometime in the last week. i have no idea when cause i don't even know what day it is anymore. taken at a local refuge. sony a7r iv & 200-600mm
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    Finally, we managed to get a delivery slot from ASDA.
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    Homage to Edward Weston. Scotch Bonnet chillies in super-macro (Large format 90mm lens, extension about 270mm ⇒ magnification about 2). And a quick snap of the setup:
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    Another bee today ...same Ribes shrub but this bee was half the size of the enormous fella that i caught yesterday....
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    St Michael's Church, Litlington, Cuckmere Valley, East Sussex, England,
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    Day 1 of the lockdown: Horse Chestnut Tree growing in a pot in my yard
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    Just a couple of B/W shots of the harbour in Castletown on the Isle of Man. The second shot is taken from the bridge that spans the river mouth and quay on the righthand side of the first image. The first is with the light behind me and the second is shot just about into the light. It was the sky that attracted me to both.
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    Oh Ryland .... my heartfelt condolences to you .. what a rotten awful day ... so many on here will empathise with your deep sadness ... We are always likely to outlive our beloved pets and we have to eventually take solace in the knowledge that we have given them everything to make their lives as rich and enjoyable as we possibly can ... and even though the pain can feel overwhelming and we may swear never to put ourselves in the position again of having to grieve the loss of a loyal companion, one must remember that the joy that you have given each other will eventually outweigh the sadness you are feeling today ... though I know it won’t feel like that right now ... Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of your much loved pet . Fingers crossed for the others and their results too .
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    That wasn't art Geoff.... it was a numbskull who couldnt set his camera up properly!
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    Would I use such a cheap joke as that . . . . . . damm never thought of 'ewe'
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    Didn't you mean " Ewe looking at me " Colin ??
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    Most of the time I use my camera gear as exercise weights, I lug the stuff miles without getting a photo !
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