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    The overnight frost enhanced these leaves today. FUJI
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    Now it is the time of night That the graves, all gaping wide, Every one lets forth his sprite In the church-way paths to glide. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Thought for tomorrow. Happy Halloween.
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    A couple of images really appealed to me this week. One is Curiosity, by Clicker, as I've seen cows do this so many times and it made me smile. But the one I'm going to go for is Early Morning Stroll, also by Clicker. You've put up some good work this week, Clicker! Early Morning Stroll is full of beautiful light and colour, very evocative of what mornings are like this time of year, with a lovely lead-in provided by the ruts and the gate. I would happily hang this one on my wall. Do click through - it's worth it! Well done Clicker. The original thread is here.
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    One of the many churches in Salzburg.
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    My Favourite Bird - the feisty Robin - I never tire of photographing these birds, I'm obviously not alone as a poll in 2015 voted (with 34% of the vote) the Robin as our National Bird... Robin...
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    Got my old pootah back today so I can edit my pics again ... The last few rays of sun on the everlasting begonias ...
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    Just a play with Topaz software.
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    Another shot from Yosemite, slowly working through them one at a time
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    I thought this entry might need an explanation............ My late Uncle Stanley, a strange man who loved a laugh and a practical joke, once took my two cousins and myself camping on Manglethwaite Moor at Halloween. We pitched camp in a copse of ancient oaks, where we cooked sausages, drank hot Vimto, played games and sang mucky songs until it was time for us kids to retire to our enormous, grey canvas tent while Uncle Stanley made his way to The Hairy Noggin in order to shift five pints of Gusset Scratcher and four pickled eggs. At about twenty-past midnight, my cousins and me were all still wide awake and acting the gobbin when we heard what we were sure was Uncle Stanley rolling home three sheets to the wind. At first we heard him singing, then as he approached our canvas he relieved himself of at least two pints up against an oak tree. He farted loud enough to raise a corpse and then all went eerily quiet as we tried to pretend we were asleep. It was then that we heard the noise…… It started quietly, almost like the yap of a small terrier, but within twenty seconds it had risen to a loud growl and twenty seconds after that it became a horrible, blood curdling scream. The scream carried on for maybe half a minute, then stopped suddenly as we became aware of a creature walking around the outside of the tent and scratching the canvas with its talons. It was then that we heard the voice….. “Any silly young buggers in there?” The voice clearly belonged to Uncle Stanley and it gave us such a sense of relief that we all began to laugh loudly and were almost instantly back to acting the gobbin. “Are you bevvied up, Uncle Stanley?” shouted cousin Gerald. “Have you brought us some chips?” enquired cousin Wilfred. “Uncle Stanley, can I take your photograph?” I asked. “Mum’s borrowed me her camera an’ if you stick yer head through the canvas I’ll take a quick snap. Pull a daft face an’ it’ll look beltin’ when the photos come back from t’ chemist.” “Course you can, Korky, let me make it easy for ya.” Uncle Stanley’s hand wiggled through the slit in the front canvas. “Focus yer lens on my hand and then when yer ready I’ll shift my hand and stick my head through the canvas. Bingo, there’s yer pic. Yer mum’ll love it.” Chuffed to bits with this opportunity, I removed the tiny Boots 126 camera from my rucksack, gave the lens a quick buff on the bit of my jumper that didn’t have splotches of tomato soup and promptly zoned in on Uncle Stanley’s hand still wiggling through the front canvas. “OK, Uncle Stan, I’m ready. Should we count to three?” “Yeah, great idea, you lads count to three and then I’ll do the funny face” Ready?” “One.” We were giggling uncontrollably. “Two”. By ‘eck, this was more fun than brickin’ windows at Dobber’s Mill. “Three.” We all held our breath as our uncle pushed his head through the canvas with an unexpected ferocity. He gave out an ear-splitting screech that carried across the moor as both cousins screamed and dived to the back of the tent leaving me to stand my ground and take the picture. We were truly wazzing ourselves as the camera’s flash fired and I captured for posterity what would become our family’s favourite photograph of a dear old, wacky old, boozy old uncle. Seconds later, Uncle Stan stepped into the tent, removed his rubber mask, gave a drunken chuckle and said “Hey up, lads, I hope y’all brought clean underpants.” Uncle Stanley - Halloween 1958
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    Some days I get the distinct feeling the world is upside down...
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    The earth wall of the Iron Age fort at Burrough on the Hill. A 7 shot panorama from yesterday. Web compression has crushed the detail somewhat. I will try to link it from somewhere that does not later on.
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    Macro of a flower from my garden. Isolated and enhanced using Topaz Studio.
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    A set of images from our trip to Austria in early September. Korky Mountain Lake Over the Pines Tourists Wild Country Panoramabahn
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    Taken at Preston Railway Station.
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    Somewhere on the North Wales coast.
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    Five unrelated images taken and processed in the last few months. Korky The Pointing Finger Dreamy Duck Raindrops Textile Abstract The Woodman's Hut
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    Having to get a bit more active now, i decided that i will take Honey out for a short stroll this morning. Not my fault my camera somehow (and don't ask me how it happened?) managed to come along for the walk too? lol It was and is a real frosty morning in Peterborough, 1st real frost of Autumn here. Craig
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    After sneakily getting my camera out the other day when the Boss was out shopping.... Took a very quick still life of one of my guitars. (if Kim knew I was getting the camera out I would be for the high jump! Shhhh!) lol Craig
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    Lone Tree at sunset...
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    I had to process an image of this building before I get to sleep.
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    Treated myself to a new camera this morning, this is one of the first shots.
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    I picked up a 35mm f1.7 CCTV lens to use on the Fuji and finally got a chance to try it today on the way into work... O-M-G-! On a different note I went out tonight as the Aurora apps were pinging but nothing showed. Not to walk away empty handed I let the camera run for a while and stacked the shots together... Apparently standing in a field shouting at the sky doesn't scare away the aeroplanes
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    As forecast a thoroughly miserable day.... The Church in the centre of town late evening in the rain...
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    Happenings in a small Warwickshire Town. I am absolutely loving my Vintage MINOLTA ROKKOR f 1.4 - 50 mm lens. As you can see here, set to manual zone focus ( accurate between two measured points) it delivers the goods at 2.8 including excellent separation from Background...on silent shutter, even if very close my subjects don't hear a thing. The Chinese girl approaching with a selfie stick, didn't notice me until the last minute, hence the wide smile. The Asian lady in a hat, puzzles me somewhat, she has been around town now for months, she rarely lifts her head up from staring intently at the screen of her mobile...Think she is a spy??? The elderly gent with a bag, reminded e of an L. S. Lowry figure. The pair of girls with lap-dogs had caught a glimpse of me checking focus...here the one n the right has me spotted and so has her pooch. FUJI
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    I took this shot a couple of weeks ago, there were a group of them feeding on one of our bushes.
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    An old friend from in town...I usually meet him in late October. FUJI
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    My continuing challenge to spread the word that Birmingham isn't all grit and grime Taken with the odd moment I had whilst hosting another photo walk around the city at night this week. I was expecting us to be arrested whilst doing the last shot
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    Located on the rood of Casa Milà. When I look at these I am reminded of Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies.
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    It's been a great journey, we've been through a lot, it's been hard, yet we've stuck through, there's been some great images and it's been a tough challenge. For those who made it through a full year, then good on you.... Looking forward to making it 2 years, after today there will be 50 days left. I think it might be down to myself and BP tp to make it to day 731..... To the OADEDers Phil Clicker Black Pearl sr1867 kev7d Ryewolf Your dedication, to this has been great and I think we all appreciate your images and commitment to this challenge. Not only that but we've all produced images that without this challenege we wouldn't have made....
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    Its been one hell of a ride and one that I have both enjoyed and at times found difficult. I am convinced my photography has improved from always taking pictures, I have tried new things, been out when I wouldn't have otherwise, walked countless extra miles, shot some weird sh*t and had a bloody good laugh along the way. Just as importantly I have enjoyed doing this - however remotely - with others and the interaction, daily posts and new images will be a miss. There is a little bit of me that wants to keep going but I could do with a rest and its not quite as enjoyable as it was at the start so I don't want to spoil my love of taking pictures. I will miss it but wouldn't have missed it for the world.
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    Not very original but not something I have ever done before messing with motion blur in PS
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    Hi guys. I just wanted to publically thank Polly (clicker) Thank you Polly, for all the support you have given me on here, by sorting out the weekly poll competition and all the PM's showing your support. As some of you will know I am recovering from a few heart attacks lately and Polly has so very kindly sorted some things out for me on here. You are a lovely person Polly, and one I am proud to call a friend on here. Craig x
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    Until this year, I'd never heard of Oakenshaw, despite it being part of Hyndburn, and I've driven past it 100's of times. They recently built a fish ladder to by pass this weir, which was built around 150 years ago - it's probably about 15ft - 20ft high, so some of the weir but mostly of the water flowing over it... The images that are blue I simply changed the colour temp in PP...
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    Well, after a few false starts whilst I tried to figure out what settings to use on my camera, a bit of help from BP and Rick re Image Stablisation, several hours sat in the car on Pendle and a flask of coffee this evening, I finally came up with a few interesting ones... Settings: Manual Mode, f11, iso200, 10 to 15 seconds, manual focus, IS switched off
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    A bit of fun with PS Layers.
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    Stravinsky's photos from Western USA got me thinking about my visit a year and a half ago. We approached Yosemite NP from a high mountain pass over the Sierra Nevada and this is one of our first views of the park. I've never seen a better view.
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    Napoleonic history is a favourite thing of mine. I don’t think I have ever mentioned this before! Why? I just find the period to be so full of interesting characters and the politics were amazing and that’s before I even begin to consider Bonapartes place in history.
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    I do love a good walk and one of my favourite places to take my boots, flask, butties and camera is Walney Island near Barrow in Furness. Walney Island Light
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    After a week of doing almost sod all, I finally dragged myself out for a walk in the park where I found these giant thistles in the last days of their brief lives. Photographed using the light from a single window and a white card reflector then given a proper good going-over in Photoshop. I think they're called........ Artichoke Thistles