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My mate Robin ....

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 He follows me around the garden whenever I venture out  ... as they always seem very trusting of   people universally ... Again ...  this was taken  through the double glazed kitchen window.. 


I notice the thumbnail looks  a bit dull ... though the larger versions always seem a bit more vibrant ...

DSCF8686 ed1s.jpg


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Robins have learned that we humans are invariably a source of food and over the years have helped to develop a symbiotic  relationship.  We provide them with food and they grace our lives with their presence.

A win win situation.

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Yeah.... but Blue tits don't follow me around the garden.. Is it because  Robins like to eat worms too.. and know that if you are disturbing the soil, gardening , that there may be an easy meal to be had !...  😉

Btw  thanks Mark ...👍

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Indeed, we are substitute wild boar. The natural feeding behaviour of robins is to follow wild boar around and look for invertebrates in the ground that the boar have disturbed.

There's one in my garden that appears when I put the mealworms out in the morning, won't actually come to my hand, but often starts picking them up only a couple of feet away (good way to get a feed before the starlings turn up en-masse). Also one frosty morning, I'd emptied the kettle into the bird bath, and he was having a drink before I'd stepped back.


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Lovely capture Polly!

I wish I had more species of birds visiting my little garden, I only seem to get Golfinches, the odd Blackbird, sometimes a few other species and Wood pigeons....I don't like them much, they are vacuum cleaners with feathers... 😀

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