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Ordered the camera and lens from different suppliers in Japan.  Both items were picked up by DHL on the 17th Feb - one was express delivery, the other standard.  Both arrived in the same delivery at 5pm today, 19th Feb.

Well pleased with the service, now all I have to do is discover how the camera works

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Did you get the Nikon D610 that you mentioned before.... oops just seen the other thread  ...so that'll be a yes ...  I hope it  fits the bill for you  Fogey .

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Ummm!  It took me about 2 hours to get the damned strap on, but other than that it's fine.

I set the ISO to Auto and with the f stop at f/22 took a shot of the kitchen in Aperture Priority.  The ISO recorded ISO 6400 and when fully zoomed in, the noise was less than my 1.5 crop camera at ISO 1000, so I'm well pleased.

I was also pleased to see that there was a feature in the menu that allowed the format to be changed to DX, so I can use all my lenses without any degradation of the images.  I have yet to get to grips with the layout of the body as it's got more than one control wheel, some levers and a lot of buttons .  🥴

There is a whole parcel of questions I have to look up the answers to, so I shall be busy for the next couple of days.

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Hey ...  it's fun to learn .. applying  and adapting our skills  using new tools is always challenging ...but  rewarding too... Look forward to maybe some comparative studies  Fogey .

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There is one thing that really smacked me in the face and that is how much more there is in the frame.......should make a world of difference when shooting landscapes.

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Well that will be interesting Fog...do try and show us the comparisons when you test it out ..I'll shall look out  for the results ....

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4 hours ago, Fogey said:

There is one thing that really smacked me in the face and that is how much more there is in the frame

A 35mm film camera is basically the same as a full frame digital camera, I have a SLR and DSLR (APS-c) and I've used the same lens on both cameras, it's because on a aps-c camera you get a 1.6 crop effect, so on a full frame you're bound to get more in the frame....

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Yes I understand that, Ryewolf.  It's just how the 1.6, (or in my case, 1.5), transposed visually on the screen that grabbed my attention.
So where I was taking 4-6 shots as a panorama to encompass a scene, the full frame will do it in one, maybe two shots.

I've yet to see how well this 20-300mm lens deals with distortion at 20mm but the manual tells me there is a lens correction that can be done in camera in 5 degree increments, which can be saved to the second SD card - and that's just scratching the surface.  I can't wait to really get stuck in to how this camera works.

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