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Powis Castle.

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Two great shots to remind us of summer, John.  Know what you mean about lockdown - I really am going stir crazy here........if it's not the arctic cold, then it's biblical rainstorms and galeforce winds......... and if it's not that then it's the damned Police stopping everybody from trying to save their sanity.

If Boris Johnson extends this lockdown, I shall personally go down to the HoC and knee-cap the bugger.

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It’s a smashing place to visit John and you have captured it perfectly with those shots ... much as I agree with how frustrating it is to be so restricted in order to avoid the spread of this awful virus and how difficult it has made life especially if you live alone  ... it could be worse ...and we could be in hospital on a ventilator  so personally ... I am counting my blessings ...as I’m sure many of us are ...  Supporting one another on places like this becomes all the more important so let’s look on the bright side and anticipate a late summer where life could be almost back to normal  🤞🏻👍🏻😎

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