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As I mentioned in the chat box, I took delivery of a "new" Canon EOS-3 last weekend. So of course here are a few from the first roll (HP5+) though it. A few from around town with the 28-80 lens that came with the camera:

King Alfred (again):


Betjeman Millenium Park


Lock Lane (again):


And a couple with Canon lenses I already had:

Apple Bud (with the Tamron 180mm Macro lens, this one feels quite a bit more comfortable on the 3 than on the 70D).


And finally a starling in the plum tree through the kitchen window with the big Sigma (150-600).



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42 minutes ago, Ryewolf said:

An interesting set James. Hadn't realised that the camera would be so expensive.... just looked at the prices on eBay

This one was about the "typical" body-only price but with a lens, and appeared to be sound (and has so far been so). It was (along with the EOS-1 line) the top of the range film SLR (think 5-D). Introduced in 1998, the 45-point autofocus was not matched in the DSLR lines until, I think, the 5D MKIII. Interestingly the eye-focus has not yet been used in any digital camera, I've seen varying reports about how good it is, that's for the next roll as it needs to be calibrated. As far as the more normal autofocus goes I was more easily able to lock onto the starlings on the bird table than with the 70D which tends to snap to the washing line in front or the hedge behind -- they're still messy images so I didn't post those.

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It has a really good reputation when it comes to that autofocus... locking on almost with magical precision. ..    look forward to  how good you find it ... seems already to have caught your attention . I shall follow with interest James ...

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