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St Andrew, Letcombe Regis

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A couple of images around Letcombe Regis Church:

A rather curious feature beside a blocked-off door on the North wall:


Was it a wash basin? (Indeed what was the North door for?)

A rather amusing reindeer by the crossroads


Both on 35mm Tri-X in the X-500.

No sign of the Bustard this time (27 Dec).

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3 hours ago, Ryewolf said:

Interesting shots, could be a wash basin if it was near a door.

Thinking about it, I wonder if there was a vestry that was demolished at some stage, in which case a wash basin of some sort would make sense.

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2 hours ago, Ryewolf said:

According to this website the North Door was the original entrance.


Thanks for that update. There wasn't much on the village website. Unusual to have a North door, but I guess the slope makes it sensible.

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I always like a mystery, so trying to work out what went on with this church.... seems like it was built over 700-800 years with the earliest from the 12th C so any number of things could have happened over the centuries, if there was a vestry over the North Entrance the Holy Water Stoupe at the entrance would make sense...

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