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Nature's Perfection.

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16 hours ago, Fogey said:

I'm always drawn to the symmetry of Nature.

You  do see it a lot in  nature don't you ....It seems to often represent harmony  and order;  at  least   we seem to   feel it does  .  it seems to relate  a lot to colour too... Imagine if a butterflies wings had the symmetry of patterns  on each set of wings  but the colours were different on each side  ie  on the left  and right ... would that  even look symmetrical ?

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Interesting question, Clicks.

On the face of it - no.  But what if the colours were complementary, blue, orange and turquoise on one wing and yellow, orange and green on the other.  Would that be symmetrical, concordant or discordant;  or would it just be colourful.

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It certainly would be colourful.....It is interesting Fogey ... would we even recognise what would be symmetrical patterns if the colours and tones were not the same ....  my point just being , can colour disguise symmetry ?   I  think that you are maybe right in that if it were complementary colours....that would more likely show  up as symmetry  but if it was random colours, would we notice any symmetrical pattern ?  Ah well ... another glass of claret and I probably won’t care anyway  😂😂

 That looks like  a pretty Cosmos by the way ..  

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