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Hi to all our members ... We  would just like to draw your attention to the latest post on the following link... Thank you for your attention .


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Again.... not mine.... but I do know that many of you are curious about..... My Patch....so to speak.....

To be an extremely close neighbour to one of England’s most previous historical sites has mixed blessings... .... The pro’s are, that we get free access, because the deeds were gifted to the Town.... We have incredible walks both in and out of the grounds... As photographers or Artists we see the ruins in some amazing, and very dramatic conditions......The history of our famous Castle was/is of great importance to us as a Nation.....well worth studying.

If any one of you venture this way, and would like a guided tour, a couple of days notice would be good... .... all according to my physical capabilities on the day..

The video, isn’t mine, but is freely on view on YouTube 








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That is a really interesting way to view such ruins fooj...i will take you up on the offer one day soon hopefully. In actual fact, a visit to this might be a good idea for a mini forum meet up when this is over, a picnic in the grounds and a wander with the cameras...

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