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Ooooh a Tonka ! (now sadly retired) showing the heat haze off nicely, this is a great image Jeff !

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Thank you Denis.

The one thing I remember about this shot is the noise this plane made at full throttle.  My, (unprotected), ears not only rang at the time, but ached for two days afterwards.

I'll know better for next time.

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That is fabulous shot with that heat haze as Denis has said ...    I  remember the same thing Fogey  a few years ago in 20 17 as they flew over  my son's house  a mile from  Cosford ...  I was lucky enough to capture the Vulcan on it's last flying season too in 2015 whilst  enjoying a bbq with my younger son and  family . ...  It was a free air show really ...😉

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Thank you.

We often get free air shows over our Garden too. Clicker.

Every time Cosford has an air show they use Shawbury to refuel, practice landing in formation, flypasts, lunch, tea and the like.

To give an example of how big these fighter planes have become........



Tornado Maintenance.jpg

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