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Garden Spider

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Two impressive macro study’s Fogey.... ... TIPF member Paul is a great fan of the Genre... ...I am again too, but I use cobbled together DIY lenses.... so my dudes are more Arty than in form.


good to see you posting.....


more please !


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Thank you, Fuji.  I also started out with extension tubes and reversal rings, but then bit the bullet and bought a dedicated  macro lens.


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Lots of  detail in this one Fogey .... I'm presuming you were brave enough to move this specimen to a place  that gave such a  plain  background ...It certainly enables every detail to be seen ...  I have no idea however  how big or small it is ...so your bravery  may well be commensurate  with it's size .... :sword:


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Thank you Clicker.  I must confess to shuddering when I picked this spider up and put it on top of the recycling bin. 

I had to put a cover over it to get it to stay still long enough to take seven stacked shots - then Diva that it was, it simply got up and walked off set.  How very rood!  ?

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I wondered if you  had stacked it ...it  has  resulted   in a crisp image  ...so   kudos   for  the capture ...and patience it seems !?

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14 hours ago, Fogey said:

 I must confess to shuddering when I picked this spider up and put it on top of the recycling bin. 


I am the families resident Spider whisperer :) I get phones calls from my daughter and my son, both grown up in their mid to late thirties, to remove spiders from their homes!

These calls come at all times of night and day, my Son in Law cant pick them up, nor my 6'3 'built like a brick outhouse' Son :)

Terrific image by the way!

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